Plants That Look Like Weed – Understand Your Plants and Make Beautiful Garden

Plants that look like weed

Though marijuana has become legal in many states of USA however still there are many reasons due to which weed is not grown in the gardens.

If we think, other than its impacts on mental and physical health, weed is a beautiful plant that looks enchanting in the lawns and gardens but not grown due to limitations in the law.

What if we tell you there are plenty of plants that look like weed, available in abundance of varieties, you can easily and legally grow in all parts of America without challenging law and enforcement agencies?

Here is the list:

1. Mint:


Mint is one of the top plants that look like weed but aren’t. Mint remains stick to its soil and doesn’t mix well with other plants however growing mint and weed together is not a good idea.

mint vs weed

Why? Because, you know mint is used in many home-related cuisines and dishes, but we cannot even use “some” weed in there. Hence, it is not a good idea.

The weed buds and weed leaves look quite similar to each other so there are chances that mint may crowd the weed out. Not just leaves, but the pattern of growth for mint is also similar that of cannabis with the bushy structure of leafy branches.

Do you know: Mint itself has so many varieties in which some have fuzzy leaves while others have bushy.

To grown mint in your garden, follow the instructions given in the video below:

2. Okra:

Image Source Pixabay

Okra is another plant with utmost similarity to weed especially the weed buds and okra buds are the same. If you have an aerial view of an okra garden, you may assume it a garden full of cannabis.

Okra vs weed
Image Source Pixabay

Okra produces edible spice that is used in many international and national cuisines especially in south Indian and Asian dishes. Moreover, the plant is rich in nutrients.

Funny Fact:

Once cops in Cartersville were having copter survey where they found okra grown in the garden of a house. They arrested the owner considering it cannabis. However, later realized it is okra.

Okra grows best in the tropical surroundings that we found in abundance in south Africa, and Asia. You can also grow this rich-in-nutrients, spice-enriched plant in your garden.

Follow the steps given in the video to grow okra in your lawn. Interestingly, you can grow okra in your kitchen in small containers too.

3. Japanese Maple:

Japanese Maple

Japanese maple though doesn’t produce edible herbs (like rosemary or marjoram) however it is one of the plants that look like weed but aren’t and gives an assortment of colors of leaves that can add a lot to the outlook of your garden.

Japanese maple  VS WEED

Japanese maple is a beautiful plant that can be grown outdoor in the soil as well as indoor in the containers. The plant is native to Japan, Korea, and China in the central.

Japanese Maple Leaves are not just similar in color but also in shape to the weed plant. You can grow dwarf and adult Japanese plants in your garden.

Here is the video guide on how to grow Japanese maple in your garden from seeds.

4. Sunn Hemp:

Sunn Hemp

Sunn hemp is not industrial hemp but a legal-to-grow plant in garden similar to weed. Just like weed, it has tall branches and bushy leaves that spread all over.

Sunn hemp is mainly found in India; hence its other names are madras hemp, Indian hemp, or brown hemp while its leaves buds and branches are all similar to weed plants.

Sunn hemp  VS WEES

Sunn hemp is not a spice but a practical plant with so many advantages such as, it is a great source of fiber, it is used in textile industries, and used as biofuel too.

You can grow this plant in your home easily, here is a video guide for your help.

5. Cranberry Hibiscus:

Cranberry Hibiscus
Image Source Flickr

Cranberry Hibiscus is also one of the plants resembling weed buds however except the color of the leaves that’s more like brownish in the texture than green.

However, apart from this trait, the shape, the size, and the patterns on the leaves are almost similar that makes Cranberry Hibiscus one of the plants that resemble weed for the color-blinds.

Cranberry Hibiscus VS WEED
Image Source Flickr

This legal plant will give your garden the same outlook that it would have with the cannabis plant.

You can grow it easily in your yard or garden and for more a weed-alike-look, you need a bigger space for this plant.

How to grow it, find in the video tutorial below:

6. Kenaf:

Image Source Flickr

Kenaf plant is not just the plant that is similar to weed but it also has almost similar properties to the cannabis plant to some extent.

kenaf vs weed

Do you know: “Kenaf doesn’t get you high but shares properties of cannabis due to which in Latin it is called Hibiscus Cannabinus.”

Kenaf is a very useful plant and despite having similarities with cannabis, it is legal to grow for the sake of making paper, fiber rope, and twines, etc.

You can grow kenaf easily in your garden with the help of this video tutorial.

Bottom Line:

Online you can find plenty of plants acclaimed to be similar to cannabis or weed plant however, the 6 best we have posted here are plants that are similar to weed on the basis of their leaves and buds shape.

Other plants of the category are those which in taste, aroma, and properties are similar to weed. For more information on the plants and gardening tips, keep visiting our blog.

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