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Long Haired Chihuahua – A Guide From Real Chihuahua Owners You Won’t Find Online

Long Haired Chihuahua
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Chihuahua is the most sought-after breed of dogs, just like huskies have heart as big as the universe, but only the smallest in size.

Yes, the Chihuahua is the smallest purebred dog in the world, recognized by A.K.C. in 1908.

It shows Chihuahua has a long history and awe-inspiring geography as it is on the 33rd number among the most popular dog breeds of America.

Due to matchless popularity, fertile breeding, and love of Americans, the chi pups have further different types, including:

  • Long-Hair Chihuahua
  • Short-Hair Chihuahua
  • Apple Head Chihuahua
  • Deer Head Chihuahua
  • Teacup Chihuahua
  • Fawn Chihuahua

No matter what type you choose, the smallest chihuahuas are the cutest of all.

Long Haired Chihuahua Dog:

Long Haired Chihuahua Dog

Long-haired Chihuahua is an ancient breed of canine, known to be lively, loyal, and fierce protectors of their packs. Unbothered by their smallest size, chihuahuas are fearless escorts when it comes to family.

Long-Haired Chihuahua Profile: (Powered by A.K.C.)

A.K.C. Breed Popularity Rank: 33

Height: 5-8 inches

Weight: not exceeding 6 pounds

Life Expectancy: 14-16 years (some sources reported that chihuahuas can live up to 20 years.

Group: Toy Group

The world’s smallest pup (size-wise and weight-wise) is a female chihuahua dog named Milly.

According to some unofficial sources, it has been found that the ancestors of the present chihuahua dogs were from Tula, a state in Italico, Mexico.

Experts consider long and short hair chihuahua, both breeds, Bravest, intelligent, alert, cheerful, devout, sociable, faithful, and sometimes restless.

But do you know, one Chi pup can be different from another chi pup of the same family; however, all are known to create a stable relationship with their owners and vice versa. (It’s just like different siblings have different habits)

Which Chihuahua Breed Do You Own?

Every breed of dog has some sub-types; just like that, long-hair chihuahuas also have some more types.

Long-haired chihuahuas are further divided into kinds premised on their size, coat color, and other dogs’ matting.

Here are some more breeds of long-haired chihuahua dogs:

1. Apple Head Chihuahua:

Apple Head Chihuahua

As the name denotes, this Chihuahua has a long, broad, and rounded head that shapes just like an apple. This shape may not be visible due to long hair; however, an expert can verify.

Apple shape Chihuahua eyes are quite large, bulging from the head because of the dome-shaped skull. The muzzle is pointy and attaches to the head at a 90O angle.

2. Deer Head Chihuahua:

Deer Head Chihuahua

It looks really like a tiny bear that woofs. It has a more oversized head and a small body with a sassy, feisty, and confident attitude. Make sure to train them well before adding to the family. Also, be extra cautious if you have kids in the family.

Long hair chihuahua dogs have very thick fur on their body that can vary in color; however, the cuteness remains constant.  You can find the following color types in long hair chihuahua:

1. Black Chihuahua:

Black Chihuahua
Image Sources pinterest

Black hair is the rarest color to find in Chihuahua, just like black German shepherds. Commonly, you see black chihuahuas with different colored markings on their hair, such as red, tan, brown, or orange.

2. White Chihuahua:

White Chihuahua

Just like black, white in a solid-state is also is a rare coat to find in chi doggies. He even has a lighter color nose and claws. There is not even single hair in black on white chihuahua body.

3. Brown Chihuahua:

Brown Chihuahua
Image Sources unsplash

Brown, also referred to as brindle hair chihuahua, has a black stripe on their body as tigers have. These stripes can vary from being thin to thick. Brindle dogs are the cutest.

Chihuahua Dogs Size:

Chihuahua Dogs Size

Chihuahua is already a very short dog and also has the title of the world’s smallest dog. However, the breed is even shrunk in size for cuteness, and we obtained a long-haired teacup chihuahua.

Teacup chihuahua size is well-determined because of their already short height. Sometimes, a fully grown chihuahua can be a micro teacup in dimensions with long hairs.

Long Haired Chihuahua Temperament:

“Chihuahuas, long or short-haired, all breeds are most loyal, extremely intelligent, and very easily trainable. Sometimes stubborn but only if you handle them poorly.”

So, Don’t be misled by the wrong online guides telling you that chi dogs are angry, aggressive, and always bark for no reason. Go and meet real people who have adopted chihuahua dogs.

They will tell you that these smallest dogs are the best addition to their families, just like Pomskies.

Remember, each Chihuahua can have a different temperament than the other; however, devotion for the owner remains constant.

The most prominent traits of Chihuahua Temperament are:

  • Loyal & devoted
  • Lovers
  • Sociable,
  • Alert
  • Active
  • Courageous

Besides this, long coat chihuahua dogs are sensitive about their owners, so at times, they can appear as attention demanders, jealous, and anxious when it comes to their favorite humans.

To seek attention, they can bark so hard that might not occur pleasant to those who haven’t adopted a chi dog yet.

But you will not keep yourself from falling in love when Chihuahua will play tricks to have your eyes on them as you are their favorite human. Aww!

If you think Chihuahua is now getting clingy like cats, work for your little dogs’ training. It is best to train your dog from a very young age, so they become less fierce when it comes to seeking attention.

At the start of training, these dogs might show a stubborn attitude and act like not noticing your advice and shushing if not appropriately trained.

So then, how to tame your dog correctly????

Long Haired Chihuahua Training:

Long Haired Chihuahua Training

Here you get details: but

Are chihuahuas hard to train?

Being intelligent, strong head, and having wild ancestors who lived in jungles, these dogs are prone to train themselves.

Therefore, when a human intervenes, the dog can show stubborn behavior that earns them a hard-to-train reputation.

However, proper, steady, and reward-based training can help owners achieve good results in no time, like any other dog.

How long does it take to train a Chihuahua?

It varies from one home to another and from one owner to another. Most chihuahuas can be trained within just 3 to 4 weeks.

Make sure to give time to their bowel muscle and bladder to get strong, as you may find chihuahuas always peeing here and there in the home. Puppies pads may come in handy in such regards.

Are chihuahuas high maintenance?

Being so little, chihuahuas are can be prey for birds like eagles and falcons when outside alone. They are also prone to be killed by big stray dogs.

Chihuahuas are a little sensitive and can break their legs while jumping from a sofa. Therefore, you will have to accompany them outside and keep an eye on them when inside.

Should Chihuahua sleep with you?

Chihuahuas are too small to share a bed with a human as you can roll over him or kick him during sleep. Therefore, to ensure sound sleep, make sure to separate your chihuahua dogs’ beds from the first day.

Now to training;

Though Chihuahua, both long and short-haired, are loveable pets, but like all other dogs, they need to get training from a very young age in order to be the civilized animal you want them to be.

When it comes to training, Chihuahua can show behavioral issues like:

  • Stubborn
  • Headstrong
  • Extreme aggressive
  • Yappy
  • Or being shy

These traits can vary from one chi doggo to another.

To overcome this, you mustn’t be someone new with pets or training his very first dog. They will need:

1. Boundary training:

Long Haired Chihuahua Boundary Training

Make sure to train your chi doggie with boundaries from the very first day of entering your home as you don’t want it to sit on the bed, be in the kitchen, or on the tables, etc.

You can use dog safety gates for this purpose. Keep it between the dog and the place you want them to stop to be in.

Chihuahuas are intelligent breeds, and these personal boundaries will train them forever to stay where they have to.

Make sure to bring a comfortable and proper dog bed for your chihuahua puppy to keep it from going to bed and looking for a place to sleep.

2. Keep Them From Chewing:

Keep Them From Chewing

If you google the term chihuahua bite, you may find many eye-opening and disturbing results such as chihuahua bites owner, bite a baby, chihuahuas bite force, and others.

It shows, the tendency of chihuahuas biting their owners isn’t small. In reality, chihuahuas are wild animals that were domesticated almost two hundred years ago.

They still have wilderness in their genes and can be very aggressive if you don’t understand their needs and train them properly. This is why you see chihuahuas often ending up in shelters.

To keep from this, try to bring toys that let him do his chewing business. The biting energy will be diverted to the toy, and you will have a calm puppy eventually.

3. How do you train a chihuahua to pee outside?

Potty training chihuahua is a tiring job because of, of course, their stubborn-child-like attitude and small size. However, with proper tools and regularity, this henpecked creature can be trained.

First of all, you will need puppy pee pads. Place them somewhere you have organized a privy for your pet.

Now, track your puppy’s call of nature and take them to the place immediately. It usually happens after a meal.

If you find Chihuahua sniffling on the pads before pooping, let it do so because it is their habit. You can also use phrases like “go potty” to make him familiar.

However, while you are training them, make sure to have some pee and dirt pads in your home so that your furniture remains dirt and smell-free, in case your little buddy does his business there.

4. Grooming a long-haired Chihuahua:

Grooming a long-haired Chihuahua
Image Sources pinterest

They are cuties, a more like fashion breed, and someone you can always accompany while going out. Therefore, your pet should look like someone, always grabbing the eyes of the passer-byes.

For this, cleaning and grooming your long hair chihuahua doggo is essential. However, when it comes to the cleaning and grooming routine, you mustn’t forget the following things.

  1. Your little doggie has fragile skin and bones.
  2. Your little doggie is so little to handle regular grooming tools and bathing accessories.
  3. Your small puppy is stubborn and going to test your patience on-the-way

Bathing shouldn’t be done too often because the dog is already tiny and can easily prey on germs and viruses. Wash your chi doggie only when they are really dirty and need water to wash-off the filth.

However, please do not put him in a large tub but only Dedicated Chihuahuas bathing accessories. Once your pup has taken a bath, dry them off immediately to keep from catching a cold, flu, and fever.

As long as grooming is concerned, Chihuahua needs regular brushing as they have long hair to avoid matting. Also, take care of the shedding.

Unlike other dog breeds, chihuahuas shed hair in bulks than strands; hence removing them off is easy; however, only if you have proper grooming gloves to avoid hindrance.

One thing to remember is that Chihuahua’s skull is fragile up to two weeks of birth, and you need to be extra careful while cleaning and handling them.

Later on, their head may not remain that soft; however, you will have to deal with them with care throughout lives.

5. Exercise & Activity Is a Must:

Do not go on the tiny size of your Chihuahua and consider it a lap dog. Chihuahuas, long and short, both hair-havers, are very intelligent, smart, and at times stubborn dogs.

Being active and at the same time small dog, you will see that this little creature will keep following you all day. However, this activity cannot be a substitute for a walk.

Therefore, you must take your Chi doggie to a walk every day, and it would be better if the hike is split into two shorter walks a day.

When taking your dog for a walk, make sure to use dog botties for their mini paws to keep them from getting dirty or bruised.

Also, carry water along so that your baby dog does not drink water from on-the-way ponds and dirty water puddles as the dog already has a small stomach and immunity to bear germs attack.

You will often see your chihuahua dog, even with long hair, trembling and shivering. There can be many causes behind that, like excitement, fright, or anxiety. However, cold is also a significant reason.

Due to having size equals to a toy, this dog is very fragile and lean. Therefore, when you walk it, make sure it doesn’t get wet due to rain, drizzling, or dew. Be cautious about making your chihuahua wear raincoats.

By doing so, you will see positive changes in your chi doggo’s attitude, for example, being less stubborn and showing fewer tantrums. Make sure to deeply cleanse your dog’s paws once back from the walk.

6. Food and Nourishment Requirement:

Your dog is small; hence its food and nourishment requirements are different than other dog breeds. They cannot eat larger meals but small portions of food 3 to 4 times a day.

When you search for the most suitable dog food, make sure to consider the following points.

  1. Long-haired Chihuahua stomachs are not designed to process large extents of wheat and barley.
  2. They also have to chew on their food for a little longer than other dog breeds to maintain the detailed bony structure around their jaws.
  3. Besides this, if the food has high salt content, it can create dehydration in your dog’s body.

Besides this, measure your dog’s food correctly before offering to your dog to keep nutritional content maintained.

Long Hair Chihuahua Dog Health:

Long Hair Chihuahua Dog Health

Like other dog breeds, long-haired breeds also have some health issues, so make sure you don’t associate the health concerns with only long hair chihuahua little dogs.

Some general health concerns chihuahuas can have are:

1. Mitral Valve Disease:

MVI is a heart disease that many dog breeds prone to have, including Chihuahua, in which valve edges become thickened and knobbly, causing blood leakage. If not treated, the condition can be worsened with time.

2. Patent Ductus Arteriosus:

This condition occurs in both canines and felines at the time of birth that cause incomplete changes in the heart’s circulation. It is an important blood vessel to ensure blood doesn’t go to the lungs. This problem can occur in long fur Chihuahua.

3. Glaucoma:

It causes pain in the eye and can lead to complete blindness if left untreated. This is a genetic condition that often transfers to Chihuahua puppies from parents.

4. Hydrocephalus:

In this condition, fluid starts to build in the brain, causing pressure on the skull. It is common to occur in dogs with Dome or Apple-shaped heads, just like Chihuahuas. It makes training a bit difficult and can threaten the life of your pet.

5. Luxating Patella:

Luxating patella is a knee issue in teacup or toy dogs like Chihuahuas. In this, the knee plate slips out of its place. Pet walks abnormally by falling on one side, etc.

6. Hypoglycemia:

In this condition, dogs’ blood glucose level declines, and glucose production decreases then the utilization.

7. Pulmonic stenosis:

This condition also relates to the heart and has two types. The severe can be life-threatening, while chihuahuas with mild Pulmonic stenosis can lead a normal life.

Make a note, these aren’t directly associated diseases, or health issues with long-haired chihuahua puppies, as any dog can face health-relevant such problems in life.

Overall, chihuahuas are healthy and low maintenance breeds; you just need to be a little patient and mature pet owner.

Chihuahua Cost Range Is From $500 To$1200:

There are two reasons for the high price,

  • The high demand among Americans
  • Low litter size (dam produces fewer puppies per born)

You may also have to more if you purchase long hair Chihuahua in a rare color like black and white.

So, if you can afford to purchase a dog at higher rates, here are some more considerations to make:

Check Breeding Standards:

Check Breeding Standards

Besides, the long hair chihuahua price is huge. This is why puppy mills poorly breed dogs to have so many of them so they can earn bucks.

Therefore, always check the reputation of the seller before adoption. For this:

  • Don’t just consider the medical history of the puppy but also his or her parents
  • Make sure to check if the proper testing has been done for the dog you are purchasing

Please note, if you see a breeder charging you more for a dog with all tests done and bred under proper standards, consider it to buy.

On the other hand, do not waste your money if a breeder asks for more money just because of the rare color with low breeding standards and no dog’s medical history.

Recommended Health Tests Done From the National Breed Club:

When buying a long-haired chihuahua dog, here are some tests recommended to conduct from N.B.C., national breed club:

  • Cardiac Exam
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation
  • Patella Evaluation

They are extremely sensitive to low temperatures, as you may see chihuahuas trembling more than other dogs. It is not just because of feeling cold but also out of excitement, fear, or possible hypoglycemia. It is healthy.

Once you are fully satisfied, go for adoption.

Bottom Line:

This is not all about long-haired Chihuahua. There are still some queries our research team is fact-finding about, such as long-haired chihuahua mix breeds. We will soon update the content regarding these queries.

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