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Top 15 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Shepadoodle (German Shepherd & Poodle Mix)

Top 13 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Shapadoodles

“The dog is the only person that loves you more than itself.”

Cross of the poodle and German Shepherd can get you a cute little doodle or a hairy shepherd dog.

Shepadoodle dogs
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The Shepapoodle refers to a mix and large dog breed having a lifespan of 12-14 years. The dog is also known as German Doodle, Shepherdpoo, Shepapoo, and Sherdoodle.

This Shepadoodle, a cross between a poodle and a German Shepheard, is one of the many poodle mixes.

Sheepdog is German Shephard, a purebred, known for being service dogs, with origin from Germany.

Most intelligent breeds of canine to be used in police and military, frequently. 

The other parent is the poodle, one more purebred. Germans regard poodles’ decedents of Germany while France favors them more to be French. 

However, this breed has types, including Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle, and all of them are used to create Shepadoodle dogs. 


Scientific Name Canis Lupus Familiaris
Rank Mix Breed
Higher Classification Dog
Origin 1960
Size 23 to 28 inches (male and female both)
Weight 50 to 90 lbs (male and female both)
AKC Recognition No

1. Shepaoodle Is The Most Intelligent Breed Of Dogs – Awe!

Parents of a Shepadoodle

Shepadoodle is the most intelligent dog to have as a pet. He becomes a family member and acts as a protective guard for the family.

Don’t go on their cuteness, even the smallest shepedoodle will do anything to save their favorite humans from any danger.

On account of intelligence, shepadoodles understand that kids and infants are fragile so they are more careful around them.

This thing makes shepadoodles the most loving babysitter of the family. He is also very fine and helping towards elderlies and his hypoallergenic coat makes them suitable to adopt for any person.

Their thick coat will need trimming more than often as it keeps growing, every now and then. They need a good shampoo, comb, an appointment with a hairdresser, on a continuous basis.

2. Shepaoodle Size, Weight, And Appearance Depend on Which Poodle Generation Is Used In Cross:

When breeding shepadoodle dogs, poodles are used in different types like toy, miniature, and standard, while the German Shepherd dog remains the same:

Such as:

  1. German shepherd and toy poodle mix
  2. Black German Shepherd and standard poodle mix
  3. Miniature doodle and a German shepherd mix

And you get:

  1. A mini shepadoodle; smallest in size
  2. Poodle or cup doodle that can fit pretty easily in a teacup
  3. A giant poodle that can be more than your size

No matter what size you select, the cuteness of a Sheepdoodle will remain constant.

3. Shepadoodles Are Easy to Train:

Shepadoodle is the most intelligent breed of dogs
Image Source

On account of intelligence, the breed proves to be vigilant watchdogs and super assistant-dogs. They are fast readers and have a very positive attitude towards learning.

As an owner, you can call it the best doodle dog because of the intelligence and level of love and devotion he has towards you.

It happens because the Shepadoodle share ancestorship with two carefully controlled, civilized, and proud dog types (Poodles and GSDs).

“Shepadoodles fulfill all standards of intelligence.”

What type of Training Shepadoodles require?

They need training for the following things:

Nighttime training:

Especially as watchdogs and to keep from unnecessary bow-wows.

Potty Training:

So, they don’t poo and pee around the house.

Leash Training:

Walking, recognizing you, making him a gentle leader.

Basic manners training:

It makes them civilized, keeping them from chewing on things, nipping at the hands, jumping to greet (as it can scare the peeps).

Siblings training:

Train them on how to live around kids and other fellow-pups.

Exercise Training:

Take them for walks and let them jump around, for the sake of keeping them healthy.

4. Shepadoodle Puppies Were Bred For American Army – Wow!?

It was brooded first ever for American Army

Parents, German Shepherd and poodle, are working dog breeds, serving humans for ages as police dogs and hunting dogs. 

As parents are faithful, so the poodle temperament is loyal too. They’re embedded with intelligence, understanding, and sturdy nature.

“If you want loyalty, get a dog. If you want loyalty and intelligence, get a Shepadoodle.”

When you have Shepadoodle at home, you can expect to get services like:

  • Allergy detector 
  • Watchdogging
  • Wildlife detection 
  • mobility assistance

5. You can Design Your Shepadoodle Pet with your desired characteristics: Ta-da!?

Design Your Shepadoodle Pet
Image Source

Maybe you don’t believe it, but you can actually do this, though, just with the help of an expert breeder.

You can tell the breeder about the size, bodyweight, color, and some of the major characteristics you want in your dog.

“Shepadoodles show amazing color patterns when genes from German Shepherd outdo.”

This sheepdog x poodle mix breed is available in colors;

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Golden
  • Or with Patterns

However, when things are kept natural, the color of the descendent depends upon the coat of the parent with dominant genes.

6. It is the only designer breed of dog that changes so many behaviors from childhood to adulthood – strange!?

It is the only designer breed of dog that changes so many behaviors from childhood to adulthood
Image Source

As a puppy, Shepadoodles will be frightened and introvert doggies and may have difficulty making up with strangers.

“Shepadoodle is so intelligent and takes time to be your friend.”

Unlike other giant-sized hounds, Shepadoodle grows and develops an understanding of the surroundings slowly but steadily.

However, when time passes by, As a grownup adult, Sheepdogoodle will come as a civilized, happy, friendly, and very outgoing dog.

He is ready to meet with people and becomes fearless.

The time they take to enter adulthood from childhood is only one year, but training is the key.

Here is what you will do:

  1. Let them socialize from a very young age.
  2. Help them doing things independently
  3. Praise them more with treats as they love appreciation.

7. Their food cycle is so strange and varies from child- to adult-hood – Whoa?

Their food cycle is so strange and varies from child- to adult-hood

Their food cycle is so strange and varies from child- to adulthood, just like the behavior and temperament of a Shepadoodle dog.

Your dog needs to eat more in childhood, while in adulthood, he will have a determined meal and diet.

“Determine adult meals by multiplying 25 calories with one Lb. (weight).”

Also, when determining the quantity of food and meal size, do not forget to consult with two people:

  1. The pet owners having the same breed.
  2. The vet.

8. You cannot determine and fix the Shepadoodle weight: wait, whattt????

“Shepadoodle hybrids vary in coat-color, size, and weight.”

Different generations and breeding methods bring different results.

Such as:

F1 breed:

When a purebred sheepdog and poodle mate. F1 Coat is wavy, and shedding is too light.

As they don’t spread hairs, so this thing makes Shepadoodles extremely beneficial pets for people with allergies.

F2 type:

When F1 hybrids mate together, the offspring will be f2 Shepadoodles. F1b coat is curly with no shedding.

P offspring:

The most expensive breed of dogs, having both purebred parents.

9. They cannot live an apartment life – sad!

They cannot live an apartment life
Image Source

If you live in an apartment, Shepadoodle is maybe not the pet for you.

The breed doesn’t like living in congested places.

“Sheep-Doodles are wandering souls and hate congest behaviors.”

So, what is perfect living for Shepard poodle mix?

A home having a garden, lawn, or a community with a ground is the best place them.

Also, remember,

They need regular exercise, walk, playing-fun, and active lifestyle.

10. Keeping a Shepadoodle is all about dedicating your love to the pooch – mmm, mmh ❤️

Keeping a Shepadoodle is all about dedicating your love to the pooch
Image Source

Sheepdoodle, poodle, or Shapadood, or whatever you call this little bundle of happiness, desires your love, care, and affection more than anything in his life.

You need to be a very caring owner, more like a mother or father, to this doodle, because of his intuitive brain.

Do you know?

Shepadoodle can understand all the meanings behind your small gestures.

From early in the morning till sleeping in the night, this dog wants to be surrounded with your love and attention.

If you are a working person, make sure to spend time with your pet from day one routinely.

Shepadoodles can show severe behavioral issues if left unattended.

11. Shepadoodle Don’t Shed Much and Need Regular Grooming- Yippie?

Despite being hairy, they don’t shed much
Image Source Unsplash

It is positive and real that despite having a shedding dad, the hybrid canine sheds low.

Thanks to the qualities inherited from Poodle Mama.

“Though there’s a close resemblance between German Shepherd and Doodle in terms of the coat, color, and patterns, the hair shedding ratio is quite low.”
regular grooming is a must
Image Source Pinterest

Shepadoodle hair keeps getting denser, thicker, and fluffier with each passing day.

Therefore, it would require grooming at regular intervals of time.

For grooming, you’ll need to visit a barber or cater to your pet with scissors after every fifth week.

Also, you need to brush the hair of your dog for half an hour every day.

Can I Groom my Sheepdog Doodle pet on my own?

Yes, you can.

Grooming a pet is not a challenging task and not a difficult thing to do, but sometimes, you may end up with a pet looking like an alien. 😛

Haha… It happens seldom, and even if it does, don’t worry; Shepadoodles grow hairs back too fast.

When grooming your pet hair:

  • Try to use pet scissors or proper grooming accessories.
  • Make sure to use a brush that doesn’t hurt your dog by pulling his hair.
  • Also, try to remain gentle and caressed while brushing pet hair.

Such care will also enhance the bond between you two.

12. Shepadoodles Need Bathing but Following Specific Intervals Of Time: 🐕🛁

Outdoor Collapsible Dog Swimming Pool

Shepadoodles’ long and thick fur produces special natural oil to keep the Shapadoodle Coat shiny and sleek. Regular bathing may result in dry hair of your dog.

You must bathe a Shepadoodle after every six weeks. It would be best to use a tub or a pool instead of a hose or shower to all parts deeply cleaned. 

Besides this, paws need regular cleaning, especially in this era, where germs are everywhere.

13. Shepadoodles Are Prone To Some Health Problems As Well.

Shepadoodles are mixes of German Shepherds and poodles. Along with taking good traits from parents, sheepapoos have gathered some problematic genes too that makes them prone to health issues like:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand’s disorder causing blood clotting issue
  • Flea bites due to longer hair

However, if you don’t want your dog to get sick or don’t want to experience Shepadoodle health problems, take good care, do regular grooming, and have consistent vet checkups.

14. Neutering or Spaying is your choice – keeping in mind the health conditions – Ack?

“Neutering and Spaying dogs mean simply removing the reproductive organ of your doodle; the terms refer differently for both sexes.”

It is not harsh in fact done to keep your pet from various health issues like:

  • Testicular cancer
  • Prostate disease
  • The desire of roaming like a stray dog
  • Certain behavioral issues

So if you are not planning to breed puppies, give your pet some relief by removing such parts from their bodies. The decision is yours and should be taken after vet consultation.

15. They are super protective mothers for the whole family, especially children –  Awww?

They are super protective mothers for the whole family, especially children
Image Sources pinterest

Last but not least, this pet is extremely, extremely caring towards your kids more like a mother.

With adequate training, these pets can be great baby sitters.

“Along with watchdogging, these pets do extremely great babysitting.”

16. Shepadoodle Other Names:

Shapdoodles have many names, Given due to cuteness. Such as:

  • German Doodle
  • Shep-A-Poo
  • Shepapoo
  • Shepherdoodle
  • Shepherdpoo
  • Shepdoodle
  • Shepherd doodle
  • German poodle
  • Shepherd doodle

Bottom Line:

Shepadoodles are highly intelligent breeds but will show outcomes only when you know how to take care of their intelligence.

Training is a must.

They respond so great to instructions and are fast learners, but you need to remain consistent with physical activities.

In the end, if you need a dog that’s more playful and less hairy than a doodle, we recommend you bring home a Pomsky.

Pomsky is the Pomeranian and husky mix, a playful dog with excellent intelligence.

You can find out more about a little pomsky dog here.

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