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Everything To Know About The Brindle French Bulldog

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We are a big fan of dogs, but then who isn’t.

Whether we talk about the furry German Shepard or the hallmark poodle, the playful Pomeranian Husky or the intelligent Golden Retriever; they all have been long-loved.

And when it’s French bulldogs, the affection grows even more. Their squished face is a nature’s wonder in itself.

Then, there is their petite, cute body that withers away the stress of the owners when they see them come running towards them.

In addition to that, they own large bat-like ears, are easy-going (don’t bark much), playful and alert.

A fun fact: There was an actual brindle French dog on Titanic when it sank and he was only 2 years old then. This fact was portrayed realistically in the movie too in the shape of a black French bulldog shown drowning with the lead Leonardo DiCaprio.

A brindle French bulldog is a rare breed that is very hard to find and only those who “truly” love dogs can withstand the effort spent to get a nice, little brindle Frenchie.

What is a brindle French bulldog?

Brindle french bull dog
Image Source

Brindle French Bulldog refers to a normal French Bulldog breed with a coat pattern that involves random stripes or spots on the base color of the coat.

Usually, the markings are only slightly different in shade than the coat color but sometimes they are as differentiable as black striping on a white coat.

The Brindle Frenchie is a normal bulldog but with a beautiful, rare coat which is the defining feature of this breed.

Unlike large pet dogs like Golden Mountain Dog, Newfoundland or German Shepherd, this breed can only have a maximum height of 11-12 inches.

Where does this brindle color come from?

Say hello to the game of genes here as well!

This attractive coat is a result of the K-locus recessive gene. As a general piece of information, there are 3 types of K-locus genes:



non-slid black

It is the result of these 3 genes that result in different kinds of brindle bulldogs.

In order to have a brindle coat, the puppy must possess the recessive k gene from both the parents.

This rarely occurs in bulldogs, thus making a “brindle mating” only a lean possibility.

Some get only a few colored hairs, while others get dark-colored spots and streaks depending on the mating of the genes of their parents.

The French Bulldog Colors:

Now, let’s throw a spotlight on the most distinguishing feature of this species i.e. the color of their coats and markings.

1. Cream:

Cream Bulldog
Image Source

While some might think a cream-colored Frenchie is not that exciting, it is loved by a large percentage of dog lovers.

The coat is usually the shade of an eggshell without any prominent circles, blotches or spatters.

They usually have darker masks which creates a stunning contrast and pink eye rims.

They are a very rare color to find, but not with us.

Consult the “Where to find a brindle French bulldog breeder?” heading below to find ways of finding this dog.

2. Fawn:

fawn bulldog
Image Source

The fawn Frenchie comes in a yellow-brown color that can have different hues: brown, rust, grey. They possess a uniformly colored coat but some fawn-colored bulldogs show dark coloring on their heads especially near the nose and head.

This color is a bit easier to find and owned by many dog owners. The affectionate scuttle of this contrasted beauty is a mind-refresher for you and a playful pastime for the kids.

3. Blue:

blue frenchdog
Image Source

Probably the most unique hue in French bulldogs, blue brindle Frenchie is extremely exotic and is a result of a recessive black dilution gene.

The blue Frenchies have a shade that exists between black and dark blue with light blue tinges on the ears and head.

Minute brindle striping can occur on the top of the head and the chest or back area. They have yellow, blue or grey eyes.

4. Black:

Black Bulldog
Image Source

It may look a very threatening color on a dog; usually, black-colored dogs are either watchdogs or search dogs.

But there is absolutely no sign of belligerence in a black French bulldog.

Black brindle bulldogs can have strips of light hair color from very light brown and white (even non-existent) to brown and rusty.

Some will have a steady pattern of brindles throughout the black coat. This color is however, not accepted by AKC.

5. Chocolate:

Chocolate Bulldog
Image Source

This is another lovable color but extremely difficult to find just like the Blue French bulldog.

However, the chocolate variations in brindles are plenty. It’s only finding a full chocolate-colored Frenchie that is very difficult.

Their coat color is brown with light milky striping on it and can have pink or brown coloring in their ears and around the eye rims just like the cream Frenchies.

They have green, blue, yellow, or brown eyes. The reason for their scarcity is the need for two copies of a recessive gene, each from its parents which is quite difficult.

These species depict colors that range from milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

6. Combination of colors

And then there are some coats which depict a mixture of all the colors mentioned above and some others like lilac and white.

It helps to generate exquisite patterns that friends and family can’t stop adoring.

The French Dog Coat Patterns:

1. Brindle

brindle coat
Image Source

Brindle is the coat pattern characterized by colored spots and bands on the base color of the coat.

The color of the markings can vary from light-colored (like white, fawn) to extremely dark-colored (like black) and everything in between.

Heavy brindle is called “Tiger brindle” and resembles the coat of the tiger (with stripes all over the body).

A tiger brindle French bulldog predominantly has a fawn-colored coat with grey-to-black colored lines.

2. Pied

pied bulldog
Image Source

Also referred to as “Piebald”, these are coats that are primarily white with large dark-colored patches covering different parts of the body.

They are usually located around the eyes and ears, on the back and under the neck.

3. Ticked

ticked bulldog
Image Source

The ticked pattern refers to the presence of large spots on the coat of the French bulldog.

It may appear as large markings on the back and face of the dog or as small dots on specific parts of the body.

To get more sense of what we are referring to, below are the two pictures.

  • Large markings
Bulldog with Large markings
Image Source
  • Small dots
Bulldog with Small dots
Image Source
Interesting fact: This pattern results in the deduction of points in a show ring, although it is acceptable under AKC standards.

Small ticking is more likely to occur on lighter-colored coats like white, fawn and cream.

But there are some white Frenchies which are pied but have no ticking on their bodies.

4. Black mask

black mask bulldog
Image Source

Black mask, as evident from the name, is referred to as the presence of black coloring on the snout of the Frenchies and sometimes, around the eyes as well.

This is one of the most loved markings for the people because such are not largely found in other breeds of the dogs.

Any variant of the French bulldog can have a black mask, irrespective of the base color of the coat. See for yourself.

Taking care of the brindle French bulldog:

Dog Safety Gate

Luckily enough, they are no different than the normal French bulldogs.

Because of their heavy chests, they cannot swim and should never be left alone near a pool, beach or any water body.

Frenchie puppies, especially, love to explore and wander around.

So it is necessary that you crate train them so that when you are not around, they doesn’t end up creating a mess in the house.

As they cannot jump very high, so installing dog safety gate is a very smart way of keeping them away from your precious belongings;

like toy trays and cabinets of food items or parts of the house like kitchen, stairways, and e.t.c.

1. Health issues related to the brindle French bulldog:

Because they are flat-faced, they face difficulty in breathing and require constant care in hot or humid conditions.

Many people are doubtful about whether to bring these rare French bulldogs to their homes as a pet or not on part of various false and unreasonable health issues that people associate with them.

Good news; you don’t need to be afraid, they are the same as other Frenchies, only the Blue brindle Frenchies are different.

The blue brindle French bulldog health problem

One of the most common health complexity associated with these dogs is the Blue.

This occurs in Blue French bulldogs which are very rare, as mentioned before.

They are susceptible to the Color Dilution Alopecia, which is a genetic disorder that affects the distribution of the color pigment in their coat.

The portion of the coat which gets this disorderly color becomes weak and hair starts to show sign of stunted growth and breakage.

There is no known cure for this health problem however you can practice caution by not using harsh grooming items.

Use a Hair Vacuum instead and take them to the vet when the disease occurs so that it can be stopped from causing a skin infection.

2. What are their grooming needs:

French Bulldog grooming

Brindle Frenchies do not pose that big of a hair shedding problem to their owner because:

i. They have short hair

ii. Shed only slightly

You can easily leave the hair combing task to weekends because only once a week, are they required.

Use pet grooming gloves because it not only straightens the coat and removes the shed hair but gives a nice massage to the pet as well.

Pet Grooming Gloves

Also, the nails should be trimmed once a month necessarily otherwise they would curl under which causes discomfort for them.

Now, the secret to getting your little French bulldog to cooperate with you during the nail-trimming process is to provide him an immense amount of praise and treats.

The regularity of the routine is another helping factor. Also, use an automatic painless dog nail clipper instead of manually cutting them up.

premium painless nail clipper for pets

3. Their exercise needs:

They do not require a lot of exercise.

A daily short walk would suffice because they are heavily-chested and need some regular exertion to keep the weight in check.

But be wary, because their flat-faced trait causes them to encounter breathing difficulties in hot weather.

Short-timed exercise routines like catching a ball or chasing a hanging piece are enough for your cute, little, short-legged brindle Frenchie.

Get him a Jumbo Ball and that would be enough.

Where to find a brindle French bulldog breeder?

Breeding ground or litter
Image Source

This is a rare breed; we have been raving about that throughout the article so you need to be absolutely sure that the breeder you choose provides you a healthy breed at a good price.

Here are some of the ways of finding reputable breeders:

1. Use your personal contacts

If you have any relatives or friends that own breeding kennels themselves or know of renowned breeders, take their help.

You would get a suitable price because of your reference and also, you could visit the kennels yourself to see how the puppies or pooches are being kept.

2. Consider online platforms

Although we strongly recommend using the first method, online platforms are a viable option nonetheless.

There are some websites that can help you to get good breeds of the brindle French bulldogs.

American Kennel Club tops the list, which provides a variety of French bulldogs’ breeders who have been breeding them for a long time.

You can dive into this list and find out the brindle species available.

Petfinder is another helpful forum but chances of getting a brindle from here are pretty.

They provide rescue dogs up for adoption and depending on the rareness of this breed, it seems pretty unobvious that any owner would separate this dog from him/her.

The third website is Adoptapet which can provide you with available Frenchies according to the specified location.

We found three of the brindle variants when looking for California. You can try your luck too.

What to look for in a brindle French bulldog for sale?

We personally recommend prioritizing the health of the pup more than the brindle.

Because no matter how awe-striking the coat is, if he is unhealthy or involved in some genetic disorder, he would be separated from you before you know it.

That would be heartbreaking!

If you can meet the parents of the Frenchie, that would be the best because it would give you an idea of the personality of their puppies.

Go to the litter and let the puppies come towards you.

Some like to bite, some like to curl around your legs while others like to jump. Choose the type of energy level you require and then set on to sign the paperwork.

What is the price of a brindle french bulldog puppy?

An average brindle French bulldog costs between $1500-$3000 depending on the color, pattern, breeder and the area. Trending breeds extends this price to $7000 if we talk about high-quality breeds. Adopting a Frenchie will cost you around $350-$600.


The average age of a Brindle French bulldog is 10-14 years which is enough time to make everlasting memories with a lovable puppy.

This breed is hard to find, but good things do take time as John Wooden said

“Good things take time, as they should…”

Once you have brought him to your house, you would be satisfied with yourself; we assure you. He is a playful and stress-soother dog that never lets you get bored.

So, are you convinced to buy a Brindle Frenchie now?

What do you think?

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