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Black Maine Coon Cat Original Pictures With Authentic Info and A Touch Of Fiction

Black maine coon cat
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Before you head to the prime arguments for reliable information about Black Maine Coon, available on this blog, please have some notes about the Maine Coon breed.

What is Maine Coon?

Maine coon is the name of America’s official domesticated breed of felines, belongs to the state of America, Maine. It is also the largest domesticated cat breeds that are found naturally in North America.

Maine Coon, the cat, is known for her apparent atypical features (the glossy jet fur) and tenacious chasing flairs.

Nevertheless, no source could locate the date and origin of the existence of Maine Coon Cats in America and Maine state.

Now to the preliminary discussion, the Maine Coon black, what’s that?

What IS A “Black” Maine Coon?

Solid Black Maine Coon
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There exist five solid colors in Maine coon cat, and black is prominent among them.

Maine Coon Cat with Solid black fur coat, from every inch of the head to paw, is indicated as Black Maine Coon.

You will have a hard time noticing the expressions on your cat’s face as they get stashed behind her duskiest fur if you have a Maine coon cat in black.

Suppose you spectate a giant black lion, like a scene of a horror movie; when your lovely Coon feline is silently gazing at you with her bright yellow eyes in the darkest night of winters…

They may scare you as hell sometimes for their shining eyes in the dark; yet, their purrs are as adoring as Persian cats.

Experts say the black Maine coon cat with the shadowy black fur and a glittering pair of (mostly yellow) eyes is the most loveable like every other feline.

Find out more in the lines coming ahead;

Do you know Maine coon in black doesn’t just appear Solid black but in some fur variants?

Types of Black Maine Coon Cats:

Here they are:

1. Solid Black Maine Coon:

Pictures of Main Coon Cat Colors
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Solid black Coon Cats are born with thick or thin fur-coat, based on their hereditary DNA segment from parents. Due to genetic variance, the Solid Coon Cats can have long or medium length coats.

Hairs on a black feline’s body can be from glossier to matt; there are no genetic indications behind this trait.

2. Black Smoke Maine Coon:

Black Smoke Main Coon Cat Pictures
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Smoky black coon cats, though, have black fur coat but with a smoky tone in their hair.

What does that mean?

Well, you find traces of grey in this type of Black Coon Cat when it moves around, specifically in the diurnal.

How does it seem like this?

Actually, there is no smoke or grey color; the fur is white at roots while jet black on tips, so the combo appears greyish.

At nights, Smoky Coon feline appears as a Solid black Maine cat.

3. Bi-Colored / Bi-Patterned Black Maine Coon Cats:

Bi-Colored Maine Coon Cats Pictures
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As the name denotes, you will have two colored Maine Coon felines:

The bi-color trait appears in numerous tones, for instance, black & brown, white & black, silver & black Maine Coon, etc.

Along with color deviations, you may also find pattern variations for black coon cats, for example, tuxedo, tabby, tortoiseshell, or silver pattern, etc.

4. Black and Grey / Silver Maine Coon:

Black and grey Silver Maine Coon
Image Sources unsplash

Silver & black is not a foremost seeing bi-color variant of Maine cats. Why? The reason is, breeders do not breed this lesser-interest combo as there are other fancier cats in this color.

However, Silver & Black are certified coon cats, recognized by TICA, The International Cat Association.

5. Black and White Maine Coon:

Black and White Maine Coon
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Black and white Maine Coon is different from tuxedo Maine coon because, in this, white and black fur appears in combination, however, without any pattern.

Your two-fur-cat will have black fur with white stains on the overall body, spread without any symmetry.

These beautiful Cats can be reached and adopted quite effortlessly, and they aren’t much costly too. However, the price can vary from one breeder to another.

6. Black and Brown Maine Coon:

black and brown maine coon
Black and Brown Maine Coon

The brown fur coat is also referred to as a red fur coat. However, when combined with a black fur coat, it appears more like sandy brown color.

The main fur coat will be black while with red lines all over. You will find this combination in black tabby Maine coon cats, we will discuss further.

7. Tuxedo Maine Coon:

Tuxedo Maine Coon
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Tuxedo Coon is also a bi-colored Coon cat but with symmetry of appearance of the two colors. It has black colored main coat while white hair on the bib, paws, and belly.

It appears like your kitty is wearing a stylish coat. Due to being so much in demand, breeders breed tuxedo Maine cats on more massive levels.

However, due to the same reason, the price is much higher, just like Solid black Maine Coon.

8. Black Tabby Maine Coon:

Black Tabby Maine Coon
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Before you go into the exact information, have some notes that:

Tabby is not a color but symmetry of marking on the base color. Besides, Tabby markings have different types as well, including Classic, Mackerel, and Ticked.

Mainly Tabby Maine Coon Cats have an M on their foreheads, right in the middle of two ears.

Black Maine Coon Cat Personality:

  • Affectionate
  • Energetic like Huskies
  • Very independent in behavior
  • Loves to socialize
  • Gentle in behavior

You must never go with the gigantic size and scary black apparent Maine coon characteristics as in reality; she is a sweet, gentle, and very friendly-tempered cat.

She is a loving pet, affectionate to her parents (owner), and easily adapts to diverse atmospheres but needs room for exercise in the home.

She looks like the gritty Lion but actually is a lamb; you will know all about the delicate nature of Maine coon characteristics after living with this lovely feline.

FYI: Maine Coon Cats have won the title of being the largest domestic cats. In 2019, “Stewie” won the longest cat title. She was a purebred Maine Coon sizing 48.5 inches, from nose tip to tail.

Black Maine Coon Life Span:

Black is just a variant in the color of the Maine Coon cats, so the lifespan is not any different from the average life expectancy of a cat.

Black Maine Coons, with all variants, live between 12 to 18 years.

It is the most typical life expectancy, but specific health issues and diseases can decline the life of your cat.

What are those health issues? Let’s read further:

Black Maine Coon Health Issues That Can Decline The Lifespan Of Your Lovely Kitty:

Black Maine Coon Cats, just like other cats, are healthy with no problem or health issue specified.

However, there are certain issues that Coon Cats can develop. These include:

  • Viral Diseases
  • Tract Urinary Diseases
  • Genetic Issues

1. Viral Diseases:

Certain viruses can affect your cat throughout their lives and cause health problems.

These include Feline Leukemia Virus, Feline panleukopenia virus, Feline calicivirus, coronavirus, Herpesvirus, Lentivirus, etc.

These viruses affect distinctive parts of the Black Maine Coon Body, for example, affecting the immune system and declining immunity or respiratory infections.

“Viruses like Feline panleukopenia can cause cats’ sudden deaths without displaying any or every disease symptom. It works by weakening or sometimes destroying the white blood cells of your cat.”

Other viruses can cause diarrhea, runny nose, sneezing, weepy eyes, and skin infections.

Some of the viruses are contagious, while others reach the cat body through saliva and when you serve your cat certain foods.

Vaccinations of such viruses are available that you may need to give to your lovely pet throughout their lives via injections and food.

However, you should also check before feeding anything to your cat.

2. Tract Urinary Diseases:

Under certain conditions and for some reason, your lovely little kitten can develop urinary tract diseases.

That includes vomiting, diabetes, ringworms, and in worst cases, cancers.

These issues can occur in your Maine Coon black due to poor diet and lack of exercise because this cat is the dog of the cat world.

They are plopped with energy, and spending all-time indoors can divert their focus on exercise towards food and sleeping all day.

Due to this, issues like diabetes occur in Black Coon cats from Maine.

3. Genetic Issues:

Genetics play a keen role in coon cats from Maine. From determining their fur color to building main coon personality characteristics, Genetic plays a part everywhere.

Besides this, if both parent cats are positive for some issues, there are 99% chances for offspring to develop it.

For example, if Dam and father both cats have heart diseases, there are chances that the kitten will have the same condition.

Genetic issues to find in Black Maine Cats are Hip dysplasia, Kidney cysts, or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy that increase the heart size in the cats’ midlife.

Also, if you will separate the Maine Coon Black kitten from their mother at a very young age, there are chances that they will develop mental issues like a Clingy Cat.

In this, cats become over-sensitive to their owners’ presence and start being too possessive to have them around. You can have complete info about the clingy cat issue here.

In the end, some info on Black Maine Coon Kittens for Sale; before you go for adoption, pls have a read:

Things To Know Before Adopting a Black Maine Coon:

1. Parents’ Fur Color:

Remember, fur color for kittens is determined by parents only.

The x chromosome is the gene for fur color in Black Maine Coon Cats.
  • Dam, mother, or queen determines the color of male offspring.
  • Male and female, both parents, determine the color of female offspring.

2. Parent’s Medical History:

As you have read, there are some health issues in black Maine coons, which occur due to their parents’ health issues. Therefore, it is necessary to check parents’ medical history before breeding.

Make sure male and female, both felines are healthy or at least one of them doesn’t have any sort of cyst, heart, or bone disease, etc.

3. Registration With Tica:

The international cat association registers and gives every Black Maine Coon cat certification if it is from a purebred family.

If a breeder fails to provide it to you, the cat you are taking home may not be a purebred Maine Coon Black Cat.

4. The Reputation Of The Breeder:

Lastly, make sure to check the reputation of the breeder in the market before making any agreement.

A breeder with a good reputation means they will provide you with the exact characteristics, you are looking for.

5. Vaccinations:

Lastly, before bringing your black kitten home, make sure to provide him with the necessary vaccines. Also, get your baby cat check by the vet for any health issue.

Common Myths VS Truths About Maine Coon Black:

  • Can black Maine coon change fur color?

No! Their hair turns golden due to the deficiency of an enzyme called Tyrosine. Due to this deficiency, the production of Eumelanin stops, and hence the black fur turns into rust color.

Another reason, too much sun exposure can also turn your cat’s fur into bleached black color.

  • Do Black Cats Bring Bad Luck?

No! It’s nothing but a myth. Black cats are as loveable as any other feline.

  • Do Black Maine Coon Cats Have Ghost In Them?

Not at all! They may look mysterious and forbidding, but they are loveable, gentle, friendly, and adoring cats.

  • Do Black Coone Cats Have No Market Value?

Wrong! The black Maine Coon price is much higher due to their increasing demand in the market.

  • Will My Black Coone Cat Scare Neighborhoods?

No! Black Coon Cats love socializing, and after knowing them, nobody gets scared of them.

  • Are Black Maine Coons Mix Breed?

You can find a black Maine coon mix. However, the black cat is a pure breed and belongs to a US state famous for its trees.

Bottom Line:

If you love animals enough, their breed, fur color, or background don’t matter at all. Once they come to your home, they become part of your family regardless of their previous breed.

To make your pet civilized, proper training can help. However, it is quite challenging for cats to train; nevertheless, the adorable attitude can substitute.

Have fun with your cats, and don’t forget to tell us about your lovely little felines in the comment section below.


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  1. I have a black Maine coon his name is Dallas, he’s very sociable and very lovely and also very spoiled, and I love him very much!

    • Black Maine Coon is generally a very friendly cat breed and by the looks of your comment, you attested to this information, so cheers 🤗.
      As for the spoiled part, we would say, please make efforts to make him obedient; otherwise, he may turn to scratching the furniture and urinating wherever he likes. Obviously, you don’t want that!

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