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Standard, Toy, Or Teddy Bernedoodle – Detailed Guide on How to find, look after and Buy Healthy Bernedoodle Pup


Bernedoodles, the ultimate pack of joy and bundle of cuteness. A dog, you would love to have around you, take for walks, and enjoy watching movies with.

They are so playful and cute, yet available in such small sizes that you can keep them even in your pockets.

A cute, goofy, hybrid with extremely twee face and darling attitude, he is the pet for families than a star of dog shows and dog competitions.

Here we have a well-detailed, most exciting, and extremely interesting guide targeting each bit detail about these dogs.

What Is “Bernedoodle – Bernese Mountain Poodle Mix”

Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle Mix

Bernedoodle is the hybrid dog of goofy poodle and loyal Mountain dog of Bernese.

So, it has cuteness and loyalty in his bones. They shed lower than usual dog breeds that make them a perfect pet for people with allergies. They are also named as Bernese poodles.

Generation of Bernedoodle:

This dog has so many generations and they are crossed between different breeds of poodles and Bernese mountain dog.

Such as:

1. Miniature Bernedoodles:

Miniature Bernedoodles picture

When Bernese mountain dog is combined with toy poodle, the Miniature Bernedoodle dog is created. These are two loving, well-mannered, and most civilized breeds.

You don’t only get a civilized dog but cross-breeding also helps in decreasing the hair shedding rate common in Bernese dogs.

Miniature Berne doodle dogs come in various sizes and some are as little as 12 to 17 inches tall.  Due to this they are known as Tiny Bernedoodle:

2. F1B mini doodles:

tiny Bernedoodle image
Image Sources picuki

Bernepup and cross babies are divided into different f categories according to their size and cross numbers. Such as:

F1B mini doodles which are also known as Tiny Bernedoodles:

What Does F1b Mean?

Ans: F1b means the second-generation crossbred poodles.

  • F1 mini doodles is 50% Poodle and 50% Bernese Mountain Dog resembled
  • F1B mini doodles have 75 % resemblance with toy poodles while only 25 % to Bernese mountain dogs.
  • F2 B: mini doodle is 62.5% Poodle and 37.5% Bernese Mountain Dog

These so small and also referred to as Micromini poodles. Breeders use toy poodles to create them.

3. Teddy Bear Bernedoodle:

Teddy Bear Bernedoodle picture
Image Sources picuki

Berne doodle dog male is crossed with Berne doodle dog female to create hybrid Teddy Bear Bernedoodle.

These are Multigen dogs as created by cross between same breeds.

Health tests are conducted on Bernepoo parents before cross and creation of Teddy Bear Bernepoo.

He is a great pet. He is also not very big in size and it is great to live an apartment life.

For adoption, though, looks matters the most and no one can deny having tiny toy-like poodles at home.

As a serious parent of the pet, health, behavior, intelligence, and many other factors, come in discussion too. So, let’s move to each point one by one.

First of all, let’s discuss the appearance of these cute dogs:

Bernedoodle Appearance:

Bernedoodle Appearance picture
Image Sources picuki

They differ in personalities and appearances. Their coat can be of various types including curly, wavy, or straight with types of colors.

You get Bernedoodles in tiny, miniature, and standard size in Bernese Doodle that depends upon toy, mini, or standard poodle parent.

Here is detailed discussion:

1. Bernedoodle Size / Weights:

Bernedoodle Size - Weights
Image Sources gramho

As you find different types of Bernepoo dogs like toy, miniature, and standard, the sizes and weights also vary. Males have more weight and larger size than females.

Size and weight chart of Bernepoo is:

  • The Standard Bernese doodle dog sizes: at 23 to 29 inches and 70 to 90 pounds
  • Miniature Berne doodle sizes: 18 to 22 inches tall and 25 to 49 pounds
  • Tiny Bernedoodles: 12 to 17 inches tall and 10 to 24 pounds weight

2. Bernedoodle colors:

Bernepoo is one of the best breeds that you can find in rare and enchanting colors.

Either you need a teddy bear dog or standard Bernese poodle, you get plenty of colors to choose from; including:

  • Merle
Merle healthy Bernedoodle pictures
Image Sources picuki
  • Sable
sable bernedoodle
Image Sources picuki
  • Phantom
Phantom healthy Bernedoodle pictures
Image Sources Pinterest
Brindle healthy Bernedoodle pictures
Image Sources picuki

you also get common colors like black, white, and brown.

3. Bernedoodle Coats:

Bernedoodle Coats
Image Sources picuki

You get variety of coats including:

  • Wavy fleece coat with kinked appearance
  • Straight coat (it is rare in Bernepoos)
  • Curly coats are also found.

They have low tendency of hair shedding.

In short, Bernepups are so appealing in looks and enchanting in behavior, it feels like you have a dog full of energy with you all the time.

However, as we said earlier, looks aren’t the only thing to see in an adopted pet. So, here are some of their special personality traits:

Character Behavior of Bernedoodle:

Character Behavior of Bernedoodle
Image Sources picuki

They have received some great personality traits from parent breeds i.e. Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle breeds.

Despite of their goofy and cute appearance, these are highly intelligent, loyal when needed, and hardworking dogs. They are great family parts; affectionate with children and other fellow canines.

1. Temperament:

The dog inherits happy temperament from Bernese mountain dog while intelligence of poodle parent. They love to cuddle and take part in family affairs with children and are a 24×7 celebrating dog breed.

However, personalities can be generically different in Girl Puppies Vs Boy Puppies. Such as:

Male dogs are stable in emotions than female dogs and aren’t much prone to mood swings. However, male dogs are aggressive than females in most of the breeds.

Personality Differences Between Male and Female Dogs:

healthy Bernedoodle
Image Sources Picuki, Picuki

You can clearly see the differences in personalities between males and female dogs, but non-neutered ones.

Males are dominant, easily distracted and make territories around them. Female dogs do not do so.

However, males are also more active and playful while females are more like lap dogs who love to cuddle with their favorite humans.

2. Are Bernedoodles Aggressive?

Are Bernedoodles Aggressive
Image Sources Picuki, Picuki

Actually not! However, the breeding environment can make a difference. Bernepoos living with families typically are less likely to develop aggressive behavior.

To make them friendly towards other dogs and humans, train them to socialize with others at a very early age as this is typically contingent on them.

3. Do Bernedoodles Like to Cuddle?

Do Bernedoodles Like to Cuddle
Image Sources picuki

Due to having intelligent and friendly parents, they have happy go lucky nature so YES, they love cuddling and playing with their favorite humans.

They crave human attention and love to hang around in the home with kids even when left alone.

They are friendly, and have an adorable appearance; the looks depending upon which trait would they receive from which parent.

Bernedoodle Health and grooming:

Bernedoodle Health and grooming
Image Sources picuki

Bernedpoos are healthy dogs and due to their non-shedding coats, these dogs need regular special grooming. Being a cross of two intelligent, handsome, cute, and lovely breeds, these loyal dogs have received very positive traits from their parents.

Generically, it is a healthy breed and with regular health checks, they can lead a healthy life.

1. Bernedoodle Lifespan:

Hybrid dogs have better and longer lifespans than purebred dogs like German Shepherds.

Like all other hybrid dogs, cockapoo Shepadoodle, cavoodle, pomapoo, and Pomsky, etc. Bernedoodle lifespan is also between 12 to 15 years.

The best thing is, a mini bernepoo has an even longer span which is 17 years, however only with good care.

Smaller dogs have longer lifespans.

2.  Bernedoodle Food:

Bernedoodle Food
Image Sources picuki

Dogs growth, health, and their behavior during and after training is mainly dependent upon food, experts say.

Why? Because dogs love eating food and they would do everything to get feed.

However, the main question is, what, how, and how much you should offer to your pup according to his health, size, and breed.

Here is the answer:

The Bernedoodle needs nutrition rich food, determined by his size. For instance,

The more a dog sizes and weights the more food he or she would need, and vice versa.

The food you select should be pet dedicated, available in your kitchen always ready to be served because they cannot bear hunger. Measure proper portions of quantity to not over or underfeed your pet.

3. How Often Should You Bathe a Bernedoodle:

How Often Should You Bathe a Bernedoodle
Image Sources gramho, gramho

Keeping your dog clean is one of the most necessary thing you need to do.

No matter what size your dog has: small, micro, tiny, or standard, they are active and they love hanging around bare feet.

If you have a ground or yard, where your dog is prone to walk, dig, and play, try to cover their feet with dog shoes before you let them in the ground.

However, if you don’t want to bound your dog, make sure to clean its feet properly and bathe him well at least after every 2 weeks.

All with this, for grooming, take your pet to a hairdresser and give him regular haircuts. You can turn your cute berne doggo into a teddy bear, a small toy, lion dog, or a panda at a proper hairdresser.

4. Bernedoodle vet checks:

healthy Bernedoodle pictures-Bernedoodle vet checks
Image Sources Pinterest

However, there are some health conditions that bernepoos may be susceptible to such as:

  • Skin issues like allergies and hot spots due to their thick coat, especially if they live in hot climates.
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia, as their one parent, the poodle is prone to the same diseases.
  • Eye issues

For this, regular vet checkups are necessary. Take your dog to a veterinarian on a regular basis and always talk to them about the proper health history of your pet.

Keep a record with you and if you are changing the vet, try to convince him with previous health reports of your dog before any health advice.

Bernedoodle – The Buying:

Bernedoodle buying
Image Sources Picuki

Now you know everything about your upcoming dog, here are some tips on the buying along with Bernedoodle Price.

1. Places to buy:

First of all, you need to check all the options where you can buy a Bernepoo at a good cost.

Remember, being one of the designer breeds, this dog can be expensive but easy to find because breeders usually breed dogs that are very well in demand due to their cuter little appearance.

For your information:

A designer breed offers a crossbreed animal especially dog, also cats, from registered purebred parents, from different breeds.

Deliberate discussion is conducted before breeding these crossbreed animals like micromini or toy Bernedoodles.

Here are some options you can use to look for buying:

  • Bernedoodle Breeders:

Bernedoodle Breeders
Image Sources Pinterest

If you google the results for the aforementioned query, you will see addresses and google maps of various breeders appearing in front of you.

There, you will find some farm breeders, lab breeders, shelter homes, and puppy mills appearing in the results.

We don’t recommend you to buy the dog from a puppy mill because it has been evidenced that dogs at such places aren’t treated well.

Even if you find dogs in abundance there, still, their health will not be up to the mark and chances are they will bring different diseases to home.

However, the choice is yours but precautions are must to take.

  • Lab Mix:

Lab Mix
Image Sources Pinterest

If you need a customized Berne poodle mix such as in a special size, coat color, eye color, and exclusive traits, labs will do the chore.

Breeding laboratories are the places where experts conduct crossbreeding between dogs under scientific rules and thus offer you a little pet baby you want.

Remember, the puppy mill crossbreed is not a mutt (with unknown parents), but a hybrid, (known parents). You can check the complete gen history of your dog during the adoption or purchase.

  • Shelters:

Image Sources Pinterest

Shelter homes for dogs usually have abundant or lost pets. It is a bit difficult for you to find a hybrid designer breed there. However, you check in the shelters for your satisfaction.

2. Check Bernedoodle Generations:

Once you have found the place to purchase your pet, it is time to check their generation. You can find multigene as well as first-gen Bernedoodles.

The choice of selection is yours. The multigene doggies are cuter and more expensive due to their designer breed. Such as a teddy bear Bernepoo.

3. Check Bernedoodle Price:

Check Bernedoodle Price
Image Sources Picuki

As we said earlier, the price for mutts and designer breed is a bit bulky compare to purebred dogs. You can visit different breeders or labs to understand the right price for your dog.

If you ask us, how much should a puppy from this breed cost, we suggest a price between $2500 and $5000 according to market trends.

The most expensive Berne doodle will be the tricolor coated Bernepoo. However, before finalizing the price, negotiate with the seller as there are chances that this very tactic will lower some cost.

4. Conduct Health Checkup:

Before you finalize the purchase, ask for a complete medical history of the dogs. Also, do not just trust the documents but take your pet to a vet and conduct a deep check.

This is for the reason; you can find out if the dog has any health concerns due to any reason.

This is a necessary point because we have seen pets bringing diseases in the family. Also, for their health, it is necessary so that if there is any issue, it can be resolved with medicines.

5. Documentation:

Last but not least, documentation: here you will have to sign the forms, provide necessary papers, and also gather all the adoption papers.

Now the dog is yours, bring home, and give a classic welcome to it in the family.

Congrats, you have brought a continuous source of enjoyment home.


The blog has discussed everything about the Bernedoodle dog, a cross between Bernese mountain dog and poodle.

It has given insights on the types of Berne poodle dogs, the standard, and smallest ones.

Plus, it has discussed any sort of health concerns and grooming ideas, and a detailed guide on where you can buy this dog.

Bottom line:

We have a team of people who are experts on dogs and cats.

Though, dog and cat lovers never agree on one point, however, here we sit together and write expert pet guides based on our soul personal experience.

So, if you have got any queries to write to us and let us know and don’t forget to check our worth-reading pet blogs.

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