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Black roses
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Black Roses. A reality or a mere rumor?

If you are even teeny tiny into gardening or rare plants, you must have heard or wished to have enchanted, mesmerizing, and stunning black roses.

Do they exist? If you have already searched the internet and found the answer as No, there are no true black roses.

Then think about the Róisín Dubh of the 1600s, black roses books of the 1970s, or the black rose journal of 1982?

The question remains there.

Are there any real black roses? Find the answer to these and all your other black rose queries in this one guide.

Disclaimer: We have included the complete history, symbolism, meaning, and myths related to black roses.

Black Roses

Black roses
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There are endless rumors, misconceptions, or confusions regarding the beautiful black rose flower.

But, to answer the most frequently asked question, ‘Do black roses exist?’ the simple answer is yes, they do, just like dahlia blacks!

However, we are not saying that all the black roses, flowers, plants, and seeds you see for sale all over different floral websites are real.

Then, are they fake? Or even worse, artificial?

Well, if we must say they might be variegated, sprayed, or one of the rare black flower varieties that are yet to be discovered. You never know!

Are There Any Real Black Roses?

real black roses
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In reality, the black rose originally has a crimson red, purple, burgundy, or maroon shade, which gives off an overall blackish hue to the flower.

And, there’s not much to prove the natural existence of all black roses or dark flowers in general. However, you might have seen Black Baccara rose, or black rose succulent online.

Both these varieties of black rose flowers are thought to be naturally existing and real.

So, is there any history that verifies these online black roses claims to be true? Let’s find out in our next section!

Other Black Flower Names

Black Tulip, Purple Calla Lily, Black Petunia, Hellebore, Black Pansy, Vola ‘Molly Sanderson,’ and Black Iris.

Complete History of Black Roses

At present, black roses are thought to be originated in the Halfeti village of the Urfa (Şanlıurfa) province, located in southeastern Turkey.

The rumor started when a rose black in color was featured in Anatolia’s local article, which soon became a highlight as the lord of roses or the intriguing halfeti black roses.

It got so popular that a black rose movie drama series was made ‘black rose’ or Karagül in 2013.

But, the history of a true black rose goes way back to the late 1600s. Yes! Róisín Dubh or Dark Rosaleen, an Irish political song, used a black rose metaphor.

róisín dubh
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Another evidence is the anarchist ideas journal named ‘Black rose books’ published in the 1970s and the black rose labor organization of the UK.

You can find many other resources online like the horror black roses movie, or the famous black roses lyrics of the Nashville song, etc., which shows that there’s so much into the origin of black roses which is still to be known.

Apart from the unclear history, there are numerous meanings and symbols attached to the unique black rose flower. Let’s get to know everything about the black rose symbolism.

We’ll be covering all the related black roses meaning later in our guide.

Black Rose Symbolism

Black Rose Symbolism
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With the urge of floriography (Language of flowers) in the ancient civilization, people in Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece used the black rose symbol to display their strength, rebellion, strong character, and power.

However, a fictional game named Fable used black roses to display the love between two anti-heroes.

On the other hand, in Italian cultures, black rose symbolism is taken as a dark and bad omen. For instance, the Sicilian mafia used to send black roses to hint about the approaching murder.

Usually, we see the use of black roses in fiction as a symbol of tragic love, black magic, danger, death, or something that’s often related to vampires, villains, or evil spirits.

Thanks to all these dark black roses symbolism, we often find black roses in spooky decorations for Halloween.

But, hey, hear us out!

Black rose symbolism is not only restricted to all the negative vibes. Instead, people admire this unique rose due to its captivating perfection and thrilling deep red or black color.

Pro-Tip: Break the Stereotypes! Get a beautiful rose pendant necklace and pair it with a breath-taking black rose flower to gift your sister on siblings day or your girlfriend on the upcoming anniversary.

But, before you decided to get the gifts delivered to them, read all the other positive and negative black roses meaning in our next section.

Black Rose Meaning

Black roses have made an appearance in movies, songs, books, journals, fiction, and ancient history. Yes, as we discussed earlier, their existence goes way back to the late 16th century.

Back then, black rose symbols included only dark meanings like revenge, murder, mourning, death, and sorrow. But, as time has passed and people have become mature, they are not taken only as a dark symbol anymore.

Blac roses meaning may also portray hope, optimism, the end of a sad or bad phase, and the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Nowadays, some people gift a bouquet of black roses to their loved ones to show their eternal love for them. This is the very reason you see black roses often on the graves.

After all the above discussion, what did it conclude whether black roses are real or fake? Here’s a conclusion for you:

Do Black Roses Exist – Conclusion:

Yes, black roses are a reality, and they do exist somewhere in the world. How can we surely say that?

Well, the appearance of the black rose symbol and metaphors in Irish army camps, ancient history, anarchist technology,

and Italian mafia culture itself is evidence that there was a flower popular as ‘black rose’ even in the past, long before the halfeti black rose rumor started.

So, no. We can’t deny the existence of turkey black rose just because they seem fake, and there’s not much explanation to it.

Black Roses FAQs

What does it mean when someone gives you black roses?

Generally, if you receive black roses from someone, it simply implies a gesture of good luck and a confidence boost.

But it could also mean that the sender feels for your grieving and loss.

What does giving a black rose in a relationship mean?

Despite all the advancement and growth in life, some people still choose black roses to end a relationship or the sad phase of their lives.

Can we grow black roses at home?

You may happen to be lucky enough to find black roses seeds or black rose bush plants online, with the growing requirements being rich and moist soil, less humidity level, moderate temperature, and ventilated environment.


Until now, a real or true black rose is yet undiscovered. Yes, you can get fairly close in the form of blackish or purplish petals, which look similar to pure black roses when seen from afar.

Hey, don’t worry. Plant scientists are continuously making efforts using genetic engineering or modification techniques to create a true variety of black rose flowers.

How to make black roses?

One of the frequently asked questions on the internet regarding black roses is whether you can make black roses or not? It may sound absurd, but yes, it is possible!

Here’s the popular and effective way to make black roses:

One of the easiest tricks is the hydro dip painting technique; take a light bloomed rose and put it in water mixed with black floral dye. Place this set in a well-ventilated area with a moderate temperature of 21°C or 70°F.

You can also choose to spray the white rose with an organic black pigment or food coloring.

With that being said, you can choose the dye pigment to get blue or rainbow roses as well. Here’s a video of how can you dye roses:

Can you get black roses tattoo? Is there a special black roses tattoo meaning?

Yes, black rose tattoos are beautiful, unique, and holds a special meaning. Some people get it to remember the loved ones they lost. In contrast, others refer to it as hope, promise, or a new beginning.

When can you send black roses to your loved ones?

Black roses are powerful, beautiful, stunning, and all the things a meaningful gift should have.

One can decide to get a black rose delivery for various reasons, like send them to your grieving friend to show your support in their difficult times.

Make it your Halloween gift. Or, a bouquet present on valentine’s day for your black-lover girlfriend or boyfriend.

Bottom Line

Black roses are equally beautiful as any other rose varieties like red, pink, yellow, or white. There’s nothing good or bad related to them.

Black flowers can be a sign of whatever you want them to be just like misunderstood black cat types.

It is time to break all the black roses stereotypes. Yes, it really is your choice!

Lastly, if you want to read more such meaningful and myth-breaking guides, make sure to visit Inspire Uplift Blog.

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