1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriend in 2023 That Will Make Her Leap For Joy

1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriend

It’s been one year since you started dating, and now you want to make this day memorable.

So, what do you get your girlfriend for the first anniversary?

How to surprise her that one year has passed since you were in a relationship?

Are you waffling over what to gift her? No worries, we have the solution. There are 29 gift options for one year dating anniversary gifts for girlfriend.

Useful 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend

Let’s take a look at the gifts.

1. Long-lasting cream texture waterproof lipstick

12 Color Cream Texture Waterproof Lipstick

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This is the perfect one year anniversary gift for girlfriend!

Gift this beautiful glossy lipstick to your girlfriend. She can use this at any event while going outside or party.

Despite the non-allergic and non-toxic material, her skin doesn’t become irritated.

2. 925 sterling silver heart crown purity ring with an elegant design

925 Sterling Silver Crown Purity Ring

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1st-anniversary celebrations are such exciting moments, we know!

We have an idea why not propose your girlfriend by giving her this heart crown silver ring.

The crown design is elegant and will turn heads when you wear it.

She’ll love the way it makes her feel – confident, beautiful, and pure.

3. Red hearts long beaded earrings

Red Hearts Long earrings beaded dangle earrings boho earrings

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The long dangle style of these earrings will add movement and grab attention. They’re also beaded, adding extra texture and visual interest.

Your girl friend feel romantic when wearing these hearts in her ears.

4. Unique design heart lock bracelet with a key necklace

Heart Lock Bracelet With Key Necklace

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A symbol of your undying love?

Give your partner the heart-locking bracelet and put the key necklace around your neck as a symbol of love, affection, and dedication to each other.

You and your partner will cherish it for years to come.

5. Lovers necklace with a unique expression of love

Hidden Message Lovers Necklace

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Surprise her by presenting 1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend with a hidden message necklace!

This unique and intimate way of expressing your love will surely surprise and delight your partner.

It’s sure to bring a smile and remind her how much you care.

6. 12 Real Touch Tulip Bouquet

12 Real Touch Tulip Bouquet

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Let these 12 real touch tulips speak about your feelings on the first dating anniversary in a highly romantic way.

7. LED Vanity Mirror Light

LED Vanity Mirror Light

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Let her know she is beautiful than what she sees in the mirror by gifting these mirror lights, which when installed will enable the mirror to reflect her true beauty.

8. LED Jellyfish Lava Lamp

LED Jellyfish Lava Lamp & Aquarium For Kids & Adults

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Your girlfriend will have sweet dreams after getting this because taking a glimpse of this every night before sleeping is what will make her remember you. This elegant gift will make her sleep time cool and ambient.

9. Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand

Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand

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Your girlfriend has a problem using her tablet while she relaxes on a couch or bed. Solve her problem by gifting this cushioned phone stand, available in a stylish triangular shape.

10. You’re My Person Bracelet

You're My Person Bracelet

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Imagine your girlfriend wearing this bracelet with embossed text saying you’re her person. Sweet, isn’t it?

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11. Stargazer Watch

Stargazer Watch

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You can’t bring down stars for your girlfriend, but you can at least gift her something that’s beautiful like stars.

And this is what this stargaze watch does, and It will be the Idea-gifts for your everything, your girlfriend.

12. Travel perfume atomizer spray bottle

Travel Perfume Atomizer Spray Bottle

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Let your girlfriend take her favorite perfumes in the required quantity while she travels, without the need to take the whole bulky bottles. What a beautiful gift of fragrance!

13. Owl Wooden Tree

Owl Wooden Tree

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Although this planter set is known as a housewarming gift, yet it can leave your impression on your girlfriend’s home when she plants some indoor plants in each of these. An incredible set of pots, to say it all!

Tip: Take your parents to the girlfriend’s housewarming party, and ask them to bring wonderful presents for a prospective daughter-in-law to show some good gesture.

14. Magnetic Eyeliner Kit

Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes kit

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Your girlfriend will look more beautiful when she applies this magnetic eyeliner and charming eyelashes. Get, gift & make her super attractive for you. Buy now & make her super attractive for you.

15. Chunky knit blanket

Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

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Let your girlfriend stay super comfy this winter with this chunky knit lightweight blanket that she can use while on her bed, sofa, couch, etc.

The same can also be one of the workable gifts for grandparents as well.

16. Jade Roller

Real Jade Facial Roller

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Let your girlfriend tone up her face with this ancient Chinese method.

17. Rose Light Bottle

Rose Light Bottle

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This beautiful rose light bottle will cast a magic spell on a romantic dinner with its dazzling lights.

How about adding this to a basket containing adorable gifts for her on Christmas, Valentine’s day, or anniversary?

Not only gifts but words of love also do magic, wonders, and miracles. So, don’t forget to express your love to the beloved girl by screaming out loud. (Why??? Because, why not!)

18. Layered Necklace Detangler

Layered Necklace detangler

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If you’re going to buy a necklace for your girlfriend, this detangler is a must-have for her.

19. 2-in-1 Bangle Bag

2-in-1 Bangle Bag

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No more bulky shoulder bags. Lighten your girlfriend’s load with this small zippered bag.

20. Women’s Block Heel Snow Boots

Block Heel Snow Boots

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These sherpa-lined boots are perfect for your girlfriend to jumpstart her winter snow gear.

21. Convertible scarf

Convertible Scarf Sweater

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Provide comfort to your girlfriend this year with this adorable 2-in-1 scarf, which can be taken as a shawl, scarf, or shoulder wrap.

The gift is undoubtedly an all-age gift for ladies, which can be a top-favorite gift for moms too.

22. Bohemian Earrings

Bohemian Glass Earrings

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Make your first dating anniversary memorable by gifting these handmade Bohemian brass+glass-made earrings to your girlfriend.

23. Beautiful Moon Light

Beautiful Moon Light

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Moon is often used as a simile whenever we talk about beauty.

Apart from decoration, this moon lamp will convey your message that she’s gorgeous like a moon. Perfect gift for her, that’s an elegant symbol of beauty!

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24. Super comfy Floral Jumpsuit

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Let your girlfriend feel relaxed with this jumpsuit when she’ll wear it on weekends or even casual Fridays at her office.

25. Portable Soft Waves Curler

Portable Soft Waves Curler

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This 2-in-1 dryer won’t make your girlfriend late for your next date, as she can dry her hair and get those bouncy curls together.

26. Waterproof Microblading Pen


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Eyebrows are the core factor of women’s beauty, and this microblading pen is the tool to beautify her eyebrows. A gift your girlfriend would love!

27. Everlasting Gold Rose

Everlasting gold rose

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What could be a better gift than the one which is a combination of both rose and gold, both of which are all-time women’s favorite?

This beautiful rose will keep shinning like your never-ending love.

28. Handmade Forever Rose Teddy Bear

Handmade Teddy Bear Rose

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Combine the innocence and romance with this beautiful teddy bear, made of none other than everlasting flowers.

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29. Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic Eyelashes

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Give your girlfriend a fairy look with these magnetic eyelashes, which she can use every time she dates you.

30. Perfect Brows Precision Hair Remover

Perfect Brows Precision Hair Remover

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If your girlfriend is more conscious about self-care, why not present her this brows hair remover as 1-year anniversary gift for girlfriend.

For stunningly beautiful eyebrows, it sweeps away unwanted hair instantly and painlessly!

31. Hang It Up Travel Bag

Hang It Up Travel Bag

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Ease your girlfriend’s travel time with this bag to hold all her beauty essentials in an arranged way. A practical gift for her to say, you care!

32. Enchanted Rose Flower Lamp

Enchanted Rose Flower Lamp

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This can probably be the best gift because it enlightens the symbol of love, the rose, in a beautiful glass container.

33. LED Floating Globe Lamp

LED Floating Globe Lamp

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The thoughts of you will roam her head as this globe revolves on her desktop.

34. LED Floating Globe Lamp

LED Floating Globe Lamp

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Gift-giving is more worthwhile because it reminds you about the presenter. So choose the unique things to give as 1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend.

This globe looks amazing in the light and even cooler at night, thanks to its colorful LEDs and C-shaped magnetic field.

35. Succulent Wall Hanger Frame

Succulent Wall Hanger Frame

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An empty wall of your girlfriend’s house can be filled with a few of these succulent frames, marking your love for her.


It’s time to show your girlfriend that she’s everything for you, and this dating relationship is going to be much stronger in the coming days.

Perhaps there’s no other way than giving her gifts to make your first boyfriend-girlfriend relationship memorable.

What was your first-ever gift to her when you both started dating? And how did she react? Let us know in the comments below:

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