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13 Black Cat Breeds That Are Just Too Adorable and A Must-See for Every Cat Lover

Black Cat Breeds

Black cat breeds are the easiest to find in a cattery, that almost 33% of cats in the shelters are black, but they are still the hardest to get adopted.

Their black color is not a curse but a blessing!

The dark coat that makes them a mystery actually protects them against diseases, allowing them to live a long life.

What more reasons do you need to get through all the black cat myths and superstitions?

If anything, these cats are playful, friendly, affectionate, and whatnot.

Still, confused?

Check these 13 adorable and loving black cat types that surely can be your next favorite pet.

1. The Russian Forest Cat: Black Siberian

Black Siberian kitten
Image Sources pinterest

The most distinct quality of the beautiful Siberian black cat is her easygoing and fearless personality.

Black Siberian kittens not only look cute and adorable but are also excellent jumpers and incredible athletes.

This friendly and sweet cat breed loves to be around their owners, kids, and other family pets.

Their playful nature keeps them entertained, and they can become happy even with the running water or fetching games.

With triple-layered thick fur (semi-long hair) these Siberian black cats are so easy to groom.


Easy to keep cats:

Clean their ear, teeth, nails, eyes daily, and brush the fur once a week (or more in shedding season).

Are Black Siberian Cats Worth Your Love?

Yes! These darling black kittens are powerful and well-built black cat breeds that are not prone to health problems. You get to love her more for a long time!

2. Loved by Everyone: Black Persian Cat

Black Persian cat with blue eyes
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One of the most popular and glamorous cats, black Persians, has a sweet, round face with big innocent eyes, snub nose, and cute chubby cheeks. They’ve longhaired, glossy, and silky black coats.

She is sweet, affectionate, and friendly.

The personality of these calmed cats matches-well with any serene environment.

These adorable puss cats often wait for their owners to come back from work and finally give them all their attention.

Sit comfortably, take the kitty in your lap, and be the visual of ‘I have plans with my cat.”

Hey, You Busy human! Pay me some attention. I’m waiting for your cuddles.


Black Persian is a high grooming cat, but her lovely, cute, and adorable personality will make up for that.

They require daily brushing and cleaning of eyes, teeth, and nails. Give her a clean bath once a week to remove the greasy and dirty look from their coat.

3. Similar to Black Panther: Bombay Cat

Are all black cats bombay
Image Sources pinterest

Are all black cats Bombay? No! Are all Bombay cats black? Heck, Yes!

Despite the name, they don’t have any link to Bombay except their similarity to the town’s black leopards.

A cross between an American short hair and Burmese, the stunning Bombay cats, are known for their sleek, glossy, and shiny shorthaired black fur.

These all-black divine felines are playful, friendly, and affectionate with kids, cats, or other family pets.

She is an attention seeker who’s always looking for cuddles and love. Such a cutie, Awww!


Easy to keep cats:

Clean their teeth, nails, eyes, ears daily, and brush the fur once a week. They don’t need to be bathed regularly (clean only when they feel dirty).

You Might Know Some of these Animated or Real Black Cats from Movies or Shows

Thackery Binx cat from Hocus Pocus, Salem Saberhagen from Sabrina the teenage witch, and a gang of Street Bombay cats from The Casagrandes.

4. The Tailless Ancient Stubbing Cat: Manx

Manx Cats
Image Sources pinterest

Originated on the Isle of Man, these medium-sized cats are famous for their tailless appearance.

Manx cat belongs to a type of black cat recognized for their double-layer shorthaired coat (Cymric: longhaired Manx), rounded head, small front legs, and elongated hind legs.

These people-oriented black cat breeds are gentle, playful, loving, and get along well with kids and other pets.

They are excellent jumpers, enjoy fetching games, and love to play with the toys.


Easy to keep cats.

Brush their fur once a week or more in shedding season, trim the nails thrice (three times) a week, and clean their teeth daily.

Regular bathing is not needed for these easy grooming cats.

A Sensational Cat with Dog-Like Personality

Manx cats are popular for their mouse-hunting skills and ability to get rid of pesky rodents. Moreover, these gorgeous forms of black cats are devoted and loyal to the family, just like a dog.

5. The Gentle Giants: Maine Coon 

Black Maine Coon
Image Sources pxhere

Maine coon, the perfect family pet, is recognized for her longhaired, silky, and water-resistant black coat.

These gentle giants are loving, active, easygoing, and the most sweet-natured black cats.

Highly trainable and affectionate Maine coon is sought-after for the best therapy animal.

Moreover, these largest domesticated cats are also well-known for their mousing or hunting skills and love for jumping.

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Require average care and grooming:

They don’t need regular bathing. Daily dental care, nail trimming, cleaning of ears twice a week, and brushing the fur once a week is enough pampering for these cute cats.

The Guinness World Record Holder

The Grande Gatto or the big cat, Stewie, a Maine Coon won a Guinness record for the longest domestic cat ever on August 28, 2010.

6. Always Lovey-Dovey Black Cat: Oriental Shorthair

Black Oriental shorthair
Image Sources pinterest

This wonder cat is a cross between a Siamese (primary ancestor) and British or American shorthair, Russian blues, or other domestic cats.

Oriental shorthair has a beautifully lustrous, fine coat, long ears, and almond eyes.

These felines are lively, energetic, devoted, smart, and intelligent.

She is one of those different kinds of black cats that are so fond of their owners. Yes, they love all the cuddles, attention, affection, and everything from their favorite human.


Mild grooming:

Requires frequent brushing of their fur (two to three times a week), nails trimming (once every two weeks), and regular cleaning of teeth.

Does Dobby the House-Elf from Harry Potter Ring a Bell?

Teddy, an Oriental Shorthair cat from New Jersey, looks similar to a harry potter character, dobby, because of his batwings ears.

7. Cat with Adaptable Attitude: European Shorthair

European shorthair

American Shorthair and British Shorthair are considered to be similar variants of these springy furred cats.

European shorthair is one of the oldest cat breeds of Europe.

This perfect house cat is known for her cute round face, beautiful bright eyes, thick, shiny, and silky short hair black coat.

These medium-sized felines are friendly, smart, affectionate, and active. They get along well with kids, other family pets and have adaptable personalities.


Easy to keep cats.

They don’t require regular bathing. Daily trimming of nails, cleaning of eyes, and brushing once a week is all they need.

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Yes, the lovely black cat breeds have a day dedicated to them, August 27. Pledge this day to honor and respect the beautiful black cats around you!

8. Furry Owl-Like Appearance: Scottish Fold

Black Scottish Fold
Image Sources besthqwallpapers

Scottish fold cats are medium-sized kitties famous for their adorable round head, big cute eyes, and floppy ears (folded towards forward and downward).

This adorable breed has a soft and dense shorthaired coat. (The longhair Scottish fold is known as Highland Fold)

A black Scottish fold is active, friendly, smart, sweet, sensitive, and the most charming breed with a furry owl-like appearance.

They get along well with kids, other pets and adore their owners.


Easy to keep cats:

Comb the fur and brush their teeth daily. Check on their ears and nails (trimming) once a week. They also need to visit the vet clinic once a month.

Looking for a Shadow Cat Breed?

Scottish Fold is an attention-loving, sweet, and affectionate cat who loves to follow her owner all around the house. Anywhere and everywhere!

9. Teddy Bear Cat: Exotic Shorthair

Black Exotic shorthair
Image Sources flickr

These medium-sized cats are recognized by their cute pouty mouth, beautiful rounded eyes, and shiny, smooth, dense, but plush hair coats.

Teddy-like felines are active, lively, sensitive, affectionate, and the cutest looking black cat breeds.

Sure, this sweet kitty has her playful side, but she prefers to spend her time cuddling or relaxing in the lap of her favorite person.

Exotic shorthair is also considered a short haired Persian cat (crossed with American shorthairs) that demands less grooming.


Low grooming cats.

Give them a nice combing and bathe once in two weeks. Check on their ears, eyes regularly, and trim the nails when necessary.

Exotic Cats Were to be Named ‘Sterling’

According to the breed standards, they were to be named Sterling, but due to their unique coat among the American shorthairs, they were called the Exotic Shorthairs.

10. Foreign Longhair Cat: Chantilly-Tiffany

Black Chantilly cat

The stunning and gorgeous black Chantilly Tiffany cat is a medium-sized longhaired cat with a plushy, soft, single-layered coat.

They usually have an attractive gold eye color.

Chantilly felines are sweet, charming, affectionate, playful, and lovely black cat breeds.

The foreign longhair cat is good with kids and gets along well with other family members. But a reserved breed that is shy around unfamiliar persons.

Tiffany is known to be vocal, and their ‘trills’ or ‘chirps’ feel like they are having a conversation with their owners.


They require average grooming.

Brush their coat, clean the teeth, and trim their nails daily. Check their ears for dirt or wax once a week.

Can Cats Get Depressed?

Yes! The Chantilly-tiffany doesn’t do well if left alone or ignored. They can become destructive and depressed if neglected for a long time.

11. Playful & Cuddly: British Shorthair

British shorthair black cat
Image Sources pinterest

A low-drama, social butterfly, cutie-pie is what this cat is often named, and you might have seen this striking beauty in movies, ads, or commercials.

Everyone loves these kitties for their affectionate, cuddly, easygoing, and calm personality.

These black cat breeds are medium to large-sized cats with short but dense double-layered coats, giving them a teddy-bear look.

They usually bond well with children and settle easily into the family.

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Easy to groom cats.

Clean their eyes regularly. Brush the fur, clean the ears and teeth once a week. Trim their nails twice a week. They don’t require frequent bathing; once every ten days is enough.

National Black Cat Day

Make your motto to forget all the superstitions about these loving black cats on this National black cat day, October 27!

12. Breathtakingly Beautiful: Egyptian Mau

Black egyptian mau

Egyptian Mau, one of the elegant and exotic black cat breeds are known for their most unique feature, their almond-shaped eyes with a mesmerizing green color (gooseberry green).

This beautiful black kitty can grow from small to medium in size and is a shorthaired breed.

The African wild kitty has a graceful, gentle, agile, and athletic personality. She loves the attention of her owner but takes time to get friendly with others.


Easy to maintain cat:

Brushing the fur daily or even twice a week, regular trimming of nails, and cleaning of ears is the necessary grooming these cats require.

Give Egyptian Mau a clean bath when they feel dirty (bathing is not an everyday necessity).

First Registered More than 4000 Years Ago

Egyptian Maus are said to be one of the oldest domestic cat breeds in the world.

13. The Alpha Cat: Turkish Angora

turkish angora
Image Sources pinterest

These medium-sized cats have a silky, shiny, and shimmery single-layer coat with a long-plumed tail.

Black Turkish Angora is a graceful cat with a gentle, sweet, active, and entertaining personality. She is affectionate and friendly towards the children and their owners.

They might look delicate but sometimes show their alpha side to let the other pets know who’s the boss.


Average care and grooming cat.

The Turkish Angora needs daily cleaning of the ears, teeth, eyes, and regular nail trimming.

Brush the fur once a week and bathe when they feel dirty (once every 1 or 2 months).

A Natural Breed of cat

Turkish Angora, a rare black cat type, is an ancient domestic cat that was originated in the Ankara region, Turkey.

Bottom Line

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the cat is also going somewhere.” – Groucho Marx

By no means, these lovely black cat breeds are linked to any kind of evil or bad luck.

Instead, there’s so much more to these black cat types other than their beautiful black coat.

Black cats are considered a symbol of Halloween, but the irony, this is not the best time to adopt them.

You might even notice the cattery to keep hiding the black cats two weeks before and after Halloween.

The main reason?

The myth, superstition, mysteries, and evil that are associated with them.

Other breeds of black cats are the Lykoi cat, a black cat (monk) with vampire fangs, a Japanese bobtail, Sphynx, etc.

Lastly, share your thoughts with us,

What do you think of these cute, adorable, and fluffy black cat varieties?


Do you own a cat right now? Show us your fluff ball of love!

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