How To Make Your Dog Look Like A Lion

How To Make Your Dog Look Like A Lion

Dogs are synonymous with ‘faithfulness’ – they will wait eagerly for you to return back from college or office, come scuttling towards you on a single call and play with you cheerfully whenever you want to.

Dog and lions have no genetic connection but If you groom and train them well, they can take a bullet in their chest for you like a lion. Not that they already don’t have the heart of a lion, but you need to polish this attribute of them. Lions are strong, brave and have a specific pride. You can instill all these traits in your own pet dog.

This article will first discuss the top lion dog breeds and then, how to make your dog look like a lion. So here we go.

1. Get a lion dog breed

Getting species of a lion looking dog is the first and easiest way of achieving the said purpose. You would be surprised to see how closely these dogs resemble a lion. One notice in advance for all the readers, they are expensive breeds and might not be afforded by a majority of dog lovers. Here are four of them:

Chow Chow

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This is a Chinese lion dog breed. Characterized by a large mane around its neck, it also has a large nose and small eyes similar to the jungle’s king. In fact, they are called Songshi Quan in Northern China where they are originated from which means “Puffy-lion dog”.

They can live up to a life span of 12 years and remain aloof but friendly with their owners but can get aggressive with strangers, therefore, must be trained well. Another attribute that associates him closely with a lion is the special swagger it walks with.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff
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A breed hailing from the cold and dry land of Tibet, this dog has sharp teeth and eyes just like a lion in addition to a graceful mane that has that lion-y golden, brown color. That’s for the appearance but what about the psychological characteristics?

Just like lions, they are fearless, brave and tempered and were traditionally groomed to protect the livestock while herding. Although Tibetan Mastiffs are not friendly towards strangers just like Chow Chow, their dominance and stubbornness can be used by experienced dog owners to turn them into great guards for homes.

This typical dog breed can live up to 12 years and weigh anywhere between 45-73 kilograms.

Nepali Mountain Dog

Nepali Mountain Dog
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This dog has long hairs but you have to groom them in the shape of the mane as naturally, they tend to grow downwards from the face. Their specific style of gazing around while resting matches exactly to a lion.

Has the nose been a little inside the face, the face would have resembled quite closely to the lion but that’s not the case. They are friendlier than the previous two breeds and dominant. India, Nepal, and Pakistan are the most popular regions where they are found.

Alike the previous species, they age up to 12 years and can weigh from 32-60 kilograms.


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These large dogs may not “look” like a lion as much as a Chow Chow but have certainly got his strength and graceful pose. Again, you have to style hair around his head in the shape of the mane which may take months.

They are well-disciplined, have a deep bark and can pass for a very good pet. They are available in colors of brown, black, and white but make sure you buy a brown one if you want him to look like a lion.

2. Dog with mane

What is the most prominent feature of a lion? Yes, it’s the mane – those long, silky strands of golden hair that spread outwards from the face to make him look royal and truly the King of the jungle. As it would take time and effort to inculcate traits of a lion in your dog, getting an artificial lion mane wig would at least ‘make’ him look one.

These either come in sizes according to the head of a dog or as a universal wig which can be loosened or tightened will the pull of a string. They imitate the exact appearance of a lion’s mane and if your dog is brown in color, he would really resemble the ‘Big Cat’.

Get ready to instigate serious fun among friends and family by dressing up your dog with this on holidays, vacations or general gatherings. He would become the apple of everyone’s eyes and receive loads of love from people. You can also take accurate and focused selfies through the pet selfie stick.

Only if we could change his bark to roar – Ah!, nature!

3. Cutting the fur in the shape of a mane

This is applicable if you have dense-haired dog breeds like Rough Collie, German Shephard, Cairn Terrier, Tibetan Mastiff or Great Pyrenees. Employ the services of an experienced dog hairstylist and make your dog shaved like lion by cutting the hair present on the entire body,  leaving the part surrounding the face.

Follow this practice for months until you get a heavy portion of dense hair near his face. Now, have it styled precisely like a mane, comb it with a dog brush and get ready to walk beside a real lion dog.

You might have to wash his fur with a special shampoo and blow dry it each time he gets a bath so that it extends outwards and not downwards exactly like a mane. It would take different time periods to shape the mane depending on the hair growth of your pet but when it does, it will be so satisfying.

4. Grooming him like a lion

Grooming him like a lion

That’s by making him strong and grow muscles. Feed him a nutritious diet that contains at least 50 grams of protein every day and other required nutrients.

Involve them in exercises that require some resistance like jumping through hoops or towing a weight. This will tear his muscles and when they grow back, they will be bigger and stronger.

Take particular care of the balance between warming and cooling him up. Strain him by staying within natural limits and after the workout, provide him the rest he wants.

5. Conclusion

So that’s it. Here you are with a guide of making your dog look like a lion. It would need effort but you wouldn’t regret it once you start seeing results.

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