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Agouti Husky – The Wolf-Like Dog for Adoption

Agousti Husky

Agouti husky or Agouti Siberian husky is not a different or sub-breed of husky dogs but a potential coloring that makes them slightly more wolverine in appearance.

It also called as wolf dogs.

Agouti husky has a rare coat color, darker than regular husky breeds. Agouti husky hairs aren’t just darker, but each hair is hooped with a series of colors and tones from root to tip.

Husky Agouti color is very different and rare as well as much in demand.

Agouti color makes dogs potentially expensive to buy, as well as hard to find.

Here we have a detailed guide on Agouti Huskies, discussing its availability, temperament, health, and everything you’re seeking for.

What is Agouti Husky?

Wolf-like dog agouti husky
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Agouti is a rare coat color in Huskies.

In appearance,

These dogs have darker faces, darker nose bar, and even darker eyes. They may have blue eyes; however, it is rare.

As far as ears are concerned, they have perky triangular ears just like their other husky brothers and sisters.

The difference occurs at the tail; where all other husky breeds have a bushy tail, Agouti have a black-tipped tail.

How Agouti Color Appears in Huskies?

Agouti Color Appears in Huskies
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Agouti is not a color but a type of coloration. In this, a single hair, instead of being of one color, has bands of two or several pigments.

Agouti coloration makes fur appear a little dirty this is why these are also called dirty-faced huskies, informally, by dog enthusiasts for recognition.

There is no artificial process involved in taming Agouti huskies, but genetics and it happens rarely.

The color mutation brings no changes in the temperament, making it a nothing to concerned about thing.

It is said that puppies with agouti genes are closer to their wolfdog ancestors. However, there is no wolfdog involved in the breeding that happens while breeding the rare blue bay shepherd dogs.

Agouti Coloring Fades With Age:

Agouti Husky puppies
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Agouti Husky puppies are much darker than the agouti husky adult dogs.

That doesn’t mean that agouti color becomes unidentified when a puppy grows.

Only legs and some parts of the body get lighter.

The face remains darker and rare as you need to identify it as agouti husky.

Is There Any Difference In Agouti Husky Male & Female Dog?

Once again, Agouti is a dog having fur in rare combinations; hence there is no difference based on gender.

Like any other breed of dog, females are lighter in weight and slightly low in height, while life expectancy remains the same and can be increased with proper health measures.

We have seen evidences that, with specific procedures, the golden mountain dog’s life span can be increased.

Almost all big dogs are same, and you can use quite the same ways to enhance the life of your female or male agouti husky dogs, such as nurturing, spaying, and regular health meetings with vets.

Agouti Husky Are Wolf Like Dogs – How Do They Relate To Their Wolf Ancestors?

Wolf Like Dog
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Like we have lion alike dogs named as Chow Chow, Tibetan mastiff, and Newfoundland, we also have wolf-like dogs and that is Agouti husky.

But does it have temperamental challenges and habits similar to wolves?

Well, we found no evidence regarding this. Huskies were domesticated hundreds of years ago as Competition dogs and working dogs to pull sleds.

Husky Agouti dogs are born by the matting of Siberian husky parents.

Therefore, although they have a similar appearance to their predecessor grey wolves, but they don’t have any temperamental challenges.

They are friendly, loving, loyal, and extremely happy to be with humans and other animal breeds.

Where to Find Agouti Husky for Sale or How to Get a Real Agouti Husky?

Agouti Husky for Sale
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Many times, it has been seen that as brindle is a similar color to Agouti, many husky dog breeders sell brindle husky dogs calling them Agouti.

Therefore, you will have to find a breeder with a good reputation and someone who knows how to play with genes to get a real agouti color in huskies.

If they can maintain the interesting genetic trait, it will be possible to get husky agouti litters, or else the dog can be brown, white, black, or a Siberian dog in any other color.

It is better to conduct some research before moving to the breeder to get Agouti husky for sale. By looking closely, you can definitely differentiate between agouti or brindle husky dogs.

Besides, you can check into shelters to find an agouti husky dog as it has been seen people send their dirty-faced huskies in shelters as they remain unable to accept their different and wolf-like looks.

Bottom Line:

Agouti huskies are big purebred dogs with a rugged appearance however cuter. Little sized huskies are also available at the breeders, as crossbred animals. Which one would you prefer to buy? Let us know in the comments below.


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