74 Surprisingly Cool 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Wife To Tell Her She Is Still The Only One

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for wife

Your wife has successfully completed her four decades of a lifetime and is happy enough to celebrate it.

Yes, we shouldn’t forget that “40 is the new 20” and she has the right to cherish these amazing aspects of life. Thereby, we suggest you check 40th birthday gift ideas we have shared in this article.

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Undoubtedly, she is your soulmate, the better half, and your companion through thick and thin. 

She has devoted her life for your sake, so it’s your ethical responsibility to make her happy every day, but especially on her birthday with our surprisingly cool 40th birthday gift ideas for wife. 

Let’s check out:

Unique 40th Birthday Gifts For Her (The Wife)

There are plenty of gifts for the wife available that can be chosen for her upcoming birthday.

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Now, let’s get back to the discussion:

1. Gift this hand-cranked wooden queen music box to show her your romantic side

Hand-cranked Wooden Queen Music Box

Check Price

Better halves mostly complain that their husbands don’t love them. If your partner has the same opinion, let’s change it with this romantic queen music box. Queen music box as it is manufactured with love. Such sentimental 40th birthday gifts for her are always admired. 

2. Dainty star necklace choker is a gift for your partner to help her look stylish at every event


Check Price

What to get for a 40th birthday? Enough perplexed? Not anymore.

Because we have this star necklace. It is a creative present for your misses to make sure she can look attractive all the time irrespective of her outfit. 

3. I don’t always listen to my wife t-shirt is present to show how much her opinion matters

I Don't Always Listen To My Wife

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A unique gift for a unique woman, T- shirt with a quote that will make her smile the whole day, rather whole life. 😉

Yes, you can add this to the list of funny gifts for 40 year old woman.

Also, you can write some words of appreciation, keeping her star and birth month in mind. For instance, if she celebrates her birthday in November, then these quotes would be perfect. 

4. A sparkling rose gold ring is what will be the best present for wife’s birthday

Sparkling Rose Gold Bow Ring

Check Price

Finding 40th birthday gift ideas for wife, your better half? 

Come up with surprises on her big day, just like this astonishingly cool rose gold ring that can perfectly be paired with all kinds of attires.

5. A clear plastic water bottle is a present to keep your spouse hydrated all the time

Clear Plastic Milk Carton Water Bottle

Check Price

Ladies either go to offices or stay at home to do work, and in both cases, the recommended amount of water is needed to drink to keep hydrated. 

It’s time to surprise your wife on her birthday with this water bottle to drink plenty of water in a day.    

6. Intimate lace patchwork bra crop tops for your wife to enhance her natural figure

Intimates Lace Patchwork Bra Crop Tops

Check Price

Every woman wants to have a perfect figure to make sure she looks attractive all the time. 

Bring your wife this bra crop top on her birthday because it can be worn with skirts, pants, and comfy trousers. 

7. Gift this electrical tarter, plaque, and dental calculus remover as a special 40th birthday gift for wife

Electrical Tartar, Plaque & Dental Calculus Remover

Check Price

It doesn’t matter if your wife is in her 30s or 40s; there is no doubt that she wants to look attractive to you. 

This ingenious tool is the perfect present for removing smoke stains, Tartus, and calculus. 

8. All-time memorable gifts for her contain jewelry like this pearl necklace

Pearl Layered Double Choker Necklace

Check Price

While finding unforgettable 40th birthday ideas, you must be looking for something charming and everlasting. Right? 

Get this amazing double-layered pearl necklace and woo her to break all the limitations she has set.  

9. Cute strawberry curlers, what else do you need for your pretty wife?

Heatless Strawberry Curlers

Check Price

Let your wife make lovely curled hairs at home using this strawberry curler gifted by you and look seamlessly beautiful on her big day. 

40th birthday gift ideas for wife are incomplete without such beauty-enhancer gadgets.

10. Elegance & decency is the part of your wife; these earrings will add more charm

Dangle String Earrings

Check Price

These are super fancy yet minimal earrings you can have for your wifey on her 40th birthday. Undoubtedly, it is one more good thing we have included in the fortieth birthday gift ideas

11. Sterling silver I am enough ring is the best jewelry gift for your partner because she is the most special person of your life

925 Sterling Silver I Am Enough Ring

Check Price

Do you remember the day when you gave your partner a ring and got married to her? Let’s relive the moment by giving her this unique ring on her birthday to bring back sweet memories

Note: Awesome 40th birthday gift ideas have all kinds of stuff like jewelry, apparel, and health-related things. 

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12. Kinda house wife kinda thug wife tee is a complementing present for your better half

Kinda House Wife Kinda Thug Wife Tee

Check Price

Getting gifts from husbands is liked by wives, so surprise your Mrs with this complementing tee on her coming birthday.  

Other than wife’s 40th birthday party ideas, such gifts also do wonders. 

13. Husband and wife mugs for your wife who is turning 40 this year

Husband & Wife Mugs

Check Price

These mugs are one of the things to gift to your spouse who is turning 40 to make sure both of you have a cup of tea or coffee after coming back from work. 

Hover over the Happiest 40th birthday gift ideas for wife and make her feel the sensations in her heart. 

14. Foot brush scrubber massage can be a great gift for your wifey

Silicone Lazy Foot Brush Scrubber Massager

Check Price

Every lady loves to have a foot massage after taking a bath which is why this foot scrubber massage can be the best present for your wife’s birthday.  

It’s ideal to use during shower as it has strong suction that prevents falling. 

15. Arms workout machine is one of the coolest birthday gifts for your wife, who is a fitness enthusiast

Wonder Arms Workout Fitness Machine

Check Price

As your wife is in her 40s, she needs to take extra care of her fitness to stay in shape. It is ideal for shaping, tightening, and toning arms and muscles.  

Consider it one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women who want nothing. 

16. Make your wife look like the fashion icon by gifting this trendy skeleton crop top

Trendy Skeleton Crop Top

Check Price

This crop top is an incredible present for 40 year old women as it is not only trendy but super comfortable to wear because of the breathable fabric. Your wife will love to pair it with jackets, high-waisted jeans, denim skirts, or see-through leggings.

Are you interested in more haunted gifts like this for your dear wife?

Never fail to impress her on Halloween and other events with “just perfect” presents like scary wreaths, ghostly décor items, and whatnot to rejoice in the moments.

17. Adjustable under desk foot hammock is the best 40th birthday gift idea for wife in lockdown to make sure she can relax

Adjustable Underdesk Foot Hammock

Check Price

Ladies often feel tired and lazy at work from home because they have to sit for hours and hours.

What to get a 40 year old woman who happens to be your lovely wife?

You can make your missus get rid of this issue by gifting this under desk foot hammock to let her relax without losing comfort. 

Tip: You can also consider this foot hammock an ideal gift for grandparents, parents, workaholic husbands, or siblings.

18. Cartoon animal-shaped ceramic flower pots present to let your better half decorate her bedroom

Cartoon Animal Shaped Ceramic Flower Pots

Check Price

The bedroom environment needs to be perfect by all the possible means to spend quality time with your partner. 

Gift your wifey these flower pots so she can decorate her bedroom most ingeniously.

Add this to the 40th birthday gift ideas for wife list. 

19. Thigh toner workout equipment is a gift for your wifey who’s turning 40 to make sure she stays fit

Thigh Toner Workout Equipment For Women

Check Price

Ladies need to do some exercise and workouts to make sure they stay in shape. This birthday present for 40 year old woman will tone her thighs along with reducing weight from them. 

Tip For Everyone: This amazing thigh toner could be an ideal gift for adult daughters who are celebrating their post-20 1st birthday. We all know, after wives, these are daughters who actually steal our hearts. 

20. Wet and dry body scrubber brush is a luxury gift idea for wife to bath and self-massage

Exfoliating Silicone Wet & Dry Body Scrubber Brush

Check Price

Give this fantastic scrubber brush to your wife so she can take a bath and self-massage her in the best possible manner. 

21. Chicken egg cooker can be a great birthday gift for wife to help her cook eggs speedily

Chicken Egg Cooker For Microwave

Check Price

Cooking eggs is a hectic task, but not if you have this amazing egg cooker. If your other half hates making breakfast, make this big day special by bringing ease and exceptional gifts for 40 year old woman birthday.

22. 2-in-1 twist pill crusher and cutter present will make sure the wife takes good care of herself

2-in-1 Twist Pill Crusher & Cutter

Check Price

This pill crusher and cutter is the perfect present for a wife turning 40 to make sure she never misses a dose. Giving this will make her realize you are genuinely conscious of her health. 

Great 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Better Half

Don’t you know what to get for wife’s 40th birthday? Scroll down to find some great options: 

23. Foot massage ball as a birthday present for spouse to make her lose weight

Yoga Half-Ball Water Cube Diamond Pattern Foot Massage Ball

Check Price

When choosing 40th birthday gifts for a girlfriend turned wife, you may definitely need to update her lifestyle a little more. 

For instance, we have this diamond-patterned ball by using which she can easily avoid foot aches and sore muscles.

24. 3D portable universal screen amplifier is a present for your wife who likes watching films and cooking tutorials

3D Portable Universal Screen Amplifier

Check Price

Wives like watching films or cooking tutorials, so better gift this screen amplifier on your wife’s birthday to make sure she doesn’t have to hold her phone in her hand for a long time. 

25. Pelvic muscle hip trainer is a present for your better half to stay in shape

Pelvic Muscle Hip trainer

Check Price

Do you want your spouse to have a perfect body? No matter whether she’s in her 30s or 40s, it’s doable with the help of this “pelvic muscle hip trainer”. Which could be one best addition to the thoughtful 40th birthday gifts basket. 

Make sure to follow the perfect dress code for the workout being done perfectly. For instance, wear the leggings we offer, and also record your best video to motivate others. 

26. Makeup brush cleaner and storage rack gift for your wife to let her manage makeup accessories

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner And Storage Rack

Check Price

Women often find it challenging to manage their makeup belongings. It’s time to make sure your wifey doesn’t have to face this issue because of this amazing storage rack plus cleaner. 

27. Non-slip breathable ankle toe socks are the best 40th birthday present ideas for spouse to make sure she has beautiful feet

Non-Slip Breathable Five Fingers Ankle Toe Socks

Check Price

Feet allergies are common, and if you want to protect your wife from feet allergies, this pair of socks is all you need to give on your partner’s birthday. 

Best 40th Birthday Gifts For Expecting Wife

The list includes unique gifts for your better half’s birthday to let her know she means the world to you: 

28. Flexible phone holder is one of the best birthday gifts for wife on a budget who loves to watch movies and seasons

Flexible Phone Holder For Bed, Desks & Side Tables

Check Price

This ingenious gadget is one of the happy 40th birthday gifts to give in lockdown that can cheer her up quickly. 

Once you give it to your wifey, she will surely hug you for having something to watch movies and seasons without holding the phone. 

29. Pain-relief magnetic thermal neck brace gift for your wife who works hard

Pain-Relief Magnetic Thermal Neck Brace

Check Price

Neck pain is an issue that is common in today’s world, and if your other half has the same problem, it’s time to gift her this pain-relief thermal neck and brace to get rid of neck aches. 

We must say all health-related gadgets and gears do fall into the most awesome 40th birthday gift ideas for both her and him. 

30. Gift this functional Portable LED nail dryer to your missus to dry her nails easily

Portable LED Nail Dryer

Check Price

It’s one of the cool gifts for 40 year old woman who is your lovely wife to make sure she can dry her nails quickly before going to an event. All it takes are 60 seconds to dry nails with this ingenious product. 

31. Microfiber eyeglass cleaner gift for your wife to clean her pair of sunglasses without any hassle

Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaner Tool

Check Price

Ladies who wear sunglasses should have something to clean their glasses every now and then. 

For a Mrs who likes wearing glasses, this is a special gift to astonish her with your choice. 

32. Face mask neck strap is the best 40th birthday gift for wife in order to save her from dust and allergies

Face Mask Neck Strap

Check Price

In an era where COVID has caused a lot of damage, this mask will protect your darling from the virus as well as dust allergies. 

33. Buttock toner muscle trainer is a unique gift for her who wants to remove fat from hips, thigh, leg, and belly

Buttock Toner Muscle Trainer

Check Price

Do you want your wife to lose extra fat on various parts of her body like thighs, legs, and hips? Yes? Well, make your move and surprise her with this buttock toner muscle to help her stay fit. 

40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Wife On A Budget

This section has some creative yet affordable gifts for your better half to surprise her out of nowhere:  

34. Tendon and calf stretcher foot rocker is a great birthday present for a spouse who’s a workoutaholic

Achilles Tendon & Calf Stretcher Foot Rocker Device

Check Price

This stretcher is good enough to improve your partner’s flexibility along with reducing heel pain and ankle strain. 

Shouldn’t it be a part of 40th birthday gifts for best friends, aka wives? Of course, yes, it should be.

35. A portable body massager is a gift idea for Mrs to mimic the kneading and penetrating motions of a real massage 

Body massager

Check Price

Working women need to relax after doing office and house chores. Now you can help your better half relax on her 40th birthday with this effective body massager. 

Don’t you want them to whirl due to excitement just after getting such presents? Indeed, massagers are one best gear you must check and have while going through 40th birthday gifts ideas for your wife.

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36. Collapsible foldable pocket glass present for your wife who loves reading books and novels

Collapsible Fashionable Foldable Pocket Glasses For Reading

Check Price

Gift your better half these foldable pocket glasses not only because they will help in reading but are easy to store and collapsible.    

Food For Thought: 40th birthday gifts for women list should also include such presents for writer or reader wives so they can acknowledge and use them forever.

37. Stretch and adjust waist belt for your birthday wife to give her an attractive hourglass figure

Stretch & Adjust Waist Belt

Check Price

Having a slim appearance is every lady’s dream. Astonish your partner on her birthday with best gifts for womans 40th birthday like this stretch and adjust waist belt to let her know you still want her to have a beautiful figure. 

38. Show you love for your wife with this fragile like a bomb t-shirt

My Wife Isn't Fragile Like A Flower She Is Fragile Like A Bomb

Check Price

If you want to compliment your sweetheart that she’s fragile like a bomb, this is the t-shirt to gift on your birthday. 

There is a good enough possibility that she’ll smile or laugh after reading the typography. Yes, it is one of the best gag gifts for womans 40th birthday. WINK!

39. Eyeglass accessory for the face mask to keep your wife’s sunglasses from fog while wearing a mask

Eyeglass Accessory for Face Mask

Check Price

If you plan to go on a tour with your wife on her birthday, we suggest you gift this amazing eyeglass accessory to keep her sunglasses from the fog. 

Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Wife

Here we are with some interesting gifts for 40 year old woman that husbands can buy to surprise their love-ladies on birthdays. 

40. Acupressure reflexology socks to let the energy go with the flow for wifey

Herbal Hair Loss Concealer Pen

Check Price

Don’t you know what I should get my wife for her birthday who has hair fall issues? Here is a hair loss concealer pen to make her get rid of this issue sooner than later. 

41. The half-round foam roller is a present for wife who is keen to keep her fit and healthy

11 Inch Half Round Foam Roller For Physical Therapy Exercises

Check Price

Yoga and stretching are some of the activities that are ideal for women in their 40s to keep them fit. It will help your partner improve her strength, mobility, and stability. 

42. Instant hair volumizing clip for a wife to get her hair instant volume to rock anywhere

Instant Hair Volumizing Clip

Check Price

Hairstyling is necessary for ladies who want to make their presence felt, which is why you should gift these hair volumizing clips to your better half on her 40th birthday. 

43. The aluminum keychain pill holder bottle is a creative 40th birthday gift ideas for wife to taking care of her medication

Aluminum Alloy Keychain Pill Holder Bottle

Check Price

Taking care of medication while going outside is undoubtedly challenging. With the help of this pill holder bottle, your lady will easily keep all her medication without carrying them separately. 

44. Acupressure reflexology socks to let the energy flow into your wife’s organs

Cotton Acupressure Reflexology Socks

Check Price

Is your wife suffering from foot pain? Yes? Well, let’s gift these sensational reflexology socks on your better half’s birthday to relieve pain and reduce stress.  

45. Poly fleece comfortable recliner chair cover is a luxury gift for your darling who needs to relax after doing home chores

Poly Fleece One-Piece Comfortable Recliner Chair Cover with Pockets

Check Price

Wives work hard because they have responsibilities of husband and children along with their work schedule. 

Offer your better half with peace by presenting her this comfy recliner chair cover. 

46. A coccyx pillow is a special birthday gift for a spouse who wants to sit comfortably without getting the feeling of itchiness

Coccyx Pillow Cushion For Seating

Check Price

This pillow is a Yes Gift for older women for much-needed sitting comfort. It will also help your better half correct her sitting posture. 

47. The ergonomic hip cushion posture corrector is a cool birthday gift for your other half to  correct her posture

Ergonomic Hip Cushion Posture Corrector

Check Price

Post-surgery and post-pregnancy complications are common. This is the reason we have brought this hip cushion corrector to gift to your wife so she can deal with back and hip pain.   

48. Antisnore nose purifier is a unique 40th birthday gift for wife who snores a lot while sleeping

Anti Snore Nose Purifier

Check Price

We know the struggle is real for husbands who have to sleep with soring wives a lot. 

A wife who snores a lot should be given this anti snore nose purifier as a present to make sure she gets rid of snoring, and you have a sound sleep.  

Go hilarious with impressive yet funny 40th birthday gift ideas to make your wifey smile big. 

Traditional 40th Birthday Gifts

Check some more intriguing options we have: 

49. Mesmerize her by decorating the room for her with these string lights

Decorative Moroccan String Lights For Indoor & Outdoor

Check Price

Moroccon lights are famous for their unconventional designs, and therefore, we have included them as one best one out of many 40th birthday gift ideas for wife. 

These string lighting balls will attract glances. Hence getting such lights for your wife will help you make a mark. 

50. Allow her to look beautiful wearing these bat earrings gifted by you on Halloween

Halloween Black Bat Earrings

Check Price

One of the best Halloween gifts for 40 year old woman who has everything is indeed these earrings. 

The batwing design and powerful movement steal all the appreciation as they make your lady stand out among them. 

Pro-Tip: No matter what occasion it is, make sure to keep your immediate family members happy by gifting them presents that stay longer with them. 

Thereby, we suggest you buy presents for little ones too besides getting something unique for your wifey on Christmas or any other event.

51. Waking her up in the morning calls for annoyance, gift her this led alarm clock

LED Display Alarm Clock

Check Price

40th Birthday gift ideas for wife should be useful and attractive at the same time, and this alarm clock features both qualities. 

Don’t forget to grab it and impress your already-impressed wifey with such gifts. 

52. Let her feel butterflies in stomach wearing these cute socks gifted by you

Cute Butterfly Print Crew Socks

Check Price

Be it winters or summers; sometimes you love covering up your feet with socks, especially when you have such cute pairs of socks. 

When checking 40th birthday ideas for wife who happens to be your wife, keep these socks in your mind. 

Unforgettable 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Get a wing to some more ideas and grab them as soon as possible before they are sold out: 

53. Exceptionally enthralling, this crop top gift will let her embark on a romantic journey

Women's Tie Dye Crop Top

Check Price

Belly exposure is a dream of every woman who wants to look adorable all the time. This time we have this amazing crop top that will let your love-lady appear prettier than ever, even in her 40s. 

Yes, we should get a wing to such 40th birthday gift ideas for wife to make her feel youthful again. 

54. Set her life at peace with this amazing lotus diffuser gift & let her thank you

Cool Mist Lotus Diffusers

Check Price

Diffusers and incense holders bring peace to life, and yes, wives, when they enter their forties, do need this. 

We have added this lotus diffuser in the 40th birthday gift ideas for wife who wants nothing but tranquility in her life. 

55. 40th is another decade to enter into youth, gift her these stylish leggings on birthday

Black Front Slit Leggings

Check Price

Trendy tops and amazing leggings, all such wearable options from the 40th birthday gift ideas for wife, bring out the real joy. 

So, are you ready to fill her life with happiness and gratitude? Gift her these bottoms. 

Tip: Get trending gifts for Tiktoker wife

Funny 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Wife

40th bday is like entering into your 20’s again, and this is how your wife might be feeling right now. Just make her life a bit funnier with these exceptionally humorous presents:

56. Tell Your Wife She Is Fragile Like A Bomb By Gifting Her This Funny Tee Present

My Wife Isn't Fragile Like A Flower She Is Fragile Like A Bomb

When checking 40th birthday gift ideas for wife, make sure to keep your witty side alive. This tee has the funniest message imprinted on it.

It’s time for her to know that besides being a flower, she behaves like a fragile bomb that can sometimes explode. (Just kidding)

Check Price

57. Poop Emoji Plush Pillow Will Be One Of The Funniest Gifts For Wife Turning 40

[Pun intended]

Choose the emotions of this poop pillow and astonish your wife with the strangest yet hilarious birthday present for her ever.

Here’s a tip, just put it beside her while she is asleep and record her expressions as soon as she wakes up and sees the pillow.

Check Price

58. This Funny Pair Of Socks Is For Wife Who Always Asks You To Make Tea Even On Odd Times

Custom Tea Socks

When selecting funny gifts for 40 year old woman, you may have to keep her habits in mind too.

For example, if she always asks you to make tea and never has pleased you with her services, then gift her socks that come up with a funny message.

And then two things can happen.

Either she will wear it confidently and keep asking you for tea


She will wear it confidently and keep asking you for tea… LOL!

Check Price

59. Make Her Day Full Of Laughter By Asking Her To Wear This Gifted Frog Bucket Hat

Add this frog bucket hat to the basket containing 40th birthday gifts for wife and make it memorable for both of you by clicking photos.

Well, you have to encourage her to wear this hat and let her believe that she is actually looking like a 20-year-old young woman (not really… just kidding).

But, no doubt, this hat will make her look cuter than ever.

Check Price

60. Let Her Become The Elf On Her Birthday Party Wearing These Funny Ears

Cosplay Elf Ears for Fairy & Anime Costumes

Since you’re finding 40th birthday gag gifts for her, these funny elf ears will definitely be a different thing from among those you have gifted up till now.

Wearing these ears, she can actually stand out from the crowd without paying a visit to the spa even. LOL!

Check Price

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Christmas Gifts For Wife Celebrating 40th Birthday

Finding a birthday present for 40 year old woman who was born on 25th December? Check these stuff we have:

61. The Baker Wife Would Love This Amazing Rolling Pin To Make Yummy Christmas Cookies

Christmas 3D Rolling Pin

Since you are up to buying Christmas gifts for her, you should keep her favorites and passion in mind.

For instance, if your wife is more into baking or cooking, she would love this rolling pin that comes with a Christmas design.

Let her make yummy cookies for all.

Check Price

62. 40th Birthday Gift Ideas Include This Mini Christmas Bows For Perfect Tree Décor

With the start of December, women bring in the Christmas tree and gather the stuff that can pull off the tree embellishment.

And yes, sometimes, minimal presents for wives do wonders. For example, these pretty mini bows will become their favorite ornament for decorating a tree.

Check Price

63. Does Your Wife Want To See Santa Claus Twerking In Real? Get Her This!

Electric Twerking Santa Claus Toy

Let’s check some interesting yet funny Christmas and birthday gift ideas for a lively wife who wish to dance with Santa at least once in her life.

This twerking Santa Claus will bring more laughter and excitement to her life.

Check Price

64. Fill Plenty & Plenty Of Birthday Gifts For Wife Turning 40 In These Xmas Gift Bags

These bags come in metallic stuff that gives them a luxurious look. Make sure to fill this bag with beauty essentials, healthcare products, apparel, and jewelry items, and let her assume what these bags hold for Christmas.

Check Price

65. Make Her Christmas Trip Easy-Peasy By Gifting Her This Handbag Organizer

Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer

While checking return gift ideas for the 40th birthday of wife, don’t forget the trip you have planned for the holiday season.

For instance, if your wife is finding clues to tackle her essentials in the handbag, this organizer, aka carrier, will squeeze up all the mess in the bag and blow away the stress instantly.

Just gift her this on Christmas+birthday and put a condition for her to thank you romantically in exchange for gifts. (Wink!)

Check Price

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Meaningful 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Wife

Hover over the products we have to make her life more meaningful and attractive.

66. For Your Forever Moon-Like Wifey, This Bracelet Is A Perfect Present

This is an ideal 40th birthday gift for female whose birthday is around the corner. The bracelet has a moon phase design which is enough to represent your love. How?

Well, the ring symbolizes the period of the moon changing its phases. So, eventually, it indirectly gives a message that you are there for her no matter what happens.

Check Price

67. She Is An Angel & Your True Love, Gift Her This Ring As 40th Birthday Keepsake

Don’t let her forget the celebrations and presents you gifted on her 40th birthday as when a woman enters this age; she wants a renewal of love.

Thus, buying this beautiful angel wings ring is not a bad idea because she is undoubtedly a true angel, spreading all ease and love in your life.

Check Price

68. Your Wife Deserves A Crown, So Get Your Hands On This Floral Crown For Her

This floral headband crown is not just a gift for wife birthday but a complete denotation of the love you hold in your heart.

Just go behind her back and put this crown on her head to make her feel special on this significant day. Yes, you can include this to the amazing gifts for her list without thinking twice.

Check Price

69. Now She Can Enter Into Your Personal Place Silently. But Isn’t It Cute & Frightening?

It’s not about digging the land for yourself, but maybe the wife invading your privacy will help you develop a romantic bond than ever. (Think positive)

Get her these corgi slippers as funny gifts for 40th birthday and increase the chances of her invasion. WINK!

Check Price

Last Minute 40th Birthday Ideas For Wife

Haven’t you brought a gift for your wifey’s birthday? No worries, here are some last-minute ideas to celebrate your darling’s birthday: 

70. Decorate the bedroom with your spouse’s snaps

Little gestures matter a lot for women, so how about you decorate the bedroom with your wife’s snaps on her birthday? Hang the best photos of your Mrs (along with some funny ones) to bring a smile to her face.

You can also write something on charts and paper with the help of glitter paint markers to make her day extra-special. 

71. Baking for her instead of asking her to bake something good can be incredible and loving 40th Birthday Ideas For Wife:

Your wife has been serving you food since the day she came into your life. 

Make her birthday memorable by baking some delicious foods with the pro cookie maker set to thank her for being the best support. 

72. Sing a romantic song to make your wife happy

It doesn’t matter if you have a nice throat or not, sing a song for your better half on her birthday by creating a romantic atmosphere. 

A portable mobile iMiniMic can be used to make this experience even more exciting. 

73. If you couldn’t do anything, write a love letter and impress your wife with your loving words – lovely last minute 40th birthday ideas

It’s your wife’s 40th birthday, why don’t you write love notes to her to bring back some precious memories? 

Get creative and use a DIY cordless engraving pen to inscribe on steel, metal, wood, or plastic. 

74. Watch your wifey’s favorite movie on her birthday to spend quality time

Wives want to spend time with their husbands. Make it happen for your partner on her birthday by watching a movie both of you like. 

Use rainbow LED projector night light to give your bedroom a lovey-dovey feel. 


Making your wife’s 40th birthday memorable is pretty straightforward because all you have to do is to choose some creative gifts, and Bob will be your uncle. 

We hope you have liked these creative 40th birthday gift ideas for wife. Apart from that, we do have gifts for crush, wedding gift ideas for couples, gifts for a woman who wants nothing. Give them a read, and thank us later. 

Happy shopping at Inspire Uplift!

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