Boho Jewelry Both The History and Guidance On This Beautiful Style

Boho Jewelry

For every fashion/style trend in this world, there is a truly riveting backstory. After all, everything starts from something, no?

When it comes to boho chic or as it is normally referred to as just boho; its history is one you need to know!

Bohemianism began as more of a lifestyle and culture instead of a style trend. It was a widely unaccepted lifestyle because of its simple nature that leaned towards adventure, and pride of poverty.

Bohemians were all about love, colors, music and nurtured a joyously carefree attitude. So much so that unrelated gypsy folk was mistaken to be bohemians because of their wandering lifestyle.

It was in the 1800s of France’s time when the term Bohemian was first founded. Naturally, at first, the term was handed to artists, writers, and philosophers who were…all up in their feels!

The history of the bohemian period stretches on a lot but how the lifestyle switched to a fashion statement and boho jewelry is the real question!

What is Boho Style

What is Boho Style
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At the beginning of its emergence, the boho style was quite the opposite of the attractive entity that it is today. A positively medieval dress was mostly worn by the ladies who claimed the boho culture theirs. As the years progressed so did the style!

Eventually, the modern folk of the 21st century reached a common conclusion that medieval dresses, in fact, are NOT boho-community approved. Nowadays we have a more questionable sense of boho style.

When it comes to clothes then its maxi skirts, oversized jackets, mismatched patterns and everything that says carefree and mindless to fashion standards. Boho also calls for long tresses preferably in messy braids and buns.

If you haven’t gotten the gist of it yet, boho style is basically all about breaking up uptight fashion trends and replacing them with easier and more comfortable ones. Now you know how the culture transcended into a lifestyle!

Basically, the carefree lifestyle, which can no longer be followed due to the crippling amount of regulations on every individual, has turned into a fashion statement you can wear. What matters is that the nature of the trend is retained.

What is Boho Jewelry

What is Boho Jewelry

Just like boho fashion is such a big deal, the jewelry for styling, sure enough, found its way to the top as well.

And just like its partner in fashion, jewelry is one of a kind and highly unique in its every feature.

Its main purpose is to complement and flatter the fashion clothing it is chosen to be partnered with. If its necklaces then they are long-chained and dangle till right above the belly button.

If its earrings then you will surely see either huge hop earrings, tasseled long strings or feathers. In all cases, the earrings have to be eye-catching and enchantingly mesmerizing.

On the other hand, if it rings then they are a LOT of rings. Boho inspired individuals when choosing to wear rings will deck all their fingers with bright colored chunky rings.

Last but not least, this jewelry includes many specimens of body jewelry as well. From body chains to head jewelry and anklets. The more the jewelry on the body, the more boho the whole outlook is considered.

Who Is Boho Jewelry For?

Undeniably this kind of jewelry is attractive, highly appealing and anyone would love to wear it. But as a society and the online world is highly sensitive nowadays, everyone’s terrified of appropriating a certain culture.

If you’re actually worried about that…then don’t!

Boho style is not a culture and has never been one to be appropriated. It was always more of a mindset and a lifestyle that was used to break through the strict rules of corsets and dresses in times like the Victorian era.

Now, the boho trend is more of a way of releasing people from uptight fashion rules and instead of challenging them to bring something new and fresh into their life. There is no limitation or restriction as to who can sport boho jewelry.

Now that, this huge confusion is out of the way, there are some winning jewelry styles that you should be guided towards. Well, if you are going to do this then better do it well…right?

What Are The Best Boho Jewelry Styles?

Best Boho Jewelry Styles

The answer is…there are none!

If you are looking to delve into the world of boho and are trying to find the right place to start. Then searching for a place where you can place your likes is not how you start.

You don’t search for the styles…they search for you!

Depending on what is comfortable for you and how you like to express yourself through your style, you pick accordingly. There are countless pieces of jewelry in every store in the world that will definitely adhere to your special style.

Everyone has their own unique approach and you must invent yours. Whether you want to combine different colors, styles, shapes, materials…the choice is entirely yours.

And the best thing about this kind of jewelry is that it always looks good! Regardless of what you mix around and how you wear it, it will never fail to project your style and message.

Where to Buy Boho Jewelry

As mentioned in the previous paragraph there are so many places that you can find this jewelry from. Every other store stocks mountains of this type of jewelry. But don’t you think if you want to start this fashion trend; start it right?

It is true that boho jewelry is no stranger to the style industry and it is always around in every corner of the retail world. But, there will always be that one store for you that will steal your heart and have you coming back for more.

Choosing such a store that will have the key to your heart should be a thoughtful and wise decision. You can’t just give any store that privilege, it must be one that in some way relates to you.

Inspire Uplift

What better store for you than Inspire Uplift that has its own touching story to tell? We just talked about how boho is more of a mindset and a message conveyed to the people.

This store has a story of its own to tell and with that also sells the cutest jewelry ever. Started off as an entertainment page on Facebook, it ricocheted to fame and expanded hugely with the help of its loyal fanbase.

It now ships to every corner of the world all the interesting and attractive products it stocks. Now, on to some of the winning boho styles, you can check out there:

The Bohemian Glass Earrings

Bohemian Glass Earrings

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Earrings are a very prominent part of this jewelry community and anyone who wishes ‘to go boho’ must have a bunch of them. But these earrings are special in every way because of their exceptional nature.

Made of glass and brass, the stud earrings are simple and convey their message of style without a fail! Who doesn’t love a good pair of stud earrings that give you no hassle or trouble and still never fail to look effortlessly gorgeous?

The structure of the earrings is made from pure high-quality brass while the centerpiece is manufactured from glass. And the best part is that the earrings are available in different styles of imagery displayed on the glass.

Any that fit your likes can easily be yours in a jiffy!

Colorful Handmade Bohemian Wrap Bracelet

Bohemian Wrap Bracelet

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Bracelets could possibly be the biggest part of the boho culture. They truly signify a part of it that can’t be taken by any other piece of jewelry. This colorful bracelet for instance, that incorporates two completely opposite materials into one gorgeous bracelet, is one of its kind.

A collection of earthy semi-precious stones are strung altogether with strong and high quality leather to create a display of beautiful colors. The stones vary from deep dark brown to off white to a bright aqua blue.

You can buy the bracelet in different colors regarding the leather strung around it whether in white, black or brown. The choice is yours!

Stunning Handmade Bohemian Bracelet

Handmade Bohemian Bracelet

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Yet another startlingly beautiful and special bracelet made with meticulous care. The incorporation of different materials in the bracelet makes it all the more special.

While the main attraction on the bracelet is the multiple semi-precious stones of all shapes and colors decked side by side, there are leather strips binding them together with a classy metal clasp to finish it off.

The beauty of the bracelet is that the colors it uses are blending so effortlessly and perfectly together that they will match with every outfit of yours. Moreover, it will also compliment whatever colors you have chosen to wear.

For the best effect, choose to wear this bracelet with some rings with stones of the same colors that are used in the bracelet.

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