7 Innovative Gadgets You Can’t Live Without in 2022

7 Innovative Gadgets You Cant Live Without in 2020

The best part of living in the 21st century is being a first-row witness to brand-new inventions coming out. We are watching history unfold before us—but the real kicker is that we are not mere spectators. We can buy it, too.

Don’t miss your shot and buy these innovative gadgets before they sell out—believe me, you won’t be able to live without them!

7. MasterDuster Cleaning Tool.


Once upon a time, a brush and a vacuum loved each other very much and had a child—and what a wonderful child it is.

MasterDuster Cleaning Tool is the dream of any housewife, househusband, or anyone remotely interested in keeping their house clean (so all of us, hopefully).

It has a brush-like texture comprising multiple micro-sized suction tubes, flexible enough to bend in all directions like a regular cleaning brush would, but with the add-on of being able to remove even the most stubborn of dust particles.

Easy to handle and clean, MasterDuster Cleaning Tool is a complete revolution of the traditional way we clean around.

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6. Laser Acupuncture Pen.

Even with our modern approach, ancestral Chinese medicine has survived the test of time—a clear-cut sign of its effectiveness to heal assorted ailments. Particularly, acupuncture has a plethora of proven health benefits.

There is just one issue: Needles are infinitely intimidating.

Fear not! Now we know acupuncture works by pressing key points within your body, so needles are no longer needed. Instead, this product releases electric pulses that stimulate them with no need to pierce your skin—all you need is a single AA battery and you’re ready to have your own portable acupuncture therapy at home.

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5. The Cutter Bowl.


Chopping vegetables and fruits is not a problem but a nuisance—it can get messy and. more often than not, you don’t get consistent results.

But don’t worry, we humans are great at inventing Unique Gadgets to help us excel in whatever we naturally suck at—meet The Cutter Bowl.

Place your fruits or veggies within the bowl, cover it up, and use the knife to cut through the slots. Then, twist the upper lid and repeat the cutting process, so you can go through multiple angles.

The result is a finely chopped anything and literally zero messes—not essential to survival, but sure makes life easier.

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4. Magic Grip Tool.


So, handymen, DIY gurus and anything between—isn’t it kind of tiresome when you have to rummage through multiple tools and items to find the one you’ve been searching for? You lose time and patience, a bad combination!

What if you had a magical tool that could fix that pesky problem for you? Harry Potter himself would envy the Magic Grip Tool.

This fancy, revolutionary system comprises a universal socket designed to grab onto any shape—54 steel pins that’ll solve your life. It adjusts to any size or shape and even includes a power adapter for electric drills.

Truly magical—and you don’t even need to mumble a spell.

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3. Snowflake Keychain Multi-Tool.


If you are anything like me, you like your tools to be functional, practical, easy to carry, and cute to boost. Lucky for us, the Snowflake Keychain Multi-Tool exists and does each part of that job so well, you won’t want to part ways with it.

Its lovely snowflake shape isn’t just for show—it allows this practical tool to perform over eighteen different tasks, just short of standing up and massaging your feet.

Open a beer, use as a screwdriver… The sky is the limit for this stainless steel beauty.

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2. Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder.


So, what if we told you there is a way to get all the benefits of a fancy chandelier (except the fancy part, but we digress) with zero installation issues and completely portable?

Get blinded by the light with the Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder.

How does it work? It’s simple yet brilliant—all you require is a single E27 socket, and the bulb adapter splits it into seven, getting you 7 times the light with zero extra installation processes. You purchase it, screw the bulbs, and suddenly your dark and creepy basement is so bright you can spot the monster hiding in the corner.

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1. Tech Travel Organizer Bag.


Traveling in the new century is a synonym of carrying more electronics than clothes. Phones, laptops, game consoles and who knows what else are as quintessential as underwear.

But… where do we store them? The luggage? As if this was 1999?

Worry not, we’re in 2019 and we travel like people from the future—with a bag full of tech.

The Tech Travel Organizer Bag allows you to store every electronic device you own in a fashionable yet safe way. Available in multiple colors, it features a plethora of pockets and five slots, all meant to store your prized tech, both big and small.

And it just looks so fancy.

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