66 Travel Accessories for Men and Women for Every Recreational Trip or Expeditions

When you are born with a lust to explore cultures, meet new people, and the urge to sightsee mother earth never let you stay at one place, the gender doesn’t matter.

Therefore, when looking for Travel Accessories for Men & Women, instead of focusing on gender, focus on usability, portability, and practicality.

Because travel gears make your expeditions fun and help you make most out of them without letting you get tired or feel exhausted even when on a long haul.

So, here we have unisex as well as gender based travel gears for men and women for all those having a wandering soul along with things you must have to survive.

Unisex Travel Accessories for Men & Women:

Unisex things are best to have and buy than gender specific ones.


Because travel is a thing for humans regardless of their gender, race, cast, creed, or location.

Therefore, the top travel accessories we are adding here will come in handy for all people going on general travel, emergency trip, recreational tour, adventurous expedition, etc.

Considering this, check our following suggestions:

1. Always carry travel accessories like backpack with solar panel to recharge devices without finding hotels.

SolarPan 8W Portable Solar Panel Charger

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Solar panel backpack is actually a complete electricity system that people can carry along when traveling.

What makes it top travel accessory for men is usability that makes it usable for recharging devices, running USB enriched gadgets, and never feeling deprived of homeliness.

2. Electrical razors in pocket size are small yet essential travel accessories for men.

Pocket Size Washable Electric Razor

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Either on an expedition or business travel, no guy can live without making their beard (neaten or shaving).

Replacing the entire shaving kit with this pocket size razor seems a wise idea because it will not just lighten the luggage but will help you have perfect beards or cleaned-shave without cuts.

3. Wearable fan is one of the most trending and top traveling gadget for everyone.

Wearable Portable Neck Fan For Personal Cooling

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Wearable fan is not just men or women things but ladies traveling with infants on kids can use these accessories to keep kids feeling-at-home even when on the go.

These fans recharge and when you have a solar panel bag with you, got not to worry about power to recharge fans and other devices.

4. Hammer tool with 6 different types of knives is a special gift for people who love traveling.

Mini Multi-Purpose Hammer Tool

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Knives, blades, hammers, screwdrivers, and other such things are essential travel accessories, either on an adventure or a simple recreational trip.

Do not fill your luggage with all the tools and make it too heavy to pick and walk. Instead, go with gadgets like this one coming with 6 different types of traveling knives.

5. Cloud pillow for men and women to have relaxing naps on a long distance drive.

Sleepy Cloud Travel Pillow

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Even a 15 minutes nap during traveling can give you enough energy to walk and enjoy your trips for several hours.

Turn your vehicles (buses or cars) into perfect bedroom using this travel pillow that lets you cozily take a rest when traveling.

6. Pocket translators are luxury travel accessories for men and women when going abroad.

Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator

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Translators are luxurious and expensive but essential travel accessories for male and female travelers.

However, it is a cheap replacement of an expensive guide that charges you several dollars for just one hour.

The device is carry able like a mobile and instantly translates your messages into desired languages.

One of the must-have travel gadgets when on a long haul alone.

7. USB tech heated vests are among winter travel gadgets for men and women.

Tech Heated Vest

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You are not sure when there is going to be raining, drizzling, hailing, or snowing when traveling.

Hence, always travel well-prepared and don’t forget to take winter travel accessories like this heating vest with you.

It brings instant warmth, thanks to the USB technology.

8. The selfie stick will never let you miss a moment when traveling and carry – cool traveling gears for all.

6 In 1 Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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This selfie stick is a tech traveling gadget for men and women who love to capture snaps, pictures, and selfies at every moment.

Along with being a wireless selfie stick, it serves in 5 more ways such as tripod, Bluetooth music player, and phone mount etc.

9. Never shift your plans in sun or rain by grabbing this most useful waterproof traveling coat in just $11.

Portable Raincoat Ball Keychain

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Looking for some cheap traveling accessories? Get this raincoat in just $11.

It is conveniently made of high-density polyethylene that makes it 100% waterproof and at the same time lightweight to wear.

Plus it comes with a ball keychain pack to restore it after use.

10. Do not miss carrying this handy Mini First Aid Kit Pouch with all first aid gears from Inspire Uplift when traveling.

Mini First Aid Kit Pouch

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First aid kits are must-haves because you never know, when there is a mishap during adventure or traveling.

Make sure to carry, easy-to-pick-and-take pouches embedded with bandages, antibiotics, and OTC medications.

This mini first aid pouch by Inspire Uplift is all you need.

Cool Travel Accessories For Men:

Travel accessories that are cool not just assist you on your journeys but also make you appear handsome and stylish.

Here are some luggage ideas and cool accessories for men:

11. Replace all your shoes with just one most relaxing pair along with shoe covers – minimal packing ideas for travelers.

Silicovers Non-Slip Shoe Covers

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Taking plenty of shoes together can be a daunting thing as well as make your luggage or carrier heavy.

You cannot go around with dirty shoes either. So what’s the solution?

Take these shoe covers everywhere with you and wear only when walking past a dirty or muddy road. Clean it up nearby stream or tap and store.

Yes, it is that simple to complete your journey with just one pair of shoes.

12. Unisex travel hood plus pillow are for perfect naps during traveling.

Custom Travel Hood Pillow

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Travel hood plus pillow is a unisex traveling gadget, equally beneficial and necessary for men and women.

It will come in handy during all journeys and expeditions like planes, trains, buses, or cars etc.

A must have traveling accessory.

13. Wear this pillow collar to give relief to your neck when traveling.

Expandable Pain-Relief Neck Pillow Collar

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Pillow collar? Seriously? Yes!

This collar is more like a pillow around the neck and set on it for rest even when walking or sitting on a bench.

You don’t need a proper place to rest as long as you have this.

14. Go for hanging hammock sleeping bag when traveling to keep from insects & animals.

Treehouse Mosquito Net Hammock

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Instead of a sleeping bag, get something that can be hanged, especially when you are traveling during the monsoon season or in jungles having insects in abundance.

This hanging hammock can be hung anywhere to sleep. The lid on it keeps from insects to enter in yet the net fabric lets you see through and enjoy the sight.

15. For all outdoorsy, this camping stove is a must have travel accessory.

Ultralight Camping Stove

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This camping stove head can be attached with any bottle with gas to light the fire.

All those going on a recreational trip, adventurous camping, or simply traveling can have this to deal with emergency situations.

16. Unisex touchscreen gloves for men and women – wear and use phone on-the-go.

Unisex Waterproof Touch Screen Winter Gloves

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These touch screen gloves are must haves for winter expeditions.

Best thing about having them is they are stylish and comes with a stylus like surface embedded on the finger tips that you let you use mobile without removing gloves.

Wear them while driving to scroll maps.

17. This small snowflake is a complete traveling tool to help you during expeditions.

Snowflake Keychain Multi-Tool

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Snowflake keychain is a multi-tool, a must have traveling accessory for all.

There are 17 tools in this small keyring gadget that can be used during traveling in multiple ways.

18. Pack and carry foamy sofa bed to relax in the lap of Mother Nature when journeying.

Sleeping Bag Sofa Bed

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This sofa can be packed and carried anywhere you go.

Easy to fill with air, the sofa can give you a perfect resting place like your living room in amidst of natural places.

Carry it to the beach, mountains, or anywhere you go.

19. CC cream foundation with UV protection are travel accessories for women for perfect photos.

Flawless CC Cream Foundation With Mushroom Head Air Cushion

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CC cream plus foundation not only hides blemishes and skin impurities but also deals with skin problems.

It looks like a base but it is a whitening cream too to deal with tan and other flaws on your skin.

Embed with SPF 30, you don’t need any sort of sunblock as long as you have this applied on your skin.

20. Portable icy cooler are summer travel accessories for women with infants.

Icy Portable Cooler

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Icy cooler is portable and a perfect itinerary for summers.

It can be turned on to produce fresh air with a cool and gentle vibe around you using USB power.

You can use power banks or portable solar panels to turn it on and use it zero cost.

Ideas for women luggage and travel accessories Bag for Men:

Biggest thing you got to deal with when it comes to traveling is your luggage.

What to leave behind and how to pack everything in an organized way becomes the biggest challenge.

To help you in this situation, here you go with some ideas on women luggage and travel accessory bags for men:

21. Travel bag with organizing pockets to pack accessories in organized manner when touring.

Organize Your Tech Bag

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Here comes a bag that has several compartment to store everything in a well-managed way and drag out anything without displacing everything else.

You get several different compartments to keep chargers, hands free, keys, cards, and other small items.

A perfect bag to store itinerary.

22. For those who have pet travel partners this bag is a must-have.

Dog Backpack

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Carry your pets along in this bag that can be worn on shoulders.

Al those who need to go on a traveling journey for so long but couldn’t do so because of having no way to take care of their pets when they are away, this bag is a blessing in disguise.

Made of perfectly soft fabric, your pet will never riding in it while you trek or walk.

23. Putting your small essentials in this hand carry sized fanny bag are incredible ideas for women luggage.

Clear Plastic Fanny Bag With Two Pockets

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For your passport, bank cards, cash, small snack packets and mobile phone, here is the fanny bag.

In short, things that you can need any time when traveling to another country should be carried in this bag and wrong around the neck.

24. Cute backpack with pet carrier pocket is perfect traveling bag for kids and their favorite animals.

Cute Clear Cat Backpack Carrier

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Carrying pet along is a great thing and all children want it whether going for a small picnic or a long travel.

Your kid can now have them always around in this tiny bag. Something worth buying!

25. This underwear pouch is long haul travel accessories for women.

Underwear Pouch

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More ideas for women luggage and travel accessories include this underwear pouch to keep all types of undergarments organized.

This bag can further put inside the suitcase. This is to keep your bag less messy.

26. Go for stylish hand carries when traveling instead of going with old fashioned travel bags.

Adorable Pink Mini Leather Backpack

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This small fashionable travel bag is stylish and smart.

For all types of small items and tiny essentials, it will come in very handy.

Available in pink, it is one of the pure travel accessories for women.

27. One more and one of the best ideas for women luggage and travel accessories Bag is carrying this inflatable bag to use during emergencies.

90s style Inflatable Bubble Blow Up Backpack

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This bag will be a spare piece to manage your luggage whenever required.

The bag can be folded and kept like a shopping bag.

However, when needed, it can be used to put things. Perfect thing to organized stuff and souvenirs you bought while traveling.

28. Looking for travel accessories for women toilet? Here is the bag with many compartments to put hand washes, soaps, and sanitary napkins in organized way.

Mesh Beach Bag For Snacks, Drinks, And Toiletries

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This bag is perfect to keep toiletries.

Comes with several compartments, you can carry all your bathroom routine and products in it.

For more, it will stay perfectly in a corner of your luggage.

29. Organize clothes in your luggage bag using this clothes separator pocket traveling accessory for men and women.

Wardrobe Clothes Organizer

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When you put your clothes in a managed way, you spare a lot of space in your luggage for several other things.

Hence ideas for women luggage and accessories includes this clothes organizer where you can put your dresses easily and quickly without creating a mess in your traveling bag.

30. Handbag doesn’t have so many pockets? Don’t worry and add this multi-compartment organizer in your bag to.

Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer

Check Price

If you have a hand bag with not so many pockets, turn into a complete luggage having this handbag organizer.

You can put of your itinerary in the hang bag and save money on the airport charged for luggage.

Top Unique Travel Accessories for Men and Women:

What comes to your mind when you think unisex top travel accessories for men and women?

Luggage, chargers, hands free, camping stuff, and things that outdoorsy will love, right?

Here we have some unique travel itineraries that must be carried along when on long haul or short journey.

Check below:

31. This stool gets folded and can bear enough weight lets you enjoy sightseeing relaxingly when traveling.

Portable Retractable Stool For Indoor and Outdoor Use

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Here is a stool to take a rest easily everywhere.

Best thing about it is the folding feature. It becomes so tiny after getting folded that you can carry or store it like a small pouch.

32. Unique travel accessories, the mask keeps all flying insects specially mosquitos away from nostrils.

Mosquito Head Net-Face Shield

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This mask is made of net, especially designed for expedition travelers and people who work in forestry to keep insects away from their faces and reaching nostrils.

It can be worn without going short of breath because from net fabric, the air can easily pass.

Hence, nobody will feel there are wearing something on their entire face.

33. Portable straightener comb to brush hair while straightening are travel accessories for women gifts.

Hair Straightener Styling Comb

Check Price

A straightener is also portable but requires expertise to be used.

Here you go with something that you will just use as a comb to straighten your hair.

No women can deny the importance of this gift gadget for women itinerary when traveling.

34. This ring makes top travel accessory to open all kinds of bottle lids.

Stainless Steel Bottle Cap Opener Ring

Check Price

When it comes to opening bottles on-the-go, you might have to carry a separate bottle opener that would take a space in your luggage and there are chances you might lose it.

To never let it happen, this ring is all you need. This fashionable ring is actually an opener to open all sorts of bottles.

As it will remain worn in your finger, the chances of misplacing your bottle opener are almost nil.

35. Non slip shoe covers are traveling accessories to come in handy when on a hike.

Silicone Climbing Non-Slip Shoe Grip

Check Price

Hiking, trekking, and simple walking on the roads with snow or water makes them slippery.

For all old age travelers, it is advises to cover their shoes using non-slip shields.

Either going to a short trip to the super market or a long recreational tour, these non-slip shoe covers gadgets by inspire uplift are must-haves.

36. Never feel gloomy or miss home when traveling wearing this Bluetooth beanie by Inspire Uplift.

music bluetooth beanies

Check Price

Bluetooth beanie is a perfect thing to wear instead of smart watch, because mostly smartwatches are not waterproof.

The beanie comes with built in speakers to let you listen to your favorite music while you travel and can also track your health.

Different modes enriched this Bluetooth beanie is all you need to work.

37. This flint fire starter keychain makes the top travel accessories in all emergency situations.

Keychain Flint Fire Starter and Bottle Opener

Check Price

Fire becomes a mandatory thing when it comes to going on a long haul.

Along with cooking food, it keeps people warm, and wild animals away while you travel on expeditions.

This flint starter doesn’t need refiling of gas like other lighters neither it gets wet like matchsticks. A perfect thing to light fire when you are traveling.

38. Polyester bandana scarf to travel Egypt and Oman.

Polyester Tactical Desert Scarf

Check Price

Bandana scarf is a perfect Arabian cultural fabric used in all over the world for the sake of style as well as keep from hot sun rays.

You can wear it while traveling to hot and humid places. Besides, it is a unisex thing and can be worn around head, face, or neck to cover the areas and for style.

39. Super protective windproof face shield is something every traveler should have.

Super Protective Face Shield

Check Price

Bike travelers should have this face shield for a comfortable journey.

It keeps wind and flying objects in the wind from reaching your face, nose, eyes, and other body parts.

A must-have travel accessories for biker men and women.

40. This cushion is specially designed handy traveling gear for elderly men and women.

Turn Over Care Device For Elderly

Check Price

During emergency traveling with your elderlies and older adults with moving issues, here is the cushion to help.

This is a medicated traveling gift for older parents who are patients. You can move elderlies and turn their sides easily.

Essential travel accessories for men and women

You can travel safely without having some gadgets however some traveling accessories become mandatory and essential to carry during journey.

If you are going on your first ever travel journey (recreational trip or reaching a destination) and don’t know much about traveling itinerary, here is the help.

Here we have made a list of top most essential travel accessories for men and women:

41. Get this car seat organizer to mount essentials and snacks easily when traveling.

Leather Car Seat Organizer

Check Price

Car seat organizers are must haves when traveling on a long haul.

During longer journeys, the vehicle should be comfy enough and embedded with all necessary equipment.

Therefore, here you go with a seat organizer to put snacks, drinks, and mobile phone beside and travel comfortably.

42. Flat book light is an essential travel gadget for travel writers.

Flat Book Light

Check Price

Do not forget taking your book light along to do your reading and writing business when traveling.

It beams sufficient light for reading or writing and that also without disturbing the rest of the people around you.

It doesn’t even light-up your presence and makes perfect traveling gadget for introverts and writers.

43. Waterproof dog hammock for car and truck seats is must have when family traveling in VRV.

Waterproof Dog Hammock Car Seat Cover

Check Price

For all families with pets this is a must-have traveling accessory, the waterproof hammock.

It will keep your car seats cleaned and neat by absorbing the bathroom business of your pets.

It will also keep cars from smelling bad.

44. Extender seat belt becomes top travel accessories for obese men and women.

Seat Belt Extender

Check Price

If you are an obese person or a pregnant mother, this car seat belt extender becomes one of the must have car travel accessories for men and women.

It gets attached with the already belt of your car and enhances its size to sit safely without pressurizing your belly.

45. Heating blanket to stay cozy when going on a romantic ride together – couple travel accessories.

Premium Cozy Car Heating Blanket

Check Price

Heating blankets are perfect winter travel things to keep along.

It will keep your legs and body warm without turning on the heater and increasing suffocation in the car.

Couples can enjoy cozy rides when on traveling.

46. Faux fur cover for seats and chair to never feel tired when sitting too long for a long journey – small travel accessories bag for men.

Faux Fur Car Seat Cover

Check Price

Car seat covers made of faux fur are to keep your bums at rest when you sit in the car for too long.

These can also be used as pillows if needed to travel without feeling tired.

47. A mesh to let your fur buddy enjoy traveling – car travel accessories for men and women pet owners.

Pet Travel Car Window Mesh

Check Price

Closing the windows to keep your pet from jumping out of the window will do nothing but increase the suffocation in the car.

Hence, this window mesh becomes essential traveling accessory to keep in cars. Let your canine enjoy cool breeze when you drive the car and enjoy the whole journey.

48. Fruit infusion water bottles to enjoy juices on the go and stay hydrated – essential travel accessories for men and women.

H2O Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

Check Price

Water bottle is mandatory to keep and water is essential to drink from time to time.

This fruit infusion water bottle can give you instant juice and that also without using blender or electricity.

It manually squeezes fruits to extract the juice and let you stay hydrated while you travel.

49. Fanny bag to keep passport, bank cards, ATM cards, and ID cards along always.

Waterproof Personal Pocket Bag

Check Price

Do not forget to keep your passport and other documents along when traveling to a different country because you never know, when you would need them.

This fanny bag lets you keep money, cards, passports, and all other tiny essentials to carry with you conveniently.

It is stylish to carry and gives you enough room to keep things.

50. Body massager vest to never feel tired when traveling on a long journey- luxury travel accessories.

3D Body Massager Vest

Check Price

An aching body can ruin the whole experience of traveling. Therefore, it is must to keep a massager with you.

Instead of taking expensive massage on the go, this vest will bodywork on-the-go so you remain fresh to enjoy your trips.

Cute Travel Accessories for Women and Men:

Cute accessories for travel, what can be those?

Have no idea?

Check our following suggestions on cute traveling itinerary for men and women.

51. For all travelers with hurting back this 3D memory foam pillow makes perfect accessory for men and women.

3D Memory Foam Car Neck & Back Pillow For Driving

Check Price

3D memory foam pillow will never let your back hurt during long journey and while traveling and sitting for too long.

This pillow can be placed in different positons for relief like on the back, or shoulders etc.

52. Portable eyelash curlers are best travel accessories for women.

Safe Heated Eyelash Curler for Long Lasting Lash Lift

Check Price

Eyelash curler for perfect lashes no the go is a traveling accessory for women.

It gives very sufficient heart to never hurt the eyes and work only on the lashes side.

53. Take a Hike t shirt are cute travel accessories for women gifts.

Take A Hike Tee

Check Price

A t shirt with slogan take a hike is perfect gift for a women who has born with wanderlust. Made of very comfy fabric and beautiful graphics, it becomes the best travel accessory gifts for women.

54. Diamond camera lenses to protect the cameras and for style are cute women accessories when traveling.

Diamond Camera Lens Protector For iPhone 11 & Onwards

Check Price

Camera lenses for men and women to protect the camera of your mobile along with making it appear even more expensive and stylish.

In case you throw your phone accidentally on floor, the camera will remain safe from breaking as long as you have these diamond camera lens protectors.

55. Earphone holder case is waterproof and perfect ideas for travel luggage accessories for men and women.

Waterproof Earphone Cable Winder & Phone Holder

Check Price

Organize your hands-free without damaging its wires in this small but very useful waterproof case.

You can store this case in your luggage bag, hand carry, or fanny bag.

Travel Accessories for Women With Infants:

Mothers traveling with infants is a challenging job because they not only have to look forward to themselves but also to that little bundle of joy.

How to do it?

Here are some accessories to come in handy and things you must have for a baby when traveling:

56. Baby diaper bag-come-bed is all a women need when traveling with infants.

Multifunctional 3 in 1 Baby Diaper Bag With Bed (Waterproof Exterior)

Check Price

This bag can turn into a bed where your baby can sleep and take a rest.

After that, you can fold it and use as a bag to store baby essentials like diapers, mats, blankets or baby pillows.

It will surely make your journeys with infants worthwhile.

57. Safety harness baby walking belt to take infants in trekking.

Baby Walking Belt Safety Harness

Check Price

This safety harness will help babies to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

They can walk without falling as you will have the belt in your hands. Let your kids learn walking.

58. This bag gets attached with stroller to carry tiny baby essentials.

Baby Stroller Organizer Bag

Check Price

Baby stroller bag to keep milk bottles, pacifiers, diapers, and other baby essentials.

The bag is small but has several compartment to even hold mother’s mobile phone.

Always have this amazing bag with you when traveling with infants.

59. Double headband easy to wear & remove is perfect traveling accessory for mothers.

Easy Double Headband For Multiple Hairstyles

Check Price

You don’t want to make your kid playing with your hair or eat them yet you also don’t want to look outdated and old.

This stylish headband manages your hair without tying them. It also keeps hair from coming on the mouth and face.

60. Unicorn pink backpack is perfect bag for kids traveling with their mothers.

Cute Unicorn Pink Backpack

Check Price

Let your little baby have their traveling essentials stored in their personal bag.

This unicorn pink bag can be perfect traveling accessories for kids as well as mothers and fathers as now they will be free from the tension of organizing their kids’ stuff.

61. Here are must-have hanging travel accessories bag for women with infants.

Hang It Up Travel Bag

Check Price

Hanging travel bag has several layer by layer pockets to store all the things that your baby might need.

You can put anything inside and then carry it on your shoulders. This magic bag holds everything without getting bulky.

Travel Safety Accessories for Women:

Safety is the first priority when traveling for women but men also.

Therefore, do not go on any voyage without having these 5 things along:

62. Antitheft scarf keeps passport & most essential things from snatching and stealing.

Anti Theft Scarf With Pocket

Check Price

No matter how secure a country or place is, you cannot avoid pickpockets and bag snatchers.

Hence, instead of keeping your important documents in the bag and praying that nothing bad happen, get this anti-theft scarf.

It comes with a secrete zipper pocket to hold your cash and other stuff without fear of being steal, snatched, or picked.

63. Always carry this identity protection roller when traveling alone.

Identity Protection Roller

Check Price

Do not throw away your ATM slips anywhere when traveling because it can be a reason of getting your whole bank account hacked.

Carry this identity protector roller along, wherever you go, and roll it on your personal docs before throwing them away.

64. Deluxe backpack that has secrete zippers, one of the must-have travel safety accessories for women.

City Travel Deluxe Backpack

Check Price

Deluxe backpack has a zipper on its backside rather than front side to make it hard for someone to steal your stuff.

You can put your most important things in this bag to keep protected and safe.

Besides, this is waterproof which makes it an even essential travel safety accessory for women or men.

65. Car seatbelt pillow to keep neck safe from injuries during traveling.

Car Seatbelt Pillow For Kids

Check Price

Here is another neck safety accessory for everyone when traveling, the car seat pillow.

It softly holds your neck and keep it from injuries even when you are walking on a bumpy road.

66. Comfy kids belt is a must have itinerary for mothers with driving with little kids.

Protective and Comfortable Seat Belt Adjuster For Kids, Adults

Check Price

Let your kid sit on the car seat and put this belt around him for safety.

It is made of soft fabric and a design that never itches or irritates the skin of your baby.

Bottom Line:

So, these were top 66 travel accessories to come in handy for both men and women, even kids. Are you a traveling enthusiast? What thing you carry along is a must, do tell us in the comments below.

Happy Traveling!

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