56 Practical Gifts for Writers to Inspire “Nutty as A Fruitcake” Wordsmith

Gift for Writers

“If a writer loves you, you will never die.”

Are you ready to win the heart of such a person or want to make your friend who loves writing feel special on his big day?

If so, then you would definitely know what can make them happy. Of course, a gift basket of office-related gadgets and words of appreciation and affection matter the most. 

Here are 56 suggestions that will make a serious, wacko, sweet as sugar, yet nutty as a fruitcake, person, of course, the writer smile with all their heart.

56 Gifts For Writers, Authors, And Bibliophiles 2021:

1. This Lost in the books t-shirt is for your creative writer Friend.

Let's Get Lost In A World Made of Books

Bloggers love to depict themselves without saying a word, this T shirt is for your writing lover friend to depict their heart and personality.

They will wear this T shirt as much that you may have to throw them in the bathroom and ask to change stinky clothes. Lol!

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2. Glowing bookmark to upheave the writer’s mood after every reading session.

Handmade Glowing Bookmark

Littérateur have tons of books and dozens of bookmarks of their choice yet whenever you take them for shopping, they will buy more and more of such stuff.

It is just like girl who has everything yet always buying clothes.

So, instead they buy it for themselves, get these glowing bookmarks, pack them beautifully, and offer to your author friend and see how big smile appears on their lips once they unpack it.

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3. Wood book lamp to zhoosh up writer’s reading and writing desk.

Wood Book Lamp

 Being surrounded by books is all a writing lover needs, so why not turn their room decoration corresponding their interest?

This lamp is made like a book that can open up to 360o. They can open it as wide as much light they require.

This present is fascinating, different, yet exactly according to the taste of a writer friend.

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4. 4-in-1 Pen is a well-needed gifts for writers 2021.  

4-in-1 Mobile Phone Stand Pen

This pen is not just a pen but one of the amazing 2021 gadgets for pen lovers. It can be used in four different ways:

For writing, as a touch phone stylus, torchlight when it is dark, and phone holder stand. WOW!

What else a writer can ask for?

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5. Adhesive pocket gets attached to the laptops to store tiny picks and make a writer’s life tidy.

Adhesive Pocket Laptop Storage for External Hard Drives & Pens

This maybe one of the tiniest gifts for scripters but it surely is the most useful thing.

This is a small pocket that gets attached to a laptop. Now, writers, engineers, or anyone who have small pen drives and cards can keep their belonging right inside their laptops.

No more fuss to find the USBs or external cards enriched with manuscripts.

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6. The outline metallic marker to mark the important points and make writing experience enticing.

Self-Outline Metallic Markers Double Line Outline Pen

Metallic marker set comes with so many colorful markers that your screenwriter friend would love to receive as a present.

It will let them to highlight important points and hints in their lettered material. A helpful present for a friend who loves writing.

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7. Engraving pen is a gift for writers who always like to have customized stuff with them.

DIY Cordless Engraving Pen

Writers are not just those who are there to create stories or publish books. They are of many kinds such as calligraphers who love to do decorative writing.

This engraving pen is a gift for all such creativity lovers to help them engrave stylish words on every surface they want.

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8. Face mask dispenser keeps the masks saved and accessible for not just writers but everyone.

Face Mask Dispenser Stand

Face mask dispenser? Gift for writers? How? Well, safety and health is the biggest concern for all of us during this pandemic.

So, this dispenser is not just a present but need of the time to dispense off sanitized and fresh masks whenever required.

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9. The crab helper who keeps the writing instrument accessible whenever an idea hits a writer’s mind.

Cute Crab Pen Holder For Desk

Decorate your friend’s desk with this tiny crab who holds the stationary while story-makers get deep into their imaginations to extract out ideas.

Not only writers but medical students love such gifts too, because, of course, they have to write a lot while practicing medical methodologies and learning medicines terminologies. 

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10. Eating nuts while writing will boost the brain to generate ideas and plot formation.

Stainless Steel Chestnut Opener Tool

It is said that eating anything especially nuts boost up the brain functioning. Who else needs this nut cracker more than someone who is always creating new ideas through words?

This tool helps to break the nut peels in seconds without putting on much effort.

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Pair it with plastic bowl that holds the peels to keep the table clean.

Gifts for Writers and Readers 2021:

11. Adjustable laptop stand will turn a writer’s bed, sofa, or anything into a perfect writing place.

Adjustable Standing Desk

Authors are always writing, not on their work desk but sofas, bed, and even on the balconies; always creating scripts, penning stories, or generating ideas.

So, this stand is the best present for writers. It comes with huge space so that they can put their laptops, writing pads, pencils, or any writing aid comfortably altogether.

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12. Vintage leather bracelet will make your writer friend look even better stylish and stud.

Men's Leather Vintage Bracelet

Influencer writing doers love bands, bracelets, rings and anything that will enhance the look of their hands.

Because they love to make aesthetic videos to post on to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms while getting in touch with their community.

So, they’ll love this vintage bracelet that’s very cool to wear and have.

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Related 🡪 Gifts for YouTubers 

13. This glasses case is made of faux fur that holds the precious eyewear carefully.

Luxury Faux Fur Eyeglass Holder

Specs are an important accessory or need, all writers have. Problem occurs when lenses get scratched due to keeping on the uneven places.

Let’s solve the problem with this elegantly soft case that’s made with softest faux fur. The friend who writes can place their glasses in this case when not using to keep form scratches.

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14. This stool is retractable and can be taken anywhere – one of the perfect gifts for writers.

Portable Retractable Stool For Indoor and Outdoor Use

An idea can hit an author’s mind anywhere any time, so this gift is for all of them as they can start writing literally at any place.

This stool is foldable to carry anywhere and opened to sit indoor and outdoor. Person who loves writing can sit on it and write down the thoughts in their mind.

Once done, fold it off and put in the bag, and go. That’s simple!

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15. This transparent container is to fill up with favorite drink to keep brain cool while writing.

Clear Plastic Milk Carton Water Bottle

Writers are only mentally active yet remain physically inactive, usually. Due to this they don’t feel thirsty and can lose water or necessary moisture.

Keep your favorite person hydrated by filling this jug gift with their favorite juice or drink. It is transparent, stylish, and looks great.

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16. The Sunset projector night light to make fill the writer’s room with creative aesthetics.

USB Rainbow Sunset Red LED Projector Night Light

People living in small apartments or rooms without windows remain unable to see and experience the beautiful scenes of sunsets and sunrise.

This projector light fills the room with serene orange light and imitate the sun setting scene on the wall.

Works, easily with USB, this projector nightlight is a gift that your friend will remember for long.

The wordsmith will love to stay inside this light and pend down some everlasting words.

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17. Neck collar and pillow to hug the neck and keep from aches and pains.

Expandable Pain-relief Neck Pillow Collar

Do you know a someone who has to sit for too long on their chair and keep writing? This pillow will be one of the favorite gifts for them by offering relief from shoulder pain.

All it needs is placing head on this pillow whenever feeling tired.

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18. This LED Light is for night owl writers.

13 Color Self-Adhesive LED Push Lights With Remote

A light on the table yet rest of the dark room is a great motivation to write. This LED light will offer proper light on the writing desk without disturbing the calmness of whole room.

All writers appreciate such creative gifts that are chosen by keeping the creative aesthetics in mind.

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19. Obsidian stone necklace will surround the friend who loves writing with positive vibes.

Obsidian Necklace Crystal For Women

Obsidian necklace is for everyone. People, surroundings, places, in fact, everything has vibes. But necessarily they are always positive.

Obsidian stone is best at cutting out the negative energies and turning them into positive ones. Do you know a friend who needs this necklace?

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20. These tiny squish balls will offer relief from the stress of incomplete projects.

Squish DNA Stress Ball

Stress is real, when writers are unable to generate the starting ideas for their write-ups that’re very near to submission.

Stress makes thinking and creating ideas even difficult. Get these tiny balls and offer relief from stress.

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Top Rated and top reviewed best gifts for writers 2021:

21. Softest tank top is for a friend who loves writing yet lives in pajamas 24×7.

The Softest Top Colorblock

Authors can be messy outside and don’t give much attention to their outer appearance. You will always find then in pajamas as they want to stay comfortable no matter what

So? This tank top is a gift for writer friend who would do anything but not compromise on their comfortable clothing.

It will personify their personality without affecting their comfort and on Halloween, this trendy skeleton crop top will let them celebrate the event.  

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22. Waterproof glitter markers to highlight important points in the written scripts.

Waterproof Glitter Paint Markers

Glitter markers are shiny and appealing and make the written words attractive and appealing to read.

A writer can highlight the important headlines in their script using these markers. The best part is, they are waterproof so no water will damage the important writeups.

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23. Here is a gift of health for writers who ignore their wellbeing too much.

Healing Natural Quartz Water Bottle

Have you heard about crystal energy? This bottle has it all. So, what can be a better gift than good health?

Offer this to your creative friend who always prefers work over wellbeing.

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24. Cellphone jail gift is for the writers who are easily distracted by their mobile phones.

Cell Phone Jail Timed Box

Cellphones are a great distraction for all those trying to focus on anything. Besides, children when studying are easily abstracted from studies due to notifications.

This cellphone jail is a gift for writers, students, and workers to keep phones away when they’re trying to ponder deeply into ideas and thoughts before extracting out the masterpieces.

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25. Posture corrector brace will improve the sitting posture of a writer.

Posture Corrector Brace

Sitting posture plays a keen role in keeping one’s back and body from aching. It also helps to keep tummy from getting fat.

However, sitting with right posture isn’t easy when we are habitual of seating with back bent and wrongly positioned. This posture correct brace will help in correcting the body posture.

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26. Mini desktop fridge to save a busy writer’s time and quench his thirst with chilled drink.

Mini USB Desktop Fridge - Can Cooler & Drink Warmer

One of the best gifts for writers 2021 is this tiny fridge that works in two ways. It can keep things cool and hot at the same time.

The perfect present will never let a person to go again and again for grabbing drinks. They can have chilled drinks whenever they want.

Besides, it can be used as an oven too.

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27. A tee shirt with perfect depiction of a writer’s life makes the best inexpensive gifts for writers.

Coffee & Wine Tee

Writers need coffee and wine just like oxygen. This T shirt gives the perfect depiction of a writer’s day and night.

It depicts coffee and wine with AM and PM text. Won’t your author friend enjoy having it?

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28. Buck-up a writer’s spirit with this “I am enough” ring present.  

925 Sterling Silver I Am Enough Ring

Artists and people who play with words are very sensitive and can easily get hurt.

Besides, this life is not very kind to everyone and there can be people who might tell, you are not enough.

Buck up your sensitive and creative friends with this ring that will remind them always they are enough in this unkind world.

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29. Healing pink quartz necklace is remedial and trendy gift for stylish writers.

Healing Pink Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace

Pink necklace in a beautiful shape made of original quartz is not just stylish but also helps in healing from the negative energy and bad vibes.

It will surround your friend who loves writing with comforting vibes and build a wall between them and negative energies.

All with this, wearing it will make their look stylish and personified.

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30. This barista stencil can make a writer smile just in seconds, we bet.

Coffee Barista Art Stencils

Coffee, tea, rain, sunsets, sunrises, and beautiful scenes all are the triggers for authors, bloggers, and all creative aesthetic lovers.

Coffee barista helps to add different pretty shapes to the brews and make author smile. You get 16 stencils at one purchase.

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Tech gifts for writers 2021:

31. The wooden drink warmer can heat-up the drink instantly for writers using USB technology.

USB Wooden Drink Warmer

This cup gets attached to any nearby device using a USB and heats up the drink instantly.

This is a gift for writer who is a tea lover.

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32. The tiny lamp to do the write-ups without disturbance at night.

Color Changing LED Cube Light With Remote Control

This lamp glows and gives proper light to the table so that a writer can peacefully complete its scripts without problem, without hassle, and without any issue.

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33. The IR neck massager will slurp away the tensioning aches from all around the neck side.

Wearable IR Neck Massager

Writing for too long can cause neck and shoulder to ache.

Writers, often have to work day and night when they are working on a special project.

Offer this to such a workaholic writer this IR massager and give relief from pain and aches.

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34. The Portobello charging station is a tech gift for writers 2021 so that no idea will remain unwritten.

Five Port Charging Station

Charging all the devices can be hectic when it comes to finding separate switches in different corners of the home.

Get all the devices charged with this single station that looks like decoration accent while sitting on the table.

What an incredible gift for writers.

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35. Teach heated scarf works with USB but keeps the writers cozy at work, at home, and anywhere they need.

Electric Heated Scarf

Novelists, bloggers, or scripters when working on their writing projects try to work away  from rooms in the lounges.

They don’t want to disturb their loved ones by switching on lights and key-tapping noise.

During winters keep such caring writing lovers cozy with this gift of heated scarf. They would love to wear it while working.

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36. Blue light blocking glasses is a gift for socially active and tech lover writers.  Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Longer hours spent on computers is harmful for eyes. And the story just doesn’t finish here, after computers, we have mobile phones and devices; once again rays.

Writers cannot stay away from such harmful rays, they need to stay in touch with their community and work on the longer scripts yet search online for ideas.

What to do? Get these blue light blocking glasses and help your blog writer stay safe.

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37. The tummy trainer is a gift for writers who have got fat belly due to long sitting sessions.

Smart Muscle ABS Stimulator

Sitting for too long on the chair gets your tummy chubby and fat. Yet, authors always not in mood to go out of their rooms and do some workout.

Once again the problem solving gift from problem solver brand inspire uplift; this tummy trainer doesn’t need a hard work and keeps bellies fit even if someone is continuously sitting for working.

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Does it really work? Check inspire uplift reviews for more information.

38. Self-stirring coffee mug makes the best gift for writers who love to ease their work using gadgets.

Self-stirring coffee mug

Don’t have time to go to the kitchen and make coffee yet a writer is always be-speaking about another cup of their favorite brew.

Get a self-stirring mug that makes instant coffees without efforts, without hassle, and without any problem. Yet the enticing brewing sound is cherry on the cake.

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39. Monk the moon decoration accent to fill the writer’s room with serene calmness and creativity.

Monk On The Moon Incense Holder

Creative aesthetic lovers and artists want to fill up their rooms with accents that have deep meaning and feel.

Monk the moon is such gifts for writers they would love to keep inside their writing studios to give an appealing, interactive, and a feeling just according to their taste.

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40. Hexagon shaped lights work with a slight touch.

Hexagon Modular Touch Lights

No matter how many lights they already have, writer will still ask for more. They need to write stuff in the balconies, in lawns, on stairs, and whatever you can name.

So a portable light will most probably be the best tech gifts for writers 2021.

Modular touch lights are portable to any place and they work with slight touch. So, the author is now able to enjoy his or her writing sessions without worrying about insufficient light.

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Stress Relieving & Relaxing Tech Gifts for Writers:

41. Enter button that relieves stress, not even a picky person who likes writing can refuse to this gift.

Giant Stress Relief Enter Button & Pillow

Once again, a useful gift that will keep your creative friend stress-free. This enter button can be kept right at the working desk next to the computer and banged every time something not so pleasant happens.

After every hit, you will see that instead of getting stressed a smile will appear on their face. Stress free gift for a “stressful friend”, lol we are just kidding.

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42. This mug doesn’t fall and makes the magical, tactical, and whimsical gifts for writers 2021.

Anti-Tipping Mug

Imagine a document getting destroyed due to coffee splashed on it as a result of an accidental blow of the elbow on cup.

Story and whole script destroyed!!!

Relax, it was just a thought but it can happen in real. To keep form such accidents, here is the most needed gifts for a writer. This anti-tipping mug.

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43. Collapsible spectacles won’t fall and never break yet be saved at a tinier place.

Collapsible Fashionable Foldable Pocket Glasses For Reading

Specs are not easy to keep from falling, breaking, and getting damaged. However, the specs we are offering here are impossible to break.

Why? Well, they can be collapsed and lenses will be folded. Then, these can be stored anywhere even worn like a locket in the neck.

Your friend will love to receive such a thoughtful gift.

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44. The tech gift for writers to heal from the pain and aches occurred due to longer writing sessions.

Laser Acupuncture Pen

This acupuncture pen directly targets the paining veins and muscles to relieve the ache within seconds and that also without any pain or effort.

This can be one of the best gifts for old age writers.

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Need more gifts for old age people? Click the link.

45. Pillow to keep phone and tablets in the laps and writing an at ease – creative and useful gifts for writers.

Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand

After a complete hectic day, your friend will love to sit with this pillow beside to rest their devices such as mobile phone or tablet and toggle through their favorite channels or shows.

This small gift will bring easiest wonders to your friend’s life who loves writing.

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46. To sit properly for long and getting up without pain this coccyx pillow cushion is all a person needs.

Coccyx Pillow Cushion For Seating

Coccyx pillow is shaped like a proper seat that lets a person’s thighs and butts stay properly and comfortably while sitting.

A writer, who works in an office and have to sit 9 to 5 will appreciate receiving this gift of care from their friend who understands their needs.

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47. This fanny bag is transparent and helps the writers to carry all of their weapons under one pouch, visibly.

Clear Plastic Fanny Bag With Two Pockets

Transparent and stylish fanny bag has a lot of space so that authors, novelists, and even a blogger can keep their essentials right at a place and carry along.

It can be worn on the shoulder, around the waistline, or simply carried in the hand, just the way they like it.

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48. This diffuser lamp is tech gift that works with USB to diffuse away the dryness and dullness.

USB Candle Diffuser Lamp

What is the function of a diffuser? Well, it makes the atmosphere comfortable to sit in by eradicating dryness and dullness in it.

Dryness can make mind suffer to search creative lines because brain doesn’t function properly when environment is comfortable to sit in. Headache and drowsiness might occur.

In all these scenarios, this diffuser lamp comes as an aid. It doesn’t eat much electricity and can work using a tiny USB.

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49. Read and write in your private space with the help of this gift of hands free LED light.

Hands-Free Portable Led Light

These are wearable lights so the authors who loves reading books can go through their favorite stuff without disturbing their partner.

One of the best useful and must-have tech gifts for writers.

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50. Digital paper watch an ultimate gift for those who create miracles on papers.

Digital Paper Watch

Paper watch? Yes, it is very thin and has texture like of a paper. Writers and readers love to remain around papers and this watch is just a depiction of their interest.

You will see the artist friend sending you a thank you gift after receiving this watch present.

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Bonus Gifts for writers 2021:

51. This holder is for tech lover writers who cannot stay away from toggling ideas online even while showering.

Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case

This case is waterproof and large enough to adjust cellphone of any size inside it and make it a waterproofing device.

You have heard about waterproof sticky notes for writers but this gift is pro and better than that.

It will not just let your artistic friend take notes inside the shower but they can scroll through ideas and search through their stuff without any worry.

The idea might seem bizarre to you but you should know writers are impressed by thoughtful gifts only.

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52. This roller makes the best gifts for writer who are so concerned about their script being stolen.

Identity Protection Roller

A writer went through millions and millions of ideas before writing the final thought.

Before throwing away, the words should be properly hidden so that no one can steal them. Here is a roller that hides away all the words written on a paper.

It stamps the papers with Chinese text and make it unreadable. Now your friend can throw away all the extra documents confidently.

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53. A light that can be taken in the mountains to help writing creative scripts.

Portable Light Bulb

This LED light let the creative artists to stay and work in their personal space. Besides this, LED lights take less energy yet glow with better beaming.

It can be taken anywhere, to the mountains, rivers, seaside, beaches, or any place a writer feels home to create inspiring stuff.

Besides, if used at home, drastic difference in the electricity bills can be seen.

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54. Ctrl Alt Del Cups will become the customized crockery for writers:

Keyboard Inspired Ctrl Alt Del Cups

Writers think so deep and stress so hard when ponding into new thoughts and ideas. Let them have a little chill time with these cups.

They can put snacks, drinks, or anything into these cups to enjoy their working, without taking stress.

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55. Humidifier plus fan makes one of the best gifts for writers 2021.

Portable 2 in 1 Mini Fan Humidifier

Make your writer friend’s work desk the perfect solace from the world with this fan plus humidifier gift.

It works using a USB cable and keeps the person working on scripts comfortably throughout the creation process.

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56. Mini vacuum cleaners are the 2021 gifts for mess friend who loves writing.

Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner For Laptop, Desktop & Car

Mini vacuum cleaner is the last but not the least product by Inspire Uplift Tech & Electronics. It helps to clean all the tech devices deeply without getting them damaged.

You can borrow this gift and use it for computer as well.

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Bottom Line:

These were 56 most demanding, useful, creative, and best gifts for writers 2021 addition.

These products have earned 100 % rating from the customers who belong to creative professions. So, we guarantee you that your writer friend will like any gift from our listed suggestions.

The good news is, all of them are available at 100% free of cost delivery, in all over the world.

Another good news is now you can astonish your writer friends with scary presents that will make them scream and bring out their beautiful beam in no time. 

So, have you decided to buy anything for your friend who loves writing? Let us know in the comments below.

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