21 Types of Blankets (Understanding Your “Exclusive” Needs)

types of blankets

Blankets are not just practical items these days as not all of them are made to keep you warm. In fact, now, several other things count.

According to the old Blanket definition, different types of blankets are pieces of fleecy clothes usually worn around full or some parts of the body while sleeping or at rest.

However, in modern times, it is wrong to define a blanket in this way.

In the modern world;

“A blanket is not just a piece of cloth to cover you when you are taking rest or sleeping, but something that you can use on-the-go like while traveling in a car or any other vehicle.”

“Blankets used to keep you warm and cool during journeys are called travel Blankets.”

You can use take these portable blankets to work or wear them when sitting in the lounges while chatting with your friends.

You can use such portable blankets at work and in the lounges while sitting with your friends and talking.

In short, Blankets are of various and vast kinds. These can be differentiated concerning material, season, age, size, and usage, and many other factors.

Are you interested to know everything about Modern and practical blankets, and select the best blankets for your use???

Read this detailed guide, and make the best choice this season.

Start with, what is a blanket made of:

The blanket is made of various types of materials. We are discussing here some blankets fabrics:

Types of Blanket Material:

While searching for kinds of blankets, Blanket material, or Fabric is the first thing to look for.

The most common blankets material types relate to Polyester, Mink, Wool, Fleece, or Cotton.

The technique of making a blanket for each material varies, such as some are fabrics knitted while other materials are weaved.

So, what are blankets made of????

Here are some blankets by material types:

  • Polyester Blanket:
  • Mink Fur Blankets:
  • Cotton Blanket:
  • Wool Blankets:
  • Fleece:

1. What Is Polyester Blanket?

What Is Polyester Blanket
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Polyester is though not a natural fabric; however, it is the most common material used in the blankets knitting.

The technique to make warmers by using polyesters is knitting and can be a perfect option as a Winter Blanket.

The public often gets confused, what kind of material is Polyester; for them, it is the most durable and long-lasting material for quilts and covers.

Polyester’s synthetic polymers are made by using PTA, Purified Terephthalic Acid, or DMT dimethyl terephthalate.

Pros of Having Polyester Blankets:

  • Polyester Warmers are easily washable.
  • You can dry them in direct sunlight without making hard efforts.
  • It’s color never gets faded.
  • It doesn’t lose its shape and looks new wash-after-wash.

Is polyester breathable? No, Polyester Blankets are not much breathable.

Cons of Having Polyester Blankets:

  • Polyester is not a breathable material as it can make you will feel very hot during the night.
  • It is not water absorbent, so it can produce a smell after continuous use of some weeks.

2. What Is Mink Fur Blanket?

Mink Fur Blankets
Image Source

Mink is an animal, and its coat or skin is used to craft the warmers, sweaters, and various types of clothing for winter.

You can find two styles of mink blankets, such as the original one, made of, actual skin of mink, and the alternative one of lustrous material like mink-fur.

Original and alternative, there are two types of mink used to make blankets.

Pros of Having Mink Blankets:

  • It keeps you from overheating and sweating during sleep.
  • It is durable to stay for years.

Cons of Having Mink Blankets:

  • Mink is not suitable for the blankets for pets.

3. What Is Cotton Blanket?

Cotton Blanket
Image Source

Cotton makes the softest blanket without plush or furry texture to irritate some skins.

The material is obtained from a plant from Genus Gossypium, and family Malvaceae that grows in the protective case called boll and can disperse its seed through the air.

It is based on pure cellulose and considered the most important and durable to make summer and winter clothes.

Cotton is most suitable to make summer blankets because of its attribute of adjusting the temperature to hot or cool, according to body requirements during sleep.

Pros of Having Cotton Blankets:

  • Cotton is 100% hypoallergenic.
  • It is exceptionally suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin types.
  • Suitable for all types of weather, summer, spring, and winter.

Cons of Having Cotton Blankets:

  • Less durable due to being made of botanical ingredients.
  • Expensive because of being suitable for all weathers.
  • Shrink off with time

4. What Is Wool Blanket?

Wool Blankets
Image Source

Wool is another famous, most suitable, and the best material for winters to use in blankets, jerseys, sweaters, and all types of clothing and accessories.

It is the most authorized Blanket material to make the warmest blanket.

Wool is also obtained from animals like sheep and goats. The material is not so plush and may feel a little irritated to specific skin types.

Wool blankets may feel a little heavier at the time of purchase; however, they get softer with every wash, and that’s the most impressive thing about wool.

You may have to use a lint remover to remove the excessive lint from your blanket. 

Wool is also used for socks and makes a perfect partner if you are traveling to the north, in cold areas.

Pros of Using Wool Blankets:

  • Wool naturally resists fire.
  • Wool is eco-friendly, biodegradable material.
  • Wool has natural antibacterial properties.
  • Doesn’t require washing too often

Cons of Woolen Blankets:

  • Wool is so dense and takes too long to dry.
  • Wool is not recommended for outdoor use if you are going on a winter expedition in the rainy or snowy area. However, it will come handy for indoor rest.
  • It can be pricy.

5. What Is Fleece?

Fleece Blanket
Image Source

Wool, being a material obtained from animal skin, doesn’t suit people having allergies with specific furs. Fleece becomes a perfect alternative here as it is made with a combination of various synthetic materials.

It is so warm and extremely light in texture that makes it ideal for babies who cannot tolerate large sheets.

Fleece comes in various styles and offers amazing variations in materials for blankets including, Polar Fleece, Micro Fleece, Coral Fleece, and Sherpa Fleece is also used to make warm socks for winter.

Pros of Fleece Blankets and Warmers:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wash
  • Dries too quickly in the sun without any effort

Cons of Fleece Blankets and Warmers:

  • High maintenance fabric.
  • Requires cleaning too often

Modern Types of Blankets Design:

Along with crafted with naturally available materials or fabrics, blankets are also fabricated by using an amalgamation of different materials as well as techniques.

For example, Chenille blankets, crochet Afghans, and silk warmers, etc are modern styles of coverings.

If you need modern blankets home, consider the following suggestions in mind:

  • Chenille Blankets or Woven Acrylics
  • Afghan Blanket
  • Down Blanket
  • Microfiber blanket
  • Vellux blanket
  • Emergency blanket

6. What Is Chenille Blanket or Woven Acrylics?

Chenille Blankets or Woven Acrylics
Image Source

Though, Chenille is the French word for caterpillars; however, the fabric has no connection with just France and is widespread all over the world.

Just like the silk, a Chenille Blanket gives you a very soft yet dense texture of coverers.

Chenille Blankets are vintage blankets and used by the Royal Families during the 1950s.

The formation of this fabric takes place by melding different types of other natural materials together, and most famous among them are Polyester, Cotton, Rayon, and Acrylic.

To add styling to your home, in any place, getting such a blanket will come very handy. It will keep you warm and that also without making you look outdated.

Also, if you have an excellent sample to teach you knitting, you can make a knitted blanket at home too.

Pros of Chenille Blankets and Warmers:

  • Very plush in feel.
  • Quite thicker to keep from cold
  • Easy to absorb water
  • Fabric can be used for multiple purposes

Cons of having Chenille Blankets:

  • Stretches with time
  • Loses its shape after many washes
  • Can shrink with time

7. What Is the Afghan Blanket?

Afghan Blanket
Image Source

Afghan blankets are popular in modern livings, but many critics claim that afghan doesn’t appropriately fulfill the conditions of being a blanket.

However, there are also not enough validations to disqualify afghan as a blanket because everyone wants to have them in the home for warmth and style, and that’s the most significant proof to call afghan a warmer.

To make the up-to-the-minute afghan blankets, knitting techniques, and the Wool fabric is used.

Afghan blankets offer a blend of innovation with comfort.

Pros of Afghans:

  • It is stylish yet comfy
  • Very warm to keep you snugged during the freezing cold
  • Best for contemporary living

Cons of using afghan blanket:

So far, there are no disadvantages reported specifically relevant to using afghans at home.

8. What Is Down Blanket?

Down Blanket
Image Source

A down is referred to as blanket, comforter, or duvet as it is a material like birds free feathers, used in different types of warmers.

Birds feathers have the capacity and tendency to keep bodies warm and cozy despite being thin.

It is one of the most popular blankets styles.

Down blankets can be modern throw blankets, duvets, or comforters.

Do You Know

Blankets are also referred to and chosen according to the need of a person. Therefore, these are interchanged with other bedding accessories due to having similar use. Such as a Quilt, Comforter, or Duvet are also termed as blankets by the general public.


Pros of using down sheet:

  • They are lightweight that makes them easy to wash and dry
  • You can use them easily in lounges like shawls; however, they are bigger and more comfortable than scarves and sweaters.
  • They are better than synthetic-filled quilts.

Cons of using down blanket:

  • They are expensive.
  • Cannot be used during severe winters unless electric
  • Can trigger allergies due to feathers filling

What Is Microfiber Blanket?

microfiber blanket
Image Source

Microfiber, Microplush, or Microlight, Microtec, or microfleece are almost the same terms, referred to as a particular synthetic fiber that’s thinner than a single human hair or strand of silk.

For all those vintage-appearance lovers who want to give their home appearance, the look of an old-world cabin in the woods, acquainted with modern luxuries, these microfiber blankets are perfect.

Microfiber blankets are used alone or in party with comforters to get luxurious comfort, and the fabric makes the best blankets for the bed.

“Having microfiber blankets around your shoulders, with a lit fireplace,  Elif Shafak’s book in your hand, and a cup of your favorite brew – the life seems so perfect never to leave your apartment.”

Pros of using Microfiber, Microplush, or Microlight:

  • Easy to wash in the machine
  • Remain maintained for years
  • Blankets have a luxurious touch
  • Affordable

Microfiber Cons:

  • Can trap heat to be less breathable
  • Doesn’t change temperature with body temperature

What Is Vellux Blanket?

Vellux blanket
Image Source

Vellux is also made by using combinations of fabrics, mostly fibers of polyurethane foam and plush nylon.

They are bonded together in layers to create a mix of materials. By doing so, the durability of the clothing increases.

Vellux Blankets are so luxurious and are commonly used commercially.

Vellux Blankets are so warm yet very thin and do not give a heavy feel. They are very plush in texture and lasting in nature.

Pros of using Vellux Blankets:

  • Durable and lasting
  • The texture of softness improves with each wash
  • Easy to clean in machines and dry in direct sun
  • Available in diverse sizes

Cons of using Vellux Blankets:

  • It is not very breathable; not suitable for people prone to sweat during sleep.
  • Not an eco-friendly option

Emergency Blankets / Space Blankets:

Emergency blanket
Image Source

Space blankets or emergency blankets are also termed as heat sheets because they are crafted with thin plastic sheeting enriched with heat-reflective traits.

These blankets are based on a thin thermal layer that enables you to keep up with the body temperature during diverse conditions.

Do you know?

What are silver blankets called that they use to keep your vehicle cool for pets? silver blankets are space blankets developed by NASA in 1960, used for pets as well as humans, in case of emergency.

Pros of emergency blankets:

  • Helps you to survive in adverse conditions
  • Often used as Pet blankets while traveling
  • Enables you to keep up with body temperature
  • Helps in reducing the heat loss in the human body during an emergency
  • The shiny surface can help voyagers to send signals for help by reflecting light

Cons of using emergency blankets:

If you buy cheap and low-quality emergency blankets, you will have to bear the following disadvantages like:

  • They never stop air, rain, or cold from coming in
  • They tear apart easily

They are not reliable

Most Comfortable Blanket Types:

When you are designing your space, it should be comfortable enough to help you live at ease. By keeping this in consideration, the modern industry of home accessories is helping you to make your living more and more, cozier.

Now, you don’t have only blankets to spread over you, in fact, you can wear them too.

Here are some modern blanket types:

  • Wearable blankets
  • Warm Blankets
  • Cool blanket
  • Bag blanket

Blankets with Patterns:

Moon Phases Hoodie Blanket

Once again, the most heated blanket can also be a wearable blanket like a rob, sweatshirt, or a sweater. They are bigger than the sweatshirt blankets but are comfortable to wear too.

They are made by using Microfiber printed  Fleece that makes them hot enough without being thicker or denser.

The warmest blanket you can ever have that’s wearable too comes in beautifully patterned designs, embedded with a hoodie.

Pros of warmest blankets:

  • Use them on the go like while driving a car or watching tv
  • Comfortable enough to wrap around pets
  • Separately available for kids and adults
  • Easy to wash and dry

Cons of warmest blankets:

  • Due to made with microfleece, it is not much breathable
  • Suitable only for severest winters

Cool Blankets:

Cool Blankets

Cool blankets are summer sheets and blankets that keep you tranquil at night during summers. The idea feels a little strange because a blanket is usually a winter thing.

However, thanks to the modern sciences that now you can have cool blankets at home. Call it a summer quilt or rug or a cooling coverage; it is the handiest option for the hot season.

Cool Blankets can be electric or nonelectric and comes extremely handy when you are on a beach on a sunny day of summers.

Cool blankets become popular blankets during summers.

Pros of Cool Blankets:

  • One blanket for the whole family
  • Crafted with beautiful summer patterns

Cons of cool blankets:

  • Requires more frequent washes

Bag Blanket:

Something becomes comfortable when it can be used for multiple purposes. A bag blanket is a comfortable blanket for summer traveling to carry itinerary along and, when opens up, will become a blanket.

It comes with water-resistant properties and keeps you and your stuff dry.

Pros of using bag blanket:

  • It can be used for multiple purposes.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • It is the best summer blanket.

Cons of using bag blanket:

  • Only suitable for small families

Types of Best Electric Blanket:

Electric blankets are power-driven sheets that need charging or direct connection to an electrical source to work.

You can call them a portable heater or air conditioner because you can take them anywhere you want.

They are of various kinds, and some are discussed below:

  • Winter blankets
  • Summer Blankets

Winter Blankets – Travel Heated Blanket:

Winter Blankets - Travel Heated Blanket

Car heated blankets are also comfortable blankets that keep you warm while driving a vehicle. They are electric and get charged so that you can use them without an electrics supply.

However, you can also use them with direct power supply by offering voltage using a USB charger. These blankets make your journeys contented.

Also, do not forget to tie a warm scarf from your collection around your neck, for cozy experience.

Car heated blankets are so modern and made for people living in places with a wintery climate.

Pros of car heated blankets:

  • Make your journeys relaxed
  • Exclusive for drivers having severe issues with cold
  • Available in several colors

Cons of car heated blankets:

  • Electric supply or charging is a must

Summer Blankets:

Summer Blankets
Image Source

Same like winter blankets, you can easily access electric cool blankets for summers that can keep your body tranquilized during sleep. If chargeable, you can use them on the go, and if not, you will need a continuous supply of electricity.

pro tip: When you buy a summer blanket, make sure it is enriched with the chargeable feature.

Pros of summer Blankets:

  • Helps you against heat strokes
  • Diminish electric bills
  • Works better than an AC

Cons of summer Blankets:

  • Can be expensive

Types of Blankets by age:

Just like seats, beds, cradles, and wardrobes, blankets should also be selected by keeping age in the considerations.

It is a common thought that a king-size blanket or a large blanket is suitable for kids as well as you can wrap it around your child quite comfortably.

However, a large fleece is not breathable for your child, but a sheet, adaptable to his body size, will definitely help in breathable sleeping through the night.

Bed blankets for kids and adults vary concerning size, patterns, colors, and materials.

Here are some Blankets Types by age:

  • Baby Blankets
  • Kids Blankets
  • Elderly Blankets

Baby blankets:

Unicorn Crochet Scarf

A fleece baby blanket is the small, nonelectric, sheet that’s according to the age of your baby. From one year old to three years old, you can easily find various types of baby blankets.

Some of them will be sheets while others can be wearable, such as Unicorn Crochet Scarf Blanket, made with fluffy blanket material.

Kids feel more independent when they have home accessories according to their age.

Pros of Baby Blankets:

  • They come as sheets and wearables.
  • Smaller in size, easy to keep
  • Comes in patterned with different characters

Cons of Baby Blankets:

  • When the baby grows, they become out of use.

Types of baby blankets:

Do you know baby blankets come in different types as well? You have plenty of options to choose from. Such as:

  • Swaddling blankets
  • Sleepsacks
  • Thermal blankets
  • Baby Hammock blankets
  • Soft Fleece Blanket
  • Hooded toddler blanket

Baby receiving blanket

Kids Blankets:

Kids blankets
Image Source

Kids’ blankets are designed according to their age and liking. Such as, they are crafted with the patterns of their favorite cartoon and movie characters.

Kids usually do not feel good when their bedrooms are separated; however, by having such kids bedroom accessories, you can create a comforting and adjustable atmosphere for them.

Pros of having kids blankets:

  • Kids can develop an association with sleeping alone
  • Kids feel more comfortable in a sheet according to his or her age.
  • Kid’s blankets can be wearable too.

 Cons of Kids Blankets:

  • With age, they may become out of use.

Blankets for Elderlies:

Elderly Blankets

Just like kids, elderlies and their bodies are prone to catch ailments during early winter and summer seasons as well as when the weather gets severe. They need special care just like babies, and heated plus cooling blankets come extremely handy here.

“Using separate blankets for elderlies is not a matter of precaution but care.”

Elderlies are more likely to catch allergies; hence synthetic yet breathable fabrics can make perfect blankets for older people.

Pair it with Side Sleeper Knee Pillow for pain-free sleep.

Pros of using separate blankets for elderlies:

  • Keep them away from allergies
  • Germs and viruses are prone to travel through blankets; hence a separate coverage for everyone in the family will keep from this spread.
  • Elderlies will feel extra comfortable here.

Cons of using separate blankets for elderlies:

  • You may have to wash them more often because, in old age, humans turn into kids.

Weighted Blankets:

Everyone loves to sleep in comfort when two arms are holding you though with weight, but warmth and love, providing you solace from reality. Weighted blankets do the same.

The fun and function weighted blanket is made with calm fabric, glass beads, or pellets of plastic. It creates a weight on the body and offers you the illusion of sleeping in the hugs.

You can increase the heaviness by having some extra layers on you.

Pros of using weighted blankets:

  • Helps insomniac for perfect sleep
  • Helps against sensory pressing disorder
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Improves sleep

Cons of using weighted blankets:

  • Not comfy for kids as they can feel heavy weight placed on them.
  • They are bulky so aren’t much portable.

They get too hot due to material filled inside them.

Mexican Cobija Blanket:

Mexican Cobija blankets are among the top love for Latinos. It is a blanket, made with plush or velvet, printed with some gigantic patterns.

These blankets are so cozy and considered one of the best choices for mild winter seasons like autumn and fall. They are often used as home decoration items too.

Pros of using Cobija Mexican blankets:

  • They are moderately warm
  • Comes in designed with perky patterns of animals
  • Loved by Latinos

Cons of Cobija Mexican blankets:

  • Not suitable for severe winters

How to buy the best blanket?

More than 21 types of blankets are discussed in the previous lines. But, before ending this content, it is necessary to inform you of some tips regarding buying a new or used blanket according to your needs and pocket size.

A used blanket is a second-hand blanket, however not old. Most of the time, some people love trying new blanket designs, and hence they sell out their used coverings at lesser rates.

Used blanket sellers, dry clean those blankets and repair them, and then offer to the customer at a lower price, some time as short as twice-half of the actual price.

It is just like buying old furniture.

What things to consider and what not; a detailed note is given below:

1. Considering the size:

Considering the size

Nobody wants to compromise the hours they spend on their bed during the night while sleeping. Even if they aren’t sleeping, the time is leisure time, and concession in comfort is not an option.

You need a blanket that’s huge enough to cover you fully and give sound sleep. These are often called as types of blankets for the bed.

Here, the size of blankets comes as the most important thing. Sheets are available in various sizes just like bedding.

Types of blankets for bed include two types:

  • King size blanket: King blanket size is the largest size in warmers you can have. A full-size blanket King comes in of 108 x 90 dimensions.
  • Queen Size Blanket: Queen blanket size is also large and luxurious; however, it is smaller than king size blankets. Full-size blanket (Queen) is of 90×90 dimension.
  • Twin Size Blanket: Twin blanket size is according to twin size beds, and its full-size dimensions are 66×90. It used as a blanket for couples.

2. Age Factor:

You should know the age of the person for whom you are purchasing a cover sheet. They can be babies to kids and adults to elderlies. Remember,

Sleeping patterns and requirements vary age-wise, and sleeping positions, as well as accessories, play a role here.

So, when you are purchasing blankets, keep all of your particular needs under consideration concerning age factor.

3. Fabric and Material:

The choice of fabric depends on two particular things, and they are:

  • Medical requirements
  • Weather

If people are prone to allergies with specific plants or animals, go with hypoallergenic materials like fleece and cotton. Secondly, you should see if you are buying an all-season blanket or for a specific one.

4. Style and patterns:

Though blankets are being used since ages, however, over the course of time, modern knitting patterns for baby blankets and standard blankets have been introduced.

Afghan Blankets offer the best example here. Therefore, check for contemporary style and trends too.

5. Price and Warranty:

Lastly, do not forget to check for the price and warranty of the sheet you are purchasing.

Always bargain if you are buying from a physical shop or try to use vouchers and avail sale-offers when purchasing online to get some discounts. You can find:

  • First-hand blankets (new blankets)
  • Second-hand blankets (used blankets)

Choose the one that suits your pocket size.

6. Understand the differences between warmers:

There are plenty of warmers used in the form of blankets, quilts, or comforter. You must know the difference of a Blankets VS Quilt, Quilt VS comforter, comforter VS blanket, or flat sheet VS fitted sheet. 

If you are buying coverage, do not purchase quilt or comforter. The infographic given above can give you a fruitful idea about the differences between each type of sleeping accessory.

Types of Blankets FAQs before Purchase:

1. What are blankets called?

Blankets, concerning fabrics and materials, are called comforters, coverings, quilts, and duvets.

2. What are thick blankets called?

The most popular blanket for thick fabric is the comforter. It is made by using synthetic fibers, evenly distributed throughout the material.

3. What is a presenting blanket?

The presenting blanket, also called the receiving blanket, is a type of baby blanket, usually sold in a pack of two, three, or four.

Presenting blanket is used for various tasks such as receiving babies, swaddling, or burping, etc.

4. What is the softest blanket in 2023?

Without a doubt, the softest blanket for all time and 2023 is made of fleece, plush, or velvet.

Bottom Line:

This is all about types of blankets and the buying guide related to that. Ponder into the tips before you go for buying and shopping your home accessories.

For more information on home décor and care, keep visiting our blog.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to us. 🙂

Now, before leaving this blog, please tell us, what is your favorite blanket since childhood and why?


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