Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul With the Powerful Rainbow Fluorite (Meaning, Chakra, Properties)

Rainbow Fluorite
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The history of meditation with buddha, a complementary and alternative medicine therapy, goes back to the early 5000 BCE.

Recently, meditation and healing have been getting popular again. A government survey revealed that 36% US population believes in alternative medicine therapy.

Primary faith and folk healing therapies include Tai chi, acupuncture, drinking tea, massage, and crystal healing.

Today, we are here to find out crystal healing and the perfect crystal for healing. So, what does that mean?

What Is Crystal Healing

Crystal or energy healing is an alternative medicine therapy that is used to bring mindful peace to one’s life with the use of rainbow or clear quartz, healing crystals, chakra stones, and gemstones like the amethyst.

But for now, we will be discussing one specific healing crystal, rainbow fluorite, its meaning, properties, and all the chakras related to it.

So, without further ado, let’s find out about rainbow fluorite crystal and everything to it.

Rainbow Fluorite

rainbow fluorite
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Fluorite crystal is a powerful and multi-colored stone believed to have exceptional spiritual energy and healing properties. The use of fluorite sucks negative energy and releases positive vibes like incense burners.

It can help connect the mind to the universe, bring cosmic energy, balance, and life stability. One can have a more precise and better vision of living with upper fluorite chakra.

Rainbo Fluorite Stone

Rainbow fluorite crystal is a blend of multiple colors, including violet, lavender, yellow, green, purple, blue, or clear bands.

Where is Rainbow Fluorite Found?

Rainbow fluorite is a common mineral that can easily be found globally in France, Mongolia, Brazil, China, Peru, Central North America, South Africa, Australia, Britain, Russia, United States, Mexico, etc.

It is available worldwide in various rainbow colors, which are thought to be the result of impurities.

Rainbow Fluorite Meaning

rainbow fluorite meaning
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Fluorite is derived from the Latin word ‘fluere,’ which means ‘to flow.’

It was used to drink exquisite wine in Roman culture and was related to lucid dreams in Chinese philosophy.

In general, the primary fluorite crystal meaning is related to being a spiritual genius and an effective tool for meditation that can help calm the nerves. It opens up the trapped ideas and thoughts in the brain, eventually aiding in concentration, focusing, and the decision-making process.

Rainbow Fluorite Shapes

Rainbow fluorites can be melted into different shapes like a wand (for massage), vessel (for drinking), tower, and point (for organizing & reorganizing thoughts).

Whereas the different colors of the fluorite rainbow are linked to further meanings and healing properties.

We will be discussing them later in our guide. But first, let’s get to know about the center of spiritual power, the fluorite chakra.

Fluorite Chakra

fluorite chakra
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Before we continue on our healing journey to find out about the fluorite chakras and how they can help bring balance, positive energy, and peace to your life.

Let’s get to know what is a chakra? And how is rainbow fluorite related to it?

According to meditation practices in Hindu traditions, chakra or wheel is the circular vortex of all the focal energy points in our body.

They are believed to be present on specific points in our body and need to be aligned and activated to get a specific spiritual, physical, or emotional benefit. Following are the 7 chakras:

  • Root
  • Sacral
  • Solar plexus,
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Third eye
  • Crown

Rainbow fluorite crystal is an effective healing stone that harmonizes good energy and activates almost all the chakras.

As rainbow fluorite meaning revolves around energy, spiritualism, and reorganizing chaos, it mainly works with the upper chakras (Throat, Third Eye, Crown) to increase self-confidence, innate abilities, emotional balance, and spiritual connection with oneself and to the universe.

It also matches with the Heart chakra to radiate calming and relaxing vibes.

Rainbow Fluorite Properties

Fluorite healing properties revolve around the emotional, physical, and spiritual balance of life. Some of the actual properties of fluorite healing include:

  • Rainbow fluorite helps in calming the mental senses
  • Fluorite stone if placed on the heart chakra gives a sense of ease and compassion
  • Fluorite rainbow necklace (on throat chakra) can help in accepting the chaos and healing from them
  • Rainbow fluorite gemstone keeps the nightmares away, i.e., it is a dreamcatcher
  • Rainbow fluorite crystals can reduce anxiety if you keep them in the pockets all-day
  • If you feel less confident, working with fluorite rainbow can fill you up with boosting energy and power
  • Keeping the fluorite beads motivates to deal with the complex situations
  • Wearing a rainbow fluorite bracelet in the non-dominant hand can help in harmonizing and grounding spiritual connection
  • Rainbow tower can benefit in concentration, coordination, self-confidence, and balance in the body
  • Similar to the amethyst, fluorite healing properties play a vital role in soothing strain, irritation, and discomfort
  • Fluorite metaphysical properties also aid in relieving arthritis pain, infections, stiff joints, and spine injuries
  • The multi-colored fluorite is thought to be anti-viral which means it may protect from viruses
  • Other fluorite uses are the improvement of the nervous system working and brain’s thinking ability

However, different shades of rainbow fluorite crystals have individual fluorite properties:

  • Blue fluorite brings calmness, serene energy, and inner peace
  • Purple fluorite stimulate the human cellular mitosis, immune system and helps in psychic intuitions
  • Green fluorite is a gentle healer, aura cleanser and brings purity
  • Yellow fluorite accelerates creativity, visualization, and intellectual ability
  • Pink fluorite helps in dealing with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem
  • Black fluorite aid in balancing and eliminating the negative energy
  • Clear fluorite supports mental, physical, and spiritual health

How To Use Rainbow Fluorite For Healing?

There are different methods and ways to use rainbow fluorite healing properties to bring the needed change to your life.

One of the simple ways can be to get it beaded in a bracelet so you can wear it in hand while performing your daily chores. You can also choose to embed it in your favorite chain or necklace to match it with the throat chakra.

If you don’t want to make it obvious but still want to wear the healing crystal comfortably all day, you can customize a pair of earrings with rainbow fluorite stones.

Or, you can simply place it on your bedside table before sleeping.

Pro-Tip: Pair it with a crystal tower lamp for accentuated positive energy around you.

You can also take the fluorite stone water bottle to your office to keep the oppressive and negative energy away from your work.

Here’s how you can meditate with rainbow fluorite to energize your soul:

Create a relaxing ambiance with an incense fountain holder, dim the room lights, sit in a comfortable position or lay flat on your back, and take the rainbow fluorite gemstone or crystal in your hand.

Start diverting your body senses towards the positive energy surrounding you and feel your soul getting cleanse, purified, and energize.

Rainbow Fluorite FAQ’s

Which Astrological Signs Can Wear Rainbow Fluorite?

Generally, it is preferred by Capricorn, Libra, Gemini, Pisces, & Aquarius horoscope signs, but due to its powerful healing properties activating almost all the chakras. Anyone can wear it!

Can Crystal Healing Replace Conventional Medicine?

There is no scientific proof of any of the fluorite healing properties. And by no means can it be considered superior to the traditional healing methods and conventional medicine.

In fact, it is not an independent metaphysical treatment method but comes under complementary and alternative medicine.

Here are some ready to buy products that can accentuate or aid the crystal healing process:


Although rainbow fluorite healing has no scientific validation, most people find it effective in emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.

Please consider that all the mentioned information is only metaphysical and does not come under any prescribed treatment, diagnosis, or health authority.

If you want to read more about such spiritual, helpful, and meaningful things, make sure to visit Inspire Uplift Blog.

Lastly, share with us what other powerful healing stones you want to know about?

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