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Polychrome Jasper
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Crystals, gems, and stones all have certain healing energies and powerful vibes that connect with our desires, emotions, and chakras to heal our soul, mind, and body.

Well, some of them work to boost self-love, combat anxiety, and neutralizing negative thoughts. Other’s practice to enhance creativity, promote growth, and help rejuvenate, for example, Blue Agate.

One such powerful and magical crystal we have is polychrome jasper.

Belonging to the family of Jasper, the supreme nurturer, it aligns and balances natural energy to bring peace, happiness, creativity, and many other benefits.

Let’s find out the jasper meaning, benefits, healing properties, and so much more in this guide.

Polychrome Jasper

polychrome jasper
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Jasper is an opaque variety of chalcedony or quartz crystal with more than 20 percent minerals, metals, or impurities incorporated, giving it the beautiful diversity of colors.

Kambaba, Mookaite, Ocean, polychrome, and red jasper are some of them. We’ll be discussing the magical polychrome jasper further.

So, what is polychrome jasper?

Polychrome Jasper or Desert Jasper is a type of jasper stone that was accidentally found in the Madagascar mountains in 2008.

It comes in huge formations and colors like purple, gold, pink, red, or brown hence named polychrome jasper, i.e., multicolor jasper.

The reason for different hues is the impurities, mainly Iron.

It is usually associated with motivation, nurturing, creativity, passion, etc. It is indeed a magical stone, like banded agate with crucial meaning in almost every aspect of life.

Let’s get to know all the possible polychrome jasper meaning in our next section:

Polychrome Jasper Meaning

Jasper meaning
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Polychrome jasper is a stone of energy, truth, wisdom, healing, stability, inspiration, nurturing, self-love, courage, and so much more.

It helps one find the purpose of life, connect deeply with mother nature, and aids in physical and emotional balance to create a sense of fullness.

In general, the basic desert jasper stone meaning is related to being an energy healer that slowly spreads the positivity around.

It connects with all chakras to open up the trapped thoughts, soothe anxiety, recall dreams, and focus on what matters.

Most crystal-lovers believe that rough, sphere or raw polychrome jasper organizes and clears all the body’s energy points. Well, it surely does balance them out at the same time.

But to be exact, it mainly focuses on the root and sacral chakra. We’ll be discussing how it links to activate these energy points of the body to help attain certain benefits in our next section.

Polychrome Jasper Properties

polychrome jasper properties
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Polychrome jasper is a healing crystal that is linked to the Fire element. It personifies buoyancy, powerful energy, creativity, resonance, action, and zeal, same we have is selenite crysta.

This type of jasper has the energy of Earth stored in it that calms, soothes, and deepens the soul. Its stabilizing vibrancy connects one to nature.

Like all the other powerful crystals, polychrome jasper gemstone also has its fair share of healing and metaphysical properties.

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Here we have mentioned the healing and metaphysical properties of the polychrome jasper in detail:

Polychrome Jasper Metaphysical Properties

  • It helps in adjusting to a new environment without stressing about it
  • The daily use of this freeform stone of healing can reduce the anxiety levels
  • Polychrome sphere is believed to have stored the energy of ancient earth, which aids in providing a sense of purpose to life
  • Keeping a jasper tower or point around the body or in the surrounding space can relieve the energy blockage from the body
  • Its grounding energy connects with the root chakra to keep the person close to nature
  • A polychrome jasper heart can attract love in your life, thus helping you in finding your soulmates or improving the existing relationship
  • Maintain the balance in a person’s emotional health and physical well-being
  • Jasper metaphysical properties can also activate the pleasure center in your body
  • The strong vibrancy activates Sacral chakra and allows one to find the hidden creativity
  • The vitality of polychrome jasper helps in remembering the forgotten dreams. Yes, it is a dream catcher
  • It has centralizing and grounding vibes to increase the overall stamina of the body
  • It can bring joy and good fortune to life
  • The vibrations of jasper aids in discovering new and hidden approaches
  • It can be an effective and powerful meditation tool like healing fluorite crystal that helps concentrate on the unspoken language of soul and mother Earth.

Healing Properties

  • Soothes pain in the joints
  • It can assist in the process of tissue degeneration
  • Relieve toxins from the body
  • Balances minerals and nutrients in the body
  • Supports digestion and digestive system
  • Enhances cellular healing during and after a sickness
  • Boost the immunity and immune system
  • Protects belongings and oneself during travel
  • Encourages mental stability
  • May improve the symptoms of dementia

Properties Based on Colors of Jasper Crystal

Polychrome jasper is among the types of jasper stone that were formed naturally because of the incorporated impurities.

These additions resulted in different hues of the jasper (spotted) crystals. Moreover, polychrome jasper can have red, brown, purple, gold, yellow, pink, and green, with each variety having individual properties:

  • Purple jasper helps to find inner peace by connecting with the spirit and soul
  • Yellow polychrome allows enjoying life to the fullest.
  • Gold jasper crystal leads the way to create such a positive environment that helps in finding and achieving the dream goals
  • Pink polychrome heart opens the door to the love life and may also improve the status of existing relationships
  • Red jasper polychrome stone boosts stamina, confidence, courage, and self-love
  • Brown polychrome tower is usually used in shamanic ways, but it can also help in meditation to connect with the positives energies
  • Green jasper is believed to get rid of all the evil and negative spirits

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Uses & Benefits of Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome jasper sphere
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Crystal healing can be compared to the placebo effect, where the positive and effective result depends on the person’s belief.

Surely, polychrome jasper is a powerful healing stone, but it also is a slow activator which means you can’t notice the positive changes it caused right away.

Fire jasper stone comes in different shapes and forms like raw, rough, freeform, tower, sphere, wand, point, heart, crystals, etc.

Moreover, it can also be used in customized jewelry or household items.

There are various ways to use a polychrome stone to get the advantage of all its benefits. Let’s find some of them:

  • You can customize the jasper crystal into a healing necklace, bracelet, earring, or even an anklet to absorb the bad vibes and reactivate your energy when feeling low
  • By keeping a polychrome point in the room, you can direct the flow of energy around you
  • A polychrome massage wand can ease the aches in the body. All you need to do is rub it slowly on the painful area
  • Keep the polychrome jasper under your pillow before going to bed to recall the dreams you had in the morning
  • Polychrome spheres are usually used during the shamanic process to help people recall the memories
  • A jasper pyramid can work wonders in an uncomfortable and negative office environment

Jasper stone is considered a birthstone of people born in March and having zodiac sign Aries or Pisces. It also relates to Leo and Sagittarius.

The use of polychrome gemstone can make Leos more ambitious, kind and courageous. At the same time, keeping a jasper crystal can increase the optimism and creativity of March borns.

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Now, before ending our complete guide on the polychrome jasper. Here read answers to some of the top queries asked by the crystal healers:

Polychrome Jasper FAQ’s

How is Polychrome Jasper Formed?

Multicolor jasper crystals are usually formed due to impurities like Iron. These elements create different colors of jasper crystals like red, brown, yellow, or polychrome jasper.

Is Polychrome Jasper Stone Natural?

Yes! It exists naturally but was found accidentally during the search of ocean jasper formations.

Are Polychrome Jasper Crystals Rare?

They are yet found only on the coast of East Africa. But you never know they might be existing somewhere else also waiting to be discovered.

Where Does Desert Jasper Come From?

It is an opaque variety of jasper stone that usually exists in mass forms. It was found in 2006 in the mountains of an Island place, Madagascar.

What Are the Healing Properties of Types of Jasper?

It is a stone of truth, courage, power, vibrancy, wisdom, stability, and emotional balance.

Jasper crystal balances yin and yang energy, provides a sense of protection, neutralizes bad and negative vibes, relieves stress and soothes anxiety.

Polychrome jasper crystal vaults boost the immune system, aids in digestion, improve the nutrient level, and comforts the aches in the body.

Polychrome Jasper Vs. Ocean Jasper?

Ocean jasper is a rare variety of Jasper stone (chalcedony mineral). It is a healing crystal that connects with the heart and throat chakra.


Polychrome jasper is a multicolor jasper gemstone that is related more to the root and sacral chakra.

How do You Clean Polychrome Jasper?

Despite being one of the powerful healing stones, polychrome jasper also needs to be recharge, energize and clean.

Place the gemstone in the moonlight overnight to let it recharge and cleanse while absorbing the moon’s energy. You can also keep it on a selenite wand to get rid of the sucked-up bad vibes.

Bottom Line: Slow Activator but Powerful Healing

Polychrome jasper is a slow-activating stone that needs time to show its magical powers.

However, we have already mentioned in our guide how you can use polychrome crystal properties to get the best healing and metaphysical benefits.

Note: The best results depend on the faith of the person using it.

Lastly, share what more do you want to know about crystal healing in the comments below.

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