Let These Magical Healing Selenite Properties Absorb All the Negative Vibes From Your Life

Selenite Properties
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Spirituality, nature’s energy, chakras, and crystals: all go hand in hand.

They help us in healing our physical body, improving mental strength, and maintaining emotional balance.

Today, we are here to talk about such benefits, uses, healing, and metaphysical selenite properties that work with upper human chakras and spiritual energies to help connect with nature and oneself.

First, let’s get to know what selenite is and the meaning behind this crystal:

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a clear or translucent gypsum crystal named after the Greek goddess of moon ‘Selene’ by ancient Greeks.

The milky glowy crystal has a pearlescent shine which makes it look similar to the moon.

Selenite Meaning

Known as the ‘universal cleanser,’ selenite stone meaning is linked to angelic realms, purity, spirituality, inner peace, wisdom, and beauty.

Now that we know the basic selenite crystal meaning, it’s time to discover selenite properties that can heal your mind, body, and soul:

Selenite Properties

selenite properties
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Selenite is a high-energy crystal that benefits the physical, emotional and spiritual health of a being.

So, what does the selenite do?

It is believed to bring good fortune, wealth, and wisdom to one’s life. The high-vibration energy of the selenite crystal can help you connect with your divine self and to lead a better and positive life.

Here are some of the selenite healing and metaphysical properties to get that positive aura around you:

1. Purifies Soul to Bring Harmony & Inner Peace

Selenite is a powerful crystal with high vibrations that can purify one’s soul from all the negative thoughts, intentions, or even people from life.

Moreover, it can help bring harmony to the daily routine, which will eventually lead you to live a good, better, and improved life.

2. Encourages Your Emotional Wellness & Health

The healing properties of a selenite gypsum aids in balancing and stabilizing your emotional health. It stimulates emotional healing and wellness in one’s life.

The energetic aura of selenite stone creates such a hopeful sensation around you that you will feel all your bottled-up emotions are finally setting free.

3. Spreads Powerful Positive Vibes Around You

This master healer radiates such a strong vibe that one feels all the bad vibes are getting removed and converted into good and positive vibes.

This will allow you to self-love and find your self-worth.

Naica Mine: Cave of Crystals

In 1910, the largest mine of gypsum selenite was discovered by some miners in the Chihuahua state of Mexico.

4. Removes Negative Spirit from Your Life

The metaphysical properties of selenite in any form like a wand, tower, ball, sphere, etc., can be used to emit soothing vibrations that will make your home or office a calming sanctuary.

Note: Another powerful crystal that removes negative energies from the body, life, and surroundings is the healing blue calcite. Click to read more.

5. Cleanse Your Auras

Spiritual growth, higher chakras, and emotional balance, selenite properties seem to shine the most in these aspects. Selenite is considered a universal cleanser crystal, which cleanses all the bad auras around you.

6. Activates Higher Chakras

Selenite crystal benefits you to find your divine energy by working with the crown chakra. It connects with the third eye chakra to allow self-reflection and improves visual perception.

This healing stone is also an activator of the soul star chakra, the path to your spiritual growth.

7. Gives You a Sense of Deep Relaxation

Selenite crystal is not only a positive stone, but it also radiates relaxing, calming, and soothing vibes to comfort the discomfort.

Utilize the magical selenite properties to bring balance to your life!

8. Enhances Spiritual Growth

It solely works with the soul star chakra to lead oneself towards the path of spiritual growth and to find the hidden divine consciousness.

9. Improves Your Mental Clarity & Intelligence

selenite healing
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Selenite is the highest vibration stone that will allow you to think without confusion and open all the blocked doors in your mind.

10. Chance to have A Better Approach for Living

The body is made up of the same minerals and energy with which the universe and nature are made. And, the magical selenite properties help to connect with them.

It aids in developing psychic abilities to let you see all the good in the world.

11. Absorbs Bad Energy from Your Surroundings

Selenite crystal uses its positive energy to dispel all the bad energy around you and gives a sense of focus and clarity.

12. Creates Ambiance of Meditation

The healing selenite properties also aid in creating the perfect meditation environment. It opens the door to the hidden world.

Create your perfect meditation environment:

Turn off the lights, lit scented fragrance cones, place a relaxing little Buddha incense holder on the table, sit down in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and hold the magical selenite crystals in each hand.

Feel a strong positive aura building around you, cleansing your soul from all the bad thoughts.

13. Relieve Stress & Anxiety to Combat Depression

These highest vibration crystals use their strong vibrations to suck up the unease, nervousness, stress, and anxiety from the body.

Note:  Rainbow fluorite crystal works with higher chakras and hidden spiritual energy to soothe, relax, and support the emotional balance. Click to read more about the Rainbow fluorite healing stone.

14. Boosts Team Unity to Achieve Common Goals

Selenite crystals provide a clear vision and a boost of confidence to one’s personality and bring a sense of companionship between the team members.

Use selenite properties to bring unity to your team!

15. Promotes Truth, Honesty, & Intuition

If you are struggling with flaws in your personality and imbalance in your life, take a selenite gemstone and place it on your head. You’ll feel everything finally coming back into place.

Keeping a selenite stone in the pocket or purse promotes honesty, truth, and character development.

16. Eliminates Energy Blockage

Placing the healing selenite on the heart chakra or rubbing the crystal around the energy points unties the knots and the energy blockage in the body.

It allows the healing spirit to travel across the body without any hindrance.

17. Inspires Mindfulness Meditation

selenite metaphysical properties

The healing selenite properties also aid in creating the perfect meditation environment. It opens the door to the hidden world.

18. Aligns the Spine & Boosts Flexibility

Transmit the healing power of these powerful stones to your body and put these crystals on the spine or back. Daily selenite use is said to align the spine and boost flexibility in the body.

19. Unclutter Confusing Thoughts

Metaphysical selenite properties can release bottled-up emotions and wandering thoughts in your mind. It helps in understanding what you need and what you want to remove from your life.

20. Utilized the Energy of Moon to Encourage Healthy Sleep

As selenite was named after the moon goddess ‘Selene,’ it uses the energy of the night and moon to help sleep better.

Keep selenite crystals on your bedside, and you’ll surely sleep like a baby.

Selenite Crystal Properties Based on Colors

Although selenite is mostly a colorless translucent milky gypsum mineral, due to some impurities, it can also have orange, peach, white, green, and blue crystals, with each hue having individual benefits and properties:

1. Orange Selenite:

Orange Selenite
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Orange selenite crystals can give a sense of security, protection, and safety at night. Simply place a selenite hourglass or tower on your bedside at night to feel the guarding energy around you.

Selenite Geology

Selenite hourglass crystals are found solely in the salt plains of Oklahoma city in a U.S. state, Oklahoma. However, selenite gypsum can be richly found in Mexico, Morocco, Australia, Brazil, Greece, Japan, etc.

2. Peach Selenite:

selenite crystal benefits
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Magical selenite properties help in strengthening the positive affirmations, manifestations, and intentions. Hold a peach selenite healing wand in each hand for 5 minutes daily to get the maximum benefit out of it.

3. Blue Selenite:

selenite magical properties
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Blue selenite gypsum works with higher chakras like a crown or third eye to enhance intelligence and find the core of the problems in life.

Keep a selenite crystal or other effective meditation tools around you before you start the process of reflecting on yourself.

4. White Selenite

White Selenite
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Clear or white selenite crystal is also considered the master healer, which can accelerate the emotional balance, enhance concentration, and help in improving the immune system.

Always carry a pearlescent selenite crystal in your pocket or bag.

Desert Rose Selenite

Gypsum rose, sand rose, or desert rose is a type of selenite made from sand, water, and air. It takes the form of a rosette and can have tan, brown, white, or cream color. It is used to attract fortune, prosperity, and wood energy.

5. Green Selenite

selenite uses
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Green selenite properties connect with the heart chakra to release anxiety and any pressure on the lungs, heart, and respiratory system.

Wearing a green selenite necklace or beaded bracelet can make a person feel good and relax

Selenite Benefits

selenite benefits
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Selenite, a powerful universal cleansing crystal, has numerous magical healing properties. But, it also has endless advantages too.

Here, have a look at some benefits of selenite properties to energize your spirits:

  • Cleanse other healing crystals
  • Soothes mental stress
  • Eliminates unwanted energy from the body and environment
  • Opens the crown chakra
  • Promotes self-love
  • Stabilizes emotions
  • Improves sleep cycle
  • Connects with the heart chakra to release nervousness and anxiety
  • Charge, energize, and purify jewelry and accessories
  • Brings good fortune
  • Destress the suppressed body knots
  • Lift up your spirits

Satin Spar vs Selenite

Selenite and satin spar are both varieties of gypsum minerals. No, they are not the same.

However, the satin spar is also known as a lucky stone, which aids in dealing with infertility and brings good luck.

How to Use Selenite

Selenite crystal comes in different shapes and varieties like a wand, tower, stick, plate, sphere, point, stone, beads, slabs, ball, etc.

This means you get to utilize numerous helpful selenite properties however you want to. Here, have a look at some selenite crystal uses for a better and improved life:

  • Placing a selenite tower in the windows keeps the ghosts and bad spirits away from your house
selenite tower
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  • By putting jewelry and accessories on selenite slab, crystals, or plates, they can absorb the positive energy
  • Rubbing a selenite wand can ease the pain, soreness, and discomfort in the body

Note: Get a crystal wand infused water bottle and release negative energy and pain from your body

Healing Natural Quartz Water Bottle

  • A selenite bracelet can suck up all the negative energy from the body and helps to relieve anxiety
  • Keeping a selenite sphere, tower, or crystal ball absorbs bad vibes from the room or office space

Note: Buy an authentic selenite tower lamp to add light and positivity to your surroundings

Natural Authentic Crystal Tower Selenite Lamp For Bedroom

  • Selenite stone helps in improving and encouraging psychic communication
  • Wearing a selenite necklace keeps oneself calm

Note: Let this magical obsidian crystal stone necklace cleanse all your negative energies while you are wearing it

Now, that you know all the emotional, spiritual, and physical selenite properties, uses, and benefits. Let’s find out what you can do to charge and cleanse your healing stone.

How to Cleanse Selenite

You might have already read in several guides to use water or sun to cleanse or charge the selenite crystals.


Do you know that they are one of fragile stones despite having powerful positive energy, the highest vibrations, and magical properties?

Moreover, they are delicate gypsum minerals that are water-soluble. What does it imply? That it will only dissolve back into its mineral form once you use water to clean it.

So, how can you cleanse selenite or charge it to get rid of all the negative energy it has absorbed?

Use the moonlight! Let your selenite crystals soak the energy of the moon overnight to charge and clean themselves.

Bottom Line

There you have it, your complete guide to get benefit from all the healing and metaphysical selenite properties. So, use this powerful gypsum stone and bring balance and peace to your life.

Lastly, write to us which crystal or healing stone information you want to read next.

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