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93 Happy June Quotes, Sayings, Poems, and Captions for your Summer Inspiration

June Quotes

Long sunny days, starry summer nights, beach visits, outdoor barbecues, and cool soda drinks. What’s there not to love about June?

Sure, there’s something unique about all the months, but the start of summer, a new season in your life, makes June even more superior.

The month of June gives us the summer inspiration, just like the warm month – telling us not to wait for the change, instead be the change.

Everybody has something worthy to grow and celebrate, forget and forgive, rediscover, and appreciate this month.

Are you among those?

Use these happy, inspirational, fun, and hopeful June quotes to bring hope, newness, and that summer nostalgia back to your life.

June Quotes

June is the month of freshness, joy, happiness, wishes, and desire. There are numerous reasons to celebrate June. Well, say Hello to the summer month with these quotes about June:

πŸ“œ “May June bring you joy, happiness, love, and lots of sunshine.”

πŸ“œ “And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.”

– James Russell Lowell

πŸ“œ “Hello, June! Now, the days are going to be hotter and the nights even longer.”

πŸ“œ “Hello, June! Let the summer begin.” – Unknown

Hello June Quotes

πŸ“œ “A cold in the head in June is an immoral thing.” – L.M. Montgomery

πŸ“œ “Hello, June! Be a month of peace and love.” – Unknown

πŸ“œ “Finally, it’s June! Please, be good to me.” – Unknown

πŸ“œ “Summer is not obligatory. We can start an infernally hard jigsaw puzzle in June with the knowledge that, if there are enough rainy days, we may just finish it by Labor Day, but if not, there’s no harm, no penalty. We may have better things to do.” – Nancy Gibbs

πŸ“œ “Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures.” – M. F. K. Fisher

January, February, March, April, and May. It took 5 months for the first day of June , and May. It took 5 months for the 1st June to visit us. And, here we are, waiting for those beach nights and pool parties.

Drink a refreshing soda and end your summer longing!

Don’t worry. We have got a June quote for everyone. Here, read more quotes about the month of June:

πŸ“œ “March into May to witness that fullness of life in June.”

πŸ“œ “In early June, the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.” – John Steinbeck

πŸ“œ β€œWelcome 1st June and end 30th June by setting goals, saying prayers, and working hard.” 

πŸ“œ β€œTake it easy, don’t rush things. Half-year is gone, but hey, welcome, June.” – UnknownΒ 

πŸ“œ β€œHello June, I know you are going to be a great month for me.”

πŸ“œ “It is better to be a young June bug than an old bird of paradise.” – Mark Twain

πŸ“œ “It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.” – Maud Hart Lovelace

πŸ“œ “At midnight, in the month of June, I stand beneath the mystic moon.” – Edgar Allan Poe

πŸ“œ “June suns, you cannot store them.” – A.E. Housman

πŸ“œ “June is the gateway to summer.” – Jean Hersey

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Welcome June Quotes

Gone are the cold days and chilly nights that bound us to our bed and comfy blankets only. It is time to swap the warm layers with the cool beach cover-ups.

To feel the summer inspiration, we all need some welcome month of the June quotes to bring back the charm of warm sunny days.

Here charge your spirit with hello 1st June quotes:

πŸ“œ “It’s beautiful the Summer month of June . . . and the sun shines most of the day brightly.” – Francis Duggan

πŸ“œ “I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”

– L. M. Montgomery

πŸ“œ “And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.” – James Russell Lowell

πŸ“œ “If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.” – Bernard Williams

πŸ“œ “Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.” – Al Bernstein

πŸ“œ “June is the time for being in the world in new ways, for throwing off the cold and dark spots of life.” – Joan D. Chittister

πŸ“œ“Far up in the deep blue sky, Great white clouds are floating by; All the world is dressed in green; Many happy birds are seen, Roses bright and sunshine clear Show that lovely June is here.” – F. G. Sanders

πŸ“œ “And since all this loveliness cannot be Heaven, I know in my heart it is June.”

– Abba Woolson

πŸ“œ “Welcome, June! Let me ‘seas’ my day.”

Coming are the days when we all will be planning to visit the pool parties, packing our accessories for the beach day, or talking about that fun sunny day we spent last year with sand and blue hues.

Here get in that beachy summer mood with these beach quotes. You can also use these June quotes for Instagram captions:

πŸ“œ “Ocean, summer, beach, and barbecues. We all live for June.”

πŸ“œ “Be shore of yourself. Come out of your shell. Take time to coast. Avoid pier pressure. Sea life’s beauty. Don’t get so tied down on work that you miss out on life’s beautiful waves.” – Advice from the Ocean

πŸ“œ “Life is better in flip-flops. Life is better on the beach.”

πŸ“œ “B.E.A.C.H.: Best Escape Anyone Can Have.” – Unknown

Welcome June Quotes

πŸ“œ “Do it now and avoid the June rush! Fear death by water!” – Diane Duane

πŸ“œ “Life is at the beach. All you have to do is find your wave in June.”

πŸ“œ “If you’re not barefoot on the beach day in June, then you’re overdressed.” – Unknown

πŸ“œ “The tans fade, but the memories last a lifetime.” – Unknown

This quote for June expresses how we feel right now with all the pandemic and coronavirus outbreaks happening worldwide.

πŸ“œ “Let it be June, Bring the Summer Beach Back, and our Let our life be simple again.”

June Birthday Quotes

People born in June have two signs, Cancer and Gemini, and are usually full of energy, balance, and a good sense of humor. Yes, they are as lively as this sixth month of the calendar.

Here check these June sayings, messages, wishes, captions, and quotes for people born in June:

πŸ“œ “I was born in June, so I like summer, and my favorite part of a sunny day is when the sun sets.” – Jorja Smith

πŸ“œ “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you last. Well, here it is. June and summer have come, but so is your Birthday ~ Happy Birthday.”

πŸ“œ “All people are born equal, but the best ones are born in June.” – Unknown

πŸ“œ “Hello June, please make this birthday amazing, cool, and special just like me.”

June Birthday Quotes

πŸ“œ “June is the month of Queens and Kings ~ Happy Birthday to you!”

πŸ“œ “Never underestimate the power of people born in June. ~ Happy Birthday to me.” – Unknown

πŸ“œ “Keep growing, keep shining. You captivate the whole universe. ~ Happy Birthday!” – Unknown

πŸ“œ “I wish you a happy birthday and a wonderful life full of joy. I desire you to continue in your mission of being happy and making others happy.” – Unknown

πŸ“œ “Legends are born in June.” – Unknown

πŸ“œ “To the sweetest and most sugary person I know.” – Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Note: Wish the elders in your life a healthy and blessed birthday with these useful gifts for older people.

Gemini and Cancer are the two main zodiacs or start signs for June. Based on dates, Gemini falls from May 21 to June 20. At the same time, Cancer is from June 21 to July 22.

The personality of people born in June appears to be playful, sensitive, protective, loyal, and caring. However, they can also be moody, annoying, or sarcastic.Β 

Here read some June zodiac quotes:Β 

πŸ“œ β€œGemini people have a habit of annoying people just for the fun of it.” – UnknownΒ 

πŸ“œ β€œCancer zodiac live fast and die young.” – Unknown

πŸ“œ β€œPeople born in June doesn’t have attitude. They have standards.” – UnknownΒ 

πŸ“œ β€œNot many people can win the heart of a cancer.” – UnknownΒ 

πŸ“œ β€œA Gemini will make you see joys of life you never experienced.” – Saket Shah

πŸ“œ β€œJune borns are not moody. They are good at multitasking.” – Unknown

πŸ“œ β€œI can’t keep calm. I was born in June.”

Fun & Humorous June Quotes

Enjoy that feeling of finally getting rid of all the sweaters, warm vests, beanies, and blankets with these fun & happy June quotes. Have a good laugh!

πŸ“œ “What was told by August when June claimed today to be the month’s last day. Do not July to me!” – Unknown

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πŸ“œ “What are you going to call somebody that does not believe that it is June even now? May-Sayer!” – Unknown

πŸ“œ “A daughter has been born to my wife and me just now, and we named our girl as June July August. Short for summer!” – Unknown

πŸ“œ “There are two ways to save your body from the sun in summer June. And, neither one works!”

πŸ“œ “It makes perfect sense since June is going to arrive after May comes to an end.” – Unknown

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June Inspirational Quotes

We all love some inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. What’s better than to see those encouraging and motivational words all day? Right?

Here read these month of June quotes and sayings for calendars to feel such inspiration every day:

πŸ“œ “What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.” – Gertrude Jekyll

πŸ“œ “It is June. I am tired of being brave.” – Anne Sexton

πŸ“œ β€œAlways remember you are doing good.” – Larry June Quotes

πŸ“œ “Stop a minute, right where you are. Relax your shoulders, shake your head and spine like a dog shaking off the cold water. Tell that imperious voice in your head to be still.” – Barbara Kingsolver

πŸ“œ “In my college years, I would retreat to our summer house for two weeks in June to read a novel a day. How exciting it was, after pouring my coffee and making myself comfortable on the porch, to open the next book on the roster, read the first sentences, and find myself on the platform of a train station.” – Amor Towles

πŸ“œ “Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they’ve started.” – David Allen

Here, read some June quotes and poems for the love of summer and make your last day of June a good one:

Green was the silence, wet was the light,

the month of June trembled like a butterfly.

 – Pablo Neruda

June Inspirational Quotes

πŸ“œ “Goodbye June. It’s a new month with new hope and a new spirit. Hello July! Please, be good to me.” – Unknown

πŸ“œ“Hello July, please be a good month that brings smiles and happiness to our lives.” – Unknown

Today winter clouds gather in towers of white,

reaching toward the wide horizon.

But the rain is far off and will not come

today or even tomorrow when perhaps random drops

will foreshadow the deluge of June.

 – Michael Hogan

πŸ“œ “It’s the nature of the world. One thing remains, and one gone. Goodbye June and Hello July.” – Unknown

The end has come, as come, it must

To all things; in these sweet June days

The teacher and the scholar trust

Their parting feet to separate ways.

– John Greenleaf Whittier

πŸ“œ “Goodbye June and Welcome July. May you get all the blessings this month and always.” – Unknown

Too young for love?

Ah, say not so,

While daisies bloom and tulips glow!

June soon will come with lengthened day

To practice, all love learned in May.

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

πŸ“œ “Hello, July and Goodbye June. Here’s to an exciting, joyful, enjoyable, peaceful, and blessed month.” – Unknown

June Quotes Secret Life of Bees

Here are some June quotes and sayings from the secret life of bees:

πŸ“œ “June played with her eyes closed as if May’s spirit getting into heaven depended solely on her. You have never heard such music, how it made us believe the death was nothing but a doorway.” – The Secret Life of Bees

πŸ“œ “This was a great revelationβ€”not that I was white but that it seemed like June might not want me here because of my skin color. I hadn’t known this was possibleβ€”to reject people for being white.” – The Secret Life of Bees

πŸ“œ “You have to find a mother inside yourself. We all do.” – The Secret Life of Bees

June Quotes Secret Life of Bees

πŸ“œ “Well, if you have a queen and a group of independent-minded bees that split off from the rest of the hive and look for another place to live, then you’ve got a swarm.” – The Secret Life of Bees

πŸ“œ “Most people don’t have any idea about all the complicated life going on inside a hive. Bees have a secret life we don’t know anything about” – The Secret Life of Bees

June Quotes Handmaid’s Tale

Check these June quotes from The Handmaid’s Tale:

πŸ“œ “Now there has to be an us because now there is them.” – The Handmaid’s Tale

πŸ“œ “A rose is a rose, except here. Here it has to mean something. It’s beautiful.” – The Handmaid’s Tale

πŸ“œ “Now I’m awake to the world. I was asleep before.” – The Handmaid’s Tale

πŸ“œ “There’s always someone, even when there is no one.” – The Handmaid’s Tale

πŸ“œ “Please, God, I don’t want pain. I don’t want to be a doll hung on the wall. I want to keep on living. I’ll do anything. Resign my body freely to the uses of others. I’ll sacrifice. I’ll repent. I’ll abdicate. I’ll renounce.” – The Handmaid’s Tale

πŸ“œ “To want is to have a weakness.” – The Handmaid’s Tale

πŸ“œ “I’m here because it feels good and because I don’t want to be alone.” – The Handmaid’s Tale

June Quotes Handmaid's Tale

πŸ“œ “Whether this is my end or a new beginning, I have no way of knowing. I have given myself over into the hands of strangers. I have no choice. It can’t be helped. And so I step up into the darkness within or else the light.” – The Handmaid’s Tale

πŸ“œ “I think God has bigger things on his plate these days.” – The Handmaid’s Tale

June Quotes Joy Luck Club

Read these quotes for June from Joy Luck Club:

πŸ“œ “Over the years, she told me the same story, except for the ending, which grew darker, casting long shadows into her life, and eventually into mine.” – The Joy Luck Club

πŸ“œ “And now I also see what part of me is Chinese. It is so obvious. It is my family. It is in our blood.” – The Joy Luck Club

πŸ“œ “Joy luck is not a word. It does not exist. They see daughters who will bear grandchildren born without any connecting hope passed from generation to generation.” – The Joy Luck Club

πŸ“œ “I looked at my reflection, blinking so I could see more clearly.” – The Joy Luck Club

πŸ“œ “Maybe I never really gave myself a fair chance. I did pick up the basics pretty quickly, and I might have become a good pianist at that young age. But I was so determined not to try, not to be anybody different that I learned to play only the most ear-splitting preludes, the most discordant hymns.” – The Joy Luck Club


June marks the passing of half a year but portrays the beginning of a new season in your life. Here read another June saying to get motivated:

“There are two seasons when the leaves are in their glory, their green and perfect youth in June and their ripe old age.” – Henry David Thoreau

Lastly, for July quotes or more such inspirational sayings, make sure to visit Inspire Uplift Blog.

We wish you a happy June!

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