What Is Bronze Skin & How To Work Around It

Bronze skin

Among the skin colors varying from pasty to olive and black, lies a unique skin tone known as bronze. Let’s give you a hint of what this shade is?

Barack Obama

Ohh, we know we let the cat out of the bag but what to do now!

Let’s get on with this blog together now which will tell you what this bronze skin actually is, where does it come from and how to style with it.

What is Bronze Skin Tone?

What is Bronze skin
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People having a bronze skin color have brown skin with golden or red undertones. The shade may vary between light brown to brownish-black.

Usually, people with bronze complexion have dark-colored eyes like black, grey, brown and dark-colored hair like fudge, mahogany, charcoal, and black.

Their cells produce more melanin which results in darker skin shade. It falls in Type V of the Fitzpatrick scale.

Fitzpatrick scale

Many people mistake bronze skin tone with caramel and amber skin tone because both these tones also carry the same undertones.

But one distinction of the bronze-colored skin is that it will usually have a red undertone while the others will have a golden or yellow undertone.

As this skin color is related to the brown color hence it is most common in America, Mexico, and Brazil.

Pros & Cons of Bronze skin tone

What advantages does Obama carry for having a bronze skin?

Or are there any makeup restrictions for Tyra Banks (natural bronze-skinned star)?

Let’s find out.


  • As these skins produce more melanin, this helps to absorb UV radiations naturally which protects against the harmful effect of the sun radiations. They can enjoy the bright sunlight and sit for hours on the beach mat without much worrying, unlike fair-skinned people.
  • They are comparatively more shielded from the aging effects than light-toned skin colors. The first reason is that even the smallest line or wrinkle is visible on a light skin whereas it gets hidden on the bronze-colored skin. The second reason is the production of melanin which keeps dryness and wrinkles away; hence a younger-looking skin.
  • The skin appears to be more smooth and thick which looks equally good under natural and artificial light.


  • Not every color of the dress and makeup accessories suit their skin. Because they have a darker skin color, they can’t wear lipstick colors like brown, beige or apply dim eyeshadows. The selection of beauty items and apparel becomes limited for such people.
  • They are prone to skin conditions like hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Let’s now move to the styling guide for people with bronze complexion.

Makeup for bronze skin

Whether you have a natural bronze skin color or a self-tanned complexion, the right sort of makeup can make or break the game for you.
And if it is organized in just one place, things become even easier.

Just like face powder is the enemy of fair-skinned women while brown mascara goes a long way in casting an ever-lasting impact, there are similar dos and don’ts for bronze skin too.

1. Eyes makeup

Eyes makeup
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Because the bronze complexion is dark, the eyes need to have heavy makeup to make them emphasized.

You can go with a heavenly look with golden or silver eyeshadow with fiber mascara. This makes the eyes look prominent while providing every reason why all the eyeballs at a party should turn towards you.

Or you can flaunt smokey eyes with ivory, caramel, mauve or dark blue eyeshadow followed by thick, long eyelashes and eyeliner.

Long eyelashes can really bring the inner diva out of you.

If you have short eyelashes, you can easily attach artificial ones but if you want to regrow eyelashes naturally, it will take time but that can happen too.

2. Lipstick


Since plain, nude lipstick shades will get dissolved in your bronze skin tone, you need to switch to bright, shimmering ones.

Choose from red, orange or magenta shades (choose magenta if you have a light bronze skin color) and pair it with smokey eyes.

If you have dark bronze skin, we recommend focusing more on the eye makeup instead of experimenting with the color of the lipstick.

Wear light pink lipstick in that case while making eyes as sharp as they remain under the line of tackiness. You can add a stroke of lip gloss for an attractive shimmer.

3. Blush

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Go with light, hot blush shades like coral, red, pink instead of the dark hues like brown. The dark blushes will not only give your face a dirty look but it will also remain unnoticeable.

Hot blushes will accentuate the warm undertones of your skin and make you look fresh.

Cream blush is another proven method of making your bronze complexion appear nourished and spotless.

4. Foundation

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A big fat NO to the light foundation colors like beige and cream as well as dark hues like rich honey.

You need to choose the colors in between these extremities and ones that are compatible with your warm skin undertone like light brown or chestnut.

Best color of clothes to wear with bronze skin tone

A warm undertone entails bright colors like red, amber and orange. But you can also try out relevant options in cool and neutral undertones.

1. Red

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The first on this list is the red color which completely aligns with the red undertone of the bronze skin. It looks ravishing, stylish and calm; all at the same time.

2. Orange

Orange Dress
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How many of you have noticed Beyonce donning orange dresses every now and then? Why, because it suits her bronze skin. Pair it up with silver studs and notice the magic.

3. Olive green

Olive green
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This is another cool color to complement the bronze skin color. If you manage to pull off a “smokey eyes” look with this shade, it would be breath-taking. Well, only if you have the rest of makeup in place as well!

4. Lavender

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Oh, it could just kill the audience if you have a matching eye makeup with it. An orange-colored lipstick with dark eye makeup and long eyelashes is just the perfect combination with this dress color.

Best hair colors for Bronze skin tone

A killer makeup could easily lose its charm if not complemented with matching hair color. Why do you often see celebrities with variable hair colors?

That’s because they need to flaunt different makeup looks and that is not possible without having matching hair color.

Here are a few mesmerizing hair colors people with bronze complexion can try out.

1. Mahogany

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This color is a combination of dark brown and auburn.

If you don’t want to go for heavy eye makeup with your bronze skin color, you can easily transfer that effect by coloring the hair mahogany. Wear a stylish necklace or a Bohemian bracelet for a chic look.

2. Charcoal

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We mentioned earlier how people with bronze skin tone have dark-colored hair naturally. Well, if you already don’t own charcoal hair, you can try this color with great effect.

One tip: Don’t choose that grey hair color like Kim Kardashian had for a considerable amount of time. Rather, go for dark-colored charcoal as in the picture above.

3. Caramel

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You would see many bronze-skinned women or men having this hair color. It resonates exactly with the tone of the skin. It’s a risk-free hair color option.

4. All-black

And then we have the jet black color. Wear golden jewelry to have a contrast of dark and bright colors.

5. Copper

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Don’t let the copper hair curl too much. We personally recommend straight or minor curls as they need to be flowing away from your face downwards so similar colors (your face and hair) are not concentrated in one place.

Concluding lines – Bronze skin tone

Gone are the days when beauty would only be connected with pale, white and fair skins.

Dark-colored skin has taken a fair share of beauty in the modern world and bronze skin tone is one of them.

We hope to have provided you a complete styling guide of handling this skin color. Keep visiting us and do share your feedback in the comment section below.

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