19 Gifts For Engineers That Will “Mechanize,” “Electricalize” and “Technologize” Them

gifts for engineers

Engineers are cool individuals.

They are multi-talented – organized and creative at the same time.

In fact, you should feel lucky to have an engineer in your life. Because they never run out of options.

But simply feeling proud isn’t enough.

You need to show your love towards them and value them for what they are.

We have gathered 17 gifts for that. So without further ado, let’s get onto them.

Gifts for Mechanical Engineers

Know someone from your group or acquaintance who is into mechanical engineering or has graduated from a Mechanical college? Here are the gifts you can surprise them with.

1. Levitating Moon Light

Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp

A simple moon lamp is okay for a normal person but for engineers, it needs to have a technical aspect to it.

What’s in it for engineers:

This moon lamp utilizes the laws of levitation which is an exciting concept for many. Seeing the moon fly in mid-air would surely be relaxing for your engineer buddies. Get now

Fun fact: This technology has the potential to achieve a speed of 6400 km/h in an evacuated tunnel (Wikipedia)

2. Snowflake Multi-tool

Snowflake Keychain Multi-Tool

Engineering gifts needs to be utilitarian. These people love to do their daily chores themselves, be it tightening the screw of their bicycle or loosening the tripod stand screw. This tool is everything they need.

What’s in it for engineers:

It can perform 18 operations of aligning, tightening, connecting and balancing. Moreover, this lightweight tool can be attached with their keychain. Purchase by clicking

3. Deburring Chamfer Tool

Deburring External Chamfer Tool

This is particularly helpful for mechanical engineers because they are always in an “intimate relationship” with the screws.

What’s in it for engineers:

This add-on connects to the drill and can instantly repair damaged bolts so that nuts can be tightened on the bolts easily. Purchase now

4. Handyman Pouch

Handyman Pouch Magnetic Wristband

They will be involved in doing multiple tasks at one time – drilling a hole for a wired connection at one instant and screwing a metallic box the other.

Often they tend to lose small items like nails, bolts and drill bits but not anymore.

What’s in it for engineers:

The powerful magnets of this cool engineering gift can hold those items so that they are at their disposal at all times. This would save time and effort during their engineering projects. Buy by clicking

5. Universal Socket Wrench

Universal Socket Wrench 48 In 1 Tool

Anything which can allow engineers to perform multiple tasks is probably the best gift idea for them. And we love this tool for that.

What’s in it for engineers:

It integrates 16 socket wrenches which can be used to perform almost every single tightening/loosening operation. There is virtually no nut or bolt size it can not handle. Click to order

6. Contour Duplication Gauge

Contour Duplication Gauge

Engineering students, as well as engineers, require precise dimensions and shapes of real-life structure to imitate on the screen for analysis and calculations. This creative tool is for them.

What’s in it for engineers:

It will be a great helper for them while measuring the dimensions of irregular and curved structures like pipes, ducts and chamfered edges. Order here

7. Damaged Nut Bolt Remover

Gone are the days when engineers used to unhook rusty bolts with the help of hammer blows and files. This creative tool will now allow them to remove any damaged bolt in a jiffy.

What’s in it for engineers:

Available in both flat and deep holes, there is no bolt size that this tool can not handle. It comes organized in hex depressions which ensures that they never lose them. Click to order

8. Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves

Engineers are always in contact with machines with fast blades and sharp edges. They need their hands to be safe otherwise, how would they create masterpieces!

These fiber-mesh gloves would survive abrasions from moving blades and cutting surfaces.

What’s in it for engineers:

They can wear it while handling machines which involve blades, especially metal cutting machines with square edge blades, textile machines with serrated blades and equipment preparation machines. Get now

9. Magic Grip Tool

Magic Grip Tool

Consider the size of the smile on their faces when they finally come across a single tool that can replace their multiple socket wrenches and sockets!

What’s in it for engineers:

This Grip Tool adjusts to any size or shape of the screw head and can reach hard-to-access places as well. Order here

Tip For Buyers: Other than buying a token of love for engineers, how about surprising your friend who is a medical supervisor or veterinarian doctor with presents that will, of course, add more fun to their dutiful lives. 

Gifts For Electrical Engineers

Friends with someone whose whole life is based on Ohm’s law? Here are some present ideas for him/her.

10. Magnetic Lamp

Wooden Table Lamp with Magnetic Detail

We talked about levitation but Magnetic interaction is another powerful force. Those who are not a fan of levitation are of this force for sure. (Although levitation is a type of magnetic force!)

What’s in it for engineers:

Attach the balls together and the lamp magically lights up. These lamp types can be placed in bedrooms and offices as an accent piece as well. Purchase now

11. Battery Storage Organizer

Battery Storage Organizer With Tester

Friends with an Electrical engineer whose drawer is always full of used and unused batteries? Free him/her of the quagmire of differentiating between charged and uncharged batteries by gifting this storage organizer.

What’s in it for engineers:

It can hold all their AA, AAA, 9-Volt, C & D batteries at one place. There is also a tester in the kit using which all the cells can be quickly tested for power. Get now

12. Stylus Metal Ruler Pen

6 In 1 Multi-Functional Stylus Metal Ruler Pen with Level & Screwdriver

They might have to perform multiple jobs at their work sites so why not gift a single tool that can get various jobs done?

What’s in it for engineers:

It could be a ruler to measure small components, a screwdriver to open a switch box or a stylus for their touch screen electronic devices. Get here

13. Floating Globe Lamp

LED Floating Globe Lamp

We just can’t get enough of levitating products and neither can the engineers you know. This is a decorative engineering gift that they can place on their side tables, office desks and entertainment center of the home.

What’s in it for engineers:

The levitation coupled with the sensual beauty of the floating globe! And then, the three globe colors of black, gold and blue. Order now

It’s a great present for your boss as well.

14. USB Heating Insoles

USB Heating Insoles

Wearing socks to prevent cold is too mainstream. Tech fanatics would possibly look for something else, right?

These insoles are the perfect replacement for thick, furry winter socks. Charged by A USB cable, it would keep the wearer warm for about 10 hours.

What’s in it for engineers:

They can charge these socks anywhere, even while traveling or during their on-site projects. It’s even perfect for winter sports. Purchase from here

15. Tech Heated Vest

Tech Heated Vest

The last item on our list of best gifts for engineers is this vest which is an alternative of wearing 2-3 sweaters to ward off the chilling weather. It is unisex so both your female and male engineer friends can wear it.

What’s in it for engineers:

It utilizes infrared technology to promote three levels of heating starting from 77oF to 113oF. From outside, it looks just like a normal jacket but the inside is a depiction of sublime thermal engineering.

It is charged via USB Cable and provides 12 hours of warmth on a single charge. We bet this will cheer up your engineer buddy to the very core. Order here

Gifts For Computer Engineers

These bespectacled individuals are making history in the world for the past 20 years. From e-commerce stores to online gaming and payments, they have provided upbeat convenience to humanity.

16. Flashlight Glove

LED Flashlight Glove

This cool and unique gift for engineers would allow them to do daily life tasks at night using both hands. No need to hold a torch from one hand!

What’s in it for engineers:

Either it is turning on the fuse of their apartments when the light goes off or repairing a pipe under the sink at night, they can quickly and efficiently complete the task alone with this glove. Buy here

17. Magnetic Rack Tool Organizer

Magnetic Rack Tool Organizer

It’s so frustrating to rummage through the toolbox and no one goes through this ordeal more than architects, plumbers, and engineers.

How about a magnetic holder that can keep all their tools at one place and the freedom to attach the holder anywhere?

What’s in it for engineers:

Perfect for holding hammers, screwdrivers and pliers, this organizer will speed their maintenance procedures. Click to buy

18. Illusion Rug

3D Optical Illusion Rug (Black & White)

Software Engineers design unique graphics for games including illusions. How about such a rug?

What’s in it for engineers:

It can be an instant conversation starter for their guests. They can place them in their bedroom or lounge and have interesting photographs of them with it. Order by clicking here.

19. Digital Microscope

Digital microscope

Electrical and Software Engineers need to closely inspect circuit boards, ICs and electrical equipment during troubleshooting. For that, they require magnification.

What’s in it for engineers:

Not only does this portable microscope magnify the subjects, but it will illuminate and show them on the monitors and screens as well via USB Cable. Buy now

Concluding lines

That’s all from the engineering gifts list. You can visit our lists for anxiety-stricken and coffee lovers as well.

Happy Gifting!

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