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Blue Agate
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Healing stones have been used for emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments since historic times.

They are believed to eliminate negative spirits and spread-out positive energy in their surrounding environment.

Powerful crystals and gemstones like effective rainbow fluorite, magical selenite and serene blue calcite bring good luck, fortune, wealth, love, peace, stability, and wisdom to one’s life.

However, all healing stones have an actual meaning, uses, benefits, chakras, healing and metaphysical properties.

We’ll be discussing everything about such energize, improving, and rare blue agate crystal today.

Blue Agate

blue agate
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Agate blue is a slow-activating gemstone from the agate family that adds calmness, stability, and balance to life. It was found inside hot volcanic rocks of South West Africa.

Blue agates relate to all the chakras but mainly connect with the Third eye and root chakra.

As these stones are formed in volcanic cracks and hollows, certain impurities and components get infused with them, giving them different colors.

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Blue Agate Meaning

blue agate meaning
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The meaning of blue agate refers to calmness, serenity, peacefulness, and powerful healing. It is known for neutralizing negative energies and spreading positive ones.

Blue agate stone is great for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps heal the soul, body, and mind by harmonizing their energies.

Blue Agate Properties

Blue agate healing and metaphysical properties support and nurture various aspects of life. Its Calming vibrations bring peace and joy. The connection to upper chakras helps in communication and concentration.

It also helps in reducing anger issues, illness, and infections in the body. Blue agate properties work to stabilize and harmonize mind and body.

Blue Agate Metaphysical Properties

Blue agate is a powerful healer with various metaphysical properties that are comforting for a person’s mental health and soul.

Its soothing aura gives a sense of relaxation to an anxious person. The positive force of agate blue helps in strengthening love relationships. It allows the person to think carefully before making a big decision.

The strong energies of agates absorb negativity from the environment and one’s soul. It’s driving force motivates a person to keep going in even a tough phase of life.

One feels an aura of protection and safety around it. Blue agate metaphysical properties help an individual to relate with nature and sacred spirits that exist. It also lets people connect with their hidden energy.

Blue Agate Healing Properties

The healing properties of blue agates help alleviate stomach aches, constipation, digestion problems and reduce inflammation from the body.

Skin conditions like blistering or eczema can also be cured or improved by using blue agate healing properties. Moreover, it also relieves inflammation and irritation from the eyes.

Blue Agate

Blue Agate Benefits

blue agate healing and metaphysical benefits
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Alongside using gadgets for physical comfort, blue agates are known as powerful healing and cleansing crystals that have various magical benefits.

Here, have a look at some benefits of blue agate stones to charge your spirits and physical wellness.

  • Calms and relaxes nerves
  • Harmonize body energies
  • Helps in relieving mental stress
  • Removes negative energy from the body and environment
  • Opens the third eye and throat chakra
  • Protects from evil spirits
  • Promotes effective communication
  • Stabilizes emotions
  • Release anxiety
  • Brings good luck
  • Attracts love
  • Improves relationship
  • Lift your spirits
  • Enhance innate abilities
  • Provides secure feeling

Blue Agates Chakra

The main focused chakras of blue agate are the third eye and throat chakra. However, it also stabilizes the energy of the crown, heart, root, sacral, and solar plexus.

As these all chakras are the focal points of the body, an imbalance in even one energy can affect the harmony of others.

It connects with the lower chakras to release the build-up negativity from one’s soul, which eventually helps in connecting with the sacred spirits.

And, using blue agate crystals or gemstones is not that tricky or tough for balancing the chakra’s energy.  So, how can you use blue agate crystals to heal your body and soul? Here’s how you can do it:

  • Wear rings that will bring confidence in you or simply customize them with blue agate crystal to get automatically surrounded by an aura to keep evil spirits away. 
  • Keep blue agate slice in your home space or office to neutralize the negative energy
  • You can also find agate slice earrings to have a feeling of relaxation throughout the day.

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  • You can also wear blue agate necklaces or bracelets to keep your body and soul energized
  • Blue agate coasters can be a healing decoration for your lounge, or you also use them to serve drinks
  • Get blue agate candles to set the ambiance needed for meditation from its incense

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How to Cleanse Blue Agate Crystals

Although agate blue is a powerful healing stone that cleanses and purifies energies, the crystal also needs to be recharged and cleansed:

  • Use the moonlight or the power of Selene to let your blue agate cleanse and recharged
  • You can lightly tap a tuning fork to remove all the absorbed negative spirits from your crystal
  • Soak in a bowl full of salt for a day can also help it in getting rid of all the evil energy
  • Some charging plates can also do the trick to purify the crystal

Agate Blue FAQ’s

What is Blue Agate good for?

Blue agate stone meaning revolves around faith, calmness, depth, healing, and power. This crystal healer is a magical stone that can remove evil spirits and absorbs negative vibes to turn them into positive energy.

It is an ideal gemstone that releases the stress from the body to relax.

What Chakra is Blue Agate?

It works with the energy points of higher chakras like the third eye and throat chakra. Blue agate crystal opens up the gates to find innate abilities, happiness, and peace.

It helps remove anxiety, fear, and suppressed feelings from life to see the bigger picture of love with oneself and others.

Although it mainly focuses on upper chakras, a slight imbalance in harmonizing their energies can also disrupt other chakras.

What Does Blue Agate Do Spiritually?

Blue agate stones are the perfect meditation tools to keep near you. It allows having a clear perception in a difficult situation.

It’s spiritual energy aids in communication, concentration and opens the soul’s third eye that helps observe things from a different approach.

This magical stone spreads soothing, relaxing, and calming vibes wherever it is placed. It has the power to balance, rearrange, and harmonize the suppressed energy stored in our bodies.

What Makes Blue Agate A Special Gemstone?

The unique patterns and colors of this beautiful crystal are so soul-pleasing that one can feel releasing all the stress from the body by just looking at it.

Yes! It has such strong energy.

What Are the Types of Blue Agates?

Blue agate itself is a type of agate. Although blue agate types are unknown, you can still find them in different colors like light, dark, teal, or natural blue.

What is the Difference Between Blue Lace Agate and Blue Agate?

If we must say, both are powerful healing crystals with the same type of chalcedony and belong to a similar family of gemstones.

It won’t be wrong to say that blue agate and blue lace agate are interchangeable names for the same variety of crystals.

Is Blue Agate Expensive?

Striped, tumbled, rough, or natural blue agate crystals can be more costly than some low-quality stones because of their rich color and fine texture.

Is Blue Agate Fake?

Not all agate crystals are fake, but with the increasing demand for healing stones, most people use dyes to add a specific hue to the gemstones. Rainbow, orange, purple, or red agates are some of the dyed varieties you may see.

How Can You Know If a Blue Agate is Real?

The trick is to hold your agate blue in front of a light source. If the color of your crystal becomes a bit clearer than before, it means your blue agate is real.

Bottom Line

That’s it from our side, crystal healers!

Make full use of these wonderful blue agate crystal properties to remove negative energies around you, improve your relationships, and bring good omen and peace to your life.

Lastly, share your thoughts with us on blue agate and suggest which powerful crystal information you want to read next on Inspire Uplift Blog.

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