17 Cool Things For Your Room That Will Make The Place Irresistible For Guests

Cool Things For Your Room

If your bedroom isn’t the best room in your house, it should be a big deal for you!

That’s just not fair.

What if we tell you that you can make it “THE room” with just a few touches?

Here are 17 cool things for your room that will get the job done pretty elegantly. Plus, we have some smart tips to enhance your room’s beauty.

So, let’s roll.

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Cool Products For your Room

  1. Mountain River Incense Holder

Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder

Purpose: It is a perfect table piece for you in addition to being a dehumidifier and diffuser.

X-factor: The fact that it imitates a cascading waterfall inside your room makes it so unique. Even if you have a small room, it is a great accent piece. Get it now

  1. Magnetic Lamp

Wood Magnetic Table Lamp

Purpose: Lamps are essential for your room but they don’t have to be monotonous. This lamp is certainly a cool gadget for your room.

It supplies light in the sleekest manner and provides nighttime illumination.

X-factor: It turns on and off magnetically when you lift or drop the lower magnetic ball. Purchase this cool item now

  1. Alphabet Pillow Cover

Personalized Alphabet Pillow Cover

Purpose: It gives you a feeling of possession. Dedicate a specific pillow to an individual or buy the ones having your initials on it.

X-factor: The crown on the cover makes you feel like a king. Buy now

  1. Stardust Diffuser

Stardust Essential Oil Diffuser

Purpose: A creative way of purifying and improving the air of your room, along with being a pleasing decorative element.

X-factor: It comes with a classic wood stand and the meteor effect it produces is certainly a treat to watch. Get here

  1. Modular Touch Lights

Modular Touch Lights

Purpose: Provides reading and nighttime illumination to your bedroom. Also, create an adorning touch on the wall or the side tables.

X-factor: Lamps don’t have to be boring anymore. These unique touch-sensitive lights can be arranged and illuminated as per your desire. Purchase by clicking here

  1. Chunky Knit Blanket

Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

Purpose: Keeps you comfy in chilly evenings. And it is a brilliant room décor idea for girls especially. Can be spread on sofas, beds and chairs.

X-factor: The large chunky knits of the blanket would make a simple space look elegant. Click to order now

  1. Bulb Planter

Modern Light Bulb Planter

Purpose: It gives you another spot for planting small indoor plants and succulents instead of the elementary space – tables.

X-factor: Who doesn’t like floating plants and flowers. You can grow terrarium plants in this bulb and enhance the natural beauty of your room. Claim your cool planter now

  1. Moon Light

Beautiful Moon Light

Purpose: Use this moon lamp for room décor on the side tables and corner stands or as a nighttime lamp.

X-factor: It can change color on a single touch and can be placed on the wooden stand or not, as you wish. Get it now

If it is a gaming room, you should go more towards keeping 3D LED Gorilla Lamp and create illusions. 

  1. Portobello Charging Station

Five Port Charging Station

Purpose: It is a cool multi-purpose gadget for your room which is a table lamp as well as a 5-device charging dock.

X-factor: Not only is the shape of the lamp mesmerizing, but the produced light is also a perfect combination of gracefulness and chicness. Buy now

  1. Succulent Wall Frame

Succulent Wall Hanger Frame

Purpose: Wall hangings are certainly cool things to decorate your room with. These planter frames produce a nice, attractive focal point in your room.

X-factor: The artificial succulents and flowers in the frames can easily be mistaken for being real. Available in 24 plant options. Purchase by clicking here

  1. Owl Tree

Owl wooden tree

Purpose: This cute wooden tree can hold three owl planters in which you can grow small houseplants. It can also be a good gift for people with anxiety.

X-factor: The ability to adjust three plants in such a small space is the biggest plus of this product. Get this adorable tree for your room now

  1. Digital Clock Watch

Modern Digital Wood Clock

Purpose: This clock depicts the time in a classy and uncomplicated manner. What looks like a fidget toy is in fact a table clock.

X-factor: Its elegance lies in its simplicity. There is no screen, glass or panel; still it manages to fulfill all requisites of a table clock. Purchase here

  1. Multi-Device Charging Station

Wooden charging dock

Purpose: It charges your iPhones and Apple smartwatches together at one time.

X-factor: The smooth edges and the wooden luster of the innovative charging station is what makes it a cool thing to have in your room. Click here to buy

  1. Drawer Organizer

Drawer organizer

Purpose: These organizers will keep your essentials like socks, undergarments and tools in an orderly manner inside the closets.

X-factor: They have this creative ability to make an ordinary-looking drawer highly organized and stylishly clean. Get now

  1. Mushroom Light

Lucky Mushroom Night Light

Purpose: Gives you an exuberant and calming nighttime light. Mushrooms are planted inside the plug which can be connected to your sockets.

X-factor: They consume only 0.2 watts of energy but provides a high level of soothing excitement as you prepare to snooze off. Click to order

  1. Rebound Pillow

Slow Rebound Pressure Pillow

Purpose: Different pillow types provide different benefits. This innovative arc pillow is for the snuggle fanatics.

It provides your neck the required support while sleeping but keeps away your arm from sleeping.

X-factor: With this pillow, you can comfortably cuddle with your partner without letting your arm fall asleep – certainly an intimation booster. Buy by clicking here

  1. Groot Man Planter

Groot Man Planter Pot

Purpose: This cute planter is inspired from the popular “Guardians of The Galaxy” fil character. Plant small succulents and plants in it or use it as a container for your stationery and essentials like a watch, comb, lip gloss e.t.c

X-factor: This cool item for your room comes in three different variations of the character. Get it now

In addition to these products, here are a few pro tips to create an exquisite room interior.

Creative Tips To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Room

Here are exclusive ideas to create a nice, warm atmosphere in your room, in addition to the products we mentioned above.

1. Integrate a large houseplant somewhere

We know there are products above to accommodate small plants but how about a large indoor plant with long leaves – it will brighten up space for sure.

It could be a Snake Plant placed inside a metallic pot, a Radiator Plant or a large-leafed Rhaphidophora.

2. Photo frames or painting goes a long way

Thinking of ways to cover up your walls?

Seldom anything is better than the old-fashioned room décor essential – the frames.

It could be watercolor paintings, frames of abstract art or even framed printouts of the most scenic locations you have been to, in your life.

3. Use Rugs to even out the tone

Suppose you have put the plant beside the wall on which you hung the paintings or wall hangings.

Although this has sparkled that point of the room but the other corner may look bland because of this.

How to even it out?

Get a nice, little rug. You can put your table on it or drag the plant pot and place it above the rug – the options are countless.

4. Integrate bookends on the shelves

This is certainly one of the coolest things for your room if you have plenty of books and novels.

Books on the shelves are just books but when decorated with cute bookends, they become adornments.

5. Add a swing chair

This will cover a vacant corner of the room and provide a new cozy place where you can sit and relax, other than the bed.

Place a metallic swing chair on your attractive acacia wood floor to enhance the room’s beauty, or you can go with a wooden one as well.

6. Stack up old crates to create a shelving unit

Have several old crates lying down in your storeroom?

Here’s how you can utilize them.

Sand them, paint them and arrange them in peculiar and whimsical order to create a nice, attractive DIY shelving unit in one corner of the room.

You could put books, your shoes, or decoration pieces in that.

Bottom line

Hope the cool products and tips will help you make your room the best room in the house. Which tip or product di you like the most?

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