37 Valentine’s Gifts For Daughters That Will Make Her Hug You Tightly

valentines gifts for daughters

Valentine’s day is an occasion where you show extra affection and appreciation to the loved ones around you.

It’s a day you celebrate love and make an effort to strengthen your bond with the people you care about.

Such is an admirable connection between a parent and their daughter, so why not appreciate them this Valentine’s day by gifting them something exceptional?

We have gathered the perfect Valentine’s gifts for daughters to make their day memorable.

Best Valentine’s Gifts For Daughters

To be someone’s queen or not, every daughter wants to be a princess to their parents.

To further nurture your bond with your daughter, gift them something meaningful and unique they will cherish all their lives.

To help you out, we have compiled some of the best Valentine’s gifts for daughters to make them feel extra special and loved.

1. Express your eternal love with this Forever Rose Teddy Bear

Handmade Teddy Bear Rose

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Who wouldn’t love getting a homemade gift? Especially one that lasts forever! ❤️

Give your beloved daughter this unique and special gift this Valentine’s Day.

A Styrofoam rose flower is glued onto this teddy bear. She will be delighted when she receives it as a gesture of your affection.

2. These fairy sculptures will bring her fairytale dream to life

Fairy Steel Garden Sculptures

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Every girl dreamt of being among the fairies once in their lifetime, so why not actually make it happen for your daughter?

These elegantly crafted fairy garden sculptures will satisfy their fairytale fantasy.

3. A neon heart is an ideal valentine’s gift for daughters  from mom

Neon Pink Heart Light For Wall

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Make her smile with a neon heart sign on Valentine’s Day that illuminates the place and creates the ambiance she has wanted for a long time.

It is ideal for girls of any age as a token of love.

4. This cute silly succulent plushie will make a great companion

Silly Succulent Plushies

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Does your daughter love houseplants and tiny succulents? If yes, then make her Valentine’s day special with this soft and cuddly succulent plushy that will always keep your daughter company.

Feel free to check out some more plushie options here.

5. Add some sparkle to her life with this rose flower lamp

Enchanted Rose Flower Lamp

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You might have upset your sweet daughter if you forgot to buy her a gift while celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

Don’t worry!

This enchanted rose lamp will startle her with its fancy glow when illuminating its light inside.

6. Make your daughter feel like a princess this Valentine’s day with this pearl choker necklace

Pearl Layered Double Choker Necklace

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This might be the most suitable option if you’re looking to make them feel very special and loved.

This elegant and charming piece of jewelry will make them feel like royalty.

7. An elegant flower lamp that can be bent in different shapes

LED Rose Tree Lamp For Delightful Home Décor

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When it comes to love, say it with a gesture from within. Like gifting flowers! Now the only downside is that flowers dry down and wilt away.

But fret not, if you’re looking for everlasting Valentine’s gifts for daughters, then this may be the one for you.

8. This rose light bottle will add a charm to your daughter’s life

Rose Light Bottle

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Valentine’s day gifts are all about adding joy to someone’s life and making them feel adored.

This glamorous rose light lamp is one good option to make them feel special and happy. There are 13 different light colors in the lamp that can be controlled with the remote.

9. A moonchild hairpin to make her feel luxurious

Moonchild Hair Pin

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This hairpin is for your daughter who loves adding elegant details to their hair and look trendy.

This is a perfect eye-catching statement piece that she can style with her black, blonde, purple or auburn hair.

10. Charming rose quartz necklace for internal healing

Healing Pink Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace

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For those unfamiliar, rose quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace.

It is one of the best Valentine’s gifts for daughters to make them feel special, loved, and protected.

11. A rose pendant will be a perfect addition to her jewelry this Valentine’s day

Rose Pendant Necklace

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Like the bond between parents and daughters, a gold rose symbolizes deep friendship, hope, and joy.

Gift your daughter this golden rose pendant to celebrate your everlasting friendship and the joy she brings to your life and cheers towards the hopeful future.

12. Bring moons and stars to her room using this night light projector

Night Light Projector & Dream Wish Box

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This night light projector will set a peaceful and calm environment in your daughter’s bedroom, turn it into a magical world, and let her have a night full of sweet dreams.

13. This cuddly elephant is one of the cutest gifts for daughters on this day

Adorable Elephant Plush Toy Pillow

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Who doesn’t love soft, cute, and squishy animal stuff toys? We all do, so why not surprise your little angel with this adorable elephant plush toy pillow?

It’s soft, it’s oversized, it’s machine washable and available In different shades.

You can also check out our carrot plush toy pillow.

14. These comfy avocado slippers will help her lounge around comfortably

Cute Avocado Slippers For Women & Kids

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Cheer your daughter up this Valentine’s day with these adorable avocado slippers, which are not only cute but are super soft and comfy. She can wear them at home or while going grocery shopping.

Our flamingo slippers would also be a good substitute for it.

15. These heart-shaped glasses will fill her world with hearts

Heart Shaped Heart Effect Diffraction Glasses

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Life is full of problems and stress but wouldn’t it be helpful if you saw colorful hearts all around you? Indeed, it would suck away your tensions.

Gift your daughter these diffraction glasses that would make hearts appear all around her to remind her that she is loved and cared for.

16. This unicorn piggy bank will help your daughter with savings

Unicorn Piggy Bank With Horn & Wings

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While browsing for cool things to buy for kids, look for charming and practical things like this unicorn piggy bank. While being cute, this practical gift will let your daughter start saving her money and establish a sense of responsibility, making it one of the finest Valentine’S gifts for daughters.

17. These gnomes are high on the RED magic

Valentine’s Day Faceless Doll Decoration

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Never forget to spruce up the basket containing Valentine’s gifts for girls with such dolls that bring cute messages with them. These gnome-like dolls will definitely make their day.

Just decorate your little daughter’s room with these dolls so she can cherish the bond with her parents on this day.

18. This ring will remind her of your love everywhere she goes

Love Heart Ring

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Gift your daughter this heart ring this Valentine, which will make her carry your love everywhere and anywhere she goes. It is cute and minimalistic but really thoughtful at the same time.

19. Wear or snuggle this convertible plush toy hoodie

Ultra-Soft Animal Plush Toy & Hoodie

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Keep your little girl warm and all snuggled up using this cuddly plush toy that converts into a comfortable hoodie.

This flannel plushie will help her combat the cold in style – your toddler will surely love it.

Cute Valentines Gifts For Daughters

Show your love and support to your daughter this day with our list of cute Valentine’s gifts for daughters.

This act will not only show her the devotion she requires but will also strengthen your bond with her.

20. Add magic to her room using this unicorn magic lamp

Unicorn Magic Lamp

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We all love unicorns. They are colorful and vibrant and will cheer you up anytime, just like this lamp that will turn your daughter’s plain room into a comfortable and safe space for her.

This ticks off every box on cuteness and vividness.

21. This elegant butterfly charm bracelet will add charm to her life

Butterfly Charm Bracelet With Pearl Chain

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Butterflies are a symbol of grace and charm, and when mixed with pearls, it creates a whole new dazzling look.

This jewelry piece would truly make her feel special and can also be paired with a stylish butterfly ring.

22. Brighten up her life with this heart-shaped ring light

Heart Ring Light

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Help your daughter capture the perfect poses, record fascinating makeup looks, and do the absolute glowy live streams using this heart ring light.

This light would be among the most useful Valentine’s gifts for daughters, which she would love.

23. This heart belt will help your teenager step up her fashion game

Heart Buckle Belt For Jeans, Shorts & Overcoats

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In need of trendy fashion accessories for your daughter? Check out this heart-shaped buckle belt.

How cute and unique this is. Available in gold and silver, this will surely make your teenager stand out and enhance her outfit’s overall beauty.

24. Make her room vibrant using these unicorn string lights

Unicorn String Lights

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If your daughter is more into decorative gifts that make her room look pleasant, then this might be exactly what you need.

It will grant vibrancy and freshness to your daughter’s room and add the right touch for an enchanting and magical transformation.

Valentine’s Gifts For Daughters From Mom

Gifts for grownup daughters might be a little hard to choose from moms as there are plenty of options to choose from.

But you don’t have to worry as we have created this list for you.

25. This forever gold rose will always make her feel appreciated

Everlasting gold rose

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Roses and gold are two things women love getting as a gift. So we present to you this forever gold rose, which will stay with your daughter forever and remind her of you even when she is away from home.

It is thoughtful, it is glamorous, and it will last forever. What could be a better present?

26. A great valentine’s gift for daughters, this cloud sweater is the coziest ever

Unisex Knitted Cloud Sweater

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Girls who are entering their teens want trendy clothing that will make them look breathtakingly beautiful everywhere they go when they are in their growing years.

Therefore, we offer you this shorter-length cloud sweater (in keeping with trendy fashions).

27. Walk pretty with these cute and comfy heart slippers

Women's Cute Heart Slippers For Indoor & Outdoor

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On Valentine’s day, we spread love through heartfelt feelings…

And unique gifts like these slippers.
They would make ideal Valentine’s gifts for daughters from moms.

So, why not get these cute heart slippers for your daughter to make her walk beautiful and confident?

If you’re feeling quirky, you can surely gift them shark slippers or cat paw slippers.

28. Achieve flawlessly clean skin with this silicon facial cleanser

Rechargeable Silicone Facial Cleaner

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If you’re looking for practical gifts, this might be it.

This silicon cleanser will let your daughter keep her skin fresh and glowy and wash all stress away. It comes with two scrubbing zones and variable speed variations.

29. This Magnetic lash kit will make her feel like an MUA

Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes kit

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Is your daughter love to do makeup and makeovers? If yes, this would be one of the ideal Valentine’s gifts for her.

These magnetic lashes are super easy to apply and will give her an overall professional makeup artist look.

30. Portable makeup lightening bar to provide perfect illumination

Portable Makeup Lighting Bar

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This lighting bar seems the perfect option if you consider making the ‘prepping time’ easy for your daughter.

It is compact and easy to place and will provide the ideal illumination for her makeup and ‘snap-clicking’ task.

31. Bring the nail salon to her with this polygel nail kit

Polygel Nail Kit

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Fake nails can be a little tacky sometimes, and they can come off in front of other people, which can be pretty embarrassing.

The application of this polygel nail kit is easy. You just have to apply the gel to your nails and cure it under UV light for nails. Gift this to your daughter this Valentine’s day alongside some nail art stickers.

Additional tip: You can also browse through the fall nail inspiration to find what suits you best.

Valentines Gifts For Daughters From Dad

“A girl’s first true love is her father.”

Indeed, there is something really spectacular about a father and daughter’s bond. A father serves as the guide for a little girl to blossom into a strong and courageous woman and lays the foundations of self-esteem and confidence in his daughters.

To make this bond even more beautiful, we have made a list of Valentine’Ss gifts for daughters from dad.

32. Express your everlasting love with this ‘I love you’ necklace

Hidden Message Lovers Necklace

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This hidden message necklace contains “I love you” in a hundred different languages.

This necklace would make one of the perfect Valentine’s gifts for daughters from dad as it will help you express your eternal love for your daughter in almost all the languages there are in the world.

33. This sunflower necklace will tell her she is the yellow in your life

Zinc Alloy Sunflower Pendant Necklace With Leaves

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To be someone’s yellow in life means that you are the joy and happiness that fill their life with sunshine.

Indeed, your daughter is a ray of delight in your life, and you can tell her how much she means to you by gifting her this sunflower necklace.

You can also gift her a sunflower necklace with a message to express your love.

34. Tell her she is your favorite by gifting this super cute t-shirt

Favorite Daughter Tee

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If you are looking for sentimental Valentine’s gifts for daughters, maybe this is the right option for you.

Telling your little girl that she is your favorite will make her as happy as a bug on a rug.

35. These butterfly chimes are solar-powered

Color-Changing LED Solar Butterfly Outdoor Wind Chimes

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These color-changing butterfly chimes will not only add fascination to your daughter’s life but will make her think of you with every chime.

Since butterflies symbolize hope, these chimes will keep your daughter motivated and tell her not to give up.

36. Show the world the daddy-daughter dynamic duo with this shirt

Daddy & Daughter

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Whether your daughter is your partner in mischief or you two are an unbeatable duo, this t-shirt is one of the bet ways to express your unique relationship.

37. Your daughter can display her happiest moments with this photo string

Photo String Lights

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The moment passes, but memories stay in the form of thoughts or, even better, pictures.

Let your daughter hang up those moments in the form of pictures she will cherish forever with this photo string.

Summing Up!

We truly hope you have found your ideal Valentine’s gifts for daughters with our gifting guide.

Don’t forget to check out these Galentine day gifts and gifts for strong women in your life.

By the way, what was your favorite gift?

Do share with us!

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