Cool Stuff For Kids That Will Make Them Love You Even More

cool stuff for kids

Kids – the mere sound of this word forces a wide smile to spread on the faces of the people.

They are those cute, little beings that make us laugh our heads off through their naughty playful practices. They are the glue that keeps a family bonded together.

Every parent in this world desires to get cool stuff for kids because it makes them thrilled and rejoiced. But before purchasing gifts or toys for kids, you should

consider what personality trait do they carry?

Hippocrates identified four types of personality traits almost 2500 years ago and your child is sure to fit in one of these.

  1. Melancholy: detailed, orderly, persistent, respectful, deep
  2. Choleric: adventurous, determined, outspoken, competitive, strong-willed
  3. Sanguine: playful, sociable, talkative, lively, imaginative
  4. Phlegmatic: thoughtful, controlled, adaptable, attentive, diplomatic

Now that you have deduced which group your baby girls and boys fall in, let’s get on with the description of the gifts.

All the gifts that we present in this list are laden with one or all of these characteristics. Check them out and thank us later.

For the ease of the reader, we have divided the products with respect to specific personality types and their particular trait.


Reindeer Game: (playful)

Reindeer game

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It includes an inflatable horned headpiece that will be worn by one kid while the others will try to toss rings in one of those horns.

They can assign points on the bases of minimum turns taken by a child to insert the rings successfully.

Christmas tree set: (playful)

Christmas tree set

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 It can be hung anywhere in the house, and your kid can artfully arrange 20 stickable pieces on it just how he likes to.

You can film him while he playfully does that and share it with all other family members and have a memorable laugh.

Remote control wall climbing car: (playful)

Remote Control Wall Climbing Car

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If your little boy is obsessed with racing cars, this is the product for him.

It takes elementary remote-controlled cars which move on floors, to the next level – yes, you read the heading; it can access walls and even ceilings owing to its high vacuum power. How cool is that?

Also, wall climbing doesn’t mean it can’t be used on floors, your boy can easily switch to floor mode. Choose from the three colors and order now

A cool UFO drone toy will also not be a less loveable gift for him. 

Talking hamster: (talkative)

Talking hamster

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Is your young daughter or son always asking questions from you even while you are in the washroom or doing dishes? Is he/she that inquisitive? Don’t get agitated, get him this amazing talking hamster.

The tiny, plush animal imitates whatever he/she says and repeats that in its funny, high-pitched voice which will certainly make him/her laugh with captivation.

It also shakes jubilantly when patted and talking.

Magic walking unicorn: (playful)

Magic Walking Unicorn

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A unicorn toy is one of the things every kid wants. Finally, your little angel can fulfill his dream of walking a unicorn.

A single push of a button brings the awesome tiny creature to life. Don’t get one of these because that would make the others go jealous.

Get one for each kid and have them race along with their respective unicorns. It would surely make your child go mad with excitement.

Dino kids backpack: (imaginative)

Dino kids backpack

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Is your young kid always thinking of new ideas and sharing them with you? Does he take pride in exploring new dimensions?

If he is of that sort, get him this dino bag because it’s exactly per his dreams – imaginative and creative.

Characterized by a ribbed tail and scaled body, this polyester bag can hold all his school items including the books, stationery and lunch box. There is even a cushioned support for extended comfort while wearing.

Unicorn mood lamp: (lively)

Unicorn mood lamp

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If you are looking for cool stuff to buy for your kid but are completely blank, get this.

The lamp phases through 7 different colors and can be either used as a bedside lamp or a plush toy to play with.


Elephant pillow: (detailed)

Elephant pillow

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Is your kid only comfortable with specific things? Is he selective and detailed even when it’s about sleeping? If the answer is yes, you need this elephant pillow.

Made up of 100% cotton and extremely soft, it would drive him in the deep valleys of sleep within minutes. Choose the color of your liking and order now.

Remote Control Dinosaur: (Ambitious)

Remote Control Dinosaur (Ambitious)

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Your child will be ecstatic when he uses the remote to move this dinosaur. So buy this dinosaur to give your child the most enjoyment possible.

You may consider it a cool stuff for kids that can be charged through USB and rechargeable. Therefore, once you notice that the dinosaur is walking slowly, charge it immediately away to encourage your child to play with it once more.

Banana toothpaste dispenser: (orderly)

Banana toothpaste dispenser

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This banana toothpaste dispenser adds a swirl of liveliness and a twirl of excitement to your orderly children. The hands get hold of the toothbrushes while the face injects the toothpaste whenever pressed. Cool thing, right?

Forget the mess of toothpaste now, get this revolutionary piece now.

Adjustable divider pack: (orderly)

Adjustable divider pack

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A real time saver for kid’s closet that is cluttered with all sorts of belongings; clothes, toys, eatables and stationery. These amazing separators can be arranged according to a specific drawer and serve to be excellent dividers.

Get ready to see a clean, organized closet for your son or daughter after purchasing this product. This is surely great, cool stuff for your kid’s room.

No mess rug: (orderly)

no Mess Pack And Play

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We know it’s a very small probability but it sure exists – is your child orderly about his toys? Does he put them all in a fixed place and clean up the place after playing with them? If that’s the case, this no-mess rug is for him.

There’s nothing technical about it. It has a drawstring that will cluster all his toys together and he can snap it close using the sticky pad on the other end of the circumference. Tidies up the playing place in a jiffy!

Baby kids shower cap: (orderly)

Baby Kids Shower Cap

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Your babies don’t like shampoo and hair in their eyes while you give them a bath, but aren’t you going to do something about that?

This shower cap is an easy answer to this problem. It covers the head of the bathing baby and prevents anything from entering the eyes.

The visor is fashioned out of an anti-bacterial material, is stretchable and completely leak-proof.

Kids Magic LCD Drawing Tablet: (Portable)

Kids Magic LCD Drawing Tablet: (Portable)

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This creative pad emits no radiation and has no blue or hazardous light to safeguard your child’s eyes.

This kid-magic LCD sketching tablet is one of the coolest kid stuff that encourages your child to develop his or her imagination and discover new ideas.

Space projector lamp: (deep)

Space Projector Lamp

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Calm the mystical desires of your kid to go to outer space and explore the galaxies.

This awesome lamp imitates a similar aura in his room by projecting a galaxy scene full of stars, asteroids and other celestial bodies on the walls and ceiling of the room.


Remote control snake: (adventurous)

Remote Control Snake

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Having a toy that can scare others is one of the top things every kid wants. This becomes more important if your kid owns the adventurous traits customary to the choleric class.

Get them this squirming remote controlled snake and see for yourself how creative your kid is. The snake can wriggle like a real snake and sprout out its tongue too.

Snowball maker: (competitive)

Snowball Maker

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Making snowballs is not a problem but making fast snowballs certainly is. If your child has a highly competitive nature and always wants to remain on the upper hand than his opponents, this snowball maker will make him exceedingly cheerful.

It creates a stash of snowballs within seconds and gives you a clear advantage over your opponent!

The Bubble Gun: (Fun)

The Bubble Gun: (Fun)

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This bubble-spreading gun is cool stuff for kids to promote physical activity and provide hours of playtime.

The gun is not too heavy or cumbersome, making it manageable even for young children. Simply insert batteries, soak the bubble ejectors in liquid soap, and squeeze the handle button to release a shower of soapy bubbles.

Inflatable Aquarium Mat (adventurous)

Baby Inflatable Aquarium Water Mat Toy

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This mat allows your kid to have a swimming pool right in the middle of the lounge. He/ she can swim on it, flap their hands excitedly and learn to balance themselves.

DIY animal bracelet: (adventurous)

DIY animal bracelet

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This bracelet is one of the exciting gifts that you can get for your adventurous children. These include adorable models of animals like dog, unicorn, and elephant which can be connected together with beaded chains.

They can connect as many characters as they want and wear them on the wrists, around ankles or wound them around the neck.

LED drawing board: (adventurous)

Magic LED Drawing Board For Kids

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Instill enchantment in the drawing practices of your young kids by getting this LED board that shines in dark.

The brightness of the drawings will depend upon the darkness in the room; the darker the room is, the greater will it glow. Normally, the brightness lasts up to 30 minutes.

LED beanie hat: (adventurous and determined)

LED beanie hat

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A general beanie is too mainstream, at least for the kids. But how can you be inventive in that regard? Simple, buy these illuminated beanies for them this winter.

It includes six colorful LED lights that blink giving an impression of a twinkling castle on top of the heads. Make their morning or evening walks fun and colorful now. The lights are powered by lithium coin cells.

If you are interested in buying beanies for yourself instead of kids, refer to this resource.


Kids camera: (thoughtful)

Kids camera

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This instant camera for kids is for those who are thoughtful about the environment. They like examining leaves, contemplate the movement of the millipedes and investigate their skin blemishes deeply.

Now, those kids can capture everything in their own personal camera rated at 8 Megapixel.

Digital Microscope: (thoughtful)

Digital microscope

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Nothing is better to gift your inquisitive and thoughtful child than a microscope. They can explore every little object they are interested in.

Leaves, hands, hair, watch, mud, insects, toys: you name it.

Crochet animal Photo frame: (thoughtful)

Crochet Animals Photo Frame

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Often phlegmatic kids associate a certain color or character to a person or a situation. This photo frame could be a good present for such. There are nine different characters like Minnie, flower, and sheep.

Now he can put any picture of a place or person in the frame which is interconnected with that character. For example, a playful person in his life should be in the Minnie frame and so on. It’s fun and thought-provoking.

Unicorn scarf: (controlled)

Unicorn scarf

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For all the “at-ease” kids out there, this is the scarf for them. Not outrageously vibrant or expressive, it covers the head, winds around the neck and contains pockets for keeping your hands warm in the winters. How convenient is that?

Concluding thoughts

We hope you liked our list of cool stuff for kids. While purchasing gifts for them, make sure that it shouldn’t be health hazardous, unethical or age-unappropriate. Happy shopping.

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