A Self Stirring Mug Will Transform The Way You Drink Coffee But Why Do You Need It?

self stirring mug review

Coffee is consumed at a rate of 2.25 billion cups worldwide daily. Guess who consumes this much coffee? It’s the people of Finland, Sweden, and Iceland who are the top three contributors. We get that these are one of the chilliest spots in the world but that shouldn’t be the only reason for drinking coffee.

It is its mind-awakening resoluteness, its calming aroma, and the energy reinvigoration capability that makes it one of the top consumed beverage in the world. There’s nothing more soothing than sipping a sizzling cup of foaming coffee before you go out gallantly to face the day’s challenges.

And having a self stir coffee mug lets you have that in a jiffy. That’s why it is so cool to have! You can change your clothes, brush your teeth or wear your socks while your desired beverage stirs and prepares by itself.

How does a self-stirring mug work:

The working principle is simple. There is a rotor on the base of the mug, which is powered by a cell. It prompts a cyclonic action when the button is pressed. The contents get evenly mixed as they are vigorously pulled down and then lifted up continuously.

It makes your coffee much frothy than you have ever imagined.

Amazing advantages of a Self Stirring Mug

advantage of self stirring mug

The stirring cup technology is reaching new heights with every passing day now with super surprising and unique yet simple devices to amaze us. This Self Stirring Coffee Mug offers you a perfect stir for your outstanding morning beverage without any spills or mess. The mug lets all the lazy bones to sit back and relax while their cup does the coffee making itself.

What’s more relaxing and satisfying than this automated cup for drowsy but coffee-loving people in the morning? Have one for you and enjoy its tasteful benefits to satisfy your lazy bones.

 1. No-spill feature

no spill feature

The easy Self Mixing Mug lets you relax without worrying about the spills and wastage of your favorite beverage. The spill-free feature is good enough for any coffee lover to love this mug. There is a lid to avoid any kind of spills or splashes with or without stirring, making it easy to go mess-free while having a good cup of coffee. The mug works best for traveling also.

With the help of the lid to make sure it prevents leakage and spilling; the lid also has the feature of airtight serving with an optional hole to take a sip.

 2. Not only a coffee mug

The self stir coffee mug does not restrict you to make coffee only, but you can go for any of your hot or cold refreshing beverages. Also, you need not worry about the temperature of your beverage.

It feels so annoying when you place your morning hot coffee and takes a sip after some minutes and its cold. Or you have just made your iced coca shake or tea, but it gets to the room temperature. The insulative property of this mug lets you sip your beverage even after minutes, keeping them on the same temperature no matter what kind of beverage you poured.

 3. Easy operation

Easy operation

The activated button on the top of the handle operates the fluid motor through the disc, which is situated on the bottom of the mug.

Just pour some coffee, cream, and sweetener to start perfect swirling of your love by pressing the button and there you go. You can make any other beverages following the same way and let the mug mix all the ingredients for you.

 4. Attractive design and vibrant colors

Attractive design and vibrant colors

The self stirring coffee cup is designed in an attractive manner. It is not some traditional, out-of-trend mug to be placed in the cabinets. The mug is highly pleasing to the eye and will be nothing less than an embellishment on any of the countertops. The coffee mug is made with stainless steel, and the internal lining is of a clean silver mug. It is available in 6 different colors for different family members from various age groups to grab their attention.

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 5. More capacity

The usual self stirring coffee mugs are not so sufficient for your coffee to get stirred properly by blending the ingredients and letting them take their place. The capacity of about 400 ml of this mug makes it different from others.

 6. Easy cleaning

easy cleaning

The most catchy feature of this Self Stirring Mug is its easy-to-clean feature especially for lazy yet cleanliness lovers. You just have to pour in some water with the soap or dishwashing liquid and start stirring as before. Pour out the water and wash one more time to let the soap wash out. Dry it and Voila!

 7. Perfect gift for all age groups

perfect for age

The self stirring coffee mug is not only for a specific age group, but it is a perfect item to gift any of your beloved ones to express your love for them especially if they are lazy enough to stir a coffee. Give it to any of your coffee-loving friends or family member either older or younger. The mug us reliable and suitable for all.

 8. No hassle

Rushing to find spoons and a cup here and there to just make a coffee for you is not good especially if you are getting late for work. Don’t you feel it’s annoying? To avoid such rushing for spoons, mugs, and then stirring badly will not make you feel good. So, go for this self stirring coffee mug to avoid the use of spoons, as you will not need any.

Why Should You Get One for yourself?

Reasons are simple; this self stir coffee mug is a huge sigh of relief for millions of lazybones out there.

  • High-quality fluid motor: the high-quality fluid motor makes this cup unique and different from all other self stirring cups. The fluid motor promptly starts working, providing you with the best beverage to drink.
  • Easy to clean: the feature of easy cleaning makes us happy to buy one of these cups as no one wants a dirty, messy coffee mug.
  • Interesting colors: the vibrant and eye-catching colors of these self stirring coffee cups are a must-try. Yes, the mug is available in various colors to satisfy your eyes as well as your taste buds.
  • Capacity: capacity matters a lot as the coffee needs high density and perfect capacity to swirl. This Self Stirring Mug by Inspire up Lift comes with a 400ml capacity to fulfill your desires.
  • Stainless Steel: the mug is manufactured with stainless steel to avoid water or coffee stains and prevents rusting.


  1. Is self stirring mug safe?

It can prevent hot beverages from spilling out owing to its no-spill lid. This can be carried while you travel easily. It won’t give rise to any electric shocks because it is perfectly electrically insulated.

  2. How do you clean a self stirring mug?

Pour water with dishwashing soap in it and start stirring by pressing the button. Pour out the solution after 10 seconds and then pour in some water to get rid of any soap which remains stuck with the walls of the mug.

You should wash is quickly after being emptied otherwise the contents will dry and stick to the walls which you have to remove using a scrubber. The mug is not advised to be washed directly under the tap and neither should the water enter the battery compartment.

  3. Who invented the self-stirring mug?

It was invented by Anastasia Gavrilova who was a designer and her husband, Rafael Gainullin who was an expert in Information Technology.


Do not let yourself down especially if you have lazy bones and let the Self Stirring Mug do the swirls for your perfect hot coffee. It’s easy to clean and a perfect trip, office or home mug for any of your favorite beverages. Keeping the beverage on its optimal temperature hasn’t been so easy since now. Get perky every morning with this product.

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