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Blanket On: Too Hot, Blanket Off: Too Cold, One Leg Out: Perfect

Blanket On: Too Hot, Blanket Off: Too Cold, One Leg Out: Perfect! There's no other way to do it!

I never used to be this way. When I was younger, I was always cold, and had to use an extra blanket at night, just to stay warm. I’d have thick, warm pajamas and comfy plush socks on. As I’ve gotten older, I find that I’m still cold, when I first jump into bed at night to go to sleep, but during the night, I go from cold, to unbearably warm, to cold, to suffocatingly hot and on and on! I’ll pull the blankets up around my neck and then just minutes later, I’ll be kicking them off, yet again. The only true fix to my predicament is to settle for covering up all the way and then taking one leg out from under the cover and laying it on top of the blanket. I’ve found that it’s always the same… Blanket On: Too Hot, Blanket Off: Too Cold, One Leg Out: Perfect! There’s no other way to do it!

So, why is it that having just one foot sticking out from under the covers is the most comfortable way to sleep? Well, according to sleep expert, Terry Cralle, there’s a perfectly scientific explanation to this phenomenon and the answer lies in our biology. You see, the temperature of our bodies, as we sleep at night, drops right before we drift off and then reaches its lowest temperature while we’re sleeping our deepest sleep of the night. So, you might be wondering, what does that have to do with our feet? Well, actually our feet hold the brunt of the responsibility of regulating our body temperatures, because they contain something called arteriovenous anastomoses, which are actually just scientific fancy words for, links between our arteries and veins. These links dilate when it’s warm, which then allows more blood to get to the surface of our skin, and cool us down. In addition, the bottoms of our feet don’t have any hair, which also helps them to remain cooler. So, sticking our feet out from under the covers helps our bodies to cool down, before we fall asleep, thus allowing us to sleep just a little bit easier.

The truth of the matter is that people tend to sleep better in rooms that are between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you don’t like exposing your vulnerable little toes to the monster under the bed, you might want to dress a little bit cooler before covering and maybe turn the fan on! Sleeping with one foot out, from under the blankets, isn’t the only way to get a relaxing, night’s sleep. We’ve put together a little list of ideas to help you get your best night’s sleep! Take a look!

Anti Snore Nose Purifier

Anti Snore Nose Purifier

If your partner is prone to snoring at night, it doesn’t matter how cool you keep the room, or whether your foot is out, from under the blanket, or not, you’re not going to get a peaceful night’s sleep! Unless, that is, he/she uses our Anti Snore Nose Purifier. Snoring is caused by a partial obstruction of your airway. As you fall asleep, muscles in your soft palate, throat, and tongue relax. If those muscles relax too much, they can fall into the back of your throat and partially obstruct your airway. As you breathe, the air passes through the blocked airway and causes snoring. The Anti Snore Nose Purifier is a breakthrough in new-aid technology, that treats snoring and sleep apnea. People will actually use it, because it’s so easy to use! Simply insert the vent into the nostrils and sleep quietly and peacefully. It’s that easy! This device effectively stops nose snoring by maximizing air flow through the nasal passageways. In addition to providing you with a quiet night’s sleep, this nose purifier also has an air purifying filter that purifies the air pollution and makes breathing easier! Now, you and your partner can get a peaceful night’s sleep! Buy It Now

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Stardust Essential Oil Diffuser

Did you know that certain essential oils can facilitate a deep and restful night’s sleep? With our Stardust Essential Oil Diffuser you can benefit from these helpful, essential oils! Using Lavender, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Rose, Jasmine or Geranium essential oils in your diffuser, has been shown to reduce anxiety, stabilize your blood pressure, and improve your overall sleep quality. Besides its uses in aromatherapy, this diffuser also functions as an air purifier and humidifier. Use it to improve your home’s air quality, eliminate odors, and protect your family from allergens, dust and more! You’ll be mesmerized and soothed into a deep and peaceful rest while watching  the magical 3D meteor shower effect! Order Now

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Hands-Free Portable LED Light

Hands-Free Portable Led Light

Reading before bedtime is very relaxing. It also allows your muscles to relax and slows down your breathing, leaving you feeling calm and perfectly at ease. It just stands to reason that any activity that reduces stress is beneficial at bedtime. This Hands-Free Portable LED Light is a uniquely designed, flex-neck, reading light that wraps around your neck and throws light on the task at hand, without disturbing your already sleeping partner! The light isn’t dazzling, which makes it ideal for bedtime reading and the beam illuminates both pages of the book, enough for comfortable reading. The material is comfortable against your skin and hugs your neck gently and the soft LED light is adjustable to suit your needs without disturbing anyone or harming your eyes. Order Now

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Rollerball Massager For Neck & Back Pain

Rollerball Massager for Neck & Back Pain

Sometimes, the reason that we can’t fall asleep and stay asleep is because we’re suffering with neck or back pain. With our Rollerball Massager For Neck & Back Pain you can treat yourself to a relaxing, deep tissue massage right in the comfort of your own home. Featuring two soft, yet firm, silicone balls, it’s designed to feel just like a therapist’s comforting hands. These soft, silicone balls deeply penetrate tight muscles and target pressure points, providing you with instant relief from sore, aching muscles and knots in your neck. Using this convenient, hand-held massager, you control the pace, direction and intensity with which you knead your body. Use it right before bedtime to relieve pain and help you to relax! Order Now!

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