38 Valuable Gifts For Indoor Gardeners Who Are Doing Their Bit To Save The Environment

Want unique gifts for indoor gardeners that you know?

Maybe your girlfriend,
your aunt,
your college pal,
or even a colleague.

Well, it’s a lucky day for you.

We have a whole list of outstanding presents compiled for you. It includes planters, lamps, jewelry, and gardening tools.

Gifts are the tokens of love and appreciation. They never fail to impress. So let’s hop in together.

Planter Gifts for Indoor Gardeners:

Thanks to these planter pots, your enthusiastic indoor gardener friends can grow little houseplants in style now.

1. Owl Wooden Tree

Owl Wooden Tree

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Why plant one succulent when you can plant three? Yes, this planter is ideal for placing on the window sills, kitchen, or bathroom counters. It will enhance the greenery around the house and turn around a bad hair day.

This gift will make the indoor gardeners you know, beam with excitement.

2. Groot Man Planter Pot

Groot Man Planter Pot

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Step aside; the heroic Groot Man is here.

But not in his original size this time 😀. This time, it has emerged in the shape of a planter. Ready to be loved and taken care of. It carries a drainage hole at the bottom and can double as a stationary container as well.

3. Little People Mini Succulent Planter

Little People Mini Succulent Planter

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Meant for miniature indoor plants like Baby toes, Asparagus fern, and Echeveria, this indoor garden gift is guaranteed to spread a smile on the face, no matter how bad of a day one may be experiencing.

It’s fade-resistant, handcrafted, and can be placed anywhere from a console to a table or shelf.

4. Hanging Disco Ball Planter For Home & Office Decor

Hanging Disco Ball Planter For Home & Office Decor

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Disco balls are not just for bars and pubs. You can grow plants in them too. But only if they are hollow.

You are in luck because this disco ball planter is just that. Elegant, showy, and effective, this planter can house indoor houseplants like aloe, peperomia, and Jade. Give it to your friends with a green thumb so they can hang them on their balcony or put them on their table.

5. Sloth Hanging Planter For Succulents & Indoor Plants

Sloth Hanging Planter For Succulents & Indoor Plants

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Bestow a refreshing flurry to the room of houseplant fanatics. This sloth-shaped planter might have a sluggish representation but it would help their indoor plants grow beautifully and rapidly ☺️.

With a ceramic built and suitable size, it could well be a perfect present for indoor gardeners.

6. Teardrop Glass Terrarium

Teardrop Glass Terrarium

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Transparent, eco-friendly, and space-saving, this terrarium is perfect for hydroponics, air plants, and micro-ferns. This decorative vase can easily be made a part of your office or home.

Bring nature inside your room with style now.

7. Cute Resin Corgi Planter Flower Pot

Cute Resin Corgi Planter Flower Pot

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Aww, how cute is it! This planter gift for indoor gardeners will become the most lovable home for your small potted plants. Spread a fresh green vibe with it and brighten the dull days of your near and dear ones.

They can also place fake plants in it. It’s one of the necessary items anyone should have in their rooms.

8. Magnetic Levitating Plant Pot For Bonsai, Real & Fake Plants

Magnetic Levitating Plant Pot For Bonsai, Real & Fake Plants

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If you are looking for extravagant plant gift ideas, this is the item for you. Imagine the thrill on the faces of the giftee when they see their indoor spider plant flying mid-air on their coffee table.

It uses the power of levitation to create an everlasting impact. Modern style and classic elegance can both be yours if you get this gift. It’s ideal for apartments and flats.

9. Cartoon Animal Shaped Ceramic Flower Pots

Cartoon Animal Shaped Ceramic Flower Pots

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Awww. They are just so adorable. Well, don’t look, buy! These cute animal pots can effectively create a creative vibe around a space and if you can have green, fresh succulents in it, God, that would be out of this world.

They suffice for the best gifts for indoor gardeners. Not just that, they can become appealing housewarming presents as well.

10. Silicone Flower Bottle

Silicone Flower Bottle

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Now, this is a unique type of planter. Have less space for planters? This adhesive silicone planter will come in handy.

Simply fill it with water and house hydroponic and air plants like Calla Lily and Duckweed in it. Change their place whenever you want from a wall to a refrigerator!

Practical Gifts for Indoor Gardeners:

Indoor garden gifts that are practical and useful can never go wrong. The giftee might get bored of the decorative gifts you give them, but with practical items, you can be sure they’ll remain in use for a long time.

11. Multi-Purpose Flower Plant Watering Nozzle

Multi-Purpose Flower Watering Nozzle Tool

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Give the indoor herb garden or a flower bed an instant productivity boost with this nozzle. With the option to switch between stream and spray outlet, your plant lover pal or relative will value this practical gift.

It can be capped on any of the standard plastic bottles.

12. Plastic Bird Plant Waterer

Plastic Bird Plant Waterer

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Indoor houseplants in apartments and condos can become dry when their owners leave for work or trips. This automatic plant waterer will come in handy in those moments.

It penetrates the soil and gives the roots the required water – especially great for frequent travelers and long-hour corporate workers.

13. Plant Climbing Wall Fixture For Organizing Vines

Plant Climbing Wall Fixture For Organizing Vines

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These 10-piece clips enable the houseplants with vines and wide growth to be properly organized. You get beauty and convenience both with these clips, making it a unique gift for indoor gardeners.

They can route their plant’s branches in any way they like on the wall, beside their working table or around their window. It’s particularly useful for money plants, grapevine and pea plants.

14. Mini Brass Plant Spray Mister

Mini Brass Plant Spray Mister

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This spray mister will strengthen the bond between a gardener and their plants. It delivers an invigorating water mist to the plants without any worry of overwatering and mess.

It holds 300ml of water and is quite appealing to the eyes – can easily double as an adornment.

15. Healthy Growth Liquid Fertilizer

Healthy Growth Liquid Fertilizer

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This liquid fertilizer is a much better substitute for solid fertilizers. They will improve soil health, promote germination, balances soil pH, and offers resistance against plant diseases.

Simply dilute it in water and help to revive the wilted plants.

16. Professional Tree Grafting Tool Kit

Professional Tree Grafting Tool Kit

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Which gardening gift list is complete without a handy grafter, right? This essential gardening tool is suitable for indoor gardeners who want to apply grafts to their houseplants.

It delivers seamless grafts – now, you can grow a healthy specie of any plant within your existing houseplant. One of the best gifts for indoor gardeners surely.

17. Portable Pointed Gardening Scissors

Portable Pointed Gardening Scissor

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Convenience seems to find a whole new level with these gardening scissors. Hold them comfortably and reach difficult-to-access plant areas easily.

Your plant-loving friends can use it to cut the dried branches and diseased leaves to ensure their treasured houseplants stay fit. The built is anti-rust and it has a safety lock mechanism too.

18. Wearable Portable Neck Fan For Personal Cooling

Wearable Portable Neck Fan For Personal Cooling

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Is the indoor vegetable garden of your mother, grandma or aunt located in a humid spot? Do they get all sweaty working there? It’s time to give them this wearable fan.

With 3 adjustable speed levels, its soothing wind will keep them energized during their gardening chores. Get this gift for indoor plant lovers and spread a cherished smile on their faces.

19. 20 Pcs Plastic Plant Support Clips

20 Pcs Plastic Plant Support Clips

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These clips are handy for somehow large houseplants with thick branches and stems. Many people grow large potted plants in their bedrooms and living rooms for that earthy green kick.

These clips will keep the stalks stable and prevent them from going downwards. Unlike zip ties, they are reusable.

20. Plant Life Support Drip Automatic Watering System

Plant Life Support Drip Automatic Watering System

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How about dressing your plant with a drip while you are away?

Yes, this unique gift for indoor gardeners is shaped like a drip which will continue watering the soil automatically while the plant owner is absent from their homes.

It has a regulator which controls the speed of the water. Cool, no?

21. Tree Grafting Tape For Plants

Tree Grafting Tape For Plants

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Thanks to this grafting tape, the indoor gardeners that you know can protect their grafts from bacteria, fungi, and penetration. It allows the passageway of required gases without compromising the grip and holds.

Be it citrus fruits, roses, or avocadoes, this grafting tape is useful for all.

22. Mess-Free Gardening Working Mat

Mess-Free Gardening Working Mat

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Indoor gardening doesn’t have to be messy. Not at least when you can get this mess-free gardening mat. Convince all your gardener friends to carry out their potting, soil mixing and plant transfer chores on this mat.

It prevents any mess, thanks to the four-sided closure design. Go green in a mess-free way!

23. Tiny Watering Can Toy For Kids

Tiny Watering Can Toy For Kids

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You can’t control but love this watering can. Thin streams of water spurting out of the head will make the gardening process ever so lively and enjoyable.

But there’s another use for it – your plant-loving friends and family can transfer the watering responsibility of the houseplants to their kids by giving them this cute offering.

Fun & Lively Presents For Indoor Gardeners:

The indoor gardening gifts below have a fun-inspired tinge attached to them. They may not offer much use for the houseplants but will certainly make the giftees excited and heartened.

24. Cute Stuffed Avocado Plush with Legs

Cute Stuffed Avocado Plush with Legs

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It’s cute, it’s plushy, it’s oversized, it’s a never-ending ball of cuddling – it’s the avocado plush toy. Not every indoor gardener gift has to be a tool or planter, right?

This plush toy can be a worthy cuddle partner for your indoor gardener relatives or friends. Whether they plant avocadoes in their indoor gardens or not, they would have surely tried it once in their life.

25. Color-Changing LED Solar Butterfly Outdoor Wind Chimes

Color-Changing LED Solar Butterfly Outdoor Wind Chimes

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It doesn’t matter if there are no butterflies around the indoor plants, you can always have them around with this solar chime. It can be hung on the deck, balcony, backyard, entryway, or terrace to create a fairytale ambiance.

They get charged all day and shine with full might at night – the undazzling glow coupled with agreeable ringing is a treat to the soul.

26. Silly Succulent Plushies

Silly Succulent Plushies

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Another plush beauty, another cuddling partner for you but this time, it is as relevant as a keychain is to a car lover. This gift for indoor gardeners will convince them to grow all sorts of succulents in their homes.

Zebra Cactus, Living stones, Baby Jade or Echeveria, all are pure beauties and this pillow can be placed just beside them to motivate them to grow and thrive 😀.

27. 12 Real Touch Tulip Bouquet

12 Real Touch Tulip Bouquet

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Unlike their counterparts that wilt and lose color, this 12 Tulip Bouquet Set can last forever, thanks to the PU material built.

Because of the dreamy vibe, it resonates it makes a great indoor gardener gift.

28. Cute Stuffed Mushroom Plush Toy For Kids & Adults

Cute Stuffed Mushroom Plush Toy For Kids & Adults

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I am red, I always smile, I am the favorite of gnomes, what am I?

I am a mushroom.

This soft plush toy will lighten the mood of any indoor gardener who gets fed up at times with inconsistent growth and diseases of their potted plants.

Lamp & Light Gifts For Indoor Gardeners:

This contains a variety of neon and LED lamps for you to choose from.

29. Enchanted Rose Flower Lamp

Enchanted Rose Flower Lamp

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Not only will this rose never wilt, but it will illuminate the space as well. Talk about versatility.

This artificial flower lamp is surrounded by twinkling LEDs that have the power to captivate anyone with its prettiness instantly. Place it near your potted plants on the shelf or use it as an anniversary gift for your special other.

30. Glow In The Dark Neon Cactus Lamp & Desk Light With Detachable Base

Glow In The Dark Neon Cactus Lamp & Desk Light With Detachable Base

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Cactus are not only for growing, they can illuminate as well.

What did we say?

Yes, look at this neon cactus lamp that can be a lovely sibling for indoor plants. Give it to your friend with a green thumb so he can cast a touch of animation in the room.

31. Indoor LED Plant Grow Light Strip

Indoor Led Plant Grow Light Strip

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With those winter mornings and cold draughts kicking in, indoor plants can become a bit sad. This grow light will give them the warmth they need.

It is great for low-light plants like pothos and succulents and can be placed in the bedroom or office. Prevent the plants from yellowing and stunted growth in winters.

32. Neon Lighted Palm Tree

Neon Lighted Palm Tree

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Come back to a thrilling tropical beach every day with this present for indoor gardeners. Its mild light is a perfect replacement for those bright room bulbs in the bedroom.

Your indoor gardener pals may not go to the beach every month because they have to take care of their houseplants, but they can bring the beach to their room now. Win-win situation!

33. LED Rose Tree Lamp For Delightful Home Décor

LED Rose Tree Lamp For Delightful Home Décor

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Contemporary table décor and lively representation will both be yours when you purchase this bendable rose tree lamp.

Your friend will be awe-struck by its elevated beauty and uplifting charm. Let them express love for their plants through this best gift for indoor gardeners.

34. Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

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This is another grow light that will provide the required illumination to ensure indoor plants never turn gloomy and yellow.

It comes in 1,2 and 3 ring variants and delivers a mesmerizing yellow glow. Place it approximately 6 cm above the plant.

Jewelry Presents for Indoor Gardeners:

The last category on this list is directed toward jewelry items. Plant-inspired jewelry is another good way to celebrate plant love.

35. Bright & Refreshing Yellow Sunflower Earrings

Bright & Refreshing Yellow Sunflower Earrings

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It’s quite hard to have a prosperous growth of sunflowers in your indoor garden.

But it’s not hard at all to get these sunflower earrings. Bright in color and realistic in representation, your gardener friends can flaunt their love for the plants out in the crowd.

36. Acrylic Flower Earrings For Earthy Vibes

Acrylic Flower Earrings For Earthy Vibes

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10 petals with 4 stamens – these flower earrings are immersed in an earthy theme and can ignite a dull day purposefully. Gift it to your loved ones who are always looking to exhibit their love for plants.

They can wear it to parties, date nights, and informal gatherings.

37. Elegant Olive Tree Ring

Elegant Olive Tree Ring

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This fashionable present for indoor gardeners is enriched with detail and liveliness. It’s a symbol of peace and friendship and qualifies as a perfect accessory for casual outings.

It’s adjustable in nature, so one size will fit all.

38. Antique Style Adjustable Silver Sunflower Ring

Antique Style Adjustable Silver Sunflower Ring

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Another good jewelry gift for indoor gardeners who can’t get enough of showing their plant love to the people.

It has a subtle shine and offers a pleasing balance of simplicity and classic cuts.

Concluding lines:

So that’s all with our list of best gifts for indoor gardeners. We are sure our category-wise listing would have made your search so much easier.

Plants are an integral part of nature, and people who take care of them should be respected and rewarded.

Which gift did you like the best and why? Do let us know in the comments.

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