26 Considerate Gift Ideas For Boss That Will Make You Eligible For A Raise!

Gift Ideas for Boss

There are very few bosses for whom employees are the assets rather than a mere worker.

They don’t let you down even if the company is in the red.

So, if your boss is going extra miles to make you happy, why shouldn’t you?

And indeed, a gift is one of the best ways you can make your relationship beyond the office.

Here’s the list of 26 gift ideas for boss who is leaving, or a boss’s day is approaching, and you want to express your gratitude for his support, or simply if you want a raise :p

So, let’s begin!

Workspace Gift Ideas For Boss

These gifts for boss will work like a charm, for sure.

1. Beaded Charging Bracelet

Beaded Charging Bracelet

Why is this gift appropriate?

This bracelet-cum-cable will let your boss charge his phone in addition to giving a stylish look. Buy this personalized gift here

A nice gift for your male boss.

2. LED Floating Globe Lamp

LED Floating Globe Lamp

Why is this gift appropriate?

An elegant gift to be placed on your boss’s working table having LED lights and the levitating globe. Buy now

3. Multi-Device Wooden Charging Station & Organizer

Wooden charging dock

Why is this gift appropriate?

This is a perfect thank you gift for your boss if he or she has an iPhone and Apple watch.

With this beautiful wooden dock, your boss can charge his/her phone and Apple watch together. Gift it now

4. Novelty Star Ceramic Mug

Novelty Guitar Ceramic Mug

Why is this gift appropriate?

Bosses like to have unique things, and if your boss is a music lover, this mug is something he would love to have. Gift it here

5. Galaxy Magic Mug

Galaxy Magic Mug

Why is this gift appropriate?

Each time your boss pours his or her hot coffee or tea into this mug, it will immediately unveil a beautiful image of the universe.

It can be one of the best gifts for coffee lovers too. Get this now

6. Luxury Faux Fur Eyeglass Holder

Luxury Faux Fur Eyeglass Holder

Why is this gift appropriate?

Your boss will simply love it. Why? Because it’s a simple yet perfect way to save one’s glasses from scratches or bending. Buy it here

7. Portobello Charging Station Lamp

Five Port Charging Station

Why is this gift appropriate?

Bosses keep multiple phones, and what could be the best gift than this dock station that has racks as well as USB ports for up to five devices, plus a lamp. Get it here

8. Adhesive Phone Pocket

Adhesive Phone Pocket

Why is this gift appropriate?

Your boss can simply put his earphone right at the back of this phone, instead of pocketing and untangling it each time before use. Buy now

9. Smart Travel Adapter

Smart Travel Adapter

Why is this gift appropriate?

It’s the right gift for your boss who travels frequently.

Wherever he goes, with this universal adapter, he can charge his phone and other devices by just plugging it in any type of socket. Click here to buy

10. Portable Bladeless Desk Fan

Portable Bladeless Desk Fan

Why is this gift appropriate?

This small portable fan will throw a steady amount of air without making a noise.

It can be one of the nice office gifts for your boss. Gift it now

11. Digital Alarm Clock With Message Board

Alarm Clock and Reminder

Why is this gift appropriate?

This is indeed the best gift for your boss.

Not only will it show time in digits, but also your boss may be able to write notes on its board that illuminates with the alarm. Get this great gift for your boss now

12. Expandable Pain-Relief Neck Pillow Collar

Expandable Pain-relief Neck Pillow Collar

Why is this gift appropriate?

With the ease of sitting in the office and without disrupting the work, this pain-relief pillow collar is just the right thing for your boss. Gift now

13. Wall Outlet Organizer

Wall Outlet Organizer

Why is this gift appropriate?

This shelf-cum-charging station enables the user to place his mobiles and tablets with the additional facility of a charging socket. Buy it now

Home Decor Gift Ideas For Boss

A home décor gift is more likely to leave a long-lasting impression because, at home, your boss may not be preoccupied with the office work.

14. Teardrop Glass Terrarium

Teardrop Glass Terrarium

Why is this gift appropriate?

What can be the best gift than a miniature garden inside your boss’s home? Such natural prototypes are wonderful to place inside an office or home. Gift him now

15. Groot Man Planter Pot

Groot Man Planter Pot

Why is this gift appropriate?

It’s not only the pot that your boss may use for planting small plants, but it can serve as a stationery holder for holding office stationery too. Buy it here

16. Magic Cherry Blossom Tree

Magic Cherry Blossom Tree

Why is this gift appropriate?

It’s a lovely piece of art for your boss’s home or office.

He just needs to pour magic water in the middle, and the beautiful cherry blossom tree will be there in minutes. Get it now

17. Vintage Nautical World Map Poster

Vintage Nautical World Map Poster

Why is this gift appropriate?

It’s a beautiful piece of art, in addition to being a world map that looks like the one used in the past by sailors. Gift your boss now

18. Succulent Wall Hanger Frame

Succulent Wall Hanger Frame

Why is this gift appropriate?

This plastic succulent plant frame decorates a wall like nothing. Gift it to your boss

19. Wood Magnetic Table Lamp

Wood Magnetic Table Lamp

Why is this gift appropriate?

There exist many types of lamps, but this unique magnetic lamp can also be a decent addition to your boss’s office or home. Get it now

20. Owl Wooden Tree

Owl Wooden Tree

Why is this gift appropriate?

These small pots will be a wonderful addition to your boss’s home. Gift it here

Relaxing Gift Ideas For Boss

Facing corporate challenges, setting business goals, devising strategies to achieve those goals, etc. makes the bosses stressed.

So, anything that can make him feel calm would get an extreme appreciation from him.

And this is what the following gifts can do here.

21. Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder

Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder

Why is this gift appropriate?

Your boss will love to have this in his bedroom, for the beautiful flow of smoke it creates just like a waterfall. Buy now

22. Little Buddha Incense Holder

Little Buddha Incense Holder

Why is this gift appropriate?

It can be one of the best relaxing gifts for the person in anxiety.

Your boss will get peace of mind and a calm environment with this masterpiece. Gift now

23. Monk On The Moon Incense Holder

Monk On The Moon Incense Holder

Why is this gift appropriate?

Let your boss travel into the dream world with this little miniature Buddha, the smoke from which falls, imitating a waterfall. Buy now

24. 3D Body Massager Vest

3D Body Massager Vest

Why is this gift appropriate?

This can be the best relaxing gift for your boss.

It provides a deep tissue massage to the body as a real person does. Buy this massager now

Other Gift Ideas for Boss

25. Waterproof Black Diamond Playing Cards

Waterproof Black Diamond Playing Cards

Why is this gift appropriate?

These high-quality cards are just right for stylish people, and your boss could be one of them. So, gift it now

26. Time Traveler’s Pocket Watch

Pocket watch

Why is this gift appropriate?

Sometimes old fashioned things are much more worthy than the contemporary ones, and this 18th century time travel watch is one of them.

Your boss will surely like it. Get it now

The Bottom Line

Is it appropriate to give a gift to your boss? Absolutely yes. In fact, this relation is one of the most encountered one but hardly gets due importance.

Sudden promotion, supporting you in workplace disputes, pay-hike, etc. are a few of the benefits you may get by giving gifts to your boss.

So, try any of the above mentioned inexpensive 26 gifts suitable for both female and male bosses.

These may work as a thank you gift, a farewell gift, or even a gift for your boss’ birthday.

Your boss may not need any, but a gift to him will give him a message – both the company and the boss matter equally to you.

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