48 Useful and Emotional Gift Ideas for Cousins to Relive Childhood Days

Gift idea for cousins

There can be rivalry between cousins when become adults but we can never deny the happy time spent together during childhood.

So, finding gift ideas for cousins gave us the same feelings as searching for gifts for siblings because they are our sisters or brothers from other parents.

So celebrate all childhood friendships and cheer your cousin up with these amazing presents by Inspire Uplift.

PS: The cousin gifts will come in handy either you have pro friendship with your cousin or having sweet rivalry with them.

Gift Ideas for Cousins:

Cousin gifts can be same as the gifts you buy for your siblings.

Besides, if he or she is your favorite cousin, you must be very aware of their choices and likeness.

However, if you have no idea what your cousin might look you can go for cheerful gifts, happy gifts, and some generic gifts that can be offered to everyone regardless of their age and gender.

Considering that we have made the following list:

1. The gangster ducks can be ultimately most favorite gift idea for your cousin.

Gangster Rubber Duck Car Toy

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The gangster duck is something you can see anywhere on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. For that reason, your cousin must be looking forward to have one.

On this cousin’s day, hand them over this gangster duck that they can place on the dashboard and have fun company for traveling.

2. Vintage batwing glasses are famous on Tiktok and a fav gift for your pal.

Unique Vintage Gothic Bat Wing Sunglasses

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Batwing glasses are for those cousins who never forget to follow any viral trend on social media.

These glasses are classic, cool, and make perfect gift ideas for cousins.

3. Sassy dancing cat air-pod holders presents will make your favorite cousin jump with happiness.

Funny Sassy Dancing Cat Airpod Holder

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Cat air pod carrier case is so sassy and appealing looks like a decorative accent is placed in front yet keep your AirPods saved.

What else a person can wish to receive on this cousin’s day?

4. Famous TikTok products can be amazing cousin gifts like this wireless charging station.

3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand For Phone, Smartwatch & Airpods

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There are so many things TikTok makes us buy and this wireless charging station is among them.

It supports all devices to recharge instantly. Your cousins will love this gift.

5. Bluetooth beanie tracks health, fitness and plays music – the perfect gift ideas for cousins.

Wireless Bluetooth Headband For Running, Exercise & Sleeping

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This is more like a health and fitness tracker that lets you listen to good music on the go. Its fabric makes it perfect to wear in all seasons.

One of the wonderfully healthy gift ideas for cousins.

6. Long arrow necklace makes perfect unisex gifts for age-fellow relatives.

Long Arrow Necklace

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Accessories not just enhance your looks but complete them. Make sure to choose accessories that are unisex and amazing like this arrow necklace.

7. Prank your buddy using this spider that pops out every time the box is opened.

Fake Spider In Box Surprise Prank Gift

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This spider pops out of the box every time your cousin will open the box. What can bet better things to do with your cousins than pranking?

Hand over this pranking gift to him and record his reaction.

Best Gifts for Cousins

Who is the best cousin ever? That can be your first cousin, second cousin, or third cousin; well, anyone with whom you have a strong bonding becomes the best cousin ever.

So, for all those amazing siblings from other parents, here we have some gifts:

8. What else can be better cousin gifts than this meme pixelated glasses?

Cool Thug Life Meme Pixelated Sunglasses

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Memes are life and no matter what are we going through we keep sharing relatable memes with our friends and family.

Make it real for the best memer of your family on this cousin’s day.

9. Your cousin can have peaceful sleep and comforting vibes having this jellyfish lamp beside.

LED Jellyfish Lava Lamp & Aquarium For Kids & Adults

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Jellyfish lava lamp creates a mesmerizing view in the room and makes it comfortable to read a book, make Instagram-picked selfies, or simply have serene sleep.

The lamp is so lavish yet so economical and a perfect gift idea for your favorite relative in the family.

10. This bag sealer makes perfect cousin gifts who love snacking together.

Bag Sealer With Fridge Magnet

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We all have one cousin in the family who buys all the chips and later cries because rest of the family feeds on his or her chips.

Help your cousin with these nasty thieves by handing over this amazing present of easy bag sealer gadget.

11. Turn your favorite cousin’s room into a serene place with this project present.

Remote Controlled Bluetooth Music Starry Galaxy Projector Light

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It plays music and can fill the place with great serene light that comes with a remote control to control the beaming brightness according to mood.

At night, keep it dim, in the morning keep it bright, and when you need to just lay down on your bed let it play the music or you can make it on for party night – tell these features to your cousin while handing her this present.

12. Car steering wheel trays are gift ideas for cousins who drive a lot.

Car Steering Wheel Tray For Laptop & Food

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The tray gets attached to the steering wheel of any car and let the person on driving seat and the front seat have perfect dining in the car.

No more spilling of drinks, and an undying search of space to place the dishes.

13. This Giant foxy present will work as a pillow, a toy, and a stuffed pet at the same time.

Giant Fox Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

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Our best gift ideas for cousins list include this stuff toy, giant fox that’s made of soft plushy material that works as a pillow, a baby, a toy, and in any way you like.

14. Self-stirring mug not just prepares tea and coffee but can brew milk for your studious cousin.

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

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Self-stirring mug is perfect to stir any drink, any liquid, or anything that’s needed. The mug is not a gadget but a basic necessity that everyone should have.

Your cousin can use it to make coffee, stirred milk, tea, or anything they like.

15. Hand over this fruit plate present to your adult cousin and let them have a snack treat.

Plum Blossom Flower Petal Fruit Plate

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Dry fruits are the love of winters and a great snack all year round. This plate present will serve your favorite cousin all seasons as they can now put their favorite snacks in it to enjoy.

The petals open up and give huge enough space separately to add separate snacks.

Cousin Gifts:

Here are some cousin gifts for both male and female relatives. Whether they are your uncle’s children or aunts, these gifts will make your relationship with relatives even worthwhile.

Check the following cousin gifts for the best ideas and celebrate National cousins’ day with all the happiness:

16. Twin in with your favorite cousin using these double pompom hats.

Cute Double Pom Pom Hat

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Pompom hats are love for everyone and if you have best friend come, cousin, you are the luckiest on earth to share the same pompom hats look with her.

Make TikTok go viral and enjoy!

17. RGB Light to spruce up the room of your first cousin who always has mood swings.

Color-changing LED RGB Floor Lamp With Wireless Control

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The RGB light changes color and comes with a stand that can be kept anywhere on the floor to illuminate any corner.

Spruce up your cousin’s room with this present and help them do the chore easily.

18. This light can turn any place into serene one using the amazing light gift for your cousin.

Starry Sky Car Interior Roof Light

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Lights make amazing gifts not only for cousins but any dearest relatives of yours such as gifts for uncles, mothers, brothers, or sisters.

It can turn any place, room, home, balcony, and even car into an amazing place.

19. Make perfect videos together using this clip-on light for phones and laptops.

Clip On Light For Phone and Laptop

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Clip on light also known as selfie light is going to be the personal ring light that your cousin can take anywhere.

By using these gifts, you guys can make perfect selfies or videos together.

20. A clear backpack present for animal lover pals, now they can take their cats anywhere.

Cute Clear Cat Backpack Carrier

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This bag is going to be the best cousin gift for animal lovers because now they can go everywhere without worrying about their pets at home because they will be right enjoying on their shoulders.

21. Retro gamer lamp is going to best birthday present ever for your cousins belonging to all ages.

Retro Gamer Lamp

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Retro gamer lamps can change their lights and shape. The person who is going to receive this gift can make use of it to make any shape.

22. Double hoop nose ring on single piercing – a gift your favorite cousin is waiting to receive.

Single Piercing Double Hoop Nose Ring

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Ask your cousin to wear this double hoop nose ring present without having to pierce their nose dually. A perfect and convenient gift.

23. Cute and plushy stuffed animal – bring home this cow toy plus pillow and handover to your cute baby cousin.

Cute & Cozy Cow Stuffed Animal Hugging Plush

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Cow toy is the perfect present for female cousins as well as baby cousins.

They can use it to play around the home, hug it whenever feeling sad or lonely, or simply lay on it when tired.

Birthday Gifts for Cousins:

Meeting your cousins on special occasions brings back the same childhood memories. So, if you are going to your cousin’s birthday party, do check and get these gift ideas they will enjoy receiving:

24. This Stick Chills The Beer Within Seconds Without Ice – Perfect gift ideas for adult cousins.

Beer Chiller Stick For Bottles (Single Piece)

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Boozing sessions are most memorable among cousins especially when they are getting adult. Celebrate the days with this beer chiller stick to keep it cold without ice.

25. If you need birthday Gifts for little cousin this snake toy is all you need to make his day special.

Remote Control Snake Toy For Fun-loving Kids

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This snake can be kept anywhere in the home and controlled from distance using the remote controller. Not only a prank but perfect gift ideas for baby cousins.

26. Sherpa socks are useful birthday present ideas for cousins of all ages.

Sherpa Lined Slipper Socks

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Who doesn’t hate cold feet? We all do! Let your cousins have warm feet all the time using these amazing Sherpa linen socks presents.

27. Gatling bubble maker guns make awesome cousin gifts on birthdays or any other day.

Electric Gatling Bubble Machine Gun Toy

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COVID has scared us even from our breaths… We need to stay safe in all possible ways even while finding gifts for relatives who are so dear to us.

The gun doesn’t need blowing but a push of trigger to make many cute bubbles at a time. A perfect gift for cousins during quarantine.

28. USB power heating jacket is unisex and makes birthday gifts for all cousins.

Tech Heated Vest

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The jacket comes with a special feature of producing heat that is not so high to burn the body nor too low to freeze it.

USB powered jacket will let your stylish cousin forget about layering clothes and jerseys to keep themselves warm.

29. Rhinestone pink cowgirl hat is all you need to give the princess cousin celebrating an age-less birthday.

Fancy Rhinestone Pink Cowgirl Hat

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This cowgirl hat is for every girl you know because every girl is a queen in herself. Whether it is your baby cousin or adult one, the cowgirl hat present is something they will like to receive on their birthday.

Gift Ideas for Cousins Female:

If you are searching for some great ideas to surprise your female cousins, do not forget to ponder on every option in front of you.

These can be outfits, stuffed toys, jewelry, gadgets, and anything your mind can think of.

Keeping this in consideration, we have brought you the following amazing gifts for female cousins:

30. Un-biological sisters shirt present for your cousin who is also your BFF.

Unbiological Sisters Tee

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Having a cousin who is your best friend is a blessing and it happens rarely that you have age-fellow cousins.

As you are blessed to have such a bond, celebrate it with a special t-shirt present.

31. Belly shoe socks are not just for ballerinas but for every girl who loves dancing.

Non-Slip Ballerina Ballet Socks with Grips

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We all are dancers inside and love jumping on the beats during family functions and gatherings. These ballet shoe socks are for all those girls who love jumping on the beats.

32. Holographic luminous bags are gifts for cousins who are stylish divas.

Appealing Holographic Luminous Bag For Everyday Carrying

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The luminous bag with a holographic design comes with convenient space, a bag that every girl wants to own.

Add this to your list of gift ideas for cousins who love stylish bags.

33. Let her have a cozy day in PJs gifting this softest top you will ever find.

The Softest Top Colorblock

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This soft top goes well with every day look when she doesn’t want to do much with her attire. Let her wear it with jeans, PJ, or simple shorts for a relaxing day.

34. Vintage bracelet goes with any look and any attire – a perfect cousin day gift for your BFF.

Adjustable Vintage Open Circle Bracelet

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Accessories are always less, no matter how many you purchase or get gifts of – story of every woman’s life. So, here is a gift for your fashionista cousin, the vintage bracelet in elegant style.

35. Super thick cashmere wool legging for your female cousin’s perfect winter look.

Super Thick Cashmere Wool Leggings

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Maybe not in summers but for a perfect winter look, this legging is all a girl needs as a gift. It is made of soft yet original cashmere wool.

36. Women block heel shoes to enjoy the snowy season in the best possible way.

Women’s Block Heel Snow Boots

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Here we have gift ideas for cousins’ birthday who is born in winter. Block heel shoes block slipping or tripping while walking in the snow.

Gift Ideas for Cousins Male:

When we are bringing gifts for female cousins, how can we forget male cousins?

These gifts ideas for all the males on your list to put a perfect impression on them, without breaking the bank.

37. Solar panel charger gifts for cousins and all males who never want to stay out of energy.

SolarPan 8W Portable Solar Panel Charger

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Male cousins are always looking for gadgets to have as gifts. So, the first thing we will suggest you offer him as a present is solar panel charger.

It comes with hooks to attach with a backpack so they can charge the charger and devices on the go without any hassle.

38. Guitar tuner presents because we all have a cousin expert in singing.

The Ultimate Best Guitar Learning Tool Device

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A cousin who loves music and enjoys playing musical instruments, this guitar tuner will become his gift of the year as it makes producing perfect symphonies extremely easy.

39. Gold octopus ornament gift for cousins who love having weird stuff.

Beaded Charging Bracelet

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The gold octopus is not just an ornament but a phone keeper and holder as well.

It can be used as a phone stand that makes it perfect cousin gift as it can hold cellphones in car, at home, on tables, or anywhere.

40. Attention seeking globe ornament for the cousin who is a gentleman.

Floating Globe Lamp

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This globe keeps revolving in the air without any support, made on a perfect formula of physics. Offer this globe to your best relative on their birthday or National Cousins Day.

41. On this cousin’s day give your little cousin brother a present of smiling fox light.

Cute Fox Night Light For Kids

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If your dearest uncle’s little son is facing issues in sleeping alone in their rooms, the fox light will help them have cozy sleep without getting frightened.

42. Navy blue camo pants for men – who is going to refuse such an awesome gift?

Men's Navy Blue Camo Pants

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Camo pants are so masculine yet very stylish that your cousin brother will love to have a gift.

43. Skull incense burner going to be one of the best gifts for cousins (male).

Backflow LED Skull Incense Burner

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The skull incense burner comes in the weirdest design but will fill the place with calming fragrances. Hand it over to your introvert cousin this year and become their BFF.

44. 3D Gorilla lamp is a perfect lamp for gamers and cousin brothers.

3D Illusion LED Gorilla Lamp With 7 Switchable Colors

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Gorilla lamp is designed for gaming lovers. Your cousin can put this present into his gaming room or on their table with Xbox to make it appear professional.

45. Healing Soda-lite bracelet will be perfect birthday gifts for cousins.

Healing Sodalite Bracelet Stone Jewelry

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A bracelet that comes with healing vibes and calming colors makes perfect gifts for cousins who look forward having ease and calmness in their lives.

Gift Exchange Ideas for Cousins:

If you are going to a family exchange party, make sure to get some easy-peasy and cheap gift ideas for cousins.

However, being cheap doesn’t mean lacking quality but it only means keeping it economical when buying gifts for relatives for a family exchange party.

Here you go with some cousin gifts:

46. Exchange Whistle key finder with your pals to find keys with just with a ringtone.

LED Whistle Key Finder

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The whistle key finder always blows a whistle whenever someone lost their keys. This can be an amazing gift to take in family exchange party.

47. A brush with a dust spatula to clean up all the devices and gadgets of your cousins.

Door Keyboard Cleaning Brush With Dust Spatula

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Cleanliness is godliness so exchange this brush with your cleaning and organization freak cousin in the family gift exchange party.

48. Gravity phone holder for cars is going to be the best gift ideas for cousins to exchange.

Gravity Car Phone Holder

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Gravity phone holder is stylish yet one of the viral Tiktok products. It holds the cell effortlessly while you drive. A cheap yet extremely useful gift to exchange with your cousin.

Bottom Line”

This is all about gift ideas for cousins that you should consider when searching for cheap yet useful cousin gifts.

Did you like the list? Let us know in the comments below, what was the best gift you received from your cousin so far.

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