Top 55 Cool Car Gadgets and Accessories To Make Your Trips Convenient & Fun

Cool Car Gadgets

Whether you own a Mercedes, Corvette, or Impreza, you would always need cool car gadgets. Why?

Because they increase the utility of your ride and make it more versatile and comfortable.

But finding the best ones which are affordable and easy-to-use at the same time is always a bit tricky.

Not anymore.

We have rounded up a list of cool car accessories from Inspire Uplift that will make your next trip even more enjoyable and comfortable.

Cool Car Gadgets:

Here you go with some must-have really cool car accessories to spruce up your driving and traveling experience.

1. Transfer liquid effortlessly into the car using this pump.

Electric Liquid Transfer Pump & Siphon For Fuel & Water (Battery Operated)

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When you are on a secluded road trip and need to refill your car tank, what to do???

Get this easy liquid transfer pipe to pump the fuel into the vehicle from bottle. No more spilling or wastage of patrol.

2. If you need some unique car interior accessories, do not forget to get your hands on this cell phone holder mount.

Rear View Mirror Cell Phone Holder Mount

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This cell phone holder mount gets attached to the rear mirror of your car and gives you enough ease to scroll through maps do video calling or make your driving videos when on the go.

However, Inspire Uplift suggests that do use gadgets but do never avert your eyes from the road.

3. This efective car dent removal tool kit to keep vehicles new.

Car Dent Removal Tool Kit

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No matter how new and fresh car you have, the dents on them will make it look old and outdated.

Besides, dents occur due to tiny and light bumping accidents.

Forget all the hot water hacks using this dent removal kit – must have accessories for your car.

4. 4-port car charger adapter

Fast Charging 4 Port Car Charger Adapter

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Get quick charging for not 1, not 2, but 4 devices in your car, thanks to this electronic gadget.

It is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices and has a built-in LED for enhanced aesthetics.

Safe, protective and stable voltage – what else do you need?

5. Magnetic windshield cover keep car’s front glass safe and interior at moderate temperature.

Magnetic Car Windshield Cover

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Magnetic windshield cover is not just to keep the car from snow or sunshine but it will also help to keep the temperature inside your car on a moderate level.

A must-keep winter and summer journeys to avoid heat strokes or cold.

6. Magnetic LED emergency safety flare lights.

Magnetic LED Emergency Safety Flare Set

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You think you’ve seen all the coolest car equipment, but wait! This one’s truly a lifesaver: the magnetic safety flare set is all about being cool and a life savior.

It is a compactly designed and environment-friendly mechanism for drawing attention to you when you’re stranded on the road.

The little bulbs can attach themselves onto any mental surface whether it’s your car hood or bicycle. It even works for a boat!

The bright 16 LED bulbs inside each piece in the set can be seen from up to 1 mile away and do not release any toxic fumes like classic road flares.

7. Coccyx pillow for a comfortable driving experience

Coccyx Pillow Cushion For Seating

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Does your friend complain of a painful driving experience whenever he comes to your home?

Now is the time to gift this pillow to him. It adheres to the curves of the buttocks and reduces pressure on the tailbone enabling a comfortable ride.

Moreover, it helps with increasing the width of the hips to make them fuller and sexier.

8. Cool car gadgets list will be incomplete without this auto-pro scratch magic eraser

AutoPro Scratch Magic Eraser

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Scratches are unavoidable. Whether you like it or not, this happens, and you have to find a way to deal with the issue.

Thankfully it’s not as hard as you might imagine. If you use this cool magic eraser accessory, all the scratches go away.

No need to panic when you get a scratched car while reversing from the parking space anymore. You have this amazing automobile gadget with you!

9. Automatic wireless car charger is a must-have for your car

Automatic Wireless Car Charger

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This wireless car charger stands out because it’s one of the most reliable, powerful, and useful car dash accessories.

You receive a gravity car mount, fast charging as well as one-hand operation features. On top of that, you can access phone features without any delay.

No need to leave the steering wheel unattended or one hand away while using the phone now!

It’s also a great gift idea for your mom who often responds to calls while driving.

If you are traveling to new places where ‘Geolocation’ function is a must, this can come in handy with great effect. Why do you think Taxi drivers all around the world carry this sort of a stand always!

10. Leather car seat organizer to store your essentials.

Leather Car Seat Organizer

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Whose car isn’t a mess? The answer is no one!

There are LOTs of stuff that go into a car and you want to make sure yours are properly organized or else your car will not be a car anymore. But a garbage pile.

This car seat organizer fixes onto the headrest of either of the front seats and is great for holding your belongings.

The stability of this organizer makes it a perfect pick for you can keep everything in it from water bottles to electronics and not worry about anything happening to them.

The organizer has straps at the bottom too to help it stay put during any long road trip.

11. Digital tire pressure gauge

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

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Avoid having flat tires due to low tire pressure now with this unique car accessory.

Having it in your pocket at all times will develop the urge in you to keep your tires’ health up to the mark.

It shows pressure in 4 different units and incurs no human error.

12. Door edge protector moldings will prevent scratches on cars parked on the sides.

Car Door Edge Protector Molding

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There are tons of times when you end up opening your car’s door, just to notice that you just scratched another vehicle. But we have a solution:

You get to protect your car door and the other cars too. This product is really easy to use: simply draw the molding over the edges of the door.

It only takes 5 minutes to install, and the best part is that you will prevent vibration, gaps, and leaks too. You rarely have a much better benefit, which is why you should give this a try.

13. PU leather made handbag holder organizer is a must-have for ladies’ cars.

PU Leather Car Handbag Holder

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It is not easy to look for cash, license, and other driving documents on the road, especially when your bag is placed in the back seat.

This small pocket will hold your bag and keep it in your reach while you are driving. Get makeup or documents from your bag using it- yes it is that easy!

14. Tiny organizers like these seat hangers make enough room for various things in your car.

Multifunctional Stainless Steel Car Hooks Seat Hanger

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This small hangers need no tapes or nailing to sit in your car.

You can place them right behind the seats and use them to hold shoppers, caps, gloves or other essentials you might need on the go.

15. Make use of car ceiling for organization using these simple car ceiling nets.

Car Ceiling Storage Net

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This net is to get attached to the ceiling of your car. It holds all the small or big essentials without making any disturbance.

16. Do not throw away rods in the car when you can organize them using cool strap organizers.

Fishing Rod Carrying Straps

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Keeping rods inside the seats can damage them so use this strap to hold the rods.

The strap will organize all such sticks on the roof without disturbing the space in the vehicle.

17. These car retractable windshield covers are essential accessories for your car.

Car Retractable Windshield Cover

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The great thing about this Retractable Windshield Cover is that you can help protect your car’s dashboard and interior from sun damage.

If you end up storing your car under sun exposure, the last thing you want is to encounter a sizzling car interior.

It helps quite a bit because it protects the dashboard and the steering wheel from deformation in addition to keeping the indoor temperature of the car normalized.

18. This pocket gets attached to the seat and lets you organize tiny essentials easily.

Car Seat Pocket

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If you are one of those thousands that are frustrated of constantly dropping little items in the space between your seat and center console, this pocket is for you.

This pouch gently squeezes in between the “dangerous” space so you can put your essentials like keys, watches, and pens in it.

It is just a miniature product but can save you minutes of foraging, not to mention waves of anger that are produced in your body on the side of it.

19. Anti-skid car wheel chain offers a strong road grip

Anti-Skid Car Wheel Chain

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Stainless steel nails and a system of thick TPU material firmly grab the slick surface. Your vehicle won’t slip while using this wheel chain, which also guarantees a secure trip.

By holding the chain firmly to the wheel, it stops it from dropping, making it one of the best car gadgets.

20. Store your cups and coins and glasses in his cup holder gadget.

Auto-Mug Storage Organizer

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This mug holder and organizer is the best car accessory for people who drink coffee often while driving.

So if you are a busy corporate worker, a working mom, or a hardworking student who takes both morning and evening classes, it makes a lot of sense to have a proper coffee storage unit.

And this one is great because you will find it easier to store some other items in there too.

You have a central opening for your cup, a container to put pens, and a hooked extension to hold smartphones and glasses. Pretty cool, right?

21. Do not throw away stuff in the car but have this car trunk organizer

Car Trunk Organizer

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With the size of 23” x 12.5 x 12.5”, this car trunk organizer can make your life easy during any journey.

You want to carry the grocery items; your necessary documents and anything you want to organize in your car but lack of space prevents you from doing that. Not anymore:

This organizer is made up of quality canvas material, Velcro on the bottom, which helps it to stay at one place.

Three portions of the trunk organizer help you to divide the items as per the category. This is a must-have car accessory for people who have a lot of different things to carry in the car like a student or an employee who is often sent to faraway work sites.

22. The dancing ring with aroma suspension to décor the dash of your car.

Car Dashboard Solar Double Ring Aroma Suspension

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Keep your cars smell free using this dash décor double ring gadget that works using solar energy and looks awesome!

23. The gangster ducks are TikTok famed cool gadgets for car dashboard decorations.

Gangster Rubber Duck Car Toy

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Let this gangster duck sit on the dash of our car and give you cool vibes. You can dress up this duck yourself to feel pleasured and satisfied.

24. Optical illusion tractor light for nice vibes.

3D Optical Illusion Tractor Night Light Lamp

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Tractor light can be cool to have in the vehicle on the front dash board or the backside for lighting and decorative purposes. It will give your car a new vibe.

25. Retractable mount to hold the phone and move in all directions to stay on the dashboard of your car.

Car Phone Retractable Mount Holder

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You can put this mount near the dashboard of your car.

It is used to keep your device in use while you drive. You can move the device in all directions.

Perfect to make Tiktok car videos.

26. Roll up pouch will keep car tools organized at a place.

Canvas Wrench Roll Up Pouch For Convenient Tools Storage

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This pouch has many pockets that can be hung inside the car with its seat or simply rolled up and put in the compartments near dash.

You don’t need to have a separate tool box as long as you have it in your car.

27. Anti-skid pads to hold phones and other necessary stuff in an organized way.

Anti-skid Car Dashboard Silica Gel Pad for Phone

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Now you can place anything on the dashboard while you drive without worry of falling, thanks to the antiskid pads by Inspire Uplift.

Cellphones, keys, decoration pieces, tissue boxes, and anything can be stored here.

28. 360° rotating car wireless charger phone holder makes a cool car interior accessory

360° Rotating Car Wireless Charger Phone Holder

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This phone holder can be rotated 360 degrees. Therefore, adjust it to the desired position and use your phone or enjoy a movie in comfort.

Without having to connect a wire, this 360° spinning automobile wireless phone holder charges your phone.

29. LED coasters light up and increase the classy feel of your car.

Car LED Cup Holder Coasters

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If you are in love with cool car gadgets you cannot resist buying these cool coasters for your car.

These light up and in the night look like a decorative piece.

30. Pet travel car window mesh to let your fur buddy enjoy cool breeze without issues.

Pet Travel Car Window Mesh

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This Pet Travel Window Mesh is another smart gadget that allows your pet to feel the breeze on the go while preventing him from falling out. It can be adjusted snugly according to the type of car window you have.

The mesh will prevent your dog, cat, or even kid from falling out of the window, keep the flying debris and bugs from hitting them, and so on.

It’s durable and convenient, and you will find it very helpful especially if you have a larger dog.

31. Hydro jet high-pressure power washer cleans your car in minutes.

Hydro Jet High Pressure Power Washer

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Washing a car, especially its tires is a hectic job. Wherever you go, traces of the mud and dirty grime gather around the tires and the lower part of the car.

If you are fond of a clean and well-kept car and have a problem getting rid of all of the mess in your car, then you should immediately purchase this product.

It’s THE best car gadget for keeping your car’s exterior clean without going to the service station every other month.

You need to fix this washer on the edge of your garden hose, and the high pressure of the water from the washer will help you clean your car without hours of scrubbing.

Not only this, but this car washer hose is also perfect for cleaning the mud on the tiles, walls and you can even wash the window of your second floor with this washer.

32. Cartoon robot perfume diffuser adds freshness to the car

Cartoon Robot Perfume Diffuser

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The diffuser’s smell will produce a nice aroma that permeates the entire vehicle. Additionally, it purifies the air and eliminates dangerous substances from it.

This cool car interior accessory makes sure that it is firmly fastened to the air conditioner vent of the automobile and keeps it from dropping to the ground.

33. This GPS tracker comes in handy when you are away from your car.

The list of best car equipment cannot be complete without an efficient car tracker.

Real-Time Car Tracker

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The most frightening nightmare for the car owner is the stealing of their car. To prevent such risks, get this cool car gadget, which indicates the last location of your car.

You need to put a sim card in the GPS tracker and install it on your phone to testify the usage of the device.

Once you get the message on your device, you can check the location of your car on your phone. It means you can easily ensure where your car is.

This device also helps you to track your car with the help of the police in the case of theft.

However, it can be problematic if the car is parked at the location where the signal of your sim cannot be reached. In this case, the GPS will give you the last location.

34.  Seat belt extenders are great for obese people.

Seat Belt Extender

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If you are a plus-sized person or someone with a mobility defect, you need this seat belt extender.

It can be easily connected with the existent retainer allowing an increase in the overall length of the seat belt.

Choose from two different lengths of the belt by which you can achieve an increase of max 14 inches. It has a universal clip that can be inserted in the majority of car buckles and is highly durable.

35. PVC made car side mirror guards are useful accessories for your car.

Car Side Mirror Guard

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These side mirror guards will never water drips or dust stay on the car side mirrors and make it blur.

Cool car accessories that are extremely useful!

36. Always keep this cool gadget in your car to come in handy during emergencies.

Car Window Breaker Keychain & Seatbelt Cutter

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If you are stuck inside a car or you need to go out of a car with the door locked, this car window breaker gadget will come in handy here.

If you are a regular cab rider, for your safety always have such gadgets with you in your box.

37. Turn ordinary wheels of your car into the coolest ones.

LED Wheel Well Lights Kit

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These wheel lights light in the dark and make your small vehicle appear lavish and cool.

These can be incredible gifts for your boyfriend on his birthday.

38. Never lose keys ever again with this whistling keyring.

LED Whistle Key Finder

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Whistle key is one of the very useful car gadgets because it will never let you lose your keys ever again.

You can now find keys using a whistle in case you have lost them.

39. Clean up each and every corner of your car using this undercarriage washer attachment.

Undercarriage Washer Attachment For Pressure Washing

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It is not easy to clean the bottom of your car but not if you have the right gadgets.

So we have included this undercarriage washer attachment in the list of cool car gadgets that will clean the car underside easily.

Save on the cost that you spend in the service station while getting your car cleaned.

40. These Car organization accessories come with three pockets to make room for stuff in your car easily.

Car Seat Organizer Bag

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Cool car gadget organizers made of the net have three pockets to hold snacks, mobile, and other things when you are traveling.

Storing snacks in your car was never this easy!

41. Repair the glass of your car using this windscreen glass repairing formula.

New Car Windscreen Glass Repairing

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Glass repairing was never as easy as it is now, thanks to the windscreen glass repairing gel.

It works like magic and can be used not just in the car but even on floors and other places.

42.  Let gravity hold your phone using this coolest car gadget holder.

Gravity Car Phone Holder

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We all know the dangers of handling your phone while you’re driving. Whether it is calling, texting or even switching your Spotify song. No touching your phone while driving!

But still, you’re a busy person and you’ve got things to do. Well then try doing them by keeping both hands on the steering wheel.

This phone holder brings you all the best features of a phone holder ever! Its stability, shock-absorbing and nonslip feature allow you to drive over all the potholes and speed bumps without worrying about launching your phone to the backseat.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the visual appearance of your phone for this holder is fully safe and won’t leave any scratches on your phone. Fits all phones from 4 to 6 inches.

43. Make room for your canine buddy in the car using this small comfy seat – cool car gadgets for dogs.

Snuggly-Safe Dog Car Seat

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This small seat can be kept anywhere in the car to make space and room for your small doggie who is very tiny to get easily lost in your car.

It is made of comfy and soft fabric to let your canine buddy feel comfortable on the go.

44. This car seat headrest phone mount is to make the car interior friendly for kids and elderlies.

Car Seat Headrest Phone Mount

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If you want to entertain your kids or someone that rides in the back with you, this Headrest Phone Mount is another of the cool car add ons.

You can still enjoy driving and paying attention, while your kids will have a great tablet holder that works.

And the best part is that you can pair that with a set of Bluetooth headphones so you won’t be disturbed with what your kids are listening to.

It always works like a charm, and you should give it a shot especially if you have tech-savvy kids.

45. Protect yourself from sun rays and light glares with this visor.

See Through Sun _ Night Visor

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Another on our list is this see-through sun & night visor.

What you will like about this product is that, apart from being a visor, it also enhances colors. The fact is that you get to avoid unwanted sunlight in your eyes while driving with better clarity.

And yes, you can attach this to the vehicle without that much of a problem. Some might think that the gadget obstructs your view, but it’s not the case at all.

If anything, it just makes the process a lot more convenient and simple.

46. Change the overall ambiance of your car using these special starry night lights.

Starry Sky Car Interior Roof Light

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Cool starry night lights changes color and help you create mood in the car.

Make your car safe and comfy during night journeys, without the fear of darkness, using these lights.

47. Master duster to clean the battery part of your car.

MasterDuster Cleaning Tool

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This master duster comes with long bristles to reach everywhere in the car when it comes to cleaning.

You can now dust off bonnet, trunk, and other spaces inside your car easily using this electronic gadget.

48. Handheld vacuum gadget to suck off the dirt from tiny parts under the seats of your car.

Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner For Car

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This cool car gadget comes with a long flat nozzle to reach the spaces between car seats and clean the dirt or other particles stuck in there.

49. Car window cleaner cleans from inside and outside.

Microfiber Car Window Cleaner Wand For Interior & Exterior Cleaning

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Clean up the front glass, backside, and all other sides of your car using this cool car accessory.

It can be used from inside and outside of your car.

50. Premium snow windshield covers are cool car gadgets to preserve car exterior.

Premium Snow Windshield Cover

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This cover will save you all that time you had to spend sweeping away the ice from the windshield of the car in the morning. Both ends are easily secured to the car via suction cups.

One more thing. Purchase two of these so that both your front and rear windshield are saved from that hectic layer of snow.

51. This headlight polisher will keep your exterior shining.

Powerful Advance Headlight Repair Polish

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Polish your car’s headlight using this cream. The special formula will keep dust and dirt away from your car for a long period of time.

52. Nano gel pads take less space and let you use your smartphone without holding on the go.

Nano Gel Pad Traceless Magic Stickers

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If you don’t want to keep your phone on the dashboard, let these nano gel pads hold it.

Now you can watch videos on a long journey while sitting on the front seat and that also without holding your phone.

53. Car sun visor extender for safe drive during high sun exposure.

Opaque Car Sun Visor Extender Clip-On

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Sunrays can make it hard for you to drive and accidents can happen.

Therefore, you need to go with sun visor extender, a gadget you must have in your car.

54. This folding car step lets you access the car rooftop.

Folding Car Rooftop Doorstep Foot Peg

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Are you short-heighted? Or is the roof of your car too high?

No worries, you can use this tool to access the rooftop and put or remove luggage there.

55. Spider phone holders are cool and stylish as well as useful.

Universal Multifunction Spider Phone Holders

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If you want to buy something for your car during Christmas sales or looking for car gifts for people who drive a lot, go and buy this phone holder.


So which of our cool car accessories did you like the best? Tell us in the comment section.

We know you wouldn’t need all of these for your cars, but you can certainly buy some of these for your friends and family.


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