28 Innovative And Fun Products To Keep You Warm This Fall And Winter

30 Innovative And Fun Products To Keep You Warm This Fall And Winter

Summer is awesome! As a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the best seasons of the year to most people. I mean, what’s not to love, right…shorts and tank tops, swimming, beach trips, no school, long lazy days…However, summer can’t last forever, and with summer soon making it’s exit, fall is hot on its heels.

Fall, followed by winter, settle in and with them come the other simple joys of life…warm sweaters, hot cocoa by the fire, crunching leaves under foot, and cold, windy days and nights. Okay, maybe cold, windy days and nights aren’t exactly part of the joys, but, we’re here to make sure that those frigid temperatures don’t stop you from enjoying all the good stuff!

Check out these 28 innovative and unique products by Inspire Uplift that are guaranteed to keep you feeling warm and cozy throughout the coming fall and winter months.

28. Comfortable Fleece Recliner Cover with Pockets

Poly Fleece One-Piece Comfortable Recliner Chair Cover with Pockets

Cold evenings call for cozy and comfy seating arrangements and something funny to binge-watch on Netflix.

This is where this comfortable fleece recliner cover with pockets comes in handy for you and your ‘me’ time.

It is a non-slippery cover that doesn’t make you uncomfortable as long as you sit on your favorite sofa. Plus, the pockets on both sides let you keep your essentials within your hand’s reach.

Click Here to Get Fleece Recliner Cover

27. Silicovers Non-Slip Shoe Covers

Silicovers Non-Slip Shoe Covers

Keep your shoes clean and dry, while staying safe, with these ingenious, Silicovers Non-Slip Shoe Covers. The anti-slip soles prevent accidental slips and falls, while the extremely durable silicone, water-resistant material effectively protects your beloved shoes from the rain, slush, and snow, keeping your feet and toes dry and warm. They’re also ultra-elastic and portable, so they can be folded easily and carried in your bag, or even your pockets.

These shoe covers are reusable and can be worn comfortably in all kinds of difficult weather conditions. They also come in a variety of colorful choices.

Click Here to Get Silicovers Non-Slip Shoe Covers

26. Outdoor Solar Flame Light Torch

Outdoor Solar Flame Light Torch

Okay, so maybe this is a little bit of a cheat, but we just couldn’t resist. While they may not warm your hands, these gorgeous flame light torches will definitely warm your heart!

The Outdoor Solar Flame Light Torch is a safe, soft, mood-enhancing and realistic flame that casts a cozy, dancing flame effect over your outdoor environment. Newly designed, this light torch can withstand any weather conditions, while providing you and your family with comfort and safety and the high-quality waterproof material will ensure a long lifetime of lighting up your space in a warm and heart-welcoming way!

Each LED flame light torch flickers with warm, yellow lights that mimic real, natural dancing flames and they’re a perfectly safe alternative to real flames that can be placed anywhere outside, without having to worry about child or pet safety.

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25. Mr. Teaman Infuser

Mr. Teaman Infuser

The perfect beginning or ending to any cold day is a steaming cup of tea! Keep warm with a hot cup of tea using this adorable Mr. Teaman Infuser. This little guy will keep you company as he rests peacefully along the rim of your tea cup and you won’t have to worry about fishing him out of your cup.

He’s made of 100% BPA-Free silicone, doesn’t contain any chemicals and is perfectly food safe- the best part is, he won’t affect the taste of your tea! The Mr. Teaman Infuser is suitable for ALL small leaf teas and most fruit/herb infusions and is easily hand washed.

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24. Pet Lover 3D Rolling Pin

Pet Lover 3D Rolling Pin

What fall or winter season would be complete without loads of fresh, warm, home baked cookies?

These adorable Pet Lover 3D Rolling Pins are made of high-quality, solid, hardwood and embossed with the cutest patterns! Dogs, cats, and other popular and easily recognizable shapes adorn these large-sized rolling pins and because of the variety of pattern elements, the cookies these rolling pins produce won’t all be exactly the same. Each cookie will have its own unique scenario.

When the weather outside is frightful, spend some quality time with your entire family baking adorable cookies and pastries! It’s the perfect way to stay warm and cozy.

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23. Knit Tactical Beanie Hat

Knit Tactical Beanie Hat

Love being outdoors in the colder months? This Knit Tactical Beanie Hat is the ideal, cold-weather accessory for any outdoor lover! Wear it while camping, dog walking, shoveling snow or anytime you need more light. Featuring 5-LEDs, this beanie provides you with more than 48 lumina of light, with an easy-to-use, 2 position, on/off switch that’s hidden in the band, right on your forehead. The bright light lets you see and be seen in the dark, while the soft, knitted beanie hat provides you with hands-free visibility (and warmth)!

Click it one time to turn on all five lights and illuminate the task at hand or two times to cast a light forward at a distance of up to 42 feet! Click it a final time to turn them off. The batteries last up to 43 hours of continuous use and are easily replaceable.

To wash, simply pop the removable light out and toss the hat in the washing machine. It’s that easy!

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22. Flash Bangle Bracelet

Flash Bangle Bracelet

Staying warm isn’t all about sweaters and jackets now, is it? Coffee, cocoa and tea are nice, but sometimes a little nip of your favorite liquor could be the answer to all of your problems!

This innovative, 2-in-1, wearable flask means that you can bring your favorite beverage with you, discreetly. Chic and stylish, this bracelet can be worn on the wrist and taken with you, wherever you go! It’s perfect for hiking, camping, a night on the town with friends, outdoor recreation, parties, the casino, cruises or just about any occasion where you might want to sneak a little sip of your own liquor or other beverage.

Made of high-quality, stainless steel, this flask bracelet holds 3 oz. of your favorite liquor. So, top it off with your beverage of choice before leaving home and take a little nip now and then to stay warm, inside and out.

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21. USB Heating Insoles

USB Heating Insoles

Ahhh…now this is what we’re talking about! Relax, stay comfortable and keep your feet warm and cozy with these USB Heating Insoles.

Bet you didn’t know that being outdoors in the colder months could actually be soothing and warm, did you? These amazing USB Electric Heated Fur Insoles can be connected to any power bank or adapter and will provide your feet with a warm surface temperature of up to 45 degrees Celsius.

They’re perfect for people who love skiing, ice-skating, hunting, ice-fishing, hiking, and any winter sports or activities, so don’t let the cold winter months stop you from doing the things you love to do. Get these heated fur insoles right now and enjoy the feeling of comforting warmth surrounding your feet when it’s cold outside.

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20. Ear Warmer Headband

Ear Warmer Headband

Keep your ears warm in the cold and protected from the chilly winds with this stylish Ear Warmer Headband.

Made of 75% fleece and 25% polyester, this headband is the perfect blend to keep you from suffering with numb, frozen, winter ears! It’s super soft, comfortable, anti-static, breathable, no ball, no fade, quick drying, skin-friendly and lightweight! Phew! What a mouthful!

One size fits most and unlike traditional earmuffs, this headband fits over your ears snugly and won’t slip easily. It stays in place no matter what kind of activities you’re involved in- like; cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, working out or jogging. Plus, it’s durable and made to last.

Click Here to Get Ear Warmer Headband

19. Custom Tea Socks

Custom Tea Socks

Like we’ve said before, drinking tea is the perfect activity to keep you warm and cozy and these Custom Tea Socks are the perfect accessories to remind those that love you, that you might just be in need of a cup of tea!

These adorable and slightly cheeky socks types are super soft, incredibly comfortable and guaranteed to keep your feet warm and cozy. They might even score you a hot cup of tea in the process!

Click Here to Get Custom Tea Socks

18. Shark Slippers

Shark Slippers

Well, with colder months ahead, and the prospect of going swimming in the ocean a wishful memory, you might not have to worry about shark attacks, but you will have to worry about keeping those sand-free toes of yours warm and cozy.

These adorable Shark Slippers are certainly a safe alternative to swimming in shark infested waters, and these super-soft, plush slippers are comfortable and have a durable rubber out sole, so you won’t have to worry about slipping around. How jawsome is that?!

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17. Unicorn Crochet Scarf

Unicorn Crochet Scarf

When your little one can’t be at home wrapped up in the adorable unicorn blanket, this Unicorn Crochet Scarf is the next best thing!

Handmade, and uniquely designed, this lightweight and skin-friendly, crochet scarf has knitted unicorn ears and horn with a yarn mane and it features a long pocketed scarf, with a pullover hoodie. This all in one scarf and hat combo is sure to keep your child warm and cozy in the most adorable way possible. Plus, it’s washable and dries beautifully.

Click Here to Get Unicorn Crochet Scarf

16. Mini Fan Electric Heater

Mini Fan Electric Heater

What’s the fastest and easiest way to heat up an entire area for just pennies a day? Our Mini Fan Electric Heater!

Now, you can save money and warm your household during the chilly months ahead without spending a fortune on heating systems. This mini heater turns chilly rooms into warm, cozy spaces with its compact and powerful 400 watts. It plugs into any outlet and has an automatic timer. Plus, the portable design means it takes up no space and is easily moved from room to room! It’s easy to store and is perfect for travel.

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15. Cozy Teddy Jacket

Cozy Teddy Jacket


Stay warm and wrap yourself up in this soft, plush, faux fur, Cozy Teddy Jacket. It’s as fluffy and huggable as a teddy bear and comes in a variety of stylish colors. As a matter of fact, there’s a color to match every outfit in your winter wardrobe collection!

With its over-sized collar, this versatile jacket is sure to keep you cozy and comfortable all through the chilly months ahead.

Click Here to Get Cozy Teddy Jacket

Besides, these cozy teddy jackets can stay with you for as long as you need. Every year, rub a lint remover on them to remove excessive fur hair and wear new-like jacket every time. 

14. Premium Cozy Car Heating Blanket

Premium Cozy Car Heating Blanket

Keeping warm this winter is a snap with our Premium Cozy Car Heating Blanket!

It’s perfect for traveling in your car, truck, or RV and even for roadside emergencies. Extremely soft to the touch, this blanket is made of super cozy plush material that’s ideal for cooler temperatures.

This 12V, heated blanket provides ample coverage and folds for easy storage. It’s machine washable and comes in Red or Black.

Click Here to Get Premium Cozy Car Heating Blanket

13. Wool Nordic Socks

Wool Nordic Socks

Unisex and warm, these Wool Nordic Socks have a wonderful, vintage inspired look. They’re made of wool, so they’re guaranteed to keep your feet warm and comfortable, even on the coldest, winter nights!

The Wool Nordic Socks are available in multiple prints and colors and they’re so cozy you’ll want them all!

Click Here to Get Wool Nordic Socks

12. Chunky Knit Blanket

Chunky Knit Blanket

Stay super comfy and super warm with this opulent, Chunky Knit Blanket.

Luxuriously beautiful, this Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket is just the statement piece you need to generate that “WOW” factor that every homeowner wants to create! A beautiful addition to your home decor, these blankets are gorgeous any time of year and are available in 6 vibrant, but “earthy” colors that will look stunning anywhere you place them.

All our blankets are made with a durable fabric blend of Acrylic and Polyester, perfect for keeping you comfortable on those late fall evenings and toasty warm on cold, winter nights.

Click Here to Get Chunky Knit Blanket

11. Toasty USB Hand Warmers

Toasty USB Hand Warmers

Typing while your hands are freezing is darn near impossible, unless, that is, you’re wearing these ultra-plush and super soft, Toasty USB Hand Warmers.

These unique and adorable hand warmers bring ‘keeping your hands toasty-warm’ to the next level! They’re entirely USB powered, just use a power bank, a phone’s charger, your laptop or the computer’s USB port as a power source and it’s like giving your hands a warm, toasty hug! Fashioned to look like cute little slices of toast, these delightful hand warmers make perfect work or study buddies. They’re super comfy and they won’t get in your way. They’ve got adjustable wrist straps and fingerless hand pockets for a snug fit and give you plenty of room to work. Now you can type, write or text with ease and you don’t have to sacrifice warmth and comfort to do it.

Click Here to Get Toasty USB Hand Warmers

10. Cozy Faux Fur Socks

Cozy Faux Fur Socks

Curl up on your couch with your favorite plush blanket and a cup of hot cocoa, while wearing our stylish and Cozy Faux Fur Socks, and you’re in the next best thing to complete and total bliss.

Keep your toes warm and comfy this winter with the absolute coziest socks ever! Fully lined with cozy faux fur, these amazing socks boast all the best features you expect in quality socks.

They’re perfect for men or women and are available in a wide variety of fashionable colors, one to match every outfit! They’re guaranteed to keep even the coldest feet warm and are sure to make you smile every time you look down!

Click Here to Get Cozy Faux Fur Socks

9. Soft Knit Slouchy Beanie

Soft Knit Slouchy Beanie

Fall and winter months, the perfect time of year for wearing the most stylish and comfortable beanie that you’ll ever find!

These soft-acrylic, stretchable, Soft Knit Slouchy Beanies are adorable! The slouchy fit and warm cable knit material make them the perfect accessory to complete any outfit and one size fits most. They come in a HUGE variety of stylish colors, so there’s one to match every outfit!

Look amazing, while keeping warm! That’s what we’re here for!

Click Here to Get Soft Knit Slouchy Beanie

8. Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

This simple, hand-crafted, Cable Knit Infinity Scarf is a soft, cozy and warm neck wrap that’s guaranteed to keep you toasty throughout the cold fall and winter months, and they’re the must-have fashion accessory of the year!

Also known as loop scarves or circle scarves, the infinity scarf can be worn wrapped around your neck or just hanging loose over a coat or sweater. These lovely scarves are handmade of a soft combed acrylic and are available in a wide variety of fashionable colors, one to match every outfit!

Click Here to Get Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

7. Soft Knit Ponytail Confetti Beanie

Soft Knit Ponytail Confetti Beanie

Like our soft knit slouch beanie, the handmade, Soft Knit Ponytail Confetti Beanie is the perfect accessory for the fall and winter months. Stylish and comfortable, these beanies are a must-have for the dedicated, pony-tail lovers of the world!

This beanie has a hand-knitted or crocheted feel and is specifically designed for long-haired folks who, undoubtedly, have struggled with the age old question: “How can I wear a hat and an up-do simultaneously”? Created with a hole, for your ponytail, built right into the crown, these hats are the perfect compliment for that trendy, messy-bun.

Available in a HUGE variety of classically chic, confetti colors, it’ll be easy to find a beanie (or two) to match your particular wardrobe!

Click Here to Get Soft Knit Ponytail Confetti Beanie

6. Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Don’t want to take your cold hands out of your robe pockets to stir your coffee cup? Well, now you don’t have to!

This Self-Stirring Coffee Mug is here to mix your frothy coffee or hot cocoa for you. So keep your hands in those warm pockets and let the cup do the hard work for you.

This self-stirring mug features a cyclonic action mixer to evenly blend the ingredients in your beverage of choice. It’s an automated mug for the complete and total lazybones, with a leak-resistant cap that helps prevent spills when you’re on the go.

Click Here to Get  Self Stirring Coffee Mug

5. Cozy Faux Fur Leggings

Cozy Faux Fur Leggings


Maximize your comfort and warmth in these amazingly Cozy Faux Fur Leggings.

What better way to stay warm than wearing these cozy modal/faux fur blend leggings? These would be perfect paired with our cozy teddy jacket, or you can wear them with warm winter sweaters and boots.

And if it’s just too cold to go out, the easy, stretchy wear of these leggings will make you just want to roll out of bed and wear them around the house all day. Nobody’s gonna judge you here!

Click Here to Get Cozy Faux Fur Leggings

4. Moon Phases Hoodie Blanket

Moon Phases Hoodie Blanket

Tired of using that same old boring blanket to keep warm? Well then, you’re in luck! Our Moon Phases Hoodie Blanket is just what you need to prevent the winter blahs this year. It’s actually beautiful, wearable art!

Made of an ultra-soft premium fabric, with a 100% Microfiber Fleece printed outside, this blanket is strikingly BEAUTIFUL! The interior lining is constructed of ultra-soft Sherpa fleece, a wool-like fabric that provides warmth and comfort.

You can actually walk around the house wearing this remarkable hooded blanket or just snuggle up in it to watch t.v., lounge on your sofa or bed, read, study, nap, bring it camping or wear it on family game night. This blanket comes in adult size or kids size, so everyone’s happy…and warm!

Click Here to Get Moon Phases Hoodie Blanket

3. Animal Paw Socks

Animal Paw Socks


While we may not have gorgeous, luxurious fur covering our bodies, for warmth and protection, like most wild animals, at least we can take a walk on the wild side, wearing these funky, Animal Paw Socks!

Keep your feet warm in style with these animal paw print socks. Made from 100% polyester, these amusing socks have just the right amount of stretch and are super comfortable. They’re available in a wide variety of designs and are suitable for men or women. So, if you’re tired of wearing the same, old, boring socks day after day, why not spice up your sock drawer with these wild looking Animal Paw Socks?

Click Here to Get Animal Paw Socks

2. Shoe Protector Booties

Shoe Protector Booties


With fall and winter comes rain, slush, snow, and lots of mud! Protect your beloved shoes and your poor frozen toes from further insult with these waterproof, Shoe Protector Booties.

If you’re someone who takes pride in what’s on their feet and spend lots of money on footwear, you can increase the longevity of your shoes by wearing these protective booties over them. Made of a 100% durable, high elastic PVC material, these booties feature a thick rubber sole to ensure non-slip traction and waterproof protection every time you use them.

These shoe protectors are a must-have to prevent your shoes from getting dirty or wet in mud, rain, sleet and snow and as a result your feet stay dry and comfortable.

Click Here to Get Shoe Protector Booties

1. Smart Collapsible Hanger

Smart Collapsible Hanger

Alright, so here’s another product that isn’t exactly made to help keep you warm and cozy during the cold months to come. However, it’s almost as important!

Now that all of those bulky, long sleeved, coats, sweaters and shirts are being pulled from the storage bins and boxes, you’ll need a place to hang them that doesn’t take up every single inch of space in your closet- and we’ve got you covered.The Smart Collapsible Hanger keeps your clothes organized and wrinkle free, while saving valuable space in your closet!

Strong and durable, this collapsible hanger can effectively hold up to 8 items and is fully convertible. The hangers are lightweight, but strong enough to hold up to 40 lbs. easily. It’s a practical, space-saving, clothes hanger that changes from a rotating laundry rack to a compact, clothes hanger tree by simply flipping it up. Release shirts and jackets with one simple click of the unique pressure locks, without damaging their collars.

The 360 degree rotation hook hangs vertically or horizontally and is ideal for hanging shirts, pants, heavy jackets, and more. Reverse the hooks to hang scarves, ties, shoelaces and more.

Stay warm out there!

Click Here to Get Smart Collapsible Hanger

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