How to Have Expensive Variegated Monstera at Home – Guide with FAQs

Variegated Monstera

We all know, Monstera is a specie having so many plants known for containing hole-like structures in their leaves. Due to rare kinds of leaves, monsteras are so popular among plant enthusiasts.

Such as the exciting plant mini monstera (Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma), known for its leaves cut from corners.

We also have Monstera Obliqua and Adansonii, plants with holes in their leaves.

However, today we are discussing a scarce variety in plants, Variegated Monstera.

1. What is Variegated Monstera?

What is Variegated Monstera
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Before you understand what Variegated Monstera is, you should know the meaning and definition behind the term Variegation.

What is Variegated Definition:

Variegation refers to the appearance of different colored zones in the plant leaves. However, Variegation can also occur in the plant’s stem. However, the quality is so rare to occur naturally.

What Is Variegation In Monstera:

When you see your monstera plant leaves are turning white, yellow, or getting lighter texture, it becomes the Variegated Monstera. However, it happens rarely.

These days, Variegated Monsteras have become Instagram sensations, and plant-fanatics are dying to find its seeds, stems, cutting, or the whole plant.

This thing has brought a rise in the price of Variegated Monstera. Now, you may have to spend a three-digit dollar price to buy one cutting of Variegated Monstera.

Not all plant lovers can afford to pay much higher rates. Therefore, people search for ways to grow Variegated Monstera in their homes under pots or trying ways to turn their plant into white textured.

Keeping all this in view, here is a detailed guide on Variegated Monstera – hopefully, it’ll conquer all the queries occurring in your mind regarding this.

So, without wasting time, let’s start:

2. What are Different Types of Variegation In monsteras?

There are different types of Variegation occur in monsteras, such as:

Yellow Variegation:

Yellow Variegation
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When green chlorophyll gets slightly removed, you can see yellow pigment in the leaves. This Yellow Variegation can be seen in Monstera varieties like Monstera Borsigiana Aurea Variegata.

Golden Variegation:

Golden Variegation
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Leaves turn golden with green strips in overall leaf, which is a rare form of Golden Variegation.

Half Moon Variegation:

Half Moon Variegation
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It occurs in monstera deliciosa plant when half of the plant leaf turns white while half remains green.

3. What Causes Variegation In Monstera?

What causes Variegation in Monstera
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The genetic mutation causes Variegation in Monstera.

Half of the plant remains green while half turns white because two chromosomal make-ups occur in a single plant.

Tissues on the white side remain unable to produce chlorophyll while green ones do. However, this Variegation spreads randomly around the plant and cannot be controlled like chimeral.

As explained above, Variegation can occur not just in leaves but also in other parts of the plant. Just one thing is for sure, it occurs naturally and cannot be controlled.

4. Can You Grow Variegated Monstera From Seed?

Yes, but it can take a lot of effort and tricky ways of germination. It will help if you learn how to keep them warm yet moist, to make quicker germination. Otherwise, growing variegated Monstera will not be possible.

You should also keep one thing in mind that there isn’t a specific seed to grow variegated Monstera. However, a regular seed in the shop can grow by using only tricky methods of growth.

Growing these plants is hard and taking care of variegated monstera plant is even trickier due to lack of chlorophyll, the plant is already weak. This weakness can kill these plants; therefore, you need to be extra careful.

It is the main reason behind the rareness of these plants. As these plants die too easily, so due to not being survived, the plants are still rare.

Due to many variegated plants’ death, people thought it might be a viral disease, causing plant deaths. So, they asked,

5. Is Variegation A Virus?

Is Variegation a virus
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In rare cases, yes. Some viruses can cause Variegation in plants such as the Mosaic virus. However, it is not harmful and sometimes considered desirable. Because the plant is able to reproduce, however, such viruses aren’t much common in the world.

You should also keep one thing in the notice that viral Variegation doesn’t occur in monsteras but some other types of plants such as types of Hosta cultivars. It is an indoor plant that turns white after a viral attack.

Now, if you have bought variegated Monstera, become super sensitive when taking care of it to keep them from dying or getting weak.

6. Variegated Monstera Care:

Typical monstera plants, such as Monstera Deliciosa or Mini Monstera like Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma, are easy to take care of. They do not die so quickly.

They just need a good light and regular watering and boom! They would grow like weeds.

But as Variegated Monstera lacks green pigment and cannot produce their food easily, they would need extra sensitive care. Simply giving them moderate light or watering them isn’t enough.

They need compensation, so you’ll have to provide extra sunlight to these plants. Make sure to examine your plant’s condition and health regularly so that you can keep them from getting wilt or die.

Variegation in Plants Other Than Monstera:

Variegation in all types of plants occurs not just in Monstera Deliciosa but many others as well, such as:

1.Monstera Borsigiana

Monstera Borsigiana
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2. Monstera Standleyana

Monstera Standleyana
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3. Monstera Adansonii

Monstera Adansonii
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4. Tetrasperma

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Where And How To Variegated Monstera Seeds?

You don’t find exact monstera seeds for variegated variety, specifically as Variegation is a genetic mutation, a different sort of disorder in the DNA of leaves.

However, to grow variegated monstera varieties, you buy monstera seeds, and there’s a one in a million chance that the seed will grow a variegated form of Monstera.

What Is Variegated Monstera Price?

Variegated Monstera is so damn expensive. There are many reasons behind that. One is that it is rare and dies so easily, yet it grows so slow.

Hence, as it takes more effort to grow a monstera with Variegation, so it gets pricy when offered in the market for sale. You will have to be too rich to buy this type of rare plant variety.

Bottom Line:

The discussion was all about the Variegated Monstera plant. Did you find this info helpful? Let us know in the comments below. Your feedback helps us to get and bring you more ripe information.

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