TOP 7 Unicorn Products To Bring Color In Your Life

unicorn products

How many times has the 21st century developed a craze for something super ridiculous yet highly enjoyable? Remember the mustache trend of 2013? Or the tribal patterned leggings every girl wore for 2 years straight?

Gosh! The internet sure knows how to take itself by storm and causes waves in the trends. One of the most prominent and known about trends that got really big and never died out was the unicorn trend that no one shuts up about.

Literally! The trend started sometime around the 16th century in some regions like Bristol and ever since has not stopped. It is not known exactly when the trend started but the concept of unicorns has been around for a pretty long time.

And people have taken the concept and created all sorts of unique and revolutionary ideas with it. From tattoos to mugs and shirts you will find a unicorn version of everything nowadays. For some people, it has become something like a lifestyle.

So today, let us walk you through these 7 unicorn products that are surprisingly super adorable, not boring and actually really helpful for your day to day life.

1. Deathly Adorable Singing and Walking Unicorn Toy

If you have got a kid, then rest assured he/she will absolutely adore this toy. In a world brimming with all the different kinds of pastel unicorn toys, this one stands out quite beautifully. The concept of the toy is to be like a pet for your kid.

It comes with a leash so your kid can walk around with it in their hand and while your little one ‘walks’ this unicorn, the toy also sings a merry song as it goes on its way.

All you have to do is push a button and the toy will bring all the magic in the world for your kid to enjoy. Moreover, it’s perfect for cuddle time as its soft and plushy exterior makes for an adorable cuddle buddy.

Available in 3 different colors you can get it in white, pink and blue and each shade brings with it its special set of characteristics. The toy can sing up to 2 songs and even shake its tail while it walks giving a realistic and adorable image in your kid’s mind.

The nature of the toy encourages your child to play with it and be active as he/she moves around with the toy. Moreover, it is good for kids of all ages till 7-8 or until they get bored of it (or too grown-up).

But seriously speaking, they’ll never get bored of it! Buy Now

2. The Unicorn Lamp

Unicorn Mood Lamp

Bringing together two highly important and amazing concepts together nearly always brings around a satisfying result. When it comes to the unicorn trend and lamps; you get a unicorn lamp which is just the most adorable thing ever.

Measuring less than 13 inches in size it is a handful and the perfect addition to your bedroom. The lamp transitions shades from purple to blue to cyan to green to orange and finally red. The changing colors are soothing and will lull you to sleep instantaneously.

The lamp runs on triple-A batteries and the brightness isn’t too high or too low. You can even use it as a guiding light for bathroom breaks during the night. All unicorn fans will be more than pleased to own this. Shop Now

3. 2-in-1 Crocheted Scarf & Beanie for Unicorn Lovers

Unicorn Crochet Scarf

If you are a die-hard unicorn fan or know someone who is, this is just the right thing to gift them or yourself before the harsh winter starts. This item is the most unique one created yet.

Made from a loose fit beanie that stretches down into two straps on either side with pockets in them, this item is everything you need this winter. The beanie features a horn and woolen tassels that make the wearer look like a unicorn as ever.

You could call it a coat, beanie, and scarf all tripled into one awesome item. The straps on either side stretch down to the beginning of your thighs thus you can freely use the pockets for anything like your phone or wallet.

You can also wrap the straps around your neck as a scarf when you are not using the pockets for anything.

It is lightweight and does not irritate the skin and measures 24 inches by 8 inches. Guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy during those blustery winter days it is soft, comfortable and warm for anyone to use. Get it Here

4. Futuristic Unicorn Lamp for Bedroom

Unicorn Magic Lamp

Yet another lamp on the list, this intricately designed unicorn lamp is actually different than the first one. Not shaped like a lamp but illuminating shades from the unicorn color palette it makes a great addition to your room.

Shooting rainbow rays across your room it illuminates your bedroom in the most cheerful and lively manner ever. For every unicorn fan, this lamp is an absolute must have.

The LED bulbs fixed into it provide a soft and ambient glow to light up your room making it a wonderful pick for anyone who likes night lights. Not too bright or too weak, it turns your interior into a real-life fairytale scene.

The lamp runs on 2 modes that you can switch between depending on your mood. It also runs on simple AAA batteries that you can find practically anywhere. Batteries aren’t included with the package upon purchase. Buy It Here

5. Glowing Unicorn Home Decor

Glowing Chubby Unicorn

Need a new twist in your home décor? Everyone knows interior decoration can be a bit boring so why don’t you switch things up a bit?

Now this adorable item is not just for unicorn lovers but in fact for everyone who is searching for a new and amazing twist in their home. The glowing unicorn is a big ol’ centerpiece that glows in the dark at the touch of a button.

Some people choose to have it as their cuddle buddy while others select it as a bedroom decoration piece. Regardless it is irresistibly adorable and you must get yourself one. Measuring 35 cm in size, the face, and belly of the unicorn glow with the sweetest colors of light whenever prompted. Check Now

6. Cuddly Unicorn Crochet Blanket

Unicorn Crochet Blanket

Just as awesome, innovative and adorable as the scarf and beanie item, you will not get enough of this blanket. This blanket becomes your best friend within one single day.

You can Netflix and Chill with it, sleep with it, have breakfast with it! To come to think of it…you don’t even need a significant other if you have this adorable blanket to spend your day with. It measures 90 cm by 60 cm and comes in white color only.

Handmade and knitted from high quality yarn, it will never irritate your skin or cause you to itch and feel icky all over. It is soft and comfortable for every cold winter evening you decide to stay in. Buy It Now

7. Irresistibly Cute Unicorn Tea Infuser

Magic Unicorn Tea Infuser

Living that unicorn lifestyle one cup of tea at a time!

Guys, come on! Unicorn products couldn’t get any cuter than this unicorn tea infuser that literally makes it look like you’re drinking unicorn sparkles. Add some magic to your cup of tea with this infuser that isn’t only elegant but hella classy.

With the ability to steep all sorts of teas from chamomile, and black tea all you have to do is unscrew the infuser in half and add your leaves in. The unicorn then does the rest of the work as it swims around in the hot water distributing taste, scent, and flavor to your mug.

It also comes with a handy ability to hook its front legs on the rim of your mug so as it doesn’t have to swim around in your tea all the time bonking your nose whenever you take a sip!

Simple hook the curve front legs on the rim of your cup and sip away! Buy Now

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