Majesty Palm Care – 7 Tips To See Your Indoor Palm Thriving In Days

majestic Palm Care

Majesty palm care is often regarded a challenge. It happens because people don’t know proper care tips.

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If your majesty plant health and growth are at stake, despite proper care, here is what you were doing wrong.

Read this guide with 7 tested tips to achieve successful growth of your Majesty palm, like other houseplants:

Majesty Palm Care – Plant Profile:

Scientific Name: Ravenea Revularis

Genus: Ravenea

Plant Type: Tropical palm

Growing Season: Spring, summer & fall

Hardiness Zones: 10 to 11

Famous Names: Majesty Palm, Majestic Palm

Here is a guide with tested tips informing you how to grow, keep, and yield Majesty Palm at home with proper care:

Majestic Palm Care Is Most Effortless:


Majesty Palm is a slow grower plant, and this very property makes it the most desiring indoor palm tree. The slow growth will ensure the plant isn’t going to outgrow your house anytime soon.

You don’t have to prune such indoor palm plants too often, neither you have to repot them every now and then.

“All online guides suggesting Majesty palms as challenging to care for and a temperamental plant than its cousins Kentia Palm and Royal Palm are wrong.”

We believe no plant is temperamental but only have contrast and diversely varying requirements. By understanding them, anyone can grow Ravenea Majesty (or the majesty palm plant).

“With the proper guidance of care and using accurate tips for growth, any plant can grow well!” ~Inspire Uplift~

Majesty Palm Care:

1. Majesty palm care for sunlight:

Majesty Palm Requires – Indirect Light for 4 to 6 hours a day

Majestic palms naturally grow beneath the forest understory. It means they do receive light but cannot tolerate direct and scorching sun rays.

They may not receive 6 hours of light under the canopy of trees while growing in wilds; however, they will need 4 to 6 hours of bright light to sprout well when brought home and kept in pots indoors.

Do you know: What can happen to your majestic palm plant without proper light?

The plant will stretch itself towards the light source, and you may find bleached fronds. In this condition, immediately transfer your plant to a bright window in your home.

Do not keep your plant in the direct sunlight for too long as it can cause fronds to burn and brown from the corners. Like this:

Only allow proper and required brightness to your plant.

2. Humidity & Temperature:

“Majesty Palm loves humidity and thrive well in hot temperatures between 45 – 85 degrees fahrenheit.”

As the forest depth is packed with high temperature, dampness, and sogginess, so all those plants that grow there under big plants are epiphytes, love humidity, and high temperatures.

On the other hand, as Ravenea Revularis is both an epiphyte and a pal, so it can thrive well even in the average room humidity levels.

Being high-temperature lovers, you may have to make a little more effort during the cold season.

  • Maintain Humidity in Cold Season:

For Majesty Palm care indoor in the cold season, you will have to mist the plant more than often and use humidity maker gadgets to maintain steam around your plant.

Do you know: What will happen to your Majestic Palm plant without proper maintenance of humidity and temperature?

Low humidity brings plants to the verge of insect attacks. It is suggested that if you see even a small beetle around your plant, find it and throw it away ASAP.

3. Majesty Palms Watering Requirements:

“Majestic Palms Care requires evenly moist pots – a regular watering is a must.”

Having temperament like palms and like epiphytes, Majesty Palms hate dryness and can show severe damages if left dry for too long. Dah! They aren’t the Rose of Jericho.

However, overwatering to drench the soil in the liquid is also not recommended. You need to develop a sense of sobriety and temperance when working with plants.

Keep the soil moist with a light misting on all sides of the pot, and see your plant thriving.

Do you know: What will happen to your palm majesty plant If It gets under or over watered?
  • If Underwater: Leaves will start turning brown, an alarm they are rotting.
  • If Overwatered: Leaves may turn yellow and lose the natural chlorophyll.

4. Majesty Palm Soil for Pot:

Add some sand, compost, or peat moss to make soil well-drained and water-retaining.

As your plant has to live in the pot, you need to mix different nutrients in the potting mud to make it mimic the ground of its habitat.

Also, while preparing the potting ground for your Little indoor palm tree, soil wetness should be ensured.

The wrong thing you were doing with your majesty palm care is letting the water reaching its roots.

The water shouldn’t reach the roots.

“Peat and Potting Mix Soil Is Considered Excellent for Majesty Palm Healthy Growth.”

So, to make that soil retain moisture, never let the water layers reach the roots, and never make the plant get dried, mix it well with the rich compost.

Do you know: What can happen to your royal majesty palm without proper soil mix?

Water-logged roots can develop fungus and cause root rot as a result of the wrong potting mix.

5. Majesty Palm Care for Fertilizers:

Try to use slow-release fertilizers only For Majesty Family Palms.

Liquid fertilizers are recommended for majesty palm plants in your pots. Make sure to bear the schedule of feeding your plants with fertilizers.

As you know, plants that grow during summer and spring went to sleep in winters. Majesty palms are also summer plants.

Do not feed your Majestic Palm in winter when the plant is sleeping. Fertilize it well during summers, spring, and falls as these are the growing months for this plant.

The fertilizers should have magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. You can use fertilizer labeled 18-6-12 for best results or the potting mix.

If you need to feed your plant during winters, you can add some liquid fertilizers to the watering can and spray them all over the plant for best results.

Do you know: What can happen to Majestic trees of palm if you don’t follow a proper fertilizing routine?

If you fertilize your plant more than required, it can cause stretching. In this situation, immediately control the quantity.

In case your plant is under-fertilized, it can face different diseases and issues.

6. Majesty Palm Repotting:

Majesty palm can require repotting after every six months or bombarding fatty nutrients to recompose the soil nutrients.

You will have to repot your Majestic palm plant with new soil every six months because it loves to suck out all the nutrients from the ground and takes a total of 6 months to do so.

Unlike other plants, the main reason behind majestic palm repotting isn’t its grown size, but the fewer nutrients remained in the soil.

So, choosing a larger pot is not necessary every time you repot Majesty Palm. As majesty palms are slow growers, all you need is to check your plant’s size and choose the pot-size accordingly.

7. Pruning:

As a slow grower plant, the Ravenea Revularis, Revularis palm, or majesty palm don’t need pruning more often.

However, you will have to thoroughly examine your plant from time to time to figure out any blackened or brown turned fronds and pests’ attacks.

Prune off all the damaged leaves of your plant and let it sprout healthily.

Before ending, here are some FAQs:

Majesty Palm Common Questions People Also Asked:

1. Can we propagate majestic palm using cuttings?

No, majestic palm propagation isn’t easy as seeds exclusively cultivate the plant. If you want to propagate the Majesty Palm plants, buy seeds from the nearest retail stores.

On rare chances, if you have such a big and mature plant that produces fruits. You can obtain seeds and sow them in small pots.

By doing so, you can propagate the majestic palms for commercial purposes.

2. Are Majesty Palms Prone to Certain Pest Attacks?

Majesty Palms attract bugs like:

  • Aphids
  • Mealybugs
  • Mites
  • Whitefly

Every time you see a bug approaching your precious plant, remove it immediately to counter the situation.

3. How to keep your majesty palms from insect attacks?

To keep a distance between your precious majesty palm plant and bugs and make it less attractive to insects, all you need to do is:

  • Keep plant hydrated and humid (insects cannot breathe in humidity and hence leave the plant)
  • Thoroughly examine the plants’ leaves and wipe the leaves well using natural anti-mite pads in case of any danger.
  • Also, if you see any insect near your plant that’s maybe unidentifiable, remove it immediately using cotton balls.

4. How often do you water majesty palm?

You need to water your plant regularly as it cannot tolerate dryness. However, make sure not to drench in the liquid.

5. Can we put majesty plant pots outdoors?

Yes, you can, but ensure that space you select receives indirect sunlight because continuous and direct sunshine can be harmful to your plant’s beauty and overall health.

It can turn leaves yellow, brown, or cause dried leaves.

Bottom Line:

We have discussed all the primary and essential points regarding Majesty Palm Care. If you have any more queries in mind, you want to say something, use the comment section freely and bless us with your constructive feedback.

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