What To Buy For A New Puppy Owner? Surprise Your Loved Ones With These Gifts For New Puppy Owners – 40+ Ideas

Your friend got a new puppy, or maybe you just welcomed a new little puppy into your home. Now you may be wondering what sorts of puppy gifts do I need to look for?

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Well, don’t worry – we’re here to help! Why not celebrate the newest addition to a friend’s or family member’s home with a thoughtful and unique gift?

You Might Be Wondering What To Choose As Gifts For New Puppy Owners?

The answer is simple: Gifts that dog owners will appreciate and practical items that can help them daily, keep them healthy, and clean them up.

From cozy dog beds to practical items like dog food bowls, chew toys, and grooming products, we have added all items in this list of presents for new puppy owners.

Choose the one that seems the most suitable to you and thank us later. Let’s WOOF  in.

Practical Gifts For New Puppy Owners:

You have one friend who never gives up on you and never stops loving you, and it’s your dog. Technology brings comfort to the life of the puppies and their owner.

If you are in doubt about buying essential and practical things or presents for new puppy owners, this list of gifts for your pup will help.

1. Portable pet hair vacuum

Portable Pet Hair Vacuum

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Get your pet clean and massaged at the same time! Removes dead hair, dirt, and more. It requires 2 AA batteries to operate and collects loose hair and dander.

The handheld pet hair vacuum is easy to use and portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. It is suitable for dogs, cats, and other pets that shed.

2. Dog safety gate

Dog Safety Gate

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Protect pets all around the house with this safety gate, which is the most effective and discreet way. This portable pet carrier is ideal for small pets and can be moved around the house.

The pet enclosure is nylon mesh and features four sticky hooks and two stretchable poles. Installation is easy and requires no tools!

3. Dog backpack

Dog Backpack

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Are you worried if your pet lives alone at home and will suffer anxiety, depression, or physical disability? There is a solution!

With this 100% breathable backpack carrier, you can wrap up your dog in total comfort and take them with you. Elastic straps make it easy to put the carrier on your shoulders.

4. Dog hair Drying vest

Dog Hair Drying Vest

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You don’t need to worry about your dog catching a cold with this drying vest, and it’s super easy to use. It just takes a couple of minutes to dry your pet after his bath.

Three vest sizes are available to ensure that this vest fits your puppy perfectly, and it is simple to put on and take off, thanks to the magic strip.

5. Super absorption puppy pad for pee & dirt

Super Absorption Puppy Pad for Pee & Dirt

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There are four layers on the cover. A plush, breathable comfort layer is on top, an absorbent core is under it, a waterproof layer lies on 3rd, and an anti-slip coating lies below the waterproof layer.

Cleanliness should be on top, this pad will protect your furniture, sofas, chairs, car seats, kennels, and cages will protect you from dog pee and dirt.

6. Rainproof umbrella dog Leash for small dogs

Rainproof Umbrella Dog Leash For Small Dogs

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How can you deal with a new puppy that doesn’t like rain and refuses to go out when it rains? Your small dogs will stay dry if you use an umbrella leash on a rainy or snowy day.

This umbrella leash for dogs is made from PE film and stainless steel. It’s designed with 8 ribs that ensure the film won’t come off during heavy rain or wind.

7. Handheld Portable Pooper Scooper With Bags

Handheld Portable Pooper Scooper With Bags

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We understand that carrying your dog’s waste by hand or using a heavy pooper scooper is not something you enjoy doing. That is why we bring you this cool dog gadget. Use it to pick up the waste.

This is an appreciable gift for new puppy owner. We are sure that this will make his life easier and cleaner.

8. 2 Dogs retractable leash

2 Dogs Retractable Leash

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Walking with two dogs in the park or on the street can be challenging. Keep your dogs on the leash with this retractable 2 dog leash that allows you to control both movements simultaneously.

Thanks to the ergonomic handle and grip, it is easy to hold this leash holder for an extended time. You will not feel tired holding the rope for hours on end.

9. Electric pet flea lice remover

Electric Pet Flea Lice Remover

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Keeping your pet flea-free and comfortable is easy when using this electric flea lice remover.  It is easy to use and does not require special skills or knowledge.

With a simple switch, you can wipe out all lice and fleas from your puppy’s hair in seconds. All you have to do is press one button.

10. Premium painless nail clipper for pets – all size dogs & cats

Premium Painless Nail Clipper For Pets - All Size Dogs & Cats

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There are a lot of reasons to get these safe nail clippers for dogs. If you don’t have to visit the pet clinic to have your dog’s nails trimmed, you’ll save a lot of time and money!

Premium Painless nail clipper for pets is a battery-powered, completely safe, and easy-to-use device.

11. Brite doggie pet selfie stick

Britedoggie Pet Selfie Stick

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This gift for a new puppy owner is a cool smartphone accessory that can be installed easily on a mobile device and is completely portable.  You can attach the Selfie Stick to your dog’s favorite toy or treat, and you’ll enjoy his full attention.

It provides a convenient way to capture the one-in-a-million moment between you and your pet!

12. Pet food measuring scoop

Pet Food Measuring Scoop

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Taking care of our little pup means making sure they eat properly. It is one of the most important things we can do for them.

This gift for new puppy owner accurately measures portions of your pet’s food, including kibble, sweet treats, meat, vegetables, and candy. Its balance function guides you to feed your pet the right amount.

13. Dog water fountain

Dog Water Fountain

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Your four-legged friend will love this cool tool that dispenses as much water as they need. The dogs can quench their thirst by gently pushing their paws against the sprinkler and the water will stream out.

There is no electrical connection needed to operate this water fountain, so it is safe to use for water dispensing.

Grooming Presents For New Puppy Owners:

We all know the exciting feeling of getting a new pup. That’s why we wait so long for this moment to bring a new puppy into our life. No doubt it is a fascinating time, but you’ll need stuff for puppies, like bowls, a bed, toys, the list goes on and on.

Check the below list of some other options about what to get someone with a new puppy that will make your little dog happy for years to come.

14. Pet grooming gloves

Pet Grooming Gloves

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Are you seeking a new way to remove pet hair and fur? We guarantee that you’ll forget all the shedding and hairy furniture after trying our pet grooming gloves.

You can use these gloves for more than just brushing dry hair and skin. Each glove is also great for scrubbing while giving a bath!

15. Dog shampoo dispenser brush

Dog Shampoo Dispenser Brush

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Keeping your dogs clean is never an easy task as it is time-consuming and messy. That’s why the key to a cleaner and happier puppy is to use this 2-in-1 pet bath massage and brush!

It’s easy to use and keeps you from sneezing all over with its convenient soap dispenser and bath and brush massager in one.

16. Easygroom Electric Pet Grooming Trimmer

EasyGroom Electric Pet Grooming Trimmer

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The Best Experience for Pets! Some dogs grow lots of fur between the pads of their paws, slip easily on wood floors, and dig into their bodies with their claws.

It is ideal for removing pet hair. This trimmer comes with a brush and is easy USB rechargeable.

17. Dog cooling sofa bed

Dog Cooling Sofa Bed

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Just as you lay in bed under AC during the summer, your little pitbull puppy also needs a comfortable bed to keep cool. Your pet will enjoy lying on it and you won’t worry about it taking up all your bed space.

You can wash this dog cooling sofa bed either by hand or by machine.

18. Automatic dog paw washer with USB charging

Automatic Dog Paw Washer With USB Charging

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A dirty dog’s paws can be really messy, so clean them up with this gift for new puppy owner! This washer is suitable for pets and measures over 3 cm in length.

Powered by a USB cable, it also gets rid of stubborn dirt on paws quite effectively, thanks to its silicone bristles.

19. Calming furniture protector pet bed

Calming Furniture Protector Pet Bed

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Help your friends to create the coziest place for their pets while protecting beds with our Calming Furniture Protector Pet Bed! This is ultra-soft & breathable.

Fur of the bed won’t shed, and its fabric can be machine washed without shrinking or pilling, making it ideal for use all year.

20. Soothing anxiety suction cup lick mat for pets

Soothing Anxiety Suction Cup Lick Mat for Pets

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It is often difficult to bathe a dog because dogs naturally oppose things that restrict their movements. However, you can enjoy showering your dog while he is busy eating with this serving pad.

The suction cups on the back of the lick pad keep it stuck to the wall, which forces the dog to eat while keeping his neck up.

21. Pet cave bed

Pet Cave Bed

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With its cute designs of dinosaurs, rabbits, or chicks, the Pet Cave Bed is ideal for placing anywhere in the house without causing any damage to the décor.

This double padded, removable cushion is made with comfortable and soft cotton material. Surprise pups owner with this pet cave bed and see their amazing reaction.

22. Anti-anxiety dog vest

Anti-Anxiety Dog Vest

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Just like swaddling a baby, tightly wrapped dog anxiety vests have been shown to promote relaxation during periods of high stress in some dogs.

With velcro, this vest is comfortable and can be adjusted slightly. You can put on and remove it easily from your dog without the hassle of buckles. Definitely one of the best gifts for new puppy owners.

Interactive New Puppy Gifts For Fun Playtime:

We know you are thinking, “What do first-time dog owners need?”.

Well, fun and interactive toys are always a good option for your dogs be it the adorable and playful poochon or the cute shepadoodle.

If you want to bring fun for the puppy, invest in a toy that will make the pet and its owner jump with joy. Take a look at these gifts for dogs to have fun during puppy playtime.

23. Bouncing frisbee ball interactive dog toy

Bouncing Frisbee Ball Interactive Dog Toy

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Are you in love with your dog? Well, a toy that he can cherish for a long time is the perfect gift. When you aren’t around, he can play with it.

This toy helps him interact with you in a fun manner. It’s designed to promote a healthy mind and body. Additionally, it is waterproof, pet-friendly, lightweight, and vividly colored.

24. Toothy dog chew toy

Toothy Dog Chew Toy

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A great way to interact with your dog and strengthen the bond between you and him. Your dog will enjoy fetching the toy ball and playing interactive games with you with it.

These rubber balls for dogs have good elasticity and are extra-tough, non-toxic, and bite-resistant.

25. Dog pacifier chew toy

Dog Pacifier Chew Toy

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To relieve teething pain, look cute, and exercise his chompers, every puppy needs a pacifier! Colorful pacifiers keep pets entertained and involved

Playful and healthy chewing habits are encouraged from an early age with this puppy chew toy made of high-quality TPR material.

26. Dog suction cup toy

Dog Suction Cup Toy

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If your puppy is alone and has no one else to play with, this chew toy is there him. What’s more, the suction cup allows it to easily be attached to most smooth surfaces.

There are four colors of the dog suction pull toy: blue, yellow, red, and orange. It also helps to establish a harmonious relationship between dogs and their owners.

27. Wiggly ball puppy bell toy

Wiggly Ball Cat Bell Toy

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With this cute toy, your puppy will be encouraged to exercise. Playing round balls help keep your dog’s mind and body sharp, and it is easy to keep the pup’s attention.

This gift for new puppy owner will attract the little dog’s attention with its bright colors and sounds.

28. Giant fox plush stuffed animal toy

Giant Fox Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

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This giant fox plush is the perfect cuddle partner for your pets to make the day playful and funny.

This stuffed animal toy is easy to clean, surface washable, and made of high-quality fabrics, and is one of the softest stuffed animals you will find.

Gifts For New Puppy Owners On Christmas:

When Christmas comes, pet owners get excited to give rewards. The best way to show your dog just how much they mean in life would be by giving them something special for Christmas.

Our list of favorite dog gifts for dog owners at Christmas is here to help you put your pup’s wish list together.

29. Dog suit and bow tie outfit

Dog Suit and Bow Tie Outfit

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Did you see all those cute Christmas puppies, Santa paws, and happy holidays adorable dogs on the internet? This black and white pet suit will make your doggo as attractive as them.

You can get these dog suit costume gifts for new puppy owners. It is suitable for small and young dogs alike.

30. Wooden dog carved ornament for home & office

Wooden Dog Carved Ornament For Home & Office Decor

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A dog can be more than just a pet, but your best friend, therapist, happiness, support, and companion during lonely times.

Whether it’s for Christmas, birthday, or Thanksgiving, this wooden dog ornament is the perfect gift for someone who is a new puppy owner.

31. Pet travel car window mesh

Pet Travel Car Window Mesh

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Are you planning a long drive and want to go on a road trip at Christmas? It is even possible for your dog to fall or jump out of the window if it is open a long way. This mesh will help your puppy to enjoy the trip in safety.

Pet Travel Car Window Mesh telescopes fit snugly in your car window and are securely fastened.

32. Outdoor collapsible portable paw pool for dogs & cats

Outdoor Collapsible Portable Paw Pool For Dogs & Cats

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It is cool to enjoy a pool party with your family. But wait, isn’t your puppy also part of your sweet family!

Buy this pool as a gift for new puppy owners. It can be stored in a closet, cupboard, or taken to trips in the trunk of your ride.

33. Best friend necklace & tag for you & your dog!

Best Friend Necklace & Tag For You & Your Dog

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It’s easy to show everyone just how much you love your best friend when you wear this Best Friend Necklace & Tag Set. It’s the best choice of Christmas gift for a new puppy owner.

Attach the tag to the collar of your dog and say “dog thank you”.

34. “Treats and chill” dog & cat t-shirt

Treats And Chill Dog & Cat T-Shirt

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There’s no denying that graphic tees are irresistible. Those for dogs and cats are even more adorable! Anyone who loves a t-shirt with a saying they can totally relate to will love one with a cute or funny saying on it, right?

This shirt has an adorable expression that will make them smile! It is one of the perfect Christmas dog gifts for your puppy and puppies owner.

35. Snuggly-safe dog car seat

Snuggly-Safe Dog Car Seat

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The Christmas holiday season is the perfect time to enjoy holiday rides with your dogs in the front seat. Our car seat solves this problem, which gives your dog a comfortable and safe place to sit right next to you on the center console.

You don’t have to worry about getting it dirty. After washing it, you have a brand new car seat for your dog.

36. Realistic comfy animal paws socks

Realistic Comfy Animal Paws Socks

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Don’t let your sock drawer get stale anymore, refresh it with these stylish socks. Now you can make people laugh with your feet – it wasn’t so easy before!

You can give these socks at Christmas as gifts for new puppy owners with a sense of humor, or use them daily.

37. Adorable dog reindeer costume for Christmas

Adorable Dog Reindeer Costume For Christmas

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Make sure your dog is part of the cool Christmas pups group by dressing him up in this adorable puppy dog reindeer costume. The costume comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

Pet owners who are invited to your Christmas dinner can dress up their pets in this festive reindeer costume too.

Unique T-shirt Gifts For New Puppy Owners:

Is there something you can give a dog lover to make their day? Take a look at these spectacular t-shirts that showcase your pet parent pride!

Appreciate puppy owners by giving these unique quotes t-shirts that will help them showcase their pet parent pride.

38. “Hang with my dog” t-shirt

"Hang With My Dog" T-Shirt

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Laugh your heart out with this funny dog lover t-shirt! You can buy these t-shirts as gifts for dog lovers on their birthdays. Pair them with some special pants or shorts.

This t-shirt is available in sizes small to double-excel, and the shirt is 100% cotton with a vinyl design.

39. When I needed a hand

When I Needed A Hand

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You will love this Dog T-shirt gift for new puppy owners. You could also give this as a gift to mom, dad, your sister, and your brother.  Even though it is made of thicker, heavier cotton, it is still comfortable and soft.

In addition, the double stitching on the neckline and sleeves ensures that this shirt will last for a long time.

40. “If I can’t bring my dog” t-shirt

"If I Can't Bring My Dog" T-Shirt

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A great new puppy gift! It delivers a good fit, is lightweight, and has double-needle sleeves. Simple yet stylish, this tee comes in a variety of colors, like grey, white, and black.

This awesome dog t-shirt with a cute friendly dog is a great way to show everyone how much you love your pet.

41. Wake up hug a dog tee

Wake Up Hug A Dog Tee

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Puppies lovers – Lookout! You must have this t-shirt. Getting up and hugging your dog is the best way to start the day.

This adorable t-shirt is an ideal new puppy gift for dog lovers and is available in Pink, Black, and grey. For a casual look, pair it with jeans and shorts.

42. She believed she could but her dog was asleep on her lap tee

She Believed She Could But Her Dog Was Asleep On Her Lap Tee

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Create fun and make people laugh by giving this shirt as a supportive gift for new puppy owners. This fantastic gift for new puppy owners will spread a smile and create positive vibes when the puppy owner wears it.

It is sure to become a great wardrobe staple with jeans, shorts, tights, and skirts.


We hope you’ve found the presents for new puppy owners. Our list of 40+ ideas will surprise and delight the new pet parent. From practical items to treats and toys, there is something for everyone in this list.

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