Unique, inexpensive and practical – perfect gifts for men who have everything

Masculinity is hot; the composure men exhibit while making tough decisions, their ability to remain calm under hasty situations, their curbed emotions when you share something exciting with them; it provides women a sense of protection if their guys have these characteristics in them.

But the problem arises when they go out looking for gifts for such guys who have everything. Every girl wants to give a present to guys that stimulate a surge of excitement in them. Good news, with the following giftable items, you can. So don’t wait and dig in!

1. Tech heated vest

Tech Heated Vest

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Everyone uses portable heaters to warm themselves up in the winters but isn’t that inconvenient?

How cool would it be to find wearable for your boyfriend, that keeps him snug while he works outside in freezing work sites or drive his motorcycle in the chilly mornings of December!

This tech vest does just that. Integrated with infrared technology that allows three levels of heating, it can be charged via power bank and run continuously for 12 hours. Cool, ain’t it? Surprise him this Christmas with this revolutionary product but don’t forget to share the washing and use guidelines with him.

2. Pocket watch

Pocket watch

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Make your guy race back in the 16th century when every peripatetic used to carry this type of miniature and adorned pocket watches to keep track of time.

If the man is obsessed with movie classics like Around the World in Eighty days, The Time Machine, and Sherlock Holmes, he would love it even more because all the characters carried these types of watches chained to their shirts.

Crafted out of stainless steel, are intricately carved gears that overshadows the front and it can open in both the front and back.

3. Ingenious Travel Adapter

Ingenious Travel Adapter

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Snatching you back from ancient times to the world of cutting-edge technology is this smart adapter, which would be a revolutionary gift for men who travel a lot. Integrated with universal US/UK/EU/AUS plugs, it renders to use in about 150 countries of the globe.

Forget about packing separate chargers for your smartphone, tablets and chargeable gadgets while you are going on a trip. Instead, get hold of this adapter which enables you to charge three devices simultaneously. It includes 4 USB ports which are worthy of providing equal and standardized current. Efficient and space-saving, right?

4. Magic Grip Tool

Magic Grip Tool

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If you think your guy has everything in the world, that’s probably you haven’t heard of this magic gripping tool. This under $25 innovative hand tool will certainly enthrall him to the very core of his heart. Not only will it extend usage to his everyday chores but it will help him realize how considerate you are.

This set of 54 pins can grip a majority of the hex, wing, and square nuts. It can be used to tune the guitar strings, loosening a rusty bike screw and tightening a nut of your car. Forget about having a complete set of nut openers because it can effectively handle grip sizes from 7-19 mm. Welcome aboard to the age of practicality!

5. Flexible Phone Holder

Flexible Phone Holder

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Your boyfriend or husband might have the latest model of the smartphone but he still has to hold his phone while relaxing on the couch and watching his favorite TV show. Wouldn’t it be just great if he can view his TV show along with nibbling peanuts from the bowl in front?

This flexible phone holder would do that. It can be worn around the neck or waist or hung with any object around to see your desirous music videos, talk on a Skype call while cleaning the car, or catching the majestic Burj Khalifa fireworks live while driving the car.

It is sturdy and compatible with the majority of smartphones.

6. Silicone Shoe shielder

Silicone Shoe shielder

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What to get a person who wants nothing? It isn’t as hard of a question as it seems; get him something that will make his everyday tasks easier. And this silicone shoe covers do just that.

These waterproof shielding covers can be worn over shoes of all sizes and you can conveniently walkout in rain, hailstorms, and snow without worrying about damaging your new Nike and Adidas sneakers.

Had they been only water-proof, it would have been useful enough but no, the anti-slip sole augments its utility even more. Stroll over damp marble floors or cross muddy puddles of water; these covers would provide you with the stability of the highest standard.

7. Sleeping Travel Pillow

Sleeping Travel Pillow

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Another traveling gadget gift for men who loves to travel for fun or have to fly a lot for work. You can’t go everywhere with your loved one but how romantic it would be to get him something that makes him remember you every time he sees it.

This sentimental-cum-practical gift would enable him to get a comfortable sleep anywhere because it has an ergonomic sleeping base that eliminates stiff neck and sore shoulders. Wrapping your arms around that provides posture correction while sleeping.

It can be inflated within 30 seconds and is extremely portable.

8. Engraved Solar System Ball

Engraved Solar System Ball

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Has your husband ever wished about going to space? Or is he fascinated by the thought of flying over the world? If any part of it is true, this solar system ball will undoubtedly cheer him up. Encapsulated within a clear glass globe, lies an engraved 3D, white, lifelike model of the solar system.

The planets are labeled with names and glow magically when light is shone from below the ball. Give it to him on the wedding anniversary or birthday and observe the happiness on his face.

9. Wooden charging dock

Wooden charging dock

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Say hello to a convenient charging dock for the expensive iPhone and smartwatch of your male friend! Does he own the latest version of the iPhone but you are always agitated by the mess on his bedside table due to the wriggling charging cable?

Well, it won’t happen anymore if you gift him this sleek wooden charging dock. Capable of charging iPhones and smartwatches without any cable, it operates on suitable voltage rating and amperage.

10. Tea socks

Tea socks

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For all those men who think every problem in this world can be handled with a hot, steaming cup of tea, here is a unique gift for them. Your special other thinks he has got socks of every type? Get these for a change!

If we look at the fun aspect of it, they propagate the love of tea and else wise, it lets a guy sit comfortably in his chair while his wife or girlfriend brings a sizzling cup of tea for him. They are soft, snug, and unique.

11. Everlasting gold rose

2Everlasting gold rose

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Want to know what’s one of the best birthday gifts for guy who has everything? You are looking at it right now. A gold rose available in an assortment of colors, is actually full bloom roses preserved by lacquer and the stems immersed in gold.

It’s both charming and romantic, two of the top qualities of a birthday gift for your husband or boyfriend. It comes with a beautiful gift box, so you also don’t have to worry about packing it. Just get it delivered to your address and present it to your beloved one.

12. Self-stirring mug

Self-stirring mug

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If your man is as lazy as a snail, this is the coffee mug for him. The most reputable trait of lazy people is they love things that make them even lazier.

If he is the type of person that regards mixing the coffee powder with sugar and water a task, he certainly needs this product. Integrated with a cyclonic action mixer, this will let him read the morning newspaper while preparing the coffee simultaneously. How very relaxing!

That’s not only for the lazybones but for those with hectic routines too. So if you are thinking of what to get a boyfriend who is often running late for his work but can’t miss his coffee, this mug will speed up things for him. It even contains a leak-resistant cap that prevents any accidental spills.

13. Spaceman Laptop lamp

Spaceman Laptop lamp

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A table lamp is enough for nighttime illumination but what if there is a need for a localized light on the keyboard of the laptop? Simple, you get this spaceman USB portable lamp. It has a malleable extension that allows the user to direct light on a particular area.

Without disturbing his sleeping partner, the man can check his emails or create PowerPoint presentations at night.

14. Adjustable laptop stand

Adjustable laptop stand

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We have been discoursing on one thing in particular from the start and that is distinctiveness. This laptop lives up to all standards of it in terms of ease of usage and effectiveness. Whether the man is resting on his couch and wants to watch a movie on a stabilized laptop, or doesn’t have a work table but wants to keep his spine straight while doing his writing assignment: this is the gift for him.

And if he doesn’t want to use it as a laptop stand, he can always have breakfast on his bed on this desk.

15. Guitar Mug

Guitar Mug

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A musician might have all the instruments in the world, a music-inspired t-shirt to remain in the mood, giant posters of his favorite musicians glued to the wall of his bedroom, but he wouldn’t have this music-themed coffee mug for sure. So why not add this to his musical collection?

A musician never goes to work without a sizzling cup of coffee and what better way is there to start the day by infusing a melodic inspiration in his cup! This is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

How to pick the best gift for men who has everything

Want to know how we selected all the above products of this list? It required a lot of thought. While each person likes a different kind of gift, here are the general recommendations you need to keep in mind before purchasing a present for him.

1. Make sure it is unique

This is the most significant factor. Unless the item presented to him is unique, he won’t be excited by it. On the other hand, if the gift is straightforward but contains a differing feature like the anti-slip feature of the silicone shoe covers, it is bound to amaze him.

2. Get a gift that matches his hobbies

Every person has some interests and likes: some like animals, while others like science and technology. Try getting a gift that correlates well with the tastes of the person. There is no point in giving him a shoe that illuminates in the dark if he takes no interest in that part of the wardrobe.

Plan and think well before you get anything for him.

3. Make sure he doesn’t have it already

If he receives an already existent gift from your side, he would surely take it with a smiling face to be courteous but that wouldn’t instill usage in his life. Sooner or later, it would find the back of his closet. Therefore, find the items that he doesn’t already have.

Here was our list of unique gifts. Purchase the ones you like the most and impress your man with them.

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