20+ Gifts For Ex-Husband That Won’t Go Wrong

Gifts for ex husband

Buying gifts for ex-husband? Even when you guys are not together anymore?!

Well, this may sound like, “oh, why am I supposed to do that!” in the first place, but life has its own ways of surprising you at times.

For example, sometimes you are supposed to do things for the sake of some matters and not because your internal self wants to do it.

The same is the case when you are getting something for someone you used to spend your days and nights with.

So, here is a collection to help you with gift ideas for your separated husband.

Birthday Gifts For Ex-Husband:

If you are unsure what to get for his birthday after divorce, the collection below has got you all covered!

1. AquaSound Bluetooth speaker for shower time

AquaSound Bluetooth Speaker

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We all want to enjoy a relaxing bath with soulful music playing in the background, right?

So, how about you get a gift for your ex-husband that lets him enjoy the music while being in the shower?

This AquaSound Bluetooth speaker works in more than one way: playing music and allowing the person to receive calls simultaneously.

2. Multifunctional hexagonal EDC keychain

Multifunctional Hexagonal EDC Keychain

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Get him something on this birthday that works not in two, three, or four, but 14 ways.

We are talking about this hexagonal EDC keychain to keep and carry where you go!

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3. Men’s leather vintage bracelet

Men's Leather Vintage Bracelet

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A little of something that elevates fashion sense won’t hurt.

We are talking about this vintage leather bracelet.

Its unique design makes it perfect for everyday use. Plus, it can be used with a watch or any other wrist accessory.

4. Military-style tactical canvas belt

Military Style Tactical Canvas Belt

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The next one we have for your ex-husband’s birthday is this tactical canvas belt.

Its classic buckle makes it perfect for both casual and formal wear.

So, you won’t have to worry if he’ll be able to use it in more than one way or not.

5. Minimalist wood magnetic LED oval table lamp

Wood Magnetic Table Lamp

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Everyone loves a minimalist décor touch in their room. Therefore, we have picked this thoughtful gift for your ex-husband on his birthday.

This wood magnetic LED lamp is a modern answer to elevating a room’s vibes using trendy lamps without hurting the wallet.

6. Beard growth pen for nourishing & shaping regrowth

Beard Growth Pen for Nourishing & Shaping Regrowth

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Experiencing improper beard growth is normal, but not dealing with it isn’t recommended at all.

So, if he is experiencing this sort of thing, it’s time to help him get a proper look with the help of this beard growth nourishing pen.

Funny Gifts For Ex-Husband:

A touch of fun always goes well when you want to keep things lighthearted yet not so intimate. The presents listed below will exactly help you with that!

7. “My heart has no room for you” tee

My Heart Has No Room For You Tee

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When you want to avoid showing too much care after divorce but do not want to sound rude simultaneously, pick this t-shirt without any second thought!

This tee comes in a soft fabric that can be used for casual wear or on some cheerful beach parties.

8. Unsinkable Titanic tea infuser for a good reminder

Food Grade Unsinkable Titanic Tea Infuser

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That unsinkable ship sunk long ago!

Yes, this is what this titanic tea infuser will help you symbolize in a funny way.

Obviously, you don’t want him to think something romantic while receiving a present from you, so this one will cover you like a pro.

9. I didn’t mean to push all your buttons mug

I Didn't Mean To Push All Your Buttons Mug

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To be very honest, this one will be your favorite pick when choosing gifts for your ex-husband.

You get to tell him how you always meant to mute him during those somewhat heated arguments with the help of this mug.

Plus, it comes in solid ceramic, which means he’ll hardly be able to get rid of this mug in the long run (unless he throws it away 😉).

10. 3D optical illusion rug for added fun

3D Optical Illusion Rug

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This 3D rug creates an illusion as if you are falling into a pit hole every time you step on it.

So, how about getting it as a present for your separated husband? 😉

It can be placed in a bedroom, living room, or even in front of the bathroom door for added fun!

PS: Even a choosy man will like a present like this!

11. Space alien socks that look absolutely cool

Unisex Space Alien Socks

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When you run out of gift ideas, these alien socks will turn out to be a time saver for you.

These are pretty non-romantic, funny, and easy to wear with almost every other outfit.

12. Prank bookshelf sculpture to place with his books

Handmade Prank Bookshelf Sculpture

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Whether your ex-husband is a book lover or not, this handmade bookshelf sculpture will look perfect in any corner of his room.

It’s funny to look at and automatically adds a non-traditional beauty to the corner it is placed in.

Secondly, you can let him know how you want to smoosh his face, obviously in a hilarious way. 😁

13. Mini cactus candles to light up some fun vibes

Mini Cactus Candles

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Do you ever feel “no harsh feelings, but here are some cacti for you?”

If yes, then grab these mini cactus candles when looking for funny gifts for your ex-husband!

These look absolutely adorable wherever they are placed.

14. Hammer bottle opener

Hammer Bottle Opener

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Opening a bottle of soda is a must whether you have hosted a small or somewhat large party at home.

So, why not make it fun for your ex-husband?

This hammer bottle opener is a perfect fit for that. Its sturdy design makes it suitable for any sort of occasion.

Father’s Day Gifts For Ex-Husband:

This father’s day might not feel like the previous one after divorce, but the presents should portray exactly what this day is all about.

15. Stress relief enter button & pillow for him

Giant Stress Relief Enter Button & Pillow

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Everyone deals with work-related stress regardless of who they are.

So, when you are looking for father’s day gifts for your ex-husband, pick this stress relief pillow that can easily be used as a stress-buster whenever and wherever he wants!

He can hit it at times when he has a quarrel with a colleague or isn’t able to submit the report on time.

16. Vitamins organizer water bottle

Vitamins Organizer Water Bottle

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When you want to wish someone good health and tranquility in life without sounding too romantic or something like that, grab a present as useful as this bottle.

It can surely hold a good amount of water and a person’s essential vitamins on the go.

17. Wooden charging station & organizer for tech essentials

Multi-device Wooden Charging Station & Organizer

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Since you know how he likes to keep his essentials organized and ready to be used all the time, get him a present for father’s day that aligns with exactly that.

It charges the smartwatch and mobile in one go, saving space and time at the same time.

18. Smart collapsible & folding clothes hanger

Smart Collapsible & Folding Clothes Hanger

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When it comes to being organized all the time, these space-saving clothing hangers will turn out to be a blessing for anyone!

So, if your ex-husband usually has less time to work on managing the closet but hates to see the clutter, get him this present.

19. Color-changing LED cube light for calming vibes

Color Changing LED Cube Light With Remote Control

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Celebrating father’s day usually means inviting all the good vibes, just like this color-changing LED cube light.

It can be used as a decorating piece in the living room or as a source of a soothing glow while he works for long hours locked in his study.

20. Rollerball massager to relieve neck & back pain

Rollerball Massager for Neck & Back Pain

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Speaking of working for long hours, how about helping him treat those sore muscles?

Yes, this rollerball massager for neck and back pain will be a perfect pick for father’s day.

21. Music Bluetooth beanie for his morning runs

music bluetooth beanies

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This music Bluetooth beanie is something no one can resist, not even your ex-husband!

Plus, a present like this definitely falls out of the “romantic gifts” category and aligns with the general vibes or themes of father’s day celebrations.


It surely can be tricky to choose presents for someone who is not living with you anymore.

But, always remember, there is no such thing as “undoable.”

Keeping in line with that, we hope that you found all the gifts for ex-husband provided above to be of great use.

What do you like to present someone as distant as your separated husband? Or, which gift did you like the most?

Do let us know in the comments section below and shop all the presents before they run out of stock here at Inspire Uplift!

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