10 Secrets About Cerasee Tea That Has Never Been Revealed for The Past 50 Years.

We all know the benefits of herbal teas but do you know there are types of black teas that are more beneficial than any other tea?

Well, such type of tea we have brought here to discuss is Cerasee.

Cerasee tea is one the most demanded tea in the world with so many benefits. 

This blog is discussing with each and everything you need to know about cerasee plant and cerasee tea such as the benefits, how to make it, if you can grow cerasee plant at home and answers of yhe fast questions you sent to us at

Let’s start:

What is Cerasee / Asosi?

Cerasee is actually Jamaican name of bitter gourd leaves or bitter melon plant’s variety. Its leaves are enriched with more benefits that you get from any other tea.

Due to being made by cerasee leaves, we call it bush tea as well and it is used to treat ailments like high blood pressure to constipation. 

You can grow cerasee plant at home to enjoy expensive cerasee tea, completely free of cost. This shall come in the lines ahead. 

Plant profile:

Name Cerasee, Asosi
Family Cucurbitaceae
Plant type Bush / Vine
Native to Africa and the Middle East
Other names Cerasee, Asosi, Momordica Charantia, bitter melon, African Cucumber, Ampalaya, Balsam Pear, Balsam-Apple, Balsambirne, Balsamo, Bitter Apple, Bitter Cucumber, Bitter Gourd, Bittergurke, Carilla Fruit, Carilla Gourd, Cerasee, Chinli-Chih, Cundeamor, Fructus Mormordicae Grosvenori, Karavella, Kathilla, Karela, Kareli, Kerala, Kuguazi, K’u-Kua, Lai Margose, Melón Amargo, Melon Amer, Momordica, Momordica charantia, Momordica murcata, Momordique, Pepino Montero, P’u-T’ao, Sorosi, Sushavi, Vegetable insulin, Wild Cucumber.
Growable at home Yes
Growing Type Moderate
Famous for Beneficial black tea / Cerasee tea, Bush tea

Cerasee Tea:

Cerasee is a Momordica plant variety, belongs to west India. Cerasee is obtained from the bitter melon’s dried leaves (bitter gourd), used to make famous beneficial Cerase tea.

It is beneficial for diabetes, weight loss, treating pain, skin health, urinary tract infections, parasitic worms, menstrual cramps, overall physical wellness, etc.

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Cerasee tea is all about extracting out the benefits for the betterment of your health. So, Lets discuss cerasee benefits in details:  

How to Grow Cerasee Plant:

Here are simple and easy ways to grow Cerasee plant: 

1. Collecting the seeds:

First of all, you need seeds. Seeds can be collected from the aril and ripe cerasee fruit, coated in red. 

2. Drying the seeds:

After collecting the seeds these are dried into the fresh air. However, when trying make sure to save them from the starving and freely flying birds. 

Once the seeds are dried, you will see that arils will strip away. 

3. Sowing the dried seeds of cerasee:

Now, it is time to sow the cerasee seeds. For this you will have to select the points. 

4. Selecting the sowing container:

As it is a vine so you can place it in the seed tray, little cups, or potting bags. 

5. Soil selection:

You will need potting mix to grow cerasee vine at your home.

6. Watering:

Regular watering is needed and do not let this plant get dried. 

You will see within two weeks, tiny plants will start to sprout from the ground and in next four weeks, the vine will be ready to harvest. 

7. Using Cerasee Leaves

Whenever, you need to prepare tea, take some leaves and dry them in the sun. for ease, you can get them dried in the oven too. 

Once dries, mesh them and use them to prepare cerasee tea.

Benefits of Cerasee Tea

The famous Jamaican tea is rich in vitamins A and C along with Phosphorus. Also, the rich presence of de-toxicants and polyphenols make it healthier than any other herbal tea.

Let’s look at some of the Cerasee tea benefits we can get by drinking it.

1. Helps In Lowering Cholesterol

Since the cerasee tea is rich in flavonol, a powerful antioxidant, it tends to decrease cholesterol levels in the human body, which ultimately reduces the chances of heart attacks.

2. Moderates Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Moderates Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Is cerasee tea good for high blood pressure?


A Brazilian research organization conducted a study to calculate the effect of cerasee tea on blood pressure and heart rate.

It was concluded that cerasee tea does perform the pharmacological activity and helps in lowering blood pressure and moderates heart rate.

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3. Beneficial in Diabetes

Lowers Blood Sugar

Cerasee tea is widely used in the West Indies and Central America to treat Diabetes. A research was conducted to prove if cerasee tea good for Diabetes, that concluded:

“Cerasee might apply an extrapancreatic influence to promote glucose disposal, ultimately aiding to lower down the blood sugar levels.”


Cerasee fruit has three substances charanti, vicine, and polypeptide-p also help in regulating blood pressure

4. Cerasee Tea is Good For Skin to Treat Rash and Eczema

Caressa Tea is Good For Skin

Popularly known as the blood cleanser, cerasee tea helps in rashes, acne, sores, and skin ulcers.

Drinking bitter melon tea improves blood circulation and nourishes the skin too.

The correlation between nutrition and skin tone is high. Poor nutrition is reflected on one’s skin, in the form of acne, oily, or dull skin.

Acne is formed when the skin produces excessive oil (serum). A Jamaican dermatologist highly recommends cerasee tea for acne and other de-toxicants to cure bad skin.

Its skin improvement feature is well-known in Jamaica. Jamaicans combine this with other herbs to take what they call a “bush bath,” which, according to them, remove many skin diseases.

According to them, there are proved cerasee tea benefits for eczema. Besides this, it’s also helpful in rashes and other fungal infections.

5. Cerasee tea Helps Against Constipation and Upset Stomach To Help Weight Loss

Helps In Losing Weight

Americans know well if crease tea is good for health:

The use of cerasee tea has increased over the past few years in America due to its well-known weight loss properties.

In the US, over 70 million adults are obese, making 42.5 % of the total American population (CDC, 2017 – 18).

Jamaican Cerase Teabags are imported to the USA to use for weight loss and regulating other health issues.

Cerasee leaves tea, just like detox slimming belly pellet, is one of the best organic ways to lose weight without side effects; a little bit of physical workout is also recommended to increase the process.

6. Cerassa Tea Fights Parasites and worms

Its anti-microbial properties reportedly help to kill parasites and worms inside the body

7. Cerasea Tea As Detox:

Maintains Healthy Gut

Cerasee tea is famous for removing toxins from the body. However, its continuous use is not recommended, as it can dehydrate the body.

Leaves have Catechin and Gallic, which help boost the immune system.

Catechins, on the other hand, are beneficial as well and found in plenty of green tea formulas.

In addition to this, it maintains a good digestive system too. In Jamaica, moms are known to give it to children for rapid digestion.

Also, it’s well known for constipation due to its laxative properties. It’s also known to cure fever and colds in children.

8. Treats Cramps in Women

It’s helpful in menstrual cramps and urinary tract infections.

9. Cerasee Tea for Pregnancy:

There are no studies found in real-time; however, in Jamaica, the native area of the Cerasee plant, pregnant women are given Cerasee tea, aiming the kid born will have good and clear skin.

However, we recommend you to must consult your doctor or physician before gulping Cerasee tea while pregnant.


You might have been drinking green tea, oolong tea, or other herbal teas, but it’s highly recommended to give this cerasee tea a try.

In Jamaica, it’s like a one-thing-cure-for-all, especially for gut-related problems.

Its fruit is already known well in the world for its unique taste and cleansing properties.

So, give it a try and let us know how did you feel while drinking it? It can be a unique gift to your coffee lover friend as well.


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  1. i grew up on this tea, but i have’t had it in along time. so, i purchased a pack of the actual bush and i broiled it and added it to a brewed pot of regular detox tea. i drank it a few times throughout the day; i see amazing changes in my intestinal function, and also a feeling of wellness is evidence. the bitterness lingered around in my mouth but i don’t let it bother me. i will be taking it on and off for the ,month of August and see how my weight improves.

    • Hi Vandetta,
      Glad to hear you started this amazing tea again. Keep drinking and let us know when you lose a bit of
      your weight. Please share this blog with your friends to let them know of this great tea.

    • Thanks for asking, Mary. There’s no defined period for which you must stop taking cerasee tea after having it for a few successive days. But to be on the safer side, you may take a 2-3 week break. Since you’re diabetic, taking leafy greens, avocados, Greek yogurts, etc are always good options to have.

    • Thanks for your comments, Lulette. Glad to hear that you found this information helpful. Please share
      this blog with your non-Jamaican friends as well to let them know the benefits of this great tea. Cheers!

    • Thanks for your comments, Petula. Even though Cerasee tea has many beneficial health effects, but
      as a cure for conditions like dementia, we fear there isn’t enough research to prove that. If we come across
      any, we’ll let you know for sure.

  2. Hi I am a type 2 diabetic and started using a snap glass of Cerasee water for a few days now and I am noticing few watery boils appearing on thighs and arms as well as fine boils on face.

    • Sorry to hear that, Felicia. As this blog is all about cerasee tea, we cannot comment on cerasee water and its effects. But it’s always advised never to self-medicate, especially when you’re having a chronic disease like diabetes. See your physician at your earliest and take his advice. Good luck!

    • Thanks for your interest, Chanique. There’s no defined period for which one must stop taking cerasee tea after having it for a few successive days. But to be on the safe side, it’s better to take a 2-3 week break.

    • Sorry to hear you have AFib, Gin. Regarding your inquiry, we apologize we’re not in a position to advise if Cerasee tea is right for you or not. We would strongly recommend consulting your physician on this. Thanks for taking the time to read this informative blog.

    • It’s unfortunate to hear that you have an eye tumor, Joyce. We hope you feel better soon. Regarding your inquiry, we apologize we’re not in a position to advise if Cerasee tea is good for you or not. We strongly recommend consulting your physician on this. Thanks for taking the time to read this informative blog.

    • Thanks for asking, Shakera. This blog provides general information about the benefits of cerasee tea backed by scientific evidence or people’s experience over the ages. However, using cerasee tea for the thinning of blood is something we haven’t heard of. So, we would highly recommend consulting your dietitian on this. However, luckily we do have a blog on natural blood thinners, too, that can be of extreme help (link below). Please have a look.

  3. I ĺove cerasee tea. I grew up in Jamaica and have had it from childhood. I left Jamaica in 1967 so I had no access to this tea. However, I recently found out that it can be bought like other teas. I bought a box and have been drinking it since. I will take a break and then start again.
    Thanks for the information.

  4. I have eczema and bad acne around my cheek areas. I have been on medication and all but nothing seems to work, someone told me to try cerasee, so I’ve started using it, gonna try it for the 9 mornings hopefully it works🤗

    • Dear Chevanise, Cerasee is enriched with enzymes that help boost your immunity against various ailments relevant to outer and inner health, such as skin and body, etc. We surely hope the tea works best for you. Good Luck!

  5. This tea is amazing my grandmother use give this tea to every morning before I go to school I didn’t like the taste so I wouldn’t try to drink she would say to me that it is good for me and how it cleanse your blood. I realized after start drinking the tea every morning my face was free of acne I never get teenager pumps people in Jamaica use to say my face looks like baby bottom( smooth no pimples)
    I just start drinking it again after 22 yrs. I got the tea bag from a farmers market in the USA that sells Jamaican stuff. But I must say it did help me as a teenager I had no teenager acne.

  6. The people you had try the tea were so funny and real. I got a good laugh because what they were say is true. I could never put in words but it has helped me for many years

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