Allergic Shiners – What Are They And How To Cure Them


You are having something under your eyes: darker, reddish, something like bruises? But how can you get a bruise on the eye when no accident happened?

Is it some kind of dark circles?

No, it is not dark circles, they are something else, happening due to disturbed allergens.

Many types of allergies diminish the overall beauty of your eyes such as some create unsightly acne and others, red eye bags.

These red bags under the eyes you are having are called “Allergic Shiners.”

Do you want deep details, cures, and tips to keep them from coming back?

Well, this blog is for you.

We are discussing all the bits and bobs about Allergic Shiners: how they appear, causes, triggers, how to get rid of them, and preventions from coming back.

With no more beating around the bush, let’s start the discussion:

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What Are Allergic Shiners:

Allergic shiners are a type of dark circles that appear under the eyes due to nasal congestion or sinus blockage. These are a different form of dark circles; look like shadowy pigments, more like bruises, and caused by allergies.

As the congestion in the nose causes the blood pressure to increase at that point, blood circulation slows down and some of that gets accumulated under the eyes causing allergic shiners.

People use many terms to call them like:

Bags under eyes allergies, dark circle allergies, sinus puffy eyes, and allergy eye bags etc.

1. What Do Allergic Shiners Look Like?

The symptoms of allergic shiners include blue or purple tint, like dark shadows or bruises under the eyes. Some more symptoms people can experience are sour throat, puffy eyes, itched gorge, or unusual sneezing.

Therefore, you must check the symptoms for allergic shiners, that’s the first step towards the cure.

Harsh symptoms for allergic shiners include watering eyes, itchiness on the roof of the mouth, runny nose, blocked sinus, and nasal congestion.

2. What Are the Causes of Allergic Shiners?

The main causes of allergic shiners could be all the causes of a stuffy nose.

When there is excessive fluid in the nose and blood vessels get swelled due to this, people find a hard time breathing.

Common causes for this can be allergic rhinitis in adults and children.

Causes can be triggered by the seasons and weathers, such as:

  • In the fall season, Ragweed pollen can cause sinus blockage and allergic shiners.
  • While in early springs, it can be due to tree pollens.

Along with seasonal changes, some of your disturbed living patterns can also cause allergic shiners, for example;

Dehydration, when you do not drink enough water.

Using too much salt in food cause puffy eyes, and as a result, red eyes circle.

Iron deficiency, eczema, or old age can also be the causes of eye allergies that can create bruises under the eyes or allergic shiners.

3. Who are most affected by allergic shiners?

In 2009, a study was conducted on 126 children with allergic rhinitis.

Researchers found that around 82 percent of the total children got darker allergic shiners than those didn’t have the rhinitis allergy.

We can conclude that:

  1. Children with allergic rhinitis have more tendency to adopt, red bags under eyes
  2. Also, in adults and oldies, nasal and ocular system disturbance can cause allergic shiners.

(For more information, check conclusion of the study, conducted in 2013).

4. How are allergic shiners different from cough, cold, and flu?

Most of the symptoms of allergic shiners are the same as cold, cough, and flu.

However, they aren’t caused by cough, cold and flu.

So, to find the difference, check out the symptoms for some weeks; if they persist, for more than two weeks, these can be allergic shiners and not the simple flu, cough, or cold.

During this period, you may experience, unusual runny nose, watering eyes, and blocked sinuses, along with bruises under your eyes, reddish pigment:

Moreover, most of the time, the shadows under your eyes appear when you wake up after sleep, just like puffy eyes.

These are dark red circles under your eyes which you usually don’t get when suffering from normal cold or flu.

Also, if you are persistent with sinus blockage, red eye allergies will remain there.

5. Risks Related to Allergic Shiners:

The main cause of allergic shiners for occurring is the pooling of blood.

Because of this, basal cavity tissues get swelled and cause red bags under eyes.

Actually, there are no risks related to Allergic shiners and they can be treated with anti-biotics & different oral and edible medicines.

So, what are its cures? Let’s read further:

Cure for Allergic Shiners:

There are many ways to cure this condition including change in your lifestyle, avoiding certain things and places, along with using some OTC Medications:

When you are suffering through it, you need to find the root cause.

So, Treating allergic rhinitis may help.

Along with this, here are some more ways to treat the symptoms of allergies:

1. Oral Medications:

  • Using antihistamine drops
  • Using decongestants
  • Eucalyptus oil in an oil diffuser
  • Using nasal and steroid sprays
  • Anti-inflammatory drops under eyes

2. Therapies and injected treatments:

For more chronic allergies or curing symptoms faster, more options of treatment are:

In this, injection courses are done that involve a series of proteins injected in the body to make it tolerant towards allergens.

Once the body builds a tolerance mechanism, no allergies occur anymore.

Here you need to notice one thing, only go for immunotherapies and injected drugs with your doctor prescriptions.

There are many risks related to these symptoms such as they can cause mood swings and other behavioral issues.

So, keep it in mind before going for it, and discuss it with your physician.

3. Lifestyle changes:

Some lifestyle changes to get rid of Allergic Shiners that will let you flaunt with your lashes are:

  • Do not sleep in open air, during early springs and fall, as it is the allergy season.
  • HEPA filter enriched air conditioners will help a lot in this regard.
  • Relieve swollen blood vessels and tight tissues by air humidifier and keeping the air cool
  • For eye makeup, use applicators instead of brushes as they rub your lids.
  • Use allergy-proof mattresses
  • Same goes for pillows
  • Do not let the area remain wet, keep it cleaned and dry
  • Keep surroundings clean
  • Use anti-allergen types of blankets
  • Keep from animal hair as they can cause allergies
  • If you want a dog, always go for hypoallergenic breeds like shepadoodles
  • Wear glasses outdoor
  • Use cockroach repellents in home
  • Stay indoor during pollen seasons
  • Try to use nasal saline mists
  • Keep your rinsed from time to time
  • Add turmeric, honey and oregano in your food as they are enriched with anti-fungus and antibacterial properties.
  • Keep yourself hydrated; drink of plenty of water during winters and summers specially in pollen season
  • Keep yourself from indoor and outdoor triggers
  • Stop scratching your red lids with your beautiful nails

When to See a Doctor?

If the problems and symptoms persist, you need to immediately see a doctor and discuss your medical history with them.

They would, then, better guide you on what to and what not to.

Bottom line:

Remember, symptoms can vary from kids, adults, and elderlies.

Though the tendency of getting allergic shiners for kids is very low, however, in some cases, it can occur.

The same goes for elderlies. People who are more prone to other allergies can get allergic shiners more often.

You must see a doctor in case of any strong symptoms.

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