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Best White Elephant Gift Ideas $30 – Creative & Useful Gifts In Budget

White Elephant Gift Ideas $30

White elephant gift ideas that fit your budget best, can be hard to find. Because sometimes, the products are so lame and un-gift-able while other times, they are so expensive.

Keeping that in mind, here we have brought you white elephant gift ideas $30.

So that you never ever miss the fun of Christmas parties due to affording gifts to offer in White Elephant Gift Exchange, Yankee Swap, or dirty Santa gift exchange:

So are you going on a white elephant gift party or Yankee Swap, get these best white elephant gift ideas under $30 in consideration and make the event even memorable, after all, Christmas is all about being happy.

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White Elephant Gift Ideas $30:

When brainstorming white elephant gift ideas $30 you need to think about two things. The gift should be funny, useful, and easy to fit in the pocket of the person.

Keeping this in mind, we brought you some incredibly great white elephant gifts pricing under $30.

So no more beating around the bush, get everything here:

1. These Fluffy Fuzzy Slippers Are Comfortably Festive For Yankee Swap.

Christmas Reindeer Slippers

Check Price

Christmas and winters come together so the gift you are opting for should have both festive and comfy traits such as these slipper-come-boots-come socks.

Walking around the home will be fun when you have these slippers.

2. Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug The Dirtiest Thing To Take In The Dirty Santa Gift Exchange Party.

Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

Check Price

You need everyone to talk about the gift you are taking to Christmas gift exchange party? This mug will do the same.

Besides being funny and yucky, the cup can fill up to 300 ml coffee to enjoy.

3. Shoe Rack Set Of 8 Looks Expensive But Is A Cheap White Elephant Gift Idea.

Shoe Rack

Check Price

Shoe racks are in trend and everyone wants to have and this is what makes this rack a white elephant gift everyone will fight for.

4. Turn The Places Into Esthetically Appealing Spaces.

Starry Sky Car Interior Roof Light

Check Price

This light literally turns the place into a starry sky and has multiple use. It can be lighten in the cars, rooms, or any indoor place you need have starry sky in.

5. This Tree Dances And Sings Christmas Songs For White Elephant Party

Christmas Dancing Rotating Singing Musical Tree

Check Price

The tree is an awesome pick when it comes to standing out of the crowd at white elephant Christmas party. How?

Well, whenever it is unwrapped, ask the white elephant gift winner to shake the hand with the tree, once he do so, it will start dancing and singing jingle bells.

Moreover, you can also use it as one of the Christmas gifts for the people you adore!

6. Christmas gifts.

Just A Girl Who Loves Wine At Christmas T-Shirt

Check Price

Who is not a wine lover? We know, no hand was raised. LOL!

Here is a funny yet useful and satisfying gift for Dirty Santa party exchange – a T-shirt with a voice-of-heart quote.

7. Santa Climbing Ladder Are White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For:

Santa Climbing Ladder Christmas Decorations

Check Price

An amazing gift for Santa lovers where Santa Claus keeps walking on a ladder yet reaches nowhere 😂

It can be an excellent decoration for a Christmas tree.

8. This Apple Slicer And Corer Looks Expensive Thing But It’s A Top White Elephant Gift Idea $30:

Apple Peeler Slicer _ Corer

Check Price

This one is most useful, and definitely, everyone would want to steal.

Why peel fruits with useless peelers when you can have this slicer and corer at less than $30 price. It peels even fruits and removes only thin peel, and no fruit is wasted.

9. Expensive Looking Cheap White Elephant Gift Ideas Include This Portable Machine To Sew Anywhere:

portable mini sewing machine

Check Price

This machine can be taken anywhere, launched anywhere, and utilized anywhere to stitch literally anything, even thicker fabrics like denim. It works on batteries and carry-able in a bag. Can anyone refuse to take it home?

10.  Color Changing Face Mask Is A Not-So-Dirty Dirty Santa Christmas Exchange Gifts:

LED Multi-Color Changing Face Mask

Check Price

Yes, we all need to go through this pandemic safely and this luminous funky mask is here to help

*Exchange it with someone who is always complaining about dull and boring masks.

This mask is also the best choice for Halloween.

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Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $30:

Secrete Santa is another gift exchanging game just White elephant party with slightly different rules as here the person remains hidden till the end of game.

This is fun but once the gifts needs to be economical and useful but expensive at first outlook. So for some more secret Santa or white elephant gift ideas $30 are given as follows:

11. Faux Fur Made Stocking Is Creamy White And Available In Less Than $30.

White Faux Fur Christmas Stocking

Check Price

No Christmas gift basket or list is complete without stockings. So get these white faux made stockings in and bring them to the secrete Santa party for exchange.

12. Christmas Ornament Decoration Made Of Felt Is Great Gift For Secret Santa Party.

Felt Sheep Ornament For Christmas Decoration

Check Price

This little sheep is so cute and made of felt material that makes it easy to place, paste, or attach anywhere on the Christmas tree along with other Christmas decoration.

13. These Mushrooms Grow In The Dark – Perfect Gift Slogan Idea For Your Secret Santa Party.

Lucky Mushroom Night Light

Check Price

Mushroom that glows??? Are you serious??? Yes! This mushroom nightlight glows in various colors and is available in the peanuts rates.

14. Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say:

Talking Hamster Toy Repeats What You Say

Check Price

Once this gift is unpacked, it will repeat every single thing that everyone is saying. We bet; nobody will be able to control laughter.

A cute gift for kids indeed.

15. Led Crescent Light Is A Secrete Santa Gift Everyone Will Fight For.

3D LED Crescent Moon Light Lamp

Check Price

This small half-moon lamp doesn’t look like a lamp but real crescent placed on the table. It looks very expensive and attractive that even you will fight to have it at white elephant party.

16. Soft Bear Mat To Upgrade The Old Fashioned Rugs.

Soft Baby Bear Mat

Check Price

This bear mat is very soft and plushy yet a decent white elephant gift idea for exchange that can be given to any party such as in office, friends’ kids, or anyone’s gift exchange party.

17. This Tree Grows Magically In Sometime And Is A Perfect White Elephant Gift Ideas $30.

Magic Cherry Blossom Tree

Check Price

This Christmas tree comes with magical water that helps it to grow within some seconds and if kept with care, the tree can last for long.

18. This Cup Can Give You Warm Cup Of Coffee Instantly Using USB Technology.

USB Wooden Drink Warmer

Check Price

This cup gets attached with the computer, laptop, power banks, car charges or any other electric source using USB technology and lets anyone have hot drinks portably.

19.  Invisible Height Increase Heels Insoles Will Yankee Swap Gifts Everyone Will Fight To Have:

No More Aching Invisible Height Increase Heels Insoles

Check Price

Help your friends this Christmas at Yankee Swap by offering these heel insoles.

It will help them increase their height to 3.5cm. Let’s be confident!

20. Guitar Mug Is A White Elephant Christmas Present If You Are Going To The Party Of Singers:

Novelty Guitar Ceramic Mug

Check Price

A mug for tea and music lovers. It can be a good exchange at the amusing Santa Party. We bet, your coworkers would fight each other to steal it.

Click and find more gifts for work buddies under $30 only

Unisex White Elephant Gift Ideas $30:

You never know who is the one going to win your gift at the exchange party, a guy or girl. So it is better to get some unisex gift ideas so that anyone with any gender can taking your gift home.

Here are some ideas you will love:

21. Christmas LED Beanie Hats Glow And Make Yankee Swap Gifts Everyone Will Fight For:

Christmas LED Beanie Hats

Check Price

Turn your friends into Christmas trees this year on the Yankee Swap with this beanie that twinkles with multi-colored lights.

22. Unisex Waterproof Touch Screen Gloves For Winter And Christmas:

Unisex Waterproof Touch Screen Winter Gloves

Check Price

White elephant gift ideas are not supposed to be funny only and cheap with no sense of usability. Rather, these should be useful like these unisex touchscreen gloves.

The water-proof gift will be perfect pick for Pollyanna gift exchange party.

23. Chicken Leg Socks Are Funny White Elephant Christmas Gift Ideas 2022:

Unisex Chicken Feet Socks

Check Price

Don’t spend much but wait for the hilarious laughter when this Yankee present will be swapped. Haha.

These are hilarious socks that will convert legs into chicken legs.

24. Posture Corrector Brace Actually Works In Fighting Against Backaches And Wrong Postures.

Posture Corrector Brace

Check Price

Correcting the posture of back helps in many ways including no aches, no big tummy, and no bent shoulders.

Take this problem solving gift to white elephant party and see everyone fighting for it.

25. Jaw Chew Ball Is A Gift For Anyone Needs A Chiseled And Sleek Jawline.

Jaw Exercise Chew Ball

Check Price

Chiseled jaws is dream of everyone since we have lost the curve of your jaws due to overuse of cellphones.

This is what makes our jaw chew ball the ultimate white elephant gift ideas $30 for 2022.

26. The Ring Isn’t Just A Ring But A Bottle Opener – Amazing Gadget To Enlist In The White Elephant Gift Ideas $30.

Stainless Steel Bottle Cap Opener Ring

Check Price

This is an accessory along with a hidden bottle opener. This rings opens bottle of every kind and will never let a person stay thirsty.

27. Silver Feather Bracelet Is A Cheap White Elephant Gift Idea Everyone Will Fight For.

Adjustable Symbolic Silver Feather Bracelet

Check Price

The bracelet is so elegant yet convenient enough to be worn by girls and guys of all ages.

Unisex stuff is always better when it comes to finding ideas for gift exchange party because you don’t know, in the end, who is going to have your gift.

28. Battery Tester, Keeper, And Organizer 3-In-1 Gift Is Great To Take In White Elephant Gift Exchange Party.

Battery Storage Organizer With Tester

Check Price

This storage container can keep batteries, recharge them, and test if any of them is broken or damaged. Incredible Yankee swap gift ideas 2022.

29. This Miniverse Bracelet Is Unisex Gift Ideas For White Elephant Party Under $30.

Solar System Miniverse Bracelet For Men & Women

Check Price

Here you go with the bracelet that has planets in it makes someone wearing a small universe around their wrist.

30. Car Steering Wheel Tray Presents Are Useful Yet Cheap White Elephant Ideas Under $30.

Car Steering Wheel Tray For Laptop & Food

Check Price

This tray is one of the useful gifts for people who drive a lot because it lets them eat and drink in peace by properly placing food and drinks in front of them even when on the road.

Great Pollyanna Gift Ideas:

Great Pollyanna is also a gift exchange game played during Christmas so that no person goes without having a proper gift along.

To help you make a list of inexpensive yet usefully great gifts here are some ideas:

31. Star Tree Topper Will Help In Christmas Décor During White Elephant Gift Exchange Party.

Glitter Silver and Gold Star Tree Topper Christmas Ornament

Check Price

No Christmas tree is complete without a star topping and this tree topper star will increase the beauty and festivity of the Christmas tree.

32. Whistle Key Finder For Is A Secret Santa Gift Everyone Will Fight For.

LED Whistle Key Finder

Check Price

It is hard to find keyring every time, especially when we are getting late form work. So this key finder present will whistle every time you forget where it is.

33. This Portable Fan Plus Humidifier Looks Expensive But It Is One Of The Cheap White Elephant Gift Ideas 2022.

Portable 2 in 1 Mini Fan Humidifier

Check Price

This not only gives wind but also work as a humidifier and breezes aromatic wind. What an incredible gift idea for Yankee swap game.

34.  Enter Button Is Giant Sized To Make A Person Stress Free – Perfect Gift For Office White Elephant Party.

Giant Stress Relief Enter Button & Pillow

Check Price

It is easy to feel stressed at work but instead of shouting, punch this enter button and relieve stress.

35.   Thermal Socks With Slip Resistant Insoles Is A Present Any Person Would Love To Receive During Winters.

Slip-Resistant Thermal Socks

Check Price

Socks make integral part of our winter wardrobe ideas. Never leave your feet in cold without wearing socks and these thermal socks with insoles let you walk around home without wearing slippers.

36. Gooseneck Phone Holder Will Help Watching Movies, Videos, And Anything On Mobile Tirelessly.

Gooseneck Flexible Phone Holder For iPhones, iPods, Android phones

Check Price

Gooseneck holder is a hype and everyone wants to have it. So, don’t be surprised when you see everyone fighting to have it at white elephant gift party.

37. Handyman Pouch Plus Wrist Band Has Magnets – Unisex Gift Under $30 Gift Idea For White Elephant Party.

Handyman Pouch Magnetic Wristband

Check Price

Home chores can be difficult if you don’t have a helper but not anymore. This handyman pouch is a helping gift to carry nails and needles.

38. This Glove Has LED Flash Making Home Maintenance Chores Easy.

LED Flashlight Glove

Check Price

This glove has a flash so it will help you do you do home maintenance things tasks easily even when it is dark.

39. Squishy Body Cat Pillow For Cuddling And Relaxing Is Under $30 White Elephant Gifts.

Squishy Cat Body Pillow Cuddle Buddy

Check Price

For a sound sleep, this cat pillow is great because you can put your head on it, cuddle with it, or even use it as a stuff toy.

40. Rope Climbing Musical Santa Is To Décor Home Cheerfully Christmas.

Musical Rope Climbing Santa For Cheerful Xmas Decor

Check Price

This Santa climbs the rope and beautiful music is played in the background, making Christmas decoration worthwhile.

Yankee Swap Gift Ideas Under $20:

Yankee swap as the name denotes is a gift swapping game played during Christmas.

People take various kinds of gifts to this party and these are swapped among the participants.

The best thing is, everyone comes back home with a gift. What sort of gifts you should take to white Yankee swap party, here are some ideas:

41. Reindeer Socks With Christmas Patterns On It Are Perfect Cheap Gift For Yankee Swap.

Unisex Fun Reindeer Socks for Christmas

Check Price

The socks look just like Christmas such as its color, design, patterns and everything is so festive yet it softness is cherry on the cake.

42. This Beard Bonnet Is A White Elephant Gift Idea Under $20 For Men.

Polyester Beard Bonnet For Men

Check Price

This Beard bonnet is for a sound sleep at night with hair scratches. Any guy with beard would appreciate winning this gift at the Yankee swap.

43.  Arch Support Pads Are Unisex Yankee Swap Gift Ideas Under $20.

Cushioned Orthotic Arch Support Pads

Check Price

It is not easy to walk around when you don’t have these arch support pads. It can be worn with any shoe type making the great Pollyanna gift ideas.

44.  Soothing Eye Mask Is For Restful Sleep And Eye Massage.

Soothing Hot & Cold Gel Beaded Eye Mask

Check Price

This eye mask sooths the eyes for any impurities and tiresome of the day while it also help having a sound sleep at night without any problem.

45.  This Beautiful Moon Light Is A Trendy Gift To Take At White Elephant Gift Party.

Beautiful Moon Light

Check Price

Beautiful moon lamp is a gift to purchase if you want to stand out of the crowd at Yankee swap party because everyone will ask you how expensive this moonlight lamp is yet it costs not even $30.

Note: Let’s take a look at some trendy lamps for some additional bedroom lighting ideas.

46.  Cute Kitty Cat Infuser Present For Every Tea Lover Out There.

Cute Kitty Cat Tea Infuser

Check Price

Infusers are great to have around when you like picking different kinds of herbal ingredients and pour them in water.

They never let the residue mix with the flavor. Have it and win a thanks and white elephant party.

47.  Dainty Star Necklace For All The Ladies Love Trendy Jewelry.


Check Price

This necklace comes with tiny stars placed all over it and one can wear it like a choker or necklace. Convenient gifts for white elephant gift party.

48.  This Solar System Sphere Is A Decoration Piece Every Aesthetic Lover Would Love To Have.

Engraved Solar System Sphere

Check Price

This small tiny ball of glass has a complete solar system enclosed in it. Anyone holding it will feel like they are holding the world.

49.  CC Cream Foundation With Mushroom Brush Is A Gift Trending On Tiktok.

Flawless CC Cream Foundation With Mushroom Head Air Cushion

Check Price

CC cream with mushroom brush are gifts that are trending on tiktok and if you have person who loves to buy from trending videos, exchange this gift them.

50.  Duck Socks Literally Look Like Duck – Perfect Fun Gift Idea For Pollyanna Party.

Casual Unisex Duck Socks

Check Price

These duck socks are cute, warm, and soft yet fun to wear during Christmas.

White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $15:

These gifts are available in the cheapest rates at Inspire Uplift. You can have them all in less than $15 and that also in free delivery form Inspire Uplift.

51.  This Tiny Funnel Is Super Useful

Silicone Foldable Funnel

Check Price

This funnel comes in handy when it comes to refilling any bottle with fluid without falling. A perfect thing to have in the kitchen and home, especially with kids.

52.  Paper Watch Has A Stylish And Sleek Design With A Digital Dial.

Digital Paper Watch

Check Price

This watch is very sleek but don’t go on the name. The material is very durable however needs care with water. It is stylish and very decent gift for Pollyanna gift exchange event.

53.  Fairy Lights For Decoration And People Who Like Their Rooms Bright.

Fairy Curtain Lights

Check Price

These fairy lights fall like drapes and can be used on the walls as well as windows. To encourage home décor, you can this budget-fit gift idea to any white elephant party.

54.  Bear Night Light Is A White Elephant Gift Idea Under $30 For Kids.

Light Up Bear Night Light

Check Price

Encourage a sense of reading and writing in the kids with this cute bear night light. It shaped like a pencil with back side tip of a bear mouth that lights.

55.  This Mouth Piece Comes With LED Flash And Changes Colors.

Color Changing LED Flashing Mouthpiece

Check Price

Fashion braces are so in trend so here is a white elephant gift idea, everyone will fight for. These braces easily fit in kids to adult mouths, safe to use, and changes color.

56.  Circle Buckle For Belts Is A Gift For Yankee Because Fashion Never Gets Old.

Unisex Double Circle Belt With Gold Buckle

Check Price

Here is the belt buckle that gets attached with any belt easily. For all fashionista, this is a gift for secrete Santa party.

57.  Snake Earrings Are Unisex Mysterious Gifts For White Elephant Party.

Zinc Alloy Snake Earrings

Check Price

Going to Yankee swap and don’t want to enter with an ordinary gift? Don’t worry! The snake earring is all you need to be the one with most noticeable gift at gift exchange party.

58.  Ghost Necklace, Tiny But Cute Pollyanna Gift:

Adorably Cool Ghost Necklace For Fun Halloween

Check Price

The ghost necklace is for all ghost lovers who don’t need Halloween to show of their love for mysterious creatures. Take it to the while elephant party and exchange with ghost friend, lol.

59.  Bucket Hat With Smile Emoji Is A Beautiful Gift For Yankee Swap.

Trendy Emoji Smiley Face Bucket Hat

Check Price

Bucket hats are so fun to have and keeps you from snow and sunshine. A useful gift for white elephant party.

60.  Sherpa Lined Socks Is A White Elephant Gift For Winters.

Sherpa Lined Slipper Socks

Check Price

It doesn’t matter that how many pairs of socks you have, you are always short of them. So, take this useful gift to Yankee swap and let everyone fight for it.

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas $30:

61. Tissue Paper Crisis Wood Ornament for Christmas Tree:

Tissue Paper Crisis Wood Ornament

Check Price

Who can forget the toilet paper crisis we have been in during the early days of the pandemic? It was unbearable then, but now it is more like a funny memory.

Get this funny wooden ornament gift with the message “survived the great toilet paper crisis of 2020.”

62. Let The Poop Smile When You Open This Mug Gift At Yankee Swap.

Emoji Poop Mug

Check Price

Who doesn’t laugh at a poop emoji? Haha, yes it’s yucky but humorous too. The mug has a poop emoji shape and it comes with a lid.

63. Eff The Rain Umbrella Hilarious And Useful White Elephant Christmas Gift Ideas $30 (2022):

Eff the Rain Umbrella

Check Price

Eff the rain, a hilarious umbrella is the 2022 way of bringing gifts for the White Elephant game.

Go funnier while playing this game with your husband, boyfriend, or crush, and get him gifts like this. Lol!

64.  A Cat Holding Earphones And Dancing In A Funny Pose

Funny Sassy Dancing Cat Airpod Holder

Check Price

Everyone is going to fight to have this funny dancing cat toy that also holds your earpods.

White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For:

Some white elephant, Yankee swap, or secrete Santa gift selection becomes extremely interesting that everyone in the party fights to have them.

Some such options we have here, in the following lines:

65. This Portable Mobile iMiniMic Is A Cheap White Elephant Gift Everyone Will Fight To Have:

Portable Mobile iMiniMic

Check Price

Are you a singer? No? Well, you can definitely buy this inexpensive gift for Christmas and take to the gift exchange party. Haha!

*Exchange it with a signer friend or someone who has a low-pitched sound.  🤭

66. Useful Gifts Like Grape Cutter Can Make You Stand Out Of Crowd:

Grape Cutter

Check Price

Encourage your friend to have healthy food and munch on fruits with this White Elephant party gift – the grape cutter.

67. These Solar Pineapple Lanterns Look So Expensive But Are White Elephant Gifts Under $30:

Solar Powered Pineapple Lantern

Check Price

Who can refuse to steal such an elegant gift that eats no electricity yet beams ornate lighting when the sun goes down?

Yes! This creative white elephant gift can be the talk of the town for many days.

68. Korean Foot Exfoliation Peel Mask Present Will Come In Handy Throughout Winter:

Korean Foot Exfoliation Peel Mask

Check Price

A useful gift for females and males both struggling with dry and dead skin in winter.

The mask is made with herbal extracts to remove dead skin and get silkier, smoother feet.

We bet, even you would want to exchange it back at the great Pollyanna gift exchange party. Hahaha.

69. Optical Illusion Rug Is A Conversation Starter Gift Under $30:

3D Optical Illusion Rug (Black & White)

Check Price

White elephant gift ideas should be based on some different kind of stuff so that whenever a gift is opened for exchange, everyone likes talking about it.

A great way to make you stand out of the crowd of other friends at Christmas party.

70. Anti-Tipping Mugs Are White Elephant Gift Ideas Everyone Will Fight For:

Anti-Tipping Mug

Check Price

A mug that saves the day by keeping all the coffee, tea, and drinks from spilling on the bed, side tables, and office desks.

*Exchange it with a clumsy friend.

Cheap White Elephant Gifts:

Price of the following white elephant gifts is as low as $10.

If you are looking for some extremely cheap but unoffending ideas and options to take to the gift exchange party, keep scrolling, you will have them in the lines coming ahead.

71. These Tree Elves Glow In The Dark – 10 Pieces In A Pack:

10 Piece Glow In The Dark Luminous Tree Elves

Check Price

Ever thought about calling elves to your Christmas party? Haha.

These 10 piece glow in the dark luminous tree elves will let you have fun at this Christmas party.

72. These Candles Bloom And Play Music Makes Incredible Yet Cheap Gifts For White Elephant Party:

Blooming Musical Candle

Check Price

It is a bud of a lotus flower which burns to unleash several lighting candles.

Bring joys on this Christmas on Dirty Santa Gift party.

73. Fireworks Wire String Lights Present For Festival:

Fireworks Wire String Light

Check Price

Turn off the lights once before opening this gift at the white gift exchange and then see everyone wishing to swap it at their turn.

You don’t even have to pay bucks to purchase it. 😉

74. Laser Acupuncture Pen Is A Under $30 Gift For Yankee Swap:

Laser Acupuncture Pen

Check Price

It looks like an expensive device, but you can have this white elephant gift for under $30.

Yes, we’re serious. It reportedly treats all sorts of pains and aches from your body. Isn’t it one of the great Pollyanna gift ideas?

75. Anti-Germ No Touch Key For Everyday Use Is Less Than $20:

Anti-Germ No Touch Key For Everyday Use

Check Price

Can you name a gift that’s the tiniest, cheap, yet very useful?

Here we have one.

The anti-germ no-touch key lets anyone access stuff without touching it. Let’s see who will receive it at the white elephant game.

76. The Ultimate Wrist Wallet With Phone Pocket Gift Is Cheapest Yet Most Useful:

The Ultimate Wrist Wallet with Phone Pocket

Check Price

This present will be worn on the wrists and store stuff like mobile, bank cards, office cards, notes, and coins. And, it is very compact.

If you are looking for cheap white elephant gift ideas, this is the one you should consider as a must

77. Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand Looks Expensive But It Is Cheap White Elephant Gift:

Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand

Check Price

Pandemic is still not gone and we don’t know when the vaccines would be available.

For colleagues, doing work from home here is a gift idea to exchange at Yankee swap, the Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand.

78. Digital Alarm Clock With Message Board Is White Elephant Gift Everyone Will Fight For:

Alarm Clock and Reminder

Check Price

Alarm clocks only annoy you by dinging loudly every morning. Better exchange it 😜. Haha.

This one also displays customized messages.

*Exchange it with a friend who always wakes up late.

79. Adhesive Pocket Laptop Storage for External Hard Drives & Pens:

Adhesive Pocket Laptop Storage for External Hard Drives & Pens

Check Price

For the careless friend who is always searching for pen drives, pencils, and tiny essentials at their desk, here is the gift

This adhesive pocket will let them keep everything organized.

White Elephant Gift Ideas $30 For Her:

Surprise your girl friends with these white elephant gifts when you are going to an all-girls white elephant gift party:

80. Custom Socks For The Lady Who Loves Tea:

Custom Funny Socks

Check Price

Another gift, hilarious as well as sarcastic. It is a funny and inexpensive gift, and we bet, all tea lovers will exchange it with their gifts.

It has a message “If you can read this, bring me tea.” ☕

It is available in wine variants, especially to swap and dirty Santa party.

81. Hand Sanitizer Holder Keychains Are So Colorful White Elephant Gifts For Girls

Hand Sanitizer Holder Keychain

Check Price

Ladies need everything stylish, colorful, and updated.

So, if you are going to all ladies Yankee swap party, this hand sanitizer keychain is all you need to take along.

82. Cute Storage & Laundry Bags Are Cheap White Elephant Gift Ideas:

Cute Storage & Laundry Bags

Check Price

When it comes to usefulness, ladies need everything to be useful and handy so here are some laundry bags with enough storage and funny patterns.

*Exchange them for women who are always complaining about dirty laundry mess in your family or circle of friends.

83. Make Her Smile With Nano Gel Teeth Whitening Kit:

Nano Teeth Whitening Kit

Check Price

Like you polish your nails, make up your face, and dress up your body, your teeth also need a little more than just brushing every day!

What is it?

The Nano Teeth Whitening Kit. Take it to the Yankee Swap and have fun.

84.  Wearable IR Neck Massagers Are White Elephant Gifts For Her:

Wearable IR Neck Massager

Check Price

The IR Massager is something more than just being useful, a pain reliever.

This gift is practical, creative, innovative, and just launched. Your friends would definitely fight for this gift idea at white elephant party.

85. Carry-All Tote Bag Will Let Her Carry Everything Easily:

Carry All Tote Bag

Check Price

One more bag but with a little different function because women love to receive bags. Here is the bigger bag that can be carried on shoulder and help doing groceries.

86. Makeup Sponge & Brush Washing Machine For Make Up Lover Ladies:

Makeup Sponge & Brush Washing Machine

Check Price

Women coworkers always doing makeup at their office desk and exchanging every single thing.

Might sound yucky but what are friends for?
so here is Makeup Sponge & Brush Washing Machine to exchange.

Get dirt-free, cleaned brushes and sponges now.

87. No-Show Arch Support Socks For Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain:

No-Show Arch Support Socks

Check Price

These socks are so comfortable that no women will feel like she is wearing anything on the feet.

It can be an excellent White Elephant gift idea $30 for her in 2022.

White Elephant Gift Ideas $30 For Him:

For all men white exchange gift party, these gift ideas under $30 will come in handy. Why girls should have all the fun?

88.  Mr. Mustache Razor Holder Will Make Shaving Fun:

Mr. Mustache Razor Holder

Check Price

Tiny yet again useful enough to be a gift everyone will fight for as well as cheap to buy and take to the gift exchange party.

This creative holder can be attached anywhere to hold razors. Accessory + ornament!

89. Beer Foam Maker All Men Will Refuse To Swap It At Yankee Swap Party:

Beer Foam Maker

Check Price

No need to waste your energy stirring a beer mug with this Beer Foam Maker gift.

*Exchange it with a beer lover who’s always complaining about less foam on the glass.  🍾

90. Set of Phone Lenses For Tiktok Lover:

Set of Phone Lenses

Check Price

All of us are photographers but not all of us have expensive DSLR cameras to show off our skills. This year, turn your friends into camerapersons for Christmas with this gift.

*Exchange it for a hidden photographer of your squad.

91. Bicycle Safety Tail Light For Bikers’ White Elephant Party:

Bicycle Safety Tail Light

Check Price

Something less in price but more in benefit, this bicycle safety tail light is only for bikers.

Of course, exchange it with a biker friend, dad, or kiddo. What incredible white elephant Christmas gift idea $30 for him.

92. Magic Grip Tool Is For Safety And Style:

Magic Grip Tool

Check Price

For intuitive people, gadgets and gears are gifts they always want to receive. Take it to your Yankee Swap party this year as a gift.

93. Magic Nano Rubber Pads Make Map Swiping Convenient For Drivers:

Magic Nano Rubber Pads

Check Price

Hassle-free nano rubber pads will stick anything for your office.

Either place it on the car’s windscreen to mount the phone or on the walls to stick keys and other tiny essentials.

You can order as many as you want.

White Elephant Gift Ideas $30 For Kids:

When it comes to keeping transferring your habits, customs, and culture to your kids, it is said that start asking them to follow the traditions form a young age.

These white elephant gift ideas are for kids that lie under $30 price so it won’t be hassle on your pocket adding conducting Yankee Santa kids’ version at home:

94. Boho Elephant Planter:

Boho Animals Planter

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As it is all about the white elephant, how about inviting an elephant to the game? LOL! Well, it’s a succulent planter.

95. Christmas Party Inflatable Reindeer Game:

Fantastic Party inflatable Reindeer game

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The game is infused with the true spirit of Christmas and all White Elephant gift exchangers can play it.

*Exchange it for a cute little kid who loves playing games but elders can have fun while playing it too.

96. Toothbrush Holder To Help Kids With Hygiene Habits:

Toothbrush Holder

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Kids should have good hygiene routine and must brush their teeth in the morning.

So we bring this tooth brush holder as white elephant gift ideas $30 for kids and swap it with the kiddo you love.

97. Gangster Rubber Duck Is A Gift That Is Loved By Kids And Adults Both.

Gangster Rubber Duck Car Toy

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Gangster rubber duck toy is a toy as well as funny decoration piece to keep on the dashboard of the car. Your kids can play with it when showering to make bathing a fun.

98. Fake Snowballs To Have A Snowy Fun Indoors Without Catching Cold.

Polyester Fake SnowBalls For Throwing

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Everyday new variants of viruses are being introduced and it is not safe to have fun in the snow, especially for kids.

Let your kids enjoy with this Christmas present.

99. Chair Stacking Game Is Perfect Gift Idea Under $20 For Kids White Elephant Game.

18 Pcs Chair Stacking Game For Kids

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Games make brain healthy so this white elephant party gift idea for kids is extremely interesting as well as beneficial. Take it and exchange it with your favorite kiddo in the party.

100. Mustache Pacifier Is White Elephant Gift Idea For Kids That Mothers Are Going To Fight For.

Mustache Pacifier For Babies

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This pacifier is so funny that makes it appear like the small baby has a thick mustache. Besides this plastic made pacifier is safe for kids’ gums to even chew on.

Last Minute White Elephant Gift Ideas to Laugh Out Loud:

At the last minute, as you cannot ship stuff and markets most probably are also closed due to pandemics, what would you do???

Worried? Aww! Don’t worry.

At Inspire Uplift, we have got solutions for everything. We may not be able to deliver you white elephant gifts at the last minute. However, we will never let you go to Yankee Swap with nothing.

So, what’s the solution?

It is, making DIY white elephant gifts.

PS: you don’t need to be a professional crafter to design unoffending funny DIY white elephant gifts.

Before you make one DIY gift for exchange, we would like to suggest something:

DIY White elephant gift Ideas Rules:

Do not go for an offending gift like an empty gift box, wraps that never unwrap, or a used gift card. Because it may make people laugh for a minute, but this will be a memory for the entire year.

Therefore, find something funny, hilarious, laughable, and something that the receiver would not feel bad after having.

Now to the gifts:

101. Rolled Money in Tissue Box:

Rolled Money in Tissue Box
Image Sources Pinterest

For this, you just need an old empty tissue box and $30 Change (one dollar note).  The making:

  • Put tissues and $30 notes pasted along in a box
  • Make sure to have 4 to 5 tissues initially so that the receiver considers that box has nothing but some napkins.
  • But, they will not be able to feel astounded at the end – after laughing out loud, when notes will pop out.

PS: it will also become a gift your friends would fight to swap.

102. DIY Boy Friend Pillow Gift Exchange:

Friends for life always cater to sad situations in hilarious ways. Does any of your friends complain about being single all the time yet refusing every boy approaching her?  😅

Here is the DIY gift for her:

103. Hide Tiny $30 Gift Card in A Giant Book: 😉

Lastly, all you need is to go to your grandpa’s library and get the most decadent book in the Chinese language you find there. Take the gift card and insert it somewhere in the middle of the book.

Make sure to note down the page number, where you inserted the gift card to ensure it actually gets discovered. Hahaha.

Give it to your friend, check the chuckle, and then loving expressions.

White Elephant Gift Rules:

Don’t worry; white elephant rules aren’t strict but crazy that everyone would enjoy following for fun. You already know what white elephant is, a gift exchange game, here are its rules:

104. All Players Will Show Up to The Game with Gifts:

It doesn’t matter that you are conducting the party at your place or invited to your friend’s, you must take one gift with you.

You can consult with the party thrower about the nature of the gift but do not reveal it until someone opens it up at the Yankee Swap.

105. Dedicate Everyone with A Turn Per Round:

On some cards or small papers, the host can write numbers and give them to the guests one by one.

For more convenience, these cards can be kept inside the hat, and guests will be asked to draw a card from that, themselves.

The rule is to dedicate everyone with a turn.

106. Gift Can Be Selected or Stolen:

Any participant can choose to select a new gift to open or steal a gift from someone else in their turn.

However, to keep the game going and interesting, you can make a rule that gifts can be stolen only once per turn.

Also, one gift can be swapped only once.

107. When Everyone Gets the gift, Game Will End:

When you see that everyone had their turn of selecting and stealing according to rules and no one is left for exchange, the game can be happily ended.

The game can also be ended when everyone refuses to steal the gift, and all had their presents selected.

PS: You can add fun to white elephant gift rules to make it more interesting, using your creative skills.

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Bottom Line:

White Elephant parties are just for entertainment. Therefore, when you are going there,  have fun to the fullest and do not think much about the gifts.

Also, if you are conducting a party at your place, make sure to keep rules a little lenient so that none go home sad due to not winning a single gift.

Have a very happy Christmas in advance. 😊

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