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Best White Elephant Gift Ideas $30 – Creative & Useful Gifts In Budget

White Elephant Gift Ideas $30

Christmas is all about being happy. Gifts are part of this happiness, besides games make the event even memorable.

White Elephant Gift Exchange, Yankee Swap, or dirty Santa is a game of this kind where you have fun and test your luck at the same time.

What Is A White Elephant Gift?

White elephant gifts are won during white elephant gameplay, also called Yankee swap or Dirty Santa.

It is a party game where your luck can win you more than one gifts to take home or… leave with nothing.

The gifts exchanged are funny more than being useful, so even after getting nothing, no one feels regret because of the fun they had at the party.

To find funny presents, you don’t need to pay large sums of money because you need presents just for fun.

So, here are the best White Elephant Gifts Under $30 – 2021 Listicle

Funny & Useful White Elephant gift ideas $30 (2021):

In the White Elephant gift exchange party game, all have to open up their presents, so the more hilarious a gift will be, the more fun you all can have at the party.

Here are some funny, unique, cool, yet useful gift ideas for Christmas 2021 that you can easily exchange.

1. Tissue Paper Crisis Wood Ornament:

Tissue Paper Crisis Wood Ornament

Who can forget the toilet paper crisis we have been in during the early days of the pandemic? It was unbearable then, but now it is more like a funny memory.

Get this funny wooden ornament gift with the message “survived the great toilet paper crisis of 2020.”

Click & buy.

2. 10 Piece Glow In The Dark Luminous Tree Elves:

10 Piece Glow In The Dark Luminous Tree Elves

Ever thought about calling elves to your Christmas party? Haha. These 10 Piece Glow In The Dark Luminous Tree Elves will let you have fun at this Christmas party.

Buy now.

3. Santa Climbing Ladder Christmas Decorations:

Santa Climbing Ladder Christmas Decorations

An amazing gift for Santa lovers where Santa Claus keeps walking on a ladder yet reaches nowhere 😂.

It can be an excellent decoration for a Christmas tree.

Click for order.

4. Missile Permanent Match Lighter & Flint Fire Starter Keychain:

Missile Permanent Match Lighter & Flint Fire Starter Keychain

Here is a missile to take to White Elephant gift party this Christmas.

It is a lighter plus keychain that looks like a missile.

Buy now!

5. Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say:

Talking Hamster Toy Repeats What You Say

Once this gift is unpacked, it will repeat every single thing that everyone is saying. We bet; nobody will be able to control laughter.

Click, Buy, and Enjoy!

6. Christmas LED Beanie Hats:

Christmas LED Beanie Hats

Turn your friends into Christmas trees this year on the Yankee Swap with this beanie that twinkles with multi-colored lights.

Get now by clicking.

7. Blooming Musical Candle:

Blooming Musical Candle

It is a bud of a lotus flower which burns to unleash several lighting candles.

Bring joys on this Christmas.

Purchase here.

8. Boho Elephant Planter:

Boho Animals Planter

As it is all about the white elephant, how about inviting an elephant to the game? LOL! Well, it’s a succulent planter.

Buy here.

9. Funny Chicken Leg / Feet Socks Knee High (Unisex)

Unisex Chicken Feet Socks

Don’t spend much but wait for the hilarious laughter when this Yankee present will be swapped. Haha. These are hilarious socks that will convert your legs into chicken legs.

Purchase this funny gift here for Christmas.

10. Poop Emoji Mug with Swirly Handgrip Lid

Emoji Poop Mug

Who doesn’t laugh at a poop emoji? Haha, yes it’s yucky but humorous too. The mug has a poop emoji shape and it comes with a lid.

Buy to spread laughter.

11. Custom Tea Socks:

Custom Funny Socks

Another gift, hilarious as well as sarcastic. It is a funny and inexpensive gift, and we bet, all tea lovers will exchange it with their gifts.

It has a message “If you can read this, bring me tea.” ☕

Buy here.

It is available in wine variants too.

12. Eff the Rain Umbrella:

Eff the Rain Umbrella

Eff the rain, a hilarious umbrella is your new idea of gift for the White Elephant game.  😉 😂

Click and purchase.

White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For:

Being on a budget doesn’t always mean you will have to offer useless gifts. Also, bringing funny white elephant gifts doesn’t mean your present is just hilarious and not worth-stealing.

Here are some on budget, as in $30 gifts, that you can take to your white elephant gift exchange party, everyone will fight for 😉

13. Apple Peeler Slicer & Corer:

Apple Peeler Slicer _ Corer

This one is most useful, and definitely, everyone would want to steal.

Why peel fruits with useless peelers when you can have this slicer and corer at less than $30 price. It peels even fruits and removes only thin peel, and no fruit is wasted.

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

14. Mr. Mustache Razor Holder:

Mr. Mustache Razor Holder

Tiny yet again useful enough to fight for as well as cheap to buy and take to the gift exchange party. This creative holder can be attached anywhere to hold razors. Accessory + ornament!

Buy on Inspire Uplift

15. Solar Pineapple Lantern:

Solar Powered Pineapple Lantern

Who can refuse to steal such an elegant gift that eats no electricity yet beams ornate lighting when the sun goes down? Yes! This creative white elephant gift can be the talk of the town for many days.

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

16. Just A Girl Who Loves Wine at Christmas T-Shirt:

Just A Girl Who Loves Wine At Christmas T-Shirt

Who is not a wine lover? We know, no hand was raised. LOL! Here is a funny yet useful and satisfying gift for Dirty Santa party exchange – a T-shirt with a voice-of-heart quote.

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

17. Fireworks Wire String Light:

Fireworks Wire String Light

Turn off the lights once before opening this gift at the white gift exchange and then see everyone wishing to swap it at their turn. You don’t even have to pay bucks to purchase it. 😉

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

18. Korean Foot Exfoliation Peel Mask:

Korean Foot Exfoliation Peel Mask

A useful gift for females and males both struggling with dry and dead skin in winter – This mask made with herbal extracts to remove dead skin and get silkier, smoother feet. We bet, even you would want to exchange it. Hahaha.

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

19. Portable Mini Sewing Machine:

portable mini sewing machine

This machine can be taken anywhere, launched anywhere, and utilized anywhere to stitch literally anything, even thicker fabrics like denim. It works on batteries and carriable in a bag. Can anyone refuse to take it home?

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

20. Nano Teeth Whitening Kit:

Nano Teeth Whitening Kit

Like you polish your nails, make up your face, and dress up your body, your teeth also need a little more than just brushing every day! What is it? The Nano Teeth Whitening Kit. Take it to Yankee Swap and have fun.

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

21. Laser Acupuncture Pen:

Laser Acupuncture Pen

It looks like an expensive device, but you can have this white elephant gift for under $30. Yes, we’re serious. It reportedly treats all sorts of pains and aches from your body. Isn’t it what you are looking for?

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

22. Wearable IR Neck Massager:

Wearable IR Neck Massager

The IR Massager is something more than just being useful, a pain reliever. This gift is practical, creative, innovative, and just launched. Your friends would definitely fight for this.

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

Unique yet Creative White Elephant Gifts Under $30:

Christmas is all about feeling happy, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces, and enjoying gift exchange at the White Elephant game.

So, here are some unique gift ideas for this Christmas party 2021:

23. Anti-Germ No Touch Key For Everyday Use:

Anti-Germ No Touch Key For Everyday Use

Can you name a gift that’s the tiniest yet very useful? Here we have one, the anti-germ no-touch key. It lets anyone access stuff without touching it. Let’s see who will receive it at the white elephant game. 

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

24. The Ultimate Wrist Wallet with Phone Pocket:

The Ultimate Wrist Wallet with Phone Pocket

This present will be worn on the wrists and store stuff like mobile, bank cards, office cards, notes, and coins. And, It is very compact. 

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

25. Invisible Height Increase Heels Insoles:

No More Aching Invisible Height Increase Heels Insoles

Help your friends this Christmas at Yankee Swap by offering these heel insoles and let them increase their height to 3.5cm. Help them to be confident. 

Buy on Inspire Uplift.

26. LED Multi-Color Changing Face Mask:

LED Multi-Color Changing Face Mask

Yes, we all need to go through this pandemic safely and this luminous funky mask is here to help

*Exchange it with someone who is always complaining about dull and boring masks.

Buy under $30.

27. Beer Foam Maker:

Beer Foam Maker

No need to waste your energy stirring a beer mug with this Beer Foam Maker gift.

*Exchange it with a beer lover who’s always complaining about less foam on the glass.  🍾

Click for purchase.

28. Unisex Waterproof Touch Screen Winter Gloves:

Unisex Waterproof Touch Screen Winter Gloves

Everyone loves using phone on the go but gloves can ruin the experience. Not anymore! These winter gloves let people touch smart screens without hassle.

*Exchange it with a friend who loves using phone.

Link to purchase.

29. 3D Optical Illusion Rug (Black & White)

3D Optical Illusion Rug (Black & White)

Here is a hilarious and mysterious gift for a White Elephant party. 3D Optical Illusion Rug will be a great gift to show off at the Yanky Swap party.

Buy here.

30. Hand Sanitizer Holder Keychain:

Hand Sanitizer Holder Keychain

Are there any of your colleagues who you always have to remind to use sanitizer? Make sure to exchange this Hand Sanitizer Holder Keychain gift with them.

Buy to stay safe.

31. Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand:

Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand

Pandemic is still not gone and we don’t know when the vaccines would be available. For colleagues, doing work from home here is a gift idea to exchange, the Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand.

Buy here.

32. Cute Storage & Laundry Bags:

Cute Storage & Laundry Bags

Here are some laundry bags with enough storage and funny patterns.

*Exchange them for someone who is always complaining about dirty laundry mess in your family or circle of friends.

Click to buy.

33. Anti-Tipping Mug:

Anti-Tipping Mug

A mug that saves the day by keeping all the coffee, tea, and drinks from spilling on the bed, side tables, and office desks.

*Exchange it with a clumsy friend.

Purchase here.

34. Digital Alarm Clock with Message Board:

Alarm Clock and Reminder

Alarm clocks only annoy you by dinging loudly every morning. Better exchange it 😜. Haha. This one also displays customized messages.

*Exchange it with a friend who always wakes up late.

Click here to buy.

35. Christmas Party Inflatable Reindeer Game:

Fantastic Party inflatable Reindeer game

The game is infused with the true spirit of Christmas and all White Elephant gift exchangers can play it.

*Exchange it for a cute little kid who loves playing games.

Buy and spread love.

36. Set of Phone Lenses:

Set of Phone Lenses

All of us are photographers but not all of us have expensive DSLR cameras to show off our skills. This year, turn your friends into camerapersons for Christmas with this gift.

*Exchange it for a hidden photographer of your squad.

Ready, set, buy!

37. Carry-All Tote Bag:

Carry All Tote Bag

Everyone loves to receive big gifts. Here is the bigger bag where one can put all the won gifts at the Dirty Santa game.

Click to buy.

38. Portable Mobile iMiniMic:

Portable Mobile iMiniMic

Are you a singer? No? Well, you can definitely buy this inexpensive gift for Christmas and take to the gift exchange party. Haha!

*Exchange it with a signer friend or someone who has a low-pitched sound.  🤭

Purchase here.

39. Bicycle Safety Tail Light:

Bicycle Safety Tail Light

Something less in price but more in benefit, this bicycle safety tail light is only for bikers.

Of course, exchange it with a biker friend, dad, or kiddo.

Purchase by clicking.

Office White Elephant Gift Ideas 2021:

Office parties are a great way to know the other side of your co-workers because you remain busy working mostly and don’t find much time to chat.

Head to your office party with the following white elephant gifts that you can exchange for the good and check the gorgeous smile on your colleagues’ faces.

40. Adhesive Pocket Laptop Storage for External Hard Drives & Pens:

Adhesive Pocket Laptop Storage for External Hard Drives & Pens

For your careless friend who is always searching for pen drives, pencils, and tiny essentials at their desk, here is the Adhesive Pocket that will let them keep everything organized.

Order now!

41. Makeup Sponge & Brush Washing Machine:

Makeup Sponge & Brush Washing Machine

Coworkers always doing makeup at their office desk need something like Makeup Sponge & Brush Washing Machine to exchange.

Get dirt-free, cleaned brushes all the time now – click and buy.

42. Magic Grip Tool:

Magic Grip Tool

For intuitive people, gadgets and gears are gifts they always want to receive. Take it to your Yankee Swap party this year as a gift.

Purchase here.

43. Toothbrush Holder:

Toothbrush Holder

It has nothing to do with the office but this can be one of the handiest gifts for your office friends because it will let them organize their tooth-related accessories.

Buy one for yourself and exchange one with your friend.

Click, buy, and enjoy.

44. Grape Cutter:

Grape Cutter

Encourage your friend to have healthy food and munch on fruits with this White Elephant party gift – the grape cutter.

Click for a hassle-free purchase.

45. No-Show Arch Support Socks For Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain:

No-Show Arch Support Socks

These socks are so comfortable that you won’t feel like you are wearing anything on the feet. It can be an excellent White Elephant gift idea for 2021.

Buy and spread relief.

46. Novelty Guitar Ceramic Mug:

Novelty Guitar Ceramic Mug

A mug for tea and music lovers. It can be a good exchange at the amusing Santa Party. We bet, your coworkers would fight each other to steal it. 😉

Order now!

47. Magic Nano Rubber Pads:

Magic Nano Rubber Pads

Hassle-free nano rubber pads will stick anything for your office. Either place it on the car’s windscreen to mount the phone or on the walls to stick keys and other tiny essentials.

You can order as many as you want.

Buy now!

Last Minute White Elephant Gift Ideas to Laugh Out Loud:

At the last minute, as you cannot ship stuff and markets most probably are also closed due to pandemics, what would you do???

Worried? Aww! Don’t worry.

At Inspire Uplift, we have got solutions for everything. We may not be able to deliver you white elephant gifts at the last minute. However, we will never let you go to Yankee Swap with nothing.

So, what’s the solution?

It is, making DIY white elephant gifts.

PS: you don’t need to be a professional crafter to design unoffending funny DIY white elephant gifts.

Before you make one DIY gift for exchange, we would like to suggest something:

DIY White elephant gift Ideas Rules:

Do not go for an offending gift like an empty gift box, wraps that never unwrap, or a used gift card. Because it may make people laugh for a minute, but this will be a memory for the entire year.

Therefore, find something funny, hilarious, laughable, and something that the receiver would not feel bad after having.

Now to the gifts:

1. Rolled Money in Tissue Box:

Rolled Money in Tissue Box
Image Sources Pinterest

For this, you just need an old empty tissue box and $30 Change (one dollar note).  The making:

  • Put tissues and $30 notes pasted along in a box
  • Make sure to have 4 to 5 tissues initially so that the receiver considers that box has nothing but some napkins.
  • But, they will not be able to feel astounded at the end – after laughing out loud, when notes will pop out.

PS: it will also become a gift your friends would fight to swap.

2. DIY Boy Friend Pillow Gift Exchange:

Friends for life always cater to sad situations in hilarious ways. Does any of your friends complain about being single all the time yet refusing every boy approaching her?  😅

Here is the DIY gift for her:

3. Hide Tiny $30 Gift Card in A Giant Book: 😉

Lastly, all you need is to go to your grandpa’s library and get the most decadent book in the Chinese language you find there. Take the gift card and insert it somewhere in the middle of the book.

Make sure to note down the page number, where you inserted the gift card to ensure it actually gets discovered. Hahaha.

Give it to your friend, check the chuckle, and then loving expressions.

White Elephant Gift Rules:

Don’t worry; white elephant rules aren’t strict but crazy that everyone would enjoy following for fun. You already know what white elephant is, a gift exchange game, here are its rules:

1. All Players Will Show Up to The Game with Gifts:

It doesn’t matter that you are conducting the party at your place or invited to your friend’s, you must take one gift with you.

You can consult with the party thrower about the nature of the gift but do not reveal it until someone opens it up at the Yankee Swap.

2. Dedicate Everyone with A Turn Per Round:

On some cards or small papers, the host can write numbers and give them to the guests one by one.

For more convenience, these cards can be kept inside the hat, and guests will be asked to draw a card from that, themselves.

The rule is to dedicate everyone with a turn.

3. Gift Can Be Selected or Stolen:

Any participant can choose to select a new gift to open or steal a gift from someone else in their turn.

However, to keep the game going and interesting, you can make a rule that gifts can be stolen only once per turn.

Also, one gift can be swapped only once.

4. When Everyone Gets the gift, Game Will End:

When you see that everyone had their turn of selecting and stealing according to rules and no-one is left for exchange, the game can be happily ended.

The game can also be ended when everyone refuses to steal the gift, and all had their presents selected.

PS: You can add fun to white elephant gift rules to make it more interesting, using your creative skills.

Bottom Line:

White Elephant parties are just for entertainment. Therefore, when you are going there,  have fun to the fullest and do not think much about the gifts.

Also, if you are conducting a party at your place, make sure to keep rules a little lenient so that none go home sad due to not winning a single gift.

Have a very happy Christmas in advance. 😊

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