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That Feeling Of “I Want My Mom”.

The love that children have for their mothers is an unfading emotion. It’s a feeling that stays in our loving memories even after their demise, and we can no longer find their bright and cheerful smiles in our surroundings…

Moms are a must! We need them to offer suggestions to us, to provide guidelines, and of course, for their non-stop scoldings at each and every stage of our lives.

So, as long as you’re lucky enough to have your mom with you, in your life, make “good memories!” Enjoy the little chit-chats and funny stories, share laughter, plan visits together to lovely places, and lovingly tease her with your naughty-little pranks and practical jokes. Believe it or not, these small actions today, will make a huge difference in how you feel tomorrow.

Along with all of these suggestions, you should also do your very best to make her feel as special as she truly is. Let her know that her happiness is important to you. Let her know that she is important to you! Bring her some super-useful items, that she can use around her house, or for herself, when you get your first pay-check, or when coming to visit her with your own kids! There are so many different kinds of items that you could give her that would help her in so many ways. Here are just a few!

Reusable Food Storage Bags

Reusable Food Storage Bags

Some moms don’t care for being in the kitchen at all, but for many mothers, the kitchen is somehow a very personal space. It’s a place where they go to do one of their favorite past-times. That’s right, I’m talking about cooking. There’s one sure thing that every mom would agree on, however, and that’s the fact that they don’t like letting their hard work and delicious meals spoil and go to waste! Give them these Reusable Food Storage Bags to help them preserve their wonderful food.

Any mom would agree that saving food from spoiling means saving money, and who doesn’t love that? Order Yours Here

Rose Bun Hair Scrunchie

Rose Bun Hair Scrunchie
Rose Hair Bun Scrunchie in Dark Gray

Mom still likes to look her best when leaving the house to go somewhere. The problem is, sometimes putting on makeup and doing her hair can be difficult. With the Rose Bun Hair Scrunchie looking fabulous, and achieving a lovely up-do is easy! It’s an elegant, but completely simple solution to her problem. Then, once she’s all primped and ready to step out, I just know that she’d love to be your companion for a delicious dinner out!

Every once in a while, even moms that love to cook enjoy getting out and away from the kitchen. What a wonderful way to make memories that will last a lifetime! Buy It Now

LED Solar Powered In-Ground Lights

What better way to let your mom know that you love her, than to make sure that she’s safe? Coming home, after dark, can be a risky proposition. Stumbling around in the dark, or being unsure if there’s a threat lurking in the shadows, is never the best option, but with these LED Solar Powered In-Ground Lights Mom will arrive home to a well lit and safer environment. The integrated light sensor will automatically turn the fixture on in darkness or at night, and off when day breaks or in brightly lit areas. These solar lights are impressively bright and can be mounted on your driveway, garden pathway, sidewalk or any other areas that could use a little more light! Mom will love this thoughtful gift! 50% OFF Special Discount Here

Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket
Customer Review: Patricia A. B.

Just as she once wrapped you in her loving arms and kept you warm and comfortable, now, it’s your turn to wrap her in warmth and comfort! This gorgeous Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket is sure to make her shriek with delight! So luxurious and beautiful, this lovely handmade blanket is super soft and creates a decorative impact when showcased in Mom’s living room or bedroom. This stylish, yet neutral statement piece never fails to generate that “WOW” factor that every Mother does her very best to accomplish in the home! Keep her comfy and cozy on those late summer evenings and toasty warm on cold, winter nights! Even better, go for a nighttime visit, a cup of hot tea and one of her all time favorite, go-to movies! She’ll feel so special and you’ll be creating a memory to cherish forever! Get Yours Here

? For more amazing ways to show Mom just how much she’s loved, take a look HERE:


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  1. It’s always a blessing to give Mom her flowers while she can still see and smell them. Honored her alive and represent her, when she is with our heavenly Father.

  2. You are so, so right. I wish I would have given my Mom Flowers when She was here with me rather than now placing them at the Cemetery. And how many times I said I will call in a little while and then it became too late in the night and I would do the same the following day. Time passes much too quickly until it seems to stand still with Loneliness –

  3. My mom was my very BEST friend…. To tell you the truth…. My mom is my ONLY REAL FRIEND…. She “always” knew how the out come was going to be, and sure enough it was…. I just want 5 more minutes I wish I could have 5 more minutes to tell her she was like always right when I wood fall was always right there she’s always ready to pick up the pieces and make me feel better again &again….. I Love you Mom wishing you was here, I really need my best friend……..

  4. My mom passed when I was 8 years old. So many people don’t realize how lucky they are. Be with your mom, share with your mom, and just let her know you love and appreciate her. One day she won’t be at the other end of a conversation and you will miss and regret the times you could of had with her. Don’t let time pass by without saying “Mom I love you”!

  5. i hear you girlfriend! coming up on a year in heaven and my grief has no end. she was my person. no one loves you like your Mom, at least no one loved me like mine did. i pray for God to comfort you deep inside where the loss is so great. love to you Penny, don’t be afraid to be gentle with yourself. feel what you have to feel. it truly sucks that we have to be here when they have gone on.

  6. My 16 year old daughter hasn’t spoken with me in 19 months…lives with her dad – but lived with me for 13 1/2 years… plus, she’s now a transman, and I suppose (but don’t know for sure) that she hates me. Whatever I have done, I don’t deserve this degree of ostracism. I wasn’t abusive, I’m not a drug addict or alcoholic, and I love her. No matter what she is or does. She is a part of me. My own mother is no longer alive, and I miss her every day. I feel like my daughter is dead too.

  7. Dear Heartbroken mom.. I’m a heartbroken mama too.. My story is a little different but my 2 adult children have been so filled with evil by their father they poor kids can’t see past the hate for me.. I understand your grief. And it’s like losing someone to a death. And I pray that one day they will reach back out to me and I will be here with open arms.. I will pray for you and I to find comfort in what’s in our lives now.. God bless you!

  8. My mom passed IN EARLY 2020 and it’s been devastating and the felling and pain is devastating as well but I loved my mom forever and ever. So to everyone else people handle grief differently and people love your mom while you still have one.

  9. My mother died in 2012. I picked her up every morning to do breakfast and go shopping and to attend to her needs. I find myself riding by her house at certain times and just starring at it. I wish I had more time with her. She was 90. We did a lot together. I would like to walk up to the back door and see her sitting in her recliner once more. I pray and hope that my three sons would love me as much as I loved her. I sacrificed a lot to take care of her full time when she was confined to bed. Her only request from me was to stay in her home til that final day. She got her wish. I love you Mom and miss you dearly every day. Looking forward to seeing you again.


  10. My mom had a stroke & when in hospice b4 she lost all conscious she was trying to reach out to me very upset. I’ve always told her I couldn’t live without her. We all could tell this was what was worrying her terribly. I had to tell her the biggest lie in my life when I told her it was ok for her to go. I could make it without her. Not to worry. She looked relieved & in no time that night she was unconscious the rest of her days here. I can’t bare life without her at all, but I wanted her to be at peace

  11. All so true but I lost my mom 21 years ago, but dad was always there, we spoke several times a day, had dinner all the time together, never hung up without saying I love you. He was 93 on 1/31/20 and passed away on 2/26, still can’t get my head wrapped around it, he was my friend I could talk to about anything, and he only lived 5 houses from me, so we were here for him

  12. I can tell you first hand that when you Mother passes and you cannot hug her or tell her you love
    her or just see her- it is so sad. Something I cannot explain happens when a loved one passes and our mothers are the closest to us…Dad’s too usually. But when they are gone you go through a mirid of things and thoughts that never leaves you. DO NOT take for granted having your mother and father…..when they are gone they are gone from this earth! HOWEVER, we will see them again when we also arrive in Heaven! I know my mother will be waiting for each of us, her ‘kids’ when we arrive with a big smile and a smothering hug!!!!!!

  13. Kimberly. I know jsut how you feel as I did the same to let her know it was okay to go if she needed to
    that while we would miss her so much, we understood God wanted her home. She reached up and squeezed my wrist –I will remember that all the rest of my life. I am not sure if it was in defiance or acceptance but at least she knew what I said. It is so hard without them but they are with us..they are in spirit and all around us in our hearts nad memories! Peace be with us as we go through the remainder of our days.

  14. It’s nice when ur mom actually gave a shit about u. Mine made it clear everyday I wasn’t wanted, and put me in foster care at the age of 14. She left me homeless 6 months before my 15th bday as I was treated horribly in the foster care system and my mom still didn’t want me so I ended up homeless most my life. She never taught me how to take care of myself, cook or clean so being 29, physically disabled and know nothing about homeskills, I feel worthless. And I have my mother to thank for that. I also have her to thank for thinking 2000 was ” too expensive ” for my back to get fixed, but 3000 for a month of summer camp for my two younger brothers was fine to pay. The only time I went to camp, was for a week, paid IN FULL by someone else in the church that the camp was created by.

  15. The greatest most powerful gift my Mother ever gave me was her love.
    Her love was Unquestionable, undeniable and unconditional and infinite and because of that one day my children will one day realize that every moment of every day they have been loved that way too. And her gift to me is a gift to them and to their children and their children’s children’s ….. and with every generation her heart and spirit will live forever . Miss your voice your smile your hugs and your presence. Thank you Mom for being.
    I love you❣️

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