All About Peperomia Rosso Care, Propagation & Maintenance

Peperomia Rosso
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Peperomia caperata Rosso is native to tropical rainforests in Brazil, tolerates various temperatures, and loves to thrive in the high humid climates.

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Peperomia Rosso:

Peperomia Caperata Rosso
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Technically, Rosso isn’t a plant but a Bud Sport of Peperomia caperata (another plant from the genus peperomia).

It remains attached to the plant as a caretaker and supports the caperata buds when they are young enough to sprout independently.

The Rosso peperomia can have morphological differences in shape, color, fruit, flower, and branch structure than the rest of the peperomia caperata.

Sport is a botanical term; it refers to “Support” and is called Bud Sport or Lusus.

Peperomia caperata Rosso Bud Sport has:

  • 8″ inches height and width
  • 1″ – 1.5″ inch long leaves (foliage)
  • Leaves have a wrinkly texture
  • Greenish-white flowers
  • 2″ – 3″ inches long spikes

Now to the care:

Peperomia Rosso Care:

Peperomia Rosso Care
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Taking care of your plant will be as identical as it is of Peperomia caperata because they both are growing side by side:

1. Placement – (Light and Temperature):

rosso peperomia care
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Find a place with the best temperature for your Peperomia Rosso that is, ranging from 55° – 75° degrees Fahrenheit or 13° Celsius – 24° Celsius.

Rosso loves humidity and will thrive best in indirect light. Direct light can be a bit harsh for your plant, but fluorescent light will be ideal.

You can grow it near a sun-facing window covered with soft drapes.

If you haven’t a window with light, you can still bring and have Rosso Peperomia and place it in a low light area like in your bedroom, lounge, or office desk.

The plant can survive low light conditions but growth can be slower. For humidity, you can use humidifiers.

2. Watering:

The plant needs balanced watering, not too much nor too least.

When the soil is 50 -75 % dry, it is ideal to water peperomia Rosso.

Peperomias cannot sit in the soggy soil or excess water. It can damage it from roots to the head. So, you will need terra cotta pots that have a drainage hole at their bottom.

When watering, let the crown and foliage remain dry and rinse your plant thoroughly through the soil and wait for the water to drain via the pothole.

This technique will make the plant moist but not saturated, which is a great thing to grow your peperomia.

Beware that peperomia Rosso cannot tolerate drought conditions.

According to a rough estimate,

“Emerald Ripple (Peperomia Rosso) needs watering every 7 – 10 days.”

However, it can vary based on the area you live in.

During hot weather or in dry areas, the plant can feel thirsty even before 7 days.


  • Peperomia Caperata rosso will not need misting.
  • In winters, your plant will need to drink less water.
  • During autumns and other colder months, do not water your peperomia but sport Rosso.

You should only use fresh water to water your plants.

3. Fertilizers (Feeding Peperomia Rosso):

fertilizing peperomia rosso plant
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Rosso Peperomia needs regular fertilizing during the growing season that lasts from spring to summer.

Feed your peperomia Rosso with general diluted houseplant fertilizer after every month during the growing season.

Get a mat and mix fertilizer with a 20 –20–20 balanced ratio for houseplants like peperomia Rosso.

Once again, just like watering, when you fertilize your plant, keep them away from coming in contact with the leaves and crown of your Rosso plant.

If your plant is new, wait for the 6 months and fertilize it during the spring season.

4. Repotting and Soil Preps:

peperomia rosso soil
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Peperomia Rosso is both an epiphyte and succulent in behavior like blue star ferns. You should know this when preparing the soil to repot it.

Before moving your plant to a new pot, check if it is ready to be moved. How?

If the roots are outgrown and the soil has become loose, the plant needs repotting.

It is a garden dish plant, so will need light, airy, and stretchy soil.

For repotting, you will have to prepare the soil first that should be rich, well-draining ground. To make soil breathable, you can use gravel, mix it with perlites or sand, etc.

The size of the pot you select should be according to the size of the outgrown roots of your peperomia Rosso.

A formula you can use is 50% perlite and 50% peat moss to get the soil ready to repot your peperomia Caperata Rosso plant.

Be very careful when repotting as the roots of this plant are too clumsy and fragile.

5. Grooming, Pruning, And Maintenance:

peperomia rosso maintenance
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In grooming, peperomia Rosso will need cleaning from dust more than it will need pruning.

Whenever you see dust is staying on the pretty leaves of your Rosso peperomia plant, mist the foliage and dry it using soft tissues immediately; otherwise, rot or mold can erupt.

Pruning only needs to maintain the size and shape of your plant, while the best time for trimming in early spring.

Instead of pruning and maintaining your plant on an on-and-off basis, make a routine to do so.

With regularity, you will be able to upkeep the attractive busy appearance of your beautiful peperomia Rosso.

6. Keeping Peperomia Caperata Rosso From Diseases:

peperomia caperata rosso diseases
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It would be best to be extremely careful because your peperomia Rosso is attractive for many bugs and insects.

Such as:

  • Spider mites
  • Whitefly
  • Mealybugs

To help from these house bugs, you will have to increase the humidity around your plant.

Apart from this, if you will not be careful while watering, pruning, fertilizing, or placing your plant, it can face issues like:

  • Leaf spot
  • Root rot
  • Crown rot
  • Fungus gnats

All of these issues will occur if you will overwater or under-water your plant.

Therefore, a tip for you is, keep the watering balanced and regular for your peperomia Rosso.

Growing Your Peperomia Rosso Through Cutting or Making New Cultivars:

grow peperomia rosso
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As it is both a succulent and an epiphyte in behavior, so we can easily propagate it just like we do with other succulent plants.

To propagate peperomia Caperata Rosso from stem cutting here is how to do it.

  • Get a terra cotta pot or a small pot with a drainage hole
  • Get the soil ready using the process above.
  • Cut a healthy stem with some foliage (leaves) on it.
  • Poke the hole in the compost
  • Put cutting inside
  • Fill it with gravels
  • Keep your plant in bright indirect sunlight

You will see it thriving in days.

Bottom line:

This is all about Peperomia Rosso and its care. If you still have any questions in your mind, feel free to ask.

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