Jackfruit Vs Durian – Major and Slight Differences and Resemblances in These Fruits You Didn’t Know


Jackfruit vs durian is amongst the most searched query as fruit enthusiasts do feel that these, despite looking same aren’t that same.

Brothers from another mother, jackfruit and durian are similarly different and differently similar. Didn’t get it?

Jackfruit Vs Durian – Differences:

Though they both appear same at the first glance, however when look closely, jackfruit rind is rough pebbly while durian shell is spiky. In terms of taste, jackfruit is more sweetish while durian has smooth, sweet, but pungent taste; especially for time eaters or foreigners.

1. Jackfruit, Durian Both Belong to Different Families:

Jackfruit and durian, just because have a slightly similar look, are not the same. Looking at classifications:

  • Durian belongs to the mallow family while jackfruit in the fig and Moroccan family.
  • They don’t have even the same taxonomic order.

The only similarity you can find between both is they both belong to Plantae.

2. Jackfruit VS Durian Taste:

In the taste, both fruits are diverse and completely dissimilar to each other. Though you find a cacophony of flavors in both fruits, still there aren’t similar in any way in flavor.

Flesh in the jackfruit is chewy, rubbery, and very pliable. Jackfruit feels like you are eating juicy plastic.

Durian flavor is dramatic and feels stringent to sweet, to different tasters.

Durian taste like a pudding that’s thick and creamy. People have used different terms to explain this flavor like a sweet almond-like, onion-sherry, chocolate mousse, and hints of subtle garlic taste.

3. Jackfruit, Durian Both Look Different on The Outside:

Jackfruit Vs Durian

Yes! They are different and both fruits look similar to only those who have never seen them in reality.

  • The rind, peels, or the outside shell of jackfruit has very clear network of bumps that holding them for too long can leave red marks on your hand.
“Durian” is derived from Malaysian that means thorn, due to thorny spiky rind of the fruit.
  • Durian has spiky thorny network on the shell that can injure anyone with wounds on the hand, when picking a heavy durian for too long.

4. Jackfruit, Durian Do Not Closely Relate Even in Size:

Jackfruit Vs Durian different in size

Though, Durian is considered big and Jackfruit is also considered giant, the comparison doesn’t even exist:

Jackfruit size is heavy and it can weight up to 50 Kgs. While Durian size, on the other hand, is not as larger and it can weigh to 2 to 3 kgs, just like other tropical fruits – papaya, marang, soursop, Crenshaw Melon, and watermelons.

We can compare jackfruit with melons in size as a 122 kg huge watermelon was ever found that’s bigger than any average-sized jackfruit.

The largest durian fruit was found to be 14 KGs, in Philippines.

5. Jackfruit, Durian texture sticky and messy once opened:

Jackfruit Vs Durian texture sticky and messy once opened

This is also not a similar trait between both because you see huge differences when opening durian or jackfruit:

  • Jackfruit smells and feels gummy when cut open.
  • The fruit inside jackfruit rind has stingy fibers and feels like hair of spider have spread all over our hands.
  • Jackfruit, when opened, you will have to become a digger to find the actual fruit.
Durian is pleasantly clean when opened or cut out.
  • Durian is much cleaner and not at all fleshy, when opened.
  • There are hollow cavities in which raw fruit pods are present in durian.
  • Durian has no latex, spider fibers, or spaghetti hair like jackfruit.

6. Jackfruit vs  Durian Nutrition

We cannot deny the nutritional value of both fruits. They both have great nutritional content however not same.

Nutrition value of Jackfruit is much higher than Durian Fruit.

Raw Jackfruit contains more minerals and vitamins than apple, avocados, and apricot. Raw jackfruit is also a rich source of vitamin B-complex contains vitamin B6), niacin, riboflavin, and folic acids.

Durian has less nutrition value than jackfruit but is a good source of fibers, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Durian is used to treat different diseases and issues like malaria, phlegm, cold, and jaundice. Durian is also considered best for skin-related issues.

7. Jackfruit, Durian Both Share Different Native Regions:

Jackfruit Vs Durian both share different vative regions
Image Source Flickr

Yes, this is also very true. Jackfruit and Durian may be found in jungles but their native regions are entirely unlike.

  • Jackfruit originates from Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  • Durian Originates from Southeast Asia on the mountains named as Western Ghats.

8. Jackfruit, Durian Flowering, Leaves, And Fruits Are Different:

Jackfruit Vs Durian4
Image Sources Flickr, Flickr

Flowering is the process when before fruit, some flowers start to appear on which pods of the fruits grow.

Jackfruit Flowering happens on large branches and tree trunks. Jackfruit flowers are short. Male and female jackfruit flowers are dissimilar. Jackfruit flowers grow in clusters.

You can easily identify the differences between a durian fruit tree and jackfruit tree.

Durian flowers are bright yellow, similar to flowers of cherry.

Jackfruit Vs Durian – Similarities:

Well, comparisons happen due to some similarities. So, there is no doubt that jackfruit and durian fruit both have similarities as well. Such as:

1. Jackfruit, Durian both are banned due to strong smell:

Due to the strong smell of either bubble-like or flesh, Jackfruit and durian are not allowed to carry in the planes. However:

  • Jackfruit is allowed for deliveries through cargo.
  • Durian is totally and completely banned even for cargo delivery services.
If you want to try and eat durian, you may have to travel to southeast Asian mountainous regions.

2. Jackfruit, Durian both have alike anatomical structure:

jackfruit and Durian(Jackfruit Durian both have alike anatomical structure)

Anatomical structure means seeds and growing types which are both same for durian and jackfruit. They both have:

  • Common arils.
  • Larger seeds
  • Coat on the seeds
  • Funiculi

3. Jackfruit, Durian Both Grow in Jungles:

jackfruit and Durian Both Grow in Jungles

Another similarity between jackfruit and durian is they both are wild fruits.

  • Jackfruit and Durian are considered similar maybe because they grow deep in the woods, in jungles.
  • Both grow on the trees no matter how big they get and how weighty they become.
  • Both are wild fruits enwrapped with nutrition and health benefits.

4. Jackfruit, Durian Both Are Tropical Fruits:

jackfruit and Durian Both Are Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits are grown in humid areas such as around the seaside, according to the definition. You can find plenty of tropical and subtropical areas in Asia, Africa, Central America, South America, and Caribbean, etc.

  • Jackfruit and durian are also southeast Asian and Malaysian fruits.

5. Jackfruit, Durian, Both Are Healthy source of protein:

jackfruit and Durian(Jackfruit Durian Both Are Healthy source of protein)

You don’t find healthy protein sources mostly in fruits, however here you do:

  • Durian and jackfruit, both provide 3% of proteins, recommended for healthy intake.
This fruit is a great alternative to meat for non-veg.


stinky fruit

Jackfruit or Jack tree is fig tree species from the family mulberry and breadfruit. The habitat region of this Jackfruit is Western Ghats of Southern Asia and Malaysia.

Scientific name of the plant is Artocarpus heterophyllus, family Moraceae, kingdom Plantae, and order Rosales.

What Does Jackfruit Taste Like?


Jackfruit taste is rich but surprisingly neither too fruity nor meaty.

Jackfruit taste likes a cross between kimchi, pineapple, and hearts of palm with a texture resembling pulled pork.

Fruit Experts say that Jackfruit taste quality makes it a versatile and miracle crop.

Jackfruit Smell:

It is not a typical fruit so its smell is so distinctive. It has gummy fruit flavor and musky smell.

Jackfruit Size:

Jackfruit Size
Image Source Flickr

Jackfruit is an oval-shaped giant tree-borne fruit to be found in the world having size as 36 inches long with a diameter of 20 inches. Moreover, it can reach up to 80 pounds in weight.

Jackfruit Nutrition Facts:

Jackfruit Nutrition Facts

It is a healthy source of vitamin C, potassium, dietary fibers, and good calories, essential minerals, and protein.

One raw slice of Jackfruit has the following nutrition:

Jackfruit Nutrition

Protein content:

In a 100-gram quantity or slice of jackfruit, you find 1.72 grams of proteins.

Calories in jackfruit:

Along with protein, you find healthy calories in as well. A hundred gram serving of jackfruit has 94.89 calories in it.

Fat content:

One raw slice of jackfruit contains only 2 grams of good fats.

Jackfruit Carbohydrates Content:

Jackfruit contains good quantities of enzymes that our body needs. (Source: Healthline), one cup serving of raw jackfruit has 40 grams carbs in it.

Sugar amount in jackfruit:

Along with being a rich source of antioxidants and other nutrients, you also find a good amount of sugar in jackfruit and it also benefits in sugar control.

Magnesium in jackfruit:

Wikipedia suggests that around 100 grams of Jackfruit have 29 grams of magnesium in it.

Potassium in jackfruit:

There is around 450 grams of potassium in a hundred gram serving of raw jackfruit.

Vitamins in jackfruit:

It is a rich source for getting vital nutrients. It not only contains vitamin C, but also contains Vitamin A, and B6.

Durian Fruit:

Durian fruit, similar to jackfruit, somehow in appearance belongs to genus Durio with 30 recognized and several unknown species. 9 species of Durio trees produce edible fruit having hundreds of varieties available in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Scientific name of the plant is Durio, Family Malvaceae, Kingdom Plantae, classified as Mallow, and Rank as Genus.

Durian Taste:

durian taste

Durian fruit tastes like the cacophony of flavors and appears creamy, sweet, and savory sometimes and offers subtle hints of chives, that’s mixed with powdered sugar on others. It also flavors like caramels and diced garlic drenched in whipped cream.

Durian Smell:

Though, when you search fruit that smells bad, Durian appears in the top suggestions considerate to smell like rotten meat or garbage.

However, experts say that the answer of question, what does durian smell like, depends more on your nostrils and how your brain takes it.

Some people consider durian to have a pleasant and sweet aroma while others consider it to have an unpleasant and sharp odor. The smell may get appreciation or described to have smell like turpentine, raw sewage, or rotten onions, depending upon the person.

Durian Size:

durian size

Source: Wikipedia, 12 inches.

Durian, due to its distinctive large size, named “king of fruits.” It has a strong odor and thorny rind. The fruit has an oval shape with 12 inches length and 6 inches diameter. The weight can be between 2 to 7 pounds.

Durian Texture:

Durian texture

Durian texture is pleasantly detectable, feels like custardy and foamy and sometimes like flesh. There is no consistency in taste, and people also like it in diverse forms as some like unripe durian as fleshy while others want to want to eat it ripe and mature.

Durian Nutrition Facts:

According to Healthline, Durian Nutrition info is given as follows:

Durian Nutrition Facts

Once you know both fruits, their color, sizes, taste, and nutritional benefits, it is time compare jackfruit vs durian to find out the similarities and differences between both.

Before you go from this page. Here we have added some frequently asked questions, our readers in-boxed us to answer:

Jackfruit Vs Durian FAQs:

Here are the answers of questions you sent us in emails and comments.

1. Is Jackfruit A Fruit

As jackfruit tastes like chicken or pork, many people remain confused if it is a fruit or vegetable. Well, it is a tropical fruit, a relative of breadfruit and figs and grows in tropical areas of Asia, Brazil, and Africa.

2. Why Durian Is Banned?

Due to its potent stench, the fruit is banned in airlines. It is also banned to deliver through cargo services.

3. Why Jackfruit Is Bad for Humans?

It is not bad for all humans, but only those who are allergic to birch pollen. Also, people with diabetes can face risks as it can subordinate the blood sugar levels.

4. Does Jackfruit Smell Bad?

The ripe jackfruit is notorious for bad smell. Specially to the foreigners or first times, it gives an incredible stinky odor.

5. Why Durian Is Bad for Health?

Durian is only bad for health for people suffering from fever. According to sources, it decreases the LDL levels in the body that increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

6. Does Jackfruit Have Protein?

Yes, it is a rich source of protein and you can go through this blog to learn all the nutritional facts of jackfruit.

7. What Is Jackfruit Good For?

Jackfruit benefits are not any less.

  • It helps skin to fight against wrinkles.
  • It is a great aid in mental stress cure.
  • It also helps patients suffering from anemia.
  • It gives your eyesight a boost and gives you good watching ability.
  • It makes your hair healthy.
  • Helps against constipation and indigestion issues
  • Helps in muscle building

8. What Are Durian Benefits?

Durian comes with long-lasting health benefits, including:

  • It boosts the immune system.
  • Prevents chronic diseases like cancer
  • Helps in improving digestion
  • Also used to strengthen ones
  • Works against anemia and fights all of its signs and symptoms
  • Prevents premature aging effects
  • Best for people with high blood pressure issues
  • Offers great protection against cardiovascular diseases

9. How to Open Durian?

To cur and open durian with a knife, all you have to do is:

Poke the knife in the middle, once penetrated, now try to hold it and move it to and for, up and down to open different sections of durian. By this, different sections will open up.

Feel free to take help from this video guide on, how to open durian.

10. How to Open Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is not an easy fruit to cut open as it is a total mess inside.

You will have to be very careful while doing so. For your ease, we have found and added a video below to help you how to cut open jackfruit.

Bottom Line:

These were 13 coolest facts about Durian Vs. Jackfruit, that you mustn’t have been heard. How about sharing it with your friends and spreading some care?

Also, let us know in the comment section below if we are missing a fact!

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