What To Give Someone Who Loves Stationery? Impress With These 16 Charismatic Gifts For Stationery Lovers

Gifts for stationery lovers

A stationery lover’s dream is to have all the pens🖊️, pencils, colors🎨, and accessories they can imagine!

We all, and especially the little creatures 👧👦 are fascinated to buy stationery items! Especially when,

  1. They have the exam
  2. They visit the mart
  3. Starting a new school 🏫 or class.
  4. They have a new DIY project to complete
  5. They are designing a personalized gift card

If you know someone who loves stationery, don’t worry and view these gifts for stationery lovers.

We are pretty sure you’ll be adding gifts to your cart….and maybe even for yourself before going to the end of the blog,. 😉

Gifts For Stationery Lovers ✏️

Passionate about stationery or know someone who is?

We are going to be honest, it’s hard to resist colorful markers, cutters, and desk organizers. Look at the options below and choose your best item.

1. Easy-to-use self-outline metallic markers with double line

Self-Outline Metallic Markers Double Line Outline Pen

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Give your kid the perfect stationery set this Christmas! Your kid will love using these pens to make their cards look even more amazing than they already are.

These markers are not like any other ordinary marker. They shimmer on the paper and are waterproof.

2. Cute crab pen holder for desk to hold pen and brushes

Cute Crab Pen Holder For Desk

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Bringing this cutest crab pen stand will instantly brighten your dull desk. The crab figure will hold pens, styluses, markers, glasses, watches, and whatnot in its outstretched claws.

The crab figure is a cute, fun and useful addition to any office space.

3. Two-finger drawing tablet glove to prevent oil smudges on the surface

Two Finger Drawing Tablet Glove

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Do you have a kid who likes to draw on canvas or paper but doesn’t like the mess of oil smudges?

This tablet drawing glove is made of Lycra, preventing any oil from getting on the surface. She’ll be able to move around and have a full range of motion with this comfortable and stretchable fabric. In addition, it provides a snug fit, so don’t have to worry about it slipping off while drawing.

4. Appealing ice cream and sweets pdf coloring book

Ice cream and sweets coloring book. Digital item.

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This summer🌞, make some art and have fun with your kids!

Spend a lazy summer day coloring this appealing book about ice cream and sweets.

With 9 pages of adorable illustrations just waiting to be filled with color, this book will surely provide hours of enjoyment for artists of all ages.

5. Create beautiful calligraphy designs with watercolor markers

Watercolor Markers

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Love the look of calligraphy but don’t have time to set up a watercolor painting. Just pick up a marker and start painting!

Create beautiful designs with 20 different colors that rival any professional artist. These watercolor markers are great for anyone who loves calligraphy but doesn’t want to set up their desk.

6. Doodle and floating images magical water painting pen

Magical Water Painting Pen

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Keep your child’s creative juices flowing with this magical water painting pen!

This pen is a fun and safe way for children to express their creativity. They will stay amused and entertained for hours with its various colors and designs.

As well as being enjoyable, this product helps keep your child’s room clean (because they won’t be drawing on the walls then). How magical is that?

7. DIY Christmas tree ornament coloring kit with 3 white balls

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Coloring Kit

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Do you want to give your child a Christmas gift that will excite them to learn something new? Kids will enjoy this coloring kit that builds their artistic skills.

Let their imagination run wild as they create colorful designs that will look amazing on a Christmas tree. It comes with three white balls that kids can decorate however they want.

8. Acid-free waterproof glitter paint markers with metallic colors

Waterproof Glitter Paint Markers (10-Pack)

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Have you ever admired those glittering handmade cards hanging in stores? Add spark and magic to your artwork with these waterproof glitter paint markers.

You’ll love these 10 markers if you want to add some personality to your cards. You can create your style with so many colors and a simple design.

9. Easy to use paper cutting tool with a 360-degree rotating head

Paper Cutting Tool With 360 Degree Rotating Head

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Imagine being able to quickly and easily cut out shapes for scrapbooking or furniture without spending many minutes doing it by hand. With this tool, that dream can become a reality!

All patterns will easily conform to its contours and edges, and it will cut them out at lightning speed, making the process very quick.

Tip: This paper cutting tool will also be a great and helpful gift for crafty people.

10. Learn to hold the pencil with two fingers ergonomic pencil grip

Two Fingers Ergonomic Pencil Grip

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Dysgraphia is a condition that affects writing skills. If your child suffers from this, you must get this two fingers ergonomic pencil grip right away.

Its two fingers’ ergonomic design gives a comfortable hold, positioning the finger and thumb in the right manner to give more control over the pencil.

11. Desk organizer wood catchall tray key, pencil, cell phone

Desk organizer Wood catchall tray Key, pencil, cell phone, tablet holder Desk accessories for men iPad & iPhone stand

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Messed-up things always cause headaches. Buy this if you are looking for practical gifts for stationery lovers!

Keep the work area neat and organized with this beautiful desk organizer.

No need to search for a pen or paper clip again, as it offers enough compartments and slots.

12. Eco-friendly pen pencil stand personalized desktop stationery

Wood desk organizer for men women Eco friendly Pen pencil stand Personalized desktop stationery Wooden office desk caddy

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This pen/pencil/brush holder is eco-friendly and handcrafted from solid oak wood. It can be personalized with a name or initials, making it a unique and special gift.

The sleek design of this desktop organizer will make any desk look chic and organized. It’s also perfect for showing off your personality with a customized engraved message.

13. Multi-use elephant pencil & cell phone holder

Multi-Use Elephant Pencil & Cell Phone Holder

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Tired of looking for pencils and pens whenever you want to write something? This elephant is here to help! He holds pencils and pens, and his trunk can also hold a cell phone.

Now keep everything in one place and have it right at your fingertips. The elephant trunk pointing is also the symbol of good luck 💗.

14. Handmade cotton case for brushes, pencils, and other stationery

Handmade Brush case light pencil case natural new cotton fabric original gift

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You are a stationery lover and have a lot of brushes but can’t find a good way to store them 😟. This handmade cotton case is ideal for storing brushes, pencils, and other stationery.

This gift for stationery lovers makes tools easy to grab. Keep all tools in one place so you’re always ready to work on your next masterpiece!

15. Handmade cute white kawaii bunny pen & pencil holder

White kawaii bunny pen holder, pencil holder, cute desk organizer, plant holder, cool office decor

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Do you love cute little bunnies? 🐇 Aww, how cute they are!

Bring these adorable creatures to your table. They’re also a great way to present as a work bestie gift. This handmade stationery holder is knitted neatly.

16. Clear and easy-to-use digital stickers

Digital stickers, Stickers for GoodNotes, Digital widgets, aesthetic design, neutral colors, PDF hyperlink file

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Oh my gosh! Life would not be the same without planners!

With these gifts for stationery lovers, your notes and planner will be more colorful and fun. It comes in 4 different color themes with a total of 254 stickers.


We are sure your loved one or a hard-to-shop person will be excited to receive any of these stationery gifts.

Remember: These presents are also ideals to be given as gifts for art lovers who love unique items.

So, next time you’re stumped about what to get the stationery lover in your life, just refer back to this handy guide to gifts for stationery lovers.

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