Get These 24+ Gifts For Massage Therapists And Thank Them For Always Kneading Your Back Like No One Else

You love it every time you pay a visit to your massage therapist, right?

That feeling of relaxation and activeness you enjoy after a comforting session is unparallel. 💆

But have you ever thought of showing gratitude towards your cool masseur?

If yes, we are here to help you with that!

These 25+ gifts for massage therapists will let them enjoy a relaxing spa, facial, and pain-free muscles without even asking for professional help.

So, without further ado, let’s get into this collection!   

Best Gifts For Massage Therapists:

Some of the best gift ideas for massage therapists listed here cover things that are beneficial for health in the truest sense!

1. Handheld deep tissue massager for main target points

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Massage therapists also need to relax after a long day at work, just like the rest of us.

So, why not get something for them that help to relieve soreness from every part of their body, like the neck, legs, hips, arms, etc.?

This handheld deep tissue massager comes with 4 interchangeable attachments, making it a perfect and all-in-one solution to enjoy stress-free body muscles.

2. Stardust essential oil diffuser provides mental calmness

Stardust Essential Oil Diffuser

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Speaking of a long day at work, it feels nice to return to a room filled with calming scents and relaxing vibes, right?

So, how about you try massage therapist gifts ideas for your masseur that imbue a sense of calm and serenity?

The plus point of this stardust essential oil diffuser is that it creates a vibe as if you are floating into the galaxies while enjoying scented air.

3. Stretch orthotic sandals for comfy walks

Stretch Orthotic Slide Sandals

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There’s no doubt that most massage therapists have to stand for most of their day to provide their miraculously soothing services.

And this can easily strain their feet in one way or another.

Therefore, these orthotic slide sandals, with comfy soles and breathable fabric, will be a perfect pick for them.

Moreover, the design of these sandals is perfect to style with pants, capris, trousers, and skirts.

4. Natural quartz water bottle for natural hydration

Healing Natural Quartz Water Bottle

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Everyone tries to drink the required amount of water regularly.

But the benefits of staying hydrated double when drinking nutrient-rich and pure water.

This natural quartz water bottle helps with meeting mindful living goals. Moreover, the insulated sleeve maintains the optimum temperature of the liquid for more health benefits.

5. LED facial mask for matchless beauty


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It’s time to treat your masseuse with a facial treatment!

Don’t worry; it doesn’t mean you have to do the massage or book an expensive appointment!

Instead, get this LED spa facial mask that has many benefits for one’s face.

For example, using it helps reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate skin, minimize puffiness, and so on.

6. Scented cube bubble candle for destressing

Scented Cube Bubble Candle For Destressing

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We talked about an essential oil diffuser, but that may not sound like a good idea when someone is having dinner, right?

Therefore, we have brought this scented candle that will be one of the perfect gifts for massage therapists and let them enjoy a cozy dinner or coffee under a flickering warm glow.

7. Lymphatic drainage essential oil to treat pain and swelling

Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Essential Oil for Swelling

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Experiencing pain and swelling is natural.

But leaving them unattended is not.

So, if you hear your masseur complaining about body aches or unusual swellings, this lymphatic drainage ginger essential oil will be a game changer for those swellings.

8. High-density foam yoga knee pads

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You love it when you get a much-needed massage lying on a soft mattress.

So, why not let massage therapists feel the same way when busy in their yoga or exercise sessions?

We are talking about these yoga knee pads. These come in a durable and soft material, preventing their knees from any unusual damage under certain pressure.

9. Mountain river handicraft incense holder

Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder

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Mystic and eye-pleasing home décor plays a huge role in calming down one’s senses and nerves.

And when you have something like this handicraft incense holder sitting in one corner of the room, both the vibes and beauty of the room become matchless.

Christmas Gifts For Massage Therapists:

If you have been wondering what to give a massage therapist for Christmas, there is no need to worry.

Here we have brought a collection that will let your masseur make the most of the holiday season while enjoying soothing massages and calming teas.

10. Needleless electric laser acupuncture pen

Needleless Electric Laser Acupuncture Pen

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Treating main body muscles is great, but what about when a vein gets pulled and starts to get stiff every now and then?

You use this needleless acupuncture pen, perfect for carrying around and doing its magic within seconds.

11. USB wooden drink warmer

USB Wooden Drink Warmer

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When choosing gifts for them, your focus should also be on something that doesn’t let their chamomile tea turn cold.

We are talking about this wooden drink warmer that keeps the drink hot at an optimum temperature without causing any trouble at all.

12. EMS acupoints stimulator foot mat for varicose veins

EMS Acupoints Stimulator Massage Foot Mat

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This EMS massage foot mat is an enhanced way to treat fatigued and varicose veins in the legs and feet combined.

It can be used while watching tv, brushing teeth, preparing food, and so on.

Moreover, its intensity level can also be adjusted depending on one’s need and pain.

13. Mushroom night light brings a smooth glow

Lucky Mushroom Night Light

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This mushroom night light is a perfect holiday gift for a massage therapist and companion for a good night’s sleep.

Its soothing and warm glow will let him sleep peacefully without having to deal with excessive light or complete darkness at all.

Moreover, it can also be used as a pleasing bedside decor.

14. Real jade facial roller and gua sha set

Real Jade Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set

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A much-needed facial massage a day keeps fine lines and wrinkles away!

Yes, this jade facial roller and gua sha set will let massage therapists have the same level of beauty they provide others through their massages and other gentle services.

15. “I told my therapist about you” tee

I Told My Therapist About You Tee

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If you want something fashionable yet casual, this t-shirt will be your only answer.

The quote written on it, the fabric, and the design make it a perfect tee to style and pair in multiple ways.

16. Adjustable underdesk foot hammock to relax feet

Adjustable Underdesk Foot Hammock

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This under-desk foot hammock is perfect for resting feet when masseurs are not working.

It is easy to set up and adjust, making it ideal for carrying around and using wherever the need arises.

Moreover, its durable material can also withstand a certain amount of pressure.

17. Foldable foot tub for at-home spa time

Foldable Folding Foot Tub

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There’s no doubt that keeping your feet clean is an essential part of daily hygiene.

But how about when you can get to clean and massage your feet at the same time?

Sounds cool, right?

Therefore, this foldable massage foot tub is a perfect addition for bath lovers as well as a massage therapy gift.

18. Lower back pain relief stretcher for lumbar support

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A good stretch after a hectic day always feels absolute magic for bones.

So, how do you think your massage therapist won’t like something as cool as this back pain treatment stretcher?

Its dense EVA foam acutely targets pain points and lets her feel free of pain without spending a ton of money on medicines.

Unique Gifts For Massage Therapists:

Your favorite person, known as the professional therapist, will love these unique therapy gifts if he/she is not someone who can easily be pleased.

19. The electric & rechargeable hand massager

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Those hands do a lot of work just to make your body less tense.

Therefore, they deserve to be treated with the same care as they treat others.

This electric and rechargeable hand massager will let your masseur enjoy good therapy without asking for anyone’s help at all.

20. Anti-tipping mug for the morning rush

Anti-Tipping Mug

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This anti-tipping mug is definitely a unique gift idea for a massage therapist.

It is portable, thermal insulated, and above all, doesn’t let the coffee spill, whether it is a bumpy road or simply a work desk.

21. Real touch tulip bouquet for lasting beauty

12 Real Touch Tulip Bouquet

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When discussing gifts for massage therapists, missing out on flowers can feel rude, right?

But they die soon after they are plucked.

So, does this mean there’s no other option that lasts long?

Nooo. Take this real-touch tulip bouquet as an example.

22.  Enhanced 3D body massager vest

3D Body Massager Vest

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After seeing all the massagers, you might be feeling, “is there something unique available in town?”

Yes, surely, there is.

This 3D body massager vest uses infrared heat to treat muscle tension. Moreover, its Bi-directional movement control means equal distribution of massage effects instead of focusing on one point only.

23. Rollerball massager for neck & back pain

Rollerball Massager for Neck & Back Pain

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A perfect choice for stiff neck or shoulder muscles, regardless of a person’s age.

The silicone balls are attached to ensure optimum pressure exertion and prevent skin, tissue, or even muscle damage during a soothing massage.

24. Silicone scalp massager for healthy hair

Silicone Scalp Massager Dandruff Remover Shampoo Brush for Healthy Hai

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A good head massage while washing hair means improved circulation of blood, a cleaner scalp, and less breakage stress on the hair itself.

All these benefits can be achieved only when a silicone scalp massager is used.

Therefore, we have included this present in our list for you to get for your angelic masseur.

25. Mr. Teaman infuser

Mr Teaman Infuser

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Everyone wants a partner to enjoy their calming tea with.

Let this Mr. Teaman infuser be that cute partner for your massage therapist.

See also: Unique Tea Infusers To Try

Bottom Line:

What are your thoughts about gifts for massage therapists that are listed above?

Did you pick any presents already?

Do let us know in the comments section if you have any suggestions to make!

Happy gifting! 😊

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