Oh-So-Good 20+ Gifts for Artists Who Draw To Keep Their Creative Juices Flowing (If Not Overflowing 😆)

Here’s a question.

What is the first thought that creeps up our mind when we hear “artists?”

Creativity! And loads of it.

Here’s the next question.

Should such creative souls live without gifts?


So, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for artists who draw for you. Whether you know a professional painter or a beginner drawer who is passionately honing his skill, these gifts are suitable for them.

Paintbrushes, colored pencils, drawing tools, storage organizers…

Ok, ok, we won’t give everything away so quickly. Let’s swoop right in ⏬.

Best Gifts For Artists Who Draw 🖉

Included in this category are no-brainer gifts that will be adored by the artists you know. They are hard to please, we know, but with these options, you are good to go 😎.

From paintbrushes to storage bags, it includes everything that is highly relevant.

1. Watercolor markers set of 20

Watercolor Markers

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Oh, the devastation when watercolors spill on the table or, worse, on the drawing sheet…cry.

You don’t want your artist friend to experience this, right? So give her (or him) these markers that deliver the same effect as the watercolors.

Made of micro fabric hairs, they give a beautiful texture on the drawing surfaces.

2. Fabric storage basket for art kit & supplies

Desktop Fabric Storage Basket

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Creativity and practicality go hand in hand with this drawing gift.

The artist that you know can fill it up with their art supplies or load it up with wasted painting and drawing drafts. It comes in different designs – you’ll surely find one that suits their personality.

3. Paintbrush set of 8

KOLINSKY SABLE Professional Paint Brush Short Figured Watercolor Acryl Roubloff 111F

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Perfect for anyone who is a watercolor or oil artist, this paintbrush set is fabricated to near perfection. They hold up well, trace fine lines and are easy to wash.

Whether they want to draw a portrait or paint scenery on canvas, this set will come in handy.

4. Portable paint spray gun

Portable Air Compressor Kit Airbrush Air-Brush Paint Spray Gun Nail Art Tattoo Airbrush Tool Set Dual Action Gravity Fee

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Ever heard of an all-in-one tool? This one’s just that.
Use this drawing gift for painting a surface, drawing on paper, decorating a cake or designing a plate.

It’s rechargeable, comes with 3 cups and is highly adjustable depending on the need. Your artist giftee will be on cloud nine to receive it, surely.

5. Hanging storage bag

Fashionable Storage Bag

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Want to organize colored pencils near the workstation?

Or want all of the art supplies hung on the back of the door?

Do these both with this hanging pocket organizer. It’s so cool and handy; one of the best gifts for people who like to draw.

With 7 different size compartments, they can store their notepads, glasses, markers, paintbrushes, palettes and whatnot in it.

An organization freak will love this item as well.

6. Waterproof glitter paint markers

Waterproof Glitter Paint Markers (10-Pack)

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 Whether you are looking to make your sketchbook attractive or need to spruce up a gift card, these glitter markers will do you a whole lot of good.

Available in a set of 10 metallic colors, they are perfect for surfaces like glass, fabric, wood and paper.

7. Bee-eater bird painting

Bee-eater bird 8x11 inch original painting art by Anne Gorywine

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We swear by this Anne Gorywine masterpiece. Signed on both sides by the author, you’d get the original watercolor painting.

It measures 8×11 inches and can also be a cool thing to have in your house.

8. Personalized engraved monogram tumbler

Personalized engraved Monogram tumbler cups Laser engraved cup Custom name insulated mug Customized travel mugs 20oz

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Any artist who starts the day with a dose of caffeine is destined for greatness. And when it’s got their name on it… Man, it will pump them to their core.

9. Cross-back linen apron

Linen cross back / Japanese style apron with side pockets in many colours

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Do you want your artist buddy to get dirty while painting the masterpiece? Nooo!

That’s why you need to get her this apron made of washed linen. Available in 2 sizes, it will keep clothes away from smudges, stains and paint drips.

10. Geometric fox tote bag

Geometric Fox Tote Bag Fox Ornament Cute Canvas Tote With Pockets Aesthetic Tote Bag

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What makes it a cool gift for artists who draw? It’s unique, practical and long-lasting.

They can take it to grocery shopping.
They can stock it with art supplies.
They can use it to take dirty clothes to the laundry.

Yeah, we told you it was USEFUL:p.

Digital Gifts For Artists Who Draw 🖥️

Not all artists are born the same. Some are watercolor fanatics while others like to draw with a graphite pencil, some enjoy oil painting while others are the best when drawing on a tablet with a stylus.

These digital gifts for the drawers are especially for the ones who like a bit of technology infusion in their creative process.

11. Flexible phone holder for tables

Flexible Phone Holder For Bed, Desks & Side Tables

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This digital gift for artists who draw has several advantages.

  1. They can attach an iPad or tablet to it and draw on the screen comfortably.
  2. They can attach it to their drawing table to see online tutorials while drawing.
  3. They can chat with their clients, friends and family while working simultaneously.

12. Color wheel pattern digital print

Afghan Color Wheels Vintage Crochet Pattern 88

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What is an artist without a color wheel?

This digital file can be printed on fabric, shirt, blanket or even a mug.

13. LED tracing table

LED Artist Tracing Table

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What this illuminated tracing table will do is allow them to trace someone else’s work to improve their artistic skills. Just give it a quick tap to turn on the light and adjust the brightness as required.

14. LCD drawing tablet

Kids Magic LCD Drawing Tablet

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Looking for gifts for young drawers? This drawing pad could well be a cool option. Let your young ones explore and exhibit their drawing skills on the smooth screen with the help of the stylus pen.

There’s an eraser button to get rid of the pattern and a lock button to keep the work from being erased accidentally.

It’s also useful for adult artists who like to keep their fingers moving.

15. 2-finger drawing tablet glove

Two Finger Drawing Tablet Glove

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This is another digital gift for drawers. It prevents sweat from hampering the drawing process on the tablets and minimizes hand smudges as well.

Much to the delight, it comes in 3 different sizes – don’t keep a single digital artist from it now!

16. Pillow phone stand

Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand

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What could be a good Christmas gift for an artist? We think this phone stand could be a fitting idea.

Because she can put it beside her canvas stand to emulate a design being taught in a YouTube video. Or she can watch a creative Netflix season when taking a break from work.

17. 3-piece art print

Set of 3 Botanical Print, Abstract leaves painting, Green plant paintings, Watercolour Botanical Leaf Print

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An artist could love anime or not.
He could love basketball or not.
She could love cooking or not.

But plants? Everyone loves plants.
This 3-piece botanical print is a safe gift option. It can be used as wall painting in the TV lounge, as a print on the shirt she wears or as a print on the tumbler he drinks water from.

Unique Gifts For Artists 🎨

Do you know drawing enthusiasts that are outliers? Hard to impress? Difficult to shop for?

No worries. We’ve got your back with these unique gifts.

18. Wooden watercolor palette

Wooden watercolor palette for sketch (without paint).Attaches to the sketchbook.

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Hear us, people; it’s not a simple palette.

You can attach it to your sketchbook and draw in real-time – how cool is that? No need to move back and forth to pick up the required paint now.

And the cherry on the top is there’s a testing paper attached to it, where you can try out your shades before getting on with the final painting.

19. Spirograph drawing tool

22 Pcs Spirograph Drawing Toy Set

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Eyeing a cool product for your kid who loves drawing? Or even a teenager/adult.
We’ll be honest when we say that it’s perfect for both young and adult artists you know.

Why? Because it gives such enriching results.
Whether your artist is into abstract or geometric designs, this is certainly the drawing accessory for him.

20. Self-outline metallic markers

Self-Outline Metallic Markers | Double Line Outline Pen

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Transform the drawings from standard to extraordinary!

This gift for people who like to draw are great for calligraphy, sketching, portraits (if you know how to work around it) and drawing pictures. There are 8 different colored markers in the package, enough to last a long creative time.

21. Hair color chalk comb

Temporary Hair Dye Chalk Comb

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Artists need to be motivated and creative every single day… in all sorts of directions. They have to think GEOMETRIC one day, ABSTRACT the other, REALISM the other, CUBISM the other…

And can they have their creative juices flowing with that same old hair color? No!

So get them this temporary hair color chalk so they can be inspired every other monthJ. Teen girls will especially love this present.

Bottom line

Creative gift…Check ✅
Useful gift…Check ✅
Digital gift…Check ✅
Unique gifts…Check ✅

This list of gifts for artists who draw included everything. Which one was the best? We’d love to hear back from you.

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